View Full Version : 2000pts of Dark Elves for game agianst new VC

12-03-2008, 12:59
So here is my well rounded list. I dont know much about the VC list other than there will be some magic, scouting vampire, black coach and that new giant bat thing :eyebrows:

Highborn (240)
Heavy Armour, Sea Dragon Cloak, Driach of Dark Power, Black Amulet

Noble (116)
Battle Standard, Sea Dragon Cloak, Sword of Might, Blood Armour

Sorceress (175)
Level 2, Darkstar Cloak, Seal of Ghrond

Sorceress (170)
Level 2, Tome of Furion, Dispel Scroll

15 Corsairs (175)
Full Command

5 Dark Riders (120)
Repeater Crossbows

5 Dark Riders (120)
Repeater Crossbows

10 Warriors (110)
Repeater Crossbows

15 Executioners (195)
Full Command

10 Witch Elves (160)
Full Command

6 Cold One Knights (219)
Full Command

2 Reaper Bolt Throwers (220)


Not to sure whether I should swap the cold ones for a Hydra?
Any comments and advice would be nice.

12-03-2008, 14:27
Drop the repeater bowmen.

10 executioners with a banner of murder is far better then 15.

Cold one knights are only any good if u have a hydra banner with them. You should give the BSB a cold one, and a hydra banner, and put him with the knights.

Witchelves will do very well, and would do even better with witchbrew.

Your noble needs a mount.

Warriors would do far beter then corsairs against undead.

12-03-2008, 16:00
The repeater crossbow men are to act as a bodyguard for 1 of the mages and stop the scouting vampire from getting to my reaper bolt throwers

personaly i always prefure corsairs over warriors so i would be very hesitant to swap them

i am glad you mentioned the banner of murder. its great however on executioners they tend to charge to far and get stranded in enemy lines. if i had to take it it would be on the cold ones to out charge any enemy cavalry.

thanks for the info please keep it coming

13-03-2008, 04:20
Your list looks solid overall, but I would do a few things:

-Why 220pts for the RBT's? They're 100pts. a piece in the book, so the total should be 200pts. for two of them.

-Add Shields onto your RxB Warriors; with a 4+ AS in CC, they can be quite an effective flanking force should the situation arise.

-I think manbane would be a better choice for your Hag, especially against GG.

-Either do what Conotor said above and add a BSB+Hydra to the CoK's, or get two Cold one Chariots instead, as they'll do the same exact amount of damage (if not more) and for cheaper the points. But if it were me, I wouldn't take either: Stupidity is a huge liability imo for a force that needs to get the first strike. With these points (if you decide to drop them), I would expand your core selections, maybe starting by beefing up the Corsairs and adding a warbanner.