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07-10-2005, 14:59
A mate of mine is having some difficulty beating a certain Daemon Legion of Khorne with his Von Carstein army. Anyone able to offer any suggestions? To give you some idea of the forces:


Vamp Count (great weapon)
Thrall (great weapon)
2 Necromancers
2 units of Black Knights
Fell Bats, Ghouls and Dire Wolves


2 units of Bloodletters, inc. 1 with a Battle Standard Bearer
4 Bloodcrushers
Jugger Chariot

Now, the problem is that no matter how much he sends the enemy army off in random directions or gets flank charges on them, they just tear him to pieces. 4 bloodcrushers survived a flank charge from a unit of black knights and a frontal charge of a huge unit of skeletons and a vampire count with great weapon. The bloodthirster is virtually unkillable, and sooner or later you run out of speedbumps.

Any ideas?

07-10-2005, 17:09
Ideas? ... plenty, but all of them just theory so far, the testing will be up to your mate :D

- First of all, magic is your friend. For some reason, Khornate Daemonic armies are really weak against indirect magic like Necromancy. Magic resistance doesn't work if it doesn't target them ... so they're stuck with just their basic dispel dice ... which makes the allready up-to-par bound necromantic spells even better against them.

- Normally I really like using regiments of 4+ save skeletons. Against Khorne daemons that is just a lot of wasted points ... zombies die just as well and are a lot cheaper and easier to raise. The name of the game is laaaarge units, and lots of them.

- Stay away from great weapons. Normally a prime choice of weapon, but when the average enemy trooper has the potential to kill your vampire before he can even swing his big blade ... :eek: Use your initiative and add Sword of Might if you must.

- Three words ... "Call of Winds" :D A Bloodthirster that is reduced to walking suddenly becomes very vulnerable to being sucked into one of those very laaaaaaarge zombie units and that's where you want him. If he can fly around mooning you until he's ready for the perfect charge, you're dead ... so ground the bugger.

- If you manage to flank a unit, never add another unit to the front or rear, not even for extra rank/combat bonus. Crazed killers like Khornate Daemons will take advantage of that with the kills they can make that way.

Good luck :cool:

07-10-2005, 17:33
charging black knights will do a number on khorne daemons.

Tormentor of Slaanesh
07-10-2005, 22:06
wights with hellish vigor.
it can't be easily stopped.
if you continuely blasted the bloodthirster with the gaze, after you've done ur invocations so he only have the MR left. it'll eventually die.
plus, a mega zombie unit will always get 5 CR and sometimes may win and cause it to loose wounds.
he could try the suicidal hand of dust tactic.....

08-10-2005, 06:59
His army is illegal, unless you meant 2 units of Bloodletters and 1 unit of Bloodletters with Daemonic Herald.

Anyway, what has been said here is very much all that needs to be said, make sure to have LARGE... no, HUGE ammounts of Zombies and then, raise even more.

And, to bait him, raise small units of zombies right in front of his regiments in a wierd angle so that they will expose their flanks to you

08-10-2005, 07:51
the hand of dust tactic rocks. i love my wanna be kamikaze necros in my summon horde.

08-10-2005, 09:04
the hand of dust tactic rocks. i love my wanna be kamikaze necros in my summon horde.

You mean the "tactic" where you first have to randomly roll that specific spell, then the opponent has to park his big bad flying general in front of that character, then you have to cast it without him dispelling it, then you have to hit with your single attack and finally he has to fail his ward-save ... :wtf:

... I think the word you were looking for is "gamble", the Hand of Dust gamble ;)

08-10-2005, 18:35
its not hard with 14 power dice and 10 levels of magic :) not very random in that case either