View Full Version : Are you able to merge two smaller same units together?

12-03-2008, 16:17
I was reading the rulebook, and I didn't see this mentioned, so I guess the answer is no. However, I could have missed something anyway.

Say if I have two units of the same type (say Orc Boyz both with two Choppas). They each start out with 30 Orcs a piece, but during the course of the battle each unit is knocked down to 15. So, can these two units of 15 Orcs "merge" together to form one unit of 30?

Ideally I think that could be tactically useful as you could get a rank bonus, outnumbering, etc. for that one unit, which you couldn't get with two separate units. That would also be useful if you're one casualty away from being reduced to less than 25% and being unable to rally. If that unit joins with another, it will bring their totals up so they don't have to worry about it.

So, does this have a place in the rules, or is it even worth trying to implement with house rules?

12-03-2008, 16:20
I think it is a great idea, and realistic to some extent, but I believe it is against the rules. 40K orks used to have a "Mob up" rule which I think was similar to this, but nothing in fantasy...

12-03-2008, 19:18
Would be a good game mechanic but the only unit that can actually do what you are suggesting is a character.