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12-03-2008, 21:21
I just got a call from and old mate to say he found a load of old minis when moving and asking if I wanted them.

Anywho, never one to turn down a freebie I wandered along and have just got back.

My swag?

Well as well as 2000-3000 pts of Salamander Marines (I remember he bought these during the Armageddon campaign a few years back) he also had an old GW carrier bag full of what he described as "crap".

After sorting through this "crap" I found:

Chaos Dwarfs-
9 blunderbuss
12 metal warriors (& 1 placcy one)
3 bull centaurs
1 complete earthshaker & crew
1 wizard
1 wizard on lammasu
1 hero on great taurus

4 minotaurs
1 80's bloodthirster
1 80's lord of change
1 80's ogre
4 realm of chaos era champions

Harlequins & eldar-
24 troupe
5 death jesters
4 harlequin characters
3 dark reapers
7 RT space elves

phew! he also found a FW eldar Phoenix but wanted to keep it:cries:

thats gotta be my luckiest blag ever, anyone beat it?

12-03-2008, 23:17
:eek: You lucky sod! Most lucky haul I had was a toolbox of Guardsmen I was given by someone who didn't like em anymore and finding 8 Genestealers, 15 RT SM and 16 RT Orks in a Dark Eldar bit box I bought off Ebay.

If your not interested in the Basilisk then I know a good home for it ;)

12-03-2008, 23:25
That was some luck!

But if one of those 4 realm of chaos era champions you wouldn't mind passing some of that luck my way.

Would you...;)

Deja Dude
13-03-2008, 11:03
I found an ancient "Dwarf Lords of Legend" box set at my church rummage sale a long time ago. I asked the little old lady behind the table what she wanted for it and she said 5, so I gave her 5 dollars and she said no, 5 cents!

How could I refuse? I did give a donation afterwards of course.

13-03-2008, 12:17
An old friend who has just emigrated to Oz has given me his old gear including

2 boxes worth of RTBO1 space marines
25 RT era space elves
3 Space elf dreadnoughts
2 Spirit walkers
2 Ghost walkers
1 war walker
D cannon
two support weapons + crews
2 RT dreadnoughts
Vincent Black shadow attack bike
Bullock jetcycle

Unassembled 'Chronicle' Goblin Chieftan's chariot (circa early 1980's)
2 later Goblin chariots (the 2 crew and one wolf varients - late 80's)
Kaleb Daark, mounted and on foot
Dark elf, ogre and chaos champion of the monsters boxed set
gnome, cleric, dwarf and halfling from the adventurer boxed set
Some slotta based Grom's goblin guard

not bad at all and gives me enough marines with my own RTB01 chaps to have more or less an entire company - a bit short of heavy weapons and assault marines though

- Human
13-03-2008, 17:04
My best and only haul was when my friend who'd dabbled in some SM years ago decided to let me have his SM stuff since I was starting a Dark Angels army. I got some old-school veteran sergeants, a terminator captain, a very old blood angels chaplain, and some useful bits. Not much, but it's free... i'll take it!

13-03-2008, 18:26
My grandmother once sent me a 'little fellow who could fight on my table'. It was an old Obi-wan Kenobi figure.

Sadly, that is the only time I've 'scored' for my minis.

That said, with 10's across the board, a lightsaber, and the power of the force, he led my High Elves well! :)

13-03-2008, 19:34
That was some luck!

But if one of those 4 realm of chaos era champions you wouldn't mind passing some of that luck my way.

Would you...;)

i already have loadsa these but as luck would have it, not these 4! I plan to give them all a repaint as they really are iconic minis.

13-03-2008, 19:55
That said, with 10's across the board, a lightsaber, and the power of the force, he led my High Elves well! :)

Win. Absolute win.

I once got about 300 worth of stuff for 30... but other than that, no. ;)

- Huw

14-03-2008, 09:31
We once responded to an advert in the local paper selling Man o War and a few other bits.

When we got their it was an old couple who's son had just gone to uni and didn't want his stuff anymore.

We got a complete copy of Man o War and a metal HE fleet for 5, and told we could have anything we wanted out of his collection. They were very nice people.

14-03-2008, 11:44
My Great-Aunt worked at an Oxfam for years, and found some Valhallans, a classic Thousand Son marine, and the old IG Tank Crew models. Gave them to me. Not a bad haul.

Mad Jack Deacon
14-03-2008, 19:28
The Battle Bunker here in Chicago was having a clearance sale on models used in the previous Games Day. I was first in line and wound up being able to get 9 minotaurs with Great Weapons and 2 Wood Elf Treemen for $24.

15-03-2008, 06:35
Quite some time ago in San Diego, Ca, a frustrated game store owner literally threw all of his GW stock out in the parking lot in fron tof his store and allowed several of his long-time customers take whatever they wanted. He didn't have a huge inventory, but suffice it to say, severl of us collected new armies or significant parts of them that afternoon. A lot of the stuff would have been ebayed, but this pre-dated ebay.

15-03-2008, 23:58
update..... he gave me the Phoenix!!!

I asked him if he would sell me it and he said I could just take it!

can I get a hell yeah?

edit..It is missing the 2 clear glass canopys, these are the same as on a falcon/serpent, anyone got any for sale/trade?

Finn Sourscowl
16-03-2008, 14:05
My cousin who I used to game with a lot in the early 90's recently gave me more stuff than I can remember, but here goes:

Complete epic armies (including all the first two rule sets and shed tons of metals) for:
Imp guard,
Space Marines

3 Mk1 Land raiders
2 mk1 predators,
1 mk1 Rhino,
complete RTB01 Space marine set
complete metal marine box from the same era
complete terminator box from that ere
2000 point Imperial Guard army made up mostly of first generation plastics infantry
A load of Rogue Trader era metal Chaos marines
2 Ogryns and 4 ogres (remember when Ogryn squads had barbaric ogres in them!)
Whole load of metal High Elves, goblins and chaos warriors,
Lots of misc stuff...

I was a VERY happy (and grateful!) bunny :)

16-03-2008, 17:07
My brother managed to get Heroquest and all the add ons still sealed from a chuch bring and buy for 50p for all of them about a year ago! That was an amazing find!

Where as I got given a box of old models from a friend a few years ago saying he was never going to play 40k again because they just made his army no longer playable, turned out to be a MASSIVE box of really old rare squats that I then sold for a fair amount to another friend :evilgrin:

16-03-2008, 22:15
I got complete, space crusade, space hulk and deathwing boxsets out a charity shop once, was just walking past and they were in the window.