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I hate Grimgor
12-03-2008, 23:19
A couple of months ago I took my Skaven Horde to a small tournament with 13 other challengers.(a sign of luck!) My furry lot was almost unstoppable, going as far as seeing NO weapons killed or hurt the user for the whole tournament! Is'nt THAT cool, or what? But in the final I faced off against a Chaos guy who had just chopped the old Champ to pieces. Not a pushover.

It came to bee a bloody battle. Our magic phases was equal, the shooting(well, mine) exiting and the CC was a nightmare for my fellow rats, the Rat Ogres and Pleage Censer bearers being the only to stand for real. If it were not for my expendable slaves i would've lost. In the end, the two forces had for some reason both massed in the center of the field, and it looked like it would be a disaster for me. Luckily, a pleage managed to affect 3 enemy units and the bell rolled a 13, ending in my victory. But it was far too close.

I take my pride in composing the army myself, so i'll fix that bit myself. But what kind of combination would make for a close combat monster in a 3000 - 3500 points game, with no special characters? This is in addition to a Grey Seer(must have him), so he must be an uber fighter at low points cost... what combo should I use, then?

12-03-2008, 23:27
warlord-heavy armour, shield (enchanted perhaps), blade of black fury, Bands of Power
6 S8 attacks, under 200 points
quite simple

13-03-2008, 13:02
A plague priest with a flail, no magic items, is a personal favorite of mine. Cheap and hurts. 4 S6 attacks and T5 for 74pnts (my book is in the other room if I misquoted that) If you know you will control magic, give him an extra hand weapon instead and Bands of Power for 5 S8 attacks, 99pnts.

13-03-2008, 14:41
That depends. Against multi-wound models the Weeping Blade can be nice. Against high AS The Gouger cleans house. Against low toughness hordes the Blade of Black Fury rips through things. Desolate Blade gives you the +2 of a greatweapon, with no drawbacks.

For overall general killing I would be tempted to go with a Warlord with Shield, Desolate Blade, Warpstone Armor, Warpstone Amulet. 4 Str6 attacks. 3+ AS that causes a Str4 attack when you make it, and a 4+ Ward Save. hard to kill, but able to kill things. The more attacks you aim at him the more likely you are to hurt yourself. Just under 200 points so not exactly cheap.

Otherwise a Plague Priest with a Plague Censer and Warpstone Armor can be really good at clearing out Rank and File troops.

13-03-2008, 16:34
Well personally I go the coward route. My chieftan or warlord has the cautious shiled, la, hw and a ward save, best I can afford. I get him in, challenge whomever and then sit behind my shield. Buy reducing even a general by 2 attacks they may get 1 thorugh and that should be ward saved. Against all but generals with crazy attacks like ogres or lizardmen this works really well. I don't try to win combat by doing wounds but by reducing the damage to my troops and then overwhelming with numbers and ranks.