View Full Version : lets do the Apocalypto!

Wolf Sgt Kirke
13-03-2008, 03:20
I recently had my first game of apocalypse, and i have to say it's the first time since 2nd edition that i have regained the spark that got me into gaming all those years ago.

For ages now, i haven't bothered playing as 3rd and 4th ed really bugged me, i played a few games here and there but nothing special - and when i did play it was always a themed game to get me interested, i basically became a fluff monster - no bad thing maybe, but i longed for the joy of really 'playing' instead of doing maths if you know what i mean - now with apocalypse, that glorious element of fun has returned to me - the only problem is that i have about 15,000+ pts of infantry and only about 10 vehicles -i play space wolves and tanith - i think apocalypse may have come to late - my set up took nearly as long as the first two turns to complete!

at the end of play, even though i had taken 15000+ pts of infantry and my opponents had roughly the same of vehicles mainly, including 3 baneblades, a linebreaker squadron and no fewer than 14 land raiders of all variants, the game came down to a single wound to win it, as it was it ended as a draw - now thats wargaming.

anyway i was just wondering, am i alone or has apocalypse re-awakened the gamer in any others old sleeping dogs?

13-03-2008, 05:59
Apoc is very long, and takes awhile to set up. Like anything played too much you'll start to go mad. With the right opponents though, yes it can be quite the enjoyable day. It allows for alot of tactics that might otherwise be unreachable, and units you'd not use in a normal game. For that its amazing.

Not everyone may enjoy it, some may down right loath it. Though I think its good for what it is. Some fun to be had with friends and some good stories to tell. Though honestly, it had me at Orbital Bombardment and allowing Thunderhawks. Shock and awe baby.

Wolf Sgt Kirke
13-03-2008, 06:00
thats what i mean, it puts the fun back in gaming by letting the imagination defeat the maths!

13-03-2008, 06:20
Hey you'll hear no argument from me. I enjoy just letting it fly when I can. some games of course you can't help but crunch the numbers. With apoc though I just love to see the huge number of people on the board.