View Full Version : Empire 2kp, is it a good and fun army?

07-10-2005, 18:15
I have tried to construct a fun shooty army. I have been playing only a few games and not at all in a full 2000 point battle and then there was only wizards and handgunners.

I have been trixing with this army for quite some time now. Trying to fit in all the units and get the characters as I wished them to be and fit with the models I have aquired. But I want them to be effective at the same time.

Sugestions regarding the army would be more then welcome.

Elector Count w/ Armor of Meteoric Iron, Great Weapon @ 116
Captain w/ Full plate armor, Sheild, Great Weapon @ 64
Battle Wizard(Lvl2) w/ Lore of Heavens, Rod of Power @ 140
Battle Wizard(Lvl1) w/ Lore of Shadow, Wizard staff @ 75
4*10 Handgunners w/ (Marskaman w/ Hochland Long Rifle) @ 105
2*19 Swordsmen w/ Standard bearer, 2*8 Free company @ 223
5 knights @ 115
2*1 Cannon @ 100
5 Pistoliers @ 95
Helblaster volley gun @ 125
20 Pikemen @ 200

07-10-2005, 22:49
It could be a fun army, though i think it may get a bit "samey" i would suggest getting a second army, one that's less predictable, that way you could switch and get the most fun