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13-03-2008, 10:35
Hi everyone,

not exactly sure this is the right board to post in, but I'll give it a shot anyway.

So, I got kinda tired of Games Workshop lately, for changing 40K in a way I don't like very much (and now with 5th Ed. going back to some ideas we had in 2nd Ed. already) - but most other games out there are not really as "realized" as the 40K universe is. So, long story short, I grabbed a used 40K 2nd Edition box (the one with the Blood Angels fighting the Goffs on Armageddon on the front). After all, that's what got me really into this whole "wargaming"-thing, and despite many broken things and flaws, 2nd Edition has this "charme" that neither 3rd nor 4th had.

Big question now, do I have most of the things I should have, or am I missing some stuff? There are loads of little cards, chips and whatnot all over the place, so maybe somebody could help me in figuring out wether my set is somewhat complete or not.

I'm just going to post what I have and any comments wether or not I am missing stuff would be great, so here goes:

1x Hit, 1x Misfire
2x red 6-sided Dice
9x white 6-sided Dice (should be ten, I guess)
(I am missing the sustained fire dice :( )

2x "Ork"-Symbols
2x "Imperial Eagle" Symbols
2x Out of Control
4x Slow Speed
4x Combat Speed
4x Fast Speed
6x Flamed
6x Run
5x Flip Hidden / Detected
6x Flip Jam / Overwatch
5x Flip Broken / Recharge
1x Turn
4x Wound 3
4x Wound 2
4x Wound 1

Now the odd thing is, I got a bunch of chips that use a different font and seem to be from a different version?

6x Flip Overwatch / Run
4x Flip Hidden / Broken

Then there are some weird cutouts from White Dwarf (or so it seems)
On one side they are purple-ish with the emblem from Adeptus Mechanicus on the other side are different pictures (supplies, smoking craters, explosions and a flag just to name a few) . I got these with a greenish back and the Bad Moonz-Emblem as well. Also, there are some black ones with a glowing, sparkling black stone on... what the funk are these?

2x Vortex Grenade
1x Thudd Gun Template (don't know the correct name right now)
1x 1" explosion
1x 1,5" explosion
1x 2" explosion
1x 3" explosion
1x Handflamer
1x Flamer
1x Heavy Flamer
1x Vehicle Turning

1x Goff Orks
1x Gretchin Mobz
1x Space Marine Squad

1x Space Ork Dreadnought
1x Space Ork Battlewagon
1x Ork Warbike
1x SM Predator Annihilator
1x SM Rhino
1x SM Land Raider
1x SM Predator (big card, artwork of white-greyish Pred, Lions or White Scars maybe?)
1x SM Dreadnought
1x SM Bike
1x SM Predator (card is smaller, picture of a Dark Angels-Pred)
1x Ravenwing Land Speeder

3x Mission Cards Orks (Dawn Raid, Engage and Destory, Take and Hold)
4x Mission Cards Marines (Dawn Raid, Engage and Destory, Take and Hold, The Assassins) - according to the rulebook, this should be 8 cards in total, so I seem to miss one for the Orks
1x Victory Points Chart

Conversion Field
Displacer Field
2x Haywire Grenade
Inferno Pistol
Bionic Eye
Claw of the desert tigers
Death mask of Sanguinius
Black Staff or Ahriman
2x Vortex Grenade
Sentinel Array
Executor Pistol
The Silent Death
The Blade of Destruction
The Mask of Jain-Zar
The Animus Malorum
Web of Skulls
Refractor field
Eversor combat drugs

'oooge xhausts

Destiny of Tzeentch

3x Special cards with Ordinatus Armageddon, Mars and Golgotha printed on them, I think that stuff belongs to Epic 40K.

One cardpiece "Armageddon Nova Cannon" and ten power markers for it.

I do have the 40 Gretchin, the 20 Goffs and 17 Marines (2x flamers, 2x Missile Launchers, 2x Sergeants, 11x Bolters, missing 3 boltermarines (do have the backpacks and bolters though) AND THE FANTASTIC CARDBOARD ORK DREADNOUGHT!

Rulebook, Wargear, Codex Imperialis, Battle for Armageddon Scenarios, Quickplay Guide, How to paint-Guide, Weapon reference, Gameplay reference

So, what am I missing and what doesn't belong in the box... I know should have never sold my 2nd Ed. in the first place... but oh, well... needed a drivers license back then ;D
But maybe, this could turn out into some list of contents that could spread around, so people wanting to get back into oldschool 40K could make sure they are buying (somewhat) complete sets.

Well, gotta go for now, hope to get some replies from you guys!

13-03-2008, 10:50
you seem to have a lot of whats needed, maybe the odd card count is wrong.

the cards with the bad moon symbol and others you dont recognise, i think come from the Titan legions verison of Epic ( the one that came with mega gargants and a Imperator )

13-03-2008, 11:33
The "strange" hidden/broken and overwatch/run markers are from necromunda i think.

Your missing "the assasins" mission card in green.

Some of the wargear cards you have seem to be coming from various codexes(like the mask of jain zarr) and white dwarf articles(sentinel array, executor pistol). I'm not sure quite how many wargear cards there should be, but i have a 3" pile of them in total(1 40k starter set, 1 dark milenium psychic expansion set, various codices and white dwarf cards.

13-03-2008, 11:41
You will need Dark Millenium for sure. Well if you want to play with psykers at all.

13-03-2008, 12:12
There was also alot of cardboard scenery in the box, not sure if you mentioned it or not. Seem to remember there being enough to quite easily cover a 6x4 board which was sweet. Isnt really important but if your using the cardboard dred then you have to get the feel right with every other bit of scenery being made out of card. The free bunker in WD (i got 3 WD that month just for the bunkers) and the old cardboard firebase and bastion were great too.

Think your missing the Virus Grenade card too.

Dark Millennium would be a pretty sweet addition to what you have.

13-03-2008, 14:05
I still have a bunch of stuff from second edition.

13-03-2008, 14:29
Think your missing the Virus Grenade card too.

Dark Millennium would be a pretty sweet addition to what you have.

There's a reason for that.
The designers said [paraphrased]" Tear the virus grenade , and the virus outbreak stratergy card up, it's farr to powerful and unbalanced, and we don't know why we put it in there."

As an Ork or Guard player, Imagine a unit of genestealers fighting a combat with a unit in your army, regenerating any casulties it took, and being able to consolidate and fight the next round of combat in the same turn, and repeat this all they way down the line.

It could easily halve the numbers of troops with poor armour in one go, but had no effect at all on marines, other people with decent armour like aspect warriors, daemons or Nids. You think holofalcons are unbalanced....

13-03-2008, 14:41
There's a reason for that.
The designers said [paraphrased]" Tear the virus grenade , and the virus outbreak stratergy card up, it's farr to powerful and unbalanced, and we don't know why we put it in there."

good job i ignored there advice eh! :evilgrin:

op - ive still loads of odds and ends from my 2nd edition collection, shame i didnt look after it half as well as the person you got yours from.
and the buildings are quite good and the only scenery i actually own.

13-03-2008, 14:46

This box contains the following plastic models, card cut-out pieces and rulebooks.

20 Space Marine models
20 Ork models
40 Gretchin models
The Warhammer 40,000 Rulebook
The Codex Imperialis book
The Wargear book
Scenario booklet
20 Card cut-out and assemble ruins
1 Card cut-out Ork Dreadnought
1 Card Summary Sheet for reference
1 Card Weapons Summary Sheet
3 Squad Reference cards
8 Mission cards
12 Wargear cards
6 Vehicle cards
14 Card templates
56 Card counters
14 Dice (10 6-sided, 1 scatter, 1 artillery, 2 sustained fire)
1 Victory Record Chart and markers

There was also the "Codex Army Lists" booklet in the box.

Dark Millennium further included:

1 Dark Millennium book
60 psychic power cards (8 Orks, 8 Eldar, 8 Librarian, 8 Inquisitor, 8 Adeptus, 4 Slaanesh, 4 Tzeentch, 4 Nurgle, 4 Squat, 4 Tyranid)
36 warp cards
18 strategy cards
10 vehicle cards (4 general, 4 Imperial, 2 Ork)
9 counters (6 Rad grenade, 1 virus, 1 traps, 1 Slaanesh)
8 templates (Da Krunch (Foot of Gork), Eldritch Storm/Force Dome, Death Wave, Destructor/Stream of Corruption, The Gate (2x), Hellfire/Machine Curse, Smite/Firestorm of Tzeentch)

Hope that helps some.

Emperor's Grace
13-03-2008, 17:14
There was also alot of cardboard scenery in the box, not sure if you mentioned it or not.

I loved those ruin corners. I still use them.

It really did make it playable with the box contents alone.

13-03-2008, 17:23
You will need Dark Millenium for sure. Well if you want to play with psykers at all.

Nah there are simple Psyker rules in the main book, just use that if you don't like to more advanced system. But I will echo trying to find Dark Millennium as it adds more of everything to the game.

As for the box you have everything needed to play (missing one mission card isn't too bad) except for the black codex (little pamphlet). Now this isn't huge if you have the Battle Bible or your army is supported by a Codex released in 2nd but if not it can be annoying.

In addition you have extra wargear and vehicle cards. The Ork Warbike, Space Marine Bike, Ravenwing Landspeeder and a couple of the Predator cards are extra.

Likewise the Animus Malorum, Black Staff of Arhiman, Claw of the Desert Tiger, Death Mask of Sanguinius, Sentinel Array, The Silent Death, Mask of Jain Zarr, The Blade of Destruction, Eversor Combat Drugs, Neuro Gauntlet, Executor Pistol, and Infrerno pistol are all wargear from other sources. Actually upon looking at it you are missing a lot of the wargear that came in the box. Again none of this is a huge problem if you can find the Battle Bible but it will be annoying without it. Unfortunately I'm not near my 2nd edition stuff so I couldn't tell you all of the wargear included.

I'm lucky I never sold off my core box and I managed to find a mint condition Dark Millennium box when I started up again. If you can find the Battle Bible (doc file containing rules and errata for 2nd edition) then download it as soon as possible as it tends to be good at filling in holes as well as giving you much needed rules updates without having to hunt down old WD issues on eBay. Unfortunately it isn't something freely distributed as GW tends to take it down when it pops up but a reasonably resourceful person should be able to find it.

Good luck in your endeavours to restart 2nd edition. Despite its flaws it is still my favourite version of 40k. Games are always fun and interesting and I can't think of ever having had a bad game in it. Just remember to load up on terrain and never play without a mission of some kind. Also I wouldn't attempt more than a 3000 point game with it (my favourite point level is 1000-2000 with 1500 being most common). Have fun! :D

I loved those ruin corners. I still use them.

It really did make it playable with the box contents alone.

God yes, there was enough terrain in that box to actually cover the table enough to play a full game. I still think the 2nd edition box is likely one of the best boxed game deals ever. Lots of cards and counters, 80 minis and enough terrain to cover the board. It's really a toss up between it and the 2nd edition Warzone box for my money (the WZ box didn't have terrain but was cheaper and still came with 80 minis). That cardboard terrain still sees use in almost every game I play.

13-03-2008, 20:10
Oh man I wanna play. I have my dark millenium box set in the garage. I think some of your wargear cards came with it. Wasn't there some WD's that had more cards in them periodically?

13-03-2008, 20:40
Yup WD had lots of neat stuff back in those days. One of my issues even came with a little bit of cardboard Necromunda terrain and I believe that the Eldar Grav Tanks were seen in WD (they aren't in the codex as it came out before that). I miss the old WD, it really gave you a reason to get it.

I think the main reason they stopped doing all that neat stuff is because people complained they were missing out. Personally I think they should have mixed the Chapter Approved idea in with that and simply published a year end compendium containing all the new stuff printed in WD but that's just me I guess. :p

13-03-2008, 21:05
You can still get the 2nd Ed Warzone box from 'Prince August'... Cheap too. I got mine for about 7 off E-bay when they were still auctioning them on there. You can still get most of the range from: http://www.princeaugust.ie/target_games/ I think (I'd check, but my ISP is acting up). Main boxedset infantry is nice and you get a lot of them. Shame about the plastic they used in making them though, it doesn't like Polly Cement much.

13-03-2008, 22:33
Whoa, thanks everyone so far - wasn't really aware that there's still a lot of 2nd Ed. love around.

So, to make things easier, I am not going to quote and answer everybody individually.

-Good to know the odd counters are from Necromunda, which I have to get someday as well, as it was my first contact with 40K after Space Crusade (and the german edition of Space Crusade tries very hard to not make links to Rogue Trader and 40K obvious, as it has everything renamed, the story changed and in general made a mess of it all... so, by luck I stumbled upon this whole "Space Crusade Universe" in Denmark, and if it wasn't for an exchange student there (who loved Necromunda), I probably wouldn't know about it all)

Okay, I kind of guessed I was missing the green version of "The Assassins" but I wasn't sure.

Yep, got those cardboard-ruins. In fact they have never been build up, so I am planning on photocopying them and making a lot more terrain (one day though I am going to build these ruined structures for real, just for that extra bit of immersion, cause as cool as those cardboard ruins are, they are still cardboard).
But yeah, back in the days it was really awesome. I remember playing against a mate you picked the Marines, and didn't care for the terrain at all... so, roughly 40 gretchins autogunned the Marines to death in 2 rounds (he had some bad rolls, but still... you can't save yourself from that massive amount of shots, even if it was just Gretchs with AGs)

Dark Millenium is on it's way to me, as we write this - I wanna use my weird boyz and especially "da krunch" again. I love that template. It's from the same person, and he's saying it's all complete... but I kind of doubt that. We shall see... the good thing is though, he was throwing in another 40K 2nd Ed boxset, so I am kinda hoping to get the missing stuff from this set.

Have the codex army lists too.

As for the list of contents from the Rulebook, it's very vague on the exact number of counters and wargear (that's why I originally started this thread - figuring out I had way too much xeno-wargear for the starter box).

I will keep an eye open for the Battle Bible, I bought the 40K Battle Compendium though (still on it's way here) - which seems to be a collection of various WD articles and stuff.
While talking about books, what other official releases were there?

So far I have:
Codex Ultra Marines
Codex Space Wolves
Codex Sisters of Battle
Codex Tyranids
Codex Chaos
Codex Eldar
Codex Orks
Codex Assassins (really a joke, I got comic "books" with more pages than that one)
Codex Imperial Guard
Codex Angels of Death
Well, and that Battle Compendium which is on it's way to me... as far as i know, that should be all "official" releases, right?

In fact I am planning to get up to date models and build small 1000-1500 pts armies with the old rules, just for the fun of it (unless somebody knows a reliable and affordable source for oldschool-minis, espcially old Orks, because I think they have WAY more personality than the cool but somewhat "serious" and dark Orks of today.)

Let me close by saying once more thanks for everyone replying so far! It's good to know that 2nd Ed isn't forgotten ~ surfing the net makes you almost think so, were 2nd is a mere side note in most places.