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13-03-2008, 15:51
Well I was suppose to be fighting an empire army, but since they didn't show up another player decided to try out her newly painted sisters of twilight.

It was a 3000 point game and I used my usual list:

Bruiser w/ tenderiser, heavy armor, sword gnoblar
Butcher w/ bangstick
Butcher w/ dispel scroll

4X 3 bulls w/ extra handweapon (here on to be called bullsX)
3X 3 irongut
2X 3 bulls
6X 20 gnoblars

10X gorger

She had:

Sisters of twilight on dragon
Noble w/ weapon that makes me reroll successful armor saves, light armor, helm of the hunt on a horse (might have been a highborn)
lvl 2 mage

12 glade gaurd *mage here*
2X 10 glade guard
8 glade riders *noble here*
13 wardancers w/ champ
10ish dryads w/ champ
6 treekin
1 treeman
10 waywatchers

The terrain was horrible. 4X6 borard. Each side had a long hill in the back of the deployment (so much for the gnoblar screen... again...) then on the left side there were two large forests which didn't allow for three ogres to get through. The center was pretty open and then on the right there were two small forests (one right up against the edge) that you could fit 4 orgres between.

Pregame thoughts:

With the screen useless and the sisters able to pin units unless they pass a str test I knew that putting the ogres behind gnoblars would mean I would be shot to bits while I was slowed by bickering and pinning. So I would put my gnoblars there and mass my ogres on the right. I know from past ecperience that my gnoblars are great at killing riders of dragons (Malekith... hehe...) so I wasn't too worried about the sisters... just the dragon gave me worries.


As I planned I spread out 4 of my gnoblars units in the center and put two behind the woods on the left. I also put a unit of bullsX behind the gnoblars to have at least some strength in case something ran through there. Skrag was to the left of the 4 gnoblars so he could run up or hit the waywatchers if they went in those trees. Behind the trees to the right of the gnoblars I had a unit of bullsX, and then all the rest was on the right flank with the naked bulls in front. A unit of ironguts stayed further back in case the dragon flew over the main body of ogres.

All her glade guard were on the hill, the wardancers and glade riders were to their left. In front of them were the treekin. To their right were the dryads and then waiting to meet the swarm of ogres. The waywatchers deployed in the trees to the left of the swarm.

Turn 1 WE:

Wardancers, gladeriders, treekin, dryads all move up. Treeman runs behind the trees on the right edge and sisters fly behind the trees with the waywatchers but out of charge range. The waywatchers move away from the swarm (yeah, no more march block) to be closer to sisters and still get shots. Her magic is shut down. Her shooting takes is toll but in an unlikely place, Skrag takes three wounds! The gnoblars to his right lose 4 models and I take a wound on a bull and on my bruiser. The sisters fail to pin an ogre unit and does 1 wound to the wounded bull.

Turn 1 Ogres:

Two gnoblar units bicker in the center line. The wounded bulls and bruiser charge the waywatchers and they flee and get away. On the left I move up my gnoblars and setting of the bullsX so that he will charge and wipe out 1 unit of gnoblars with his wardancers, then overruninto the next one and I can counter charge with bullsX. Skrag runs up along the forest stay out of the treekin LOS. On the right the other bulls run right up to the trees which have the treeman behind and the rest of the ogres try and move up best they can while being ready for a possible dragon charge. In the magic phase I get off bonecruncher on the sisers and it is at this point I remember that str 2 can't hurt a dragon and that if I don't kill both sisters in the same phase they both go back up to full wounds. I kill one sister but it's pointless. Skrag and the bruisers units get +1 toughness, and the bangstick kills 5 waywatchers which forces them to flee infront of the swarm (I now realize that they should have run away from the bangstick, but at the time we thought they had to run to the closest board edge).

Turn 2 WE:

Wardancers charge the gnoblars, and at this time I realize I didn't offset the two units so he can charge them both. I stand and shoot and kill 3. The waywatchers fail to rally and run into trees between treeman and bulls. The glade guard move back. The treekin reform to face skrag. Dryads move up but out of charge range. Sisters fly back behind the right most gnoblar unit. Her magic is useless again. In the shooting phase she wastes a whole unit of archers on skrag (str 3 bows can't hurt T7 skrag) and the rest go into killing 9 gnoblars from the weakened unit and killing the wounded bull and doing a couple of wounds to the ironguts behind. The sisters forget to shoot and the treeman uses strangle roots to to 2 wounds to the bulls infront of him. In combat the waywatchers kill 11 gnoblars leaving 1 to fight back which kills a wardancer (hehe). Both units run and he catches one while running into the bullsX behind. This causes a panic test on the weakened gnoblars who run off the board.

Turn 2 Ogres:

Terror makes the right most unit of gnoblars flee into the treekin and are destroyed. Gnoblars don't bicker. Bulls charge the waywatchers which force them to run off the board, but the failed charge shows the treeman their flank. The running gnoblars run another 2 inches and 6 gorgers come on. 1 behind each of the gladeguard units, 1 behind the gladeriders, 1 to the side of the wardancers and 1 behind the treeman. The buiser breaks away and moves up to face the dryads from the side while the 2 bulls he broke away from move up right in front of them. The ironguts behind move up and both butchers join them. Again swarm of ogres do their best to move up while being careful of the dragon. Skrag run up to threaten both the gladeriders and the glade guard, but out of range of treekin. My magic killed 3 dryads, healed a wound on skrag and made the ironguts +1 toughness. I was going to do the same to the bullsX fighting the wardancers but had moved too far. In combat my bullsX took 7 wounds, but I killed 2 wardancers. I ran and was caught.

Turn 3 WE:

Gladeriders pass terror test. Treeman charge bulls. Dryads charge bulls in front of them. Glade riders move to flank of skrag. Mage runs out of doomed unit to be by treekin. Treekin turn around to face swarm (damn...). Dragon flies behind ogre swarm (will I get to charge?). She then realizes that she forgot to charge with wardancers and moves them a bit towards the gnoblars. Her PD are used to dispel skrags +1 toughness. She pours everything into Skrag and brings him down to 1 wound. The dragon's breath doesn't hurt anything, and she fails to pin me with 1 sister, but the other does a wound to an iron gut unit. In combat she kills one bull, but the stuborn bull holds. Treeman obviously crushed bulls and goes off the board.

Turn 3 Ogres:

No gnoblars bicker. Running gnoblars flee again but only 4 inches so they are still on the board. 2 gorgers come on and both go over to be ready for the treeman. Then I try somthing tricky. The ironguts holding back can charge the dragon for sure, but a unit of bullsX are partially blocked by a unit of ironguts. So I charge the ironguts at the archers on the hill which would be an obvious failed charge but would let the bullsX go by. I get called shenanegins on it and a check in the rule book shows that the charge has to be reasonable to be declared. So the bullsX fail the charge, and the ironguts fail their fear test and don't charge either (so much for that!). The gorger charges the wardancers. Skrag charges the gladeguard in front of him and survives the stand and shoot. The gorgers charge the other two units (two going at the large one). The bruiser charges into the dryads. The magic phase sees skrag get +1 toughness again as do the unit of bullsX that failed the charge. Bonecruncher does 2 wounds to treekin. In combat the gorger kills1 wardancer and take 1 wound back. Dispite having 6 str 5 attacks I only kill 1 archer which at least gives me my wounds back, but I lose combat and hold. The gorgers wipe out the center unit, but the unit on the right only loses 1 model and beats the unbreakable gorger. I make a challenge with my bruiser which he take with his champ. I only hit with two, and only wound with 1, but it causes 2 wounds and kills the champ. The dryads kill the other bull but my stuborn bruiser holds.

Turn 4 WE:

Gladeriders charge gorger and sisters charge wounded ironguts (here comes the pain...). The treekin who had hoped to charge the bulls in combat with the dryads have nothing to do but move up. Treeman comes back on the board and faces two of the gorgers while staying out of LOS of the other. Her magic gets her an irresistable force while lets the treekin charge, but the ogre unit flees and it is a failed charge (showing their flank to the irongut/butcher unit). Only shooting is the treeman who kills a gorger with his strangle roots. In combat the noble does 3 wounds to the gorger and the gorger kills 3 riders. skrag kills 3 more models but they still hold. The other gorger only does 1 wound and they hold too. The bruiser does 4 wounds and tries to hold back as they flee (so I could charge mage) but I fail the Ld test and run them down. Then the combat I was worried about... she rolled the dragon first and got... zero hits!?!??! Then the sisters go and do two wounds which is enough to kill one of the ironguts. Trying to just get some CR and hold they each attack one sister (what's the chance I'll kill two 3 wound heros). I do 3 wounds to one and 2 wounds to the other... but wait! a quickly look in the book shows that they only have 2 wounds each, so they are both dead! The dragon loses combat and runs and my ironguts catch it!!!

At this point she gives up. Things weren't exactly hopeless but with her treekin about to be flank attacked, her wardancers slowly falling to the gorger (and gnoblar unit about to charge them in the rear), and her treeman doomed to fight gorgers for the rest of the game, it was only a matter of time before I wiped out the majority of her force while I still had most of mine.

So there you have it. Another win for the ogres.

Post game thoughts:

We both made some mistakes but I think the one that decided the game was the treekin. Rubber dragon aside, these guys did nothing but run in circles and set themselves up for a flank chage. Had they ignored skrag and went after the ogre swarms flank through the trees I would have been in a LOT of trouble.

I really don't think the sisters are worth it. Their abilities are... interesting, but I'd rather have a combat or BoL/bodkins highborn on top. Still, it's always interesting to see what these special characters can do.

Hope you enjoyed the read.

Next week my brets take on tomb kings in a 3000 point challenge. Any bets?

13-03-2008, 17:23
Nice to see the sisters in action, but congrats to your guts for pulverizing them and their lizard. It didn't seem like Skrag's gorger buffs really came into play, with how late he hit combat and few wounds he did ...

Thanks for the report, was a good read :)

- Salvage

13-03-2008, 19:47
and the ogres ate well on dragonsteak roasted over live firewood :D

Good one!

13-03-2008, 21:17
Ok Malorian,

I have to admit I'm coming to view your approach on the OK list as a good strong one. Battle report after battle report I see something I might be able to use in my forces. I'm still sticking with my overly costly troops for now(have to learn for myself) but I'm leaning towards lots of cheap(relatively speaking of course, this is OK) core troops.

Very nice report. I love seeing Skrag used(I have the model but haven't moved beyond 2k-2.25k lists and so hesitate to put him in). Your list is also "fluffy". Tons of Bulls, some Ironguts, horde of Gnoblars, and a bunch of Gorgers following Skrag.

Can I ask how you field that many Gorgers without cringing over their overly singular appearance? Did you mod all of them or just ignore their similarities even among the few version we get? :)

13-03-2008, 21:25
All ten look different (I'd take picture but my army isn't painted...) and I did that by:

-bending the metal into different angles
-using minotaur parts
-using chaos troll parts
-using krootox parts (only head)

Now keep in mind that a couple of them just look stupid (one based off of minotaur banner bearer comes to mind) but they are suppose to be warped and deformed so to me it works.

My opponents are usually too busy complaining about the gorger hitting their flank to have time to complain about the model ; )

Thanks for the comments : )

14-03-2008, 16:54
Nice job on the batle. And great job on the clear and interestign battle report. I am building a WE army around the sisters so I was hoping it had gone the other way... no offense. :)

20-03-2008, 04:14
i enjoy seeing the ogres get a win...... especially against the WE because i tend to play them often where i play