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Captain Gerntass
13-03-2008, 18:13
I am a dogs of war player but i find that the current army lists are lacking .
I think that there should be more unit types added to the current lists.
Any one have any thorts?

13-03-2008, 22:11
I agree. The Dogs are great but lacking in certain areas.

Lords/Heroes: Could certainly use a few more magic items, otherwise good

Pikemen: A bit expensive for a human with max. 5+ save. HE spearmen are both better and cheaper.

Paymaster bodyguard: Lacking due to crappy halbeards

Command upgrades: More then slightly overcosted

Ogres adds a bit of heavy hitters to the list but in general a DoW army lacks any serious attacking unit. Most times they are limited to winning throgh static combar resolution exept against light/medium infantry stupid enough to charge an unhurt pikeblock frontaly.

14-03-2008, 03:44
under the rules development forum i put up a dogs of war homebrew list that most folks liked. See if you like it, and ask your gaming group about using it if you want.