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13-03-2008, 18:45
Having seen all the "what army shall i get next" threads, and kinda inpirsed by the thread asking if you were rich would you get 1 of each army, i was wondering how many different armies there were. If we include all army list variants and majorly used lists but without adding home grown forces.
Here's the ones i can think of...

Space marines:
"codex" marines (ultra's etc)
Blood angels
Dark Angels
Space wolves
13th Company (RIP?)
Black Templars
(is that all the ones that have different enough rules to be classed as a seperate list? Was tempted to add white scars as they play so differently from codex chapters)

Chaos Space Marines
"standard Force" (Black Legion etc)
Slaanesh/Emperors Children
Nurgle/Death guard
Tzeench/Thousand Sons
(not included the other legions cause they're all variations of the standard list in the new 'dex without too much specialization)

Chaos Daemons (coming soon)
(anyone know if its worth adding the different gods here? Or do people think they'll all basically play the same)

Lost and the Damned (RIP?)

Standard Craftworld
Iyanden (ghost warriors)
Saim Hann (wild Riders)
Alaitoc (Ranger/Pathfinder force)
Biel Tan (Swordwind)
Ulthwe (black Guardian/seer council)

Stanard Enclave
Mechanised Enclave
Farsight Enclave
Kroot Mercinary's (RIP?)

Imperial Guard
Standard Regement
Death Corps of Krieg
Drop Troops
Armoured Company

Mixed Swarm

Dark Eldar
Witch Kabal


(I dont have the new codex so someones gonna have to tell me if there are any varient lists that would be worth adding. Speed freaks? The clans? Deff wing?)

Witch hunters
Sisters of battle
Mixed Force
Inquisition only

Daemon Hunters
Grey knights
Mixed force
Inquisition only

So that gives 12 Major factions (including daemons), with 42 different armies (including those possibly RIP)

I'm sure someone can add to this though, Comments please...


13-03-2008, 18:53
- mechanised tau
- death korp of krieg

13-03-2008, 18:59
yeah i suppose mech tau deserve their own entry. The death corps, they have their own different rules or is it just different models and a bit of flavour?


13-03-2008, 19:13
they have their own rules in one of the IA books (5, i think, but i could be wrong).

13-03-2008, 19:14
cool, then they're in!


13-03-2008, 19:43
Death Korps is great, would love to have an army of them. They're to expensive though.
would be nice if GW would make a line of them.

14-03-2008, 03:23
IG Last Chancers army. (the last chancers by themselves can count as 2 troops and an HQ if you take enough of them) Also I'd throw in the (not terribly viable but deffiently doable) Feral Guard variant list, with Close Combat oriented Guard squads. AND there's the IA1 Armoured Battle Group (which is a different list than the Armoured Company list)

New Ork Dex can deffiently play as Deffwing, Speed Freeks, You can even have a Grot Hoard if you're crazy and/or insane. (and Mad Doc Grotsnik gives them 5+ saves!)