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The Pale Lady
07-10-2005, 21:54
If you have a heart for writing, want to join in with your army general and can place yourself in the Worlds Edge Mountains, to the North, then why not introduce your general with a bit of background and join in? All you need to know for now is that my character is a dwarf and that a large confederation of orcs and goblins has plans...but theyre not alone.
Players of all races are welcome, ifu can explain why ur characters are here. MAybe theyre being raided by the orcs and goblins, who are being unusually bold, maybe you want to assume the role of the orcs and goblins? One thing is for sure, this far north, chaos is probably included in the equation somewhere...;)
This is the introduction, and please no powergaming please. Well see how the story unfolds.

The tunnel was cold and dark. A cool breeze whispered along the corridor, silent as the grave. Nothing stirred throughout the entirety of the passage, which wound like a stretched serpent deep into the belly of the mountain. Iron braziers stood like lonely sentinels along the tunnel, their beacons dead. Weak smoke rose wispily from their smouldering remains, the only sign that something was amiss in the otherwise still darkness.
Hidden beneath a thick layer of impenetrable blackness, cold bodies littered the ground. Hewn armour lay in piles, splashed with the crusted blood of its wearers. A mismatch of weapons, some of the highest quality, others a rusted mess barely recognizable as a tool of war, lay strewn across the harsh, rock floor. Crude, crooked arrows protruded from several corpses, others bore the familiar marks of the kiss of cold steel. Innards and other fleshy body parts, never intended by nature to be revealed to the world, dried slowly on the ground, their stench filling the corridor with its stagnant presence. Something terrible had happened here, recently.
A lone figure appeared as though from nowhere halfway along the dark tunnel and stepped slowly towards the bodies of the slain. The short, squat figure moved steadily, yet with a stealth that belied its cumbersome form. It progressed despite the darkness, clearly unhindered by the absence of light. Here was one who had travelled these ways many times before.
As the shadowy figure neared the dead, it came to a slow stop. For many minutes, it stood and watched. Then a sound shattered the silence. Cacophonous laughter, high pitched and undulating, reverberated along the passage, followed quickly by a mischievous giggle and over that, a wicked scream. In the distance, flame light flickered as a multitude of jostling figures approached. Turning quickly, as though fearing the sight the light would reveal to it, the first figure melted back into the darkness. A tear was the only thing remaining to mark its passage.

08-10-2005, 11:09
no powergaming
Hmm, that would mean I'd have to tone down Eldacar a lot (I can't use Alcarin, he's High Prince of Avelorn). Unless I can find a reason to use Eldacar in the background. I might join in, give me some time to figure out how to work it, though.

The Pale Lady
08-10-2005, 13:43
Heres some more.

The war party of goblins screamed and yelped as a flurry of quarrels emerged from the darkness, showering them in pain and death. The bodies of the dead piled atop those already slain only hours earlier, their warm blood mingling with that of the cold corpses’. The survivors of the initial attack turned in surprise to face their hidden attackers, only to be covered once more in a deadly fusillade of bolts, from their new behind. Beset on both sides the stunted greenskins panicked, but there was nowhere to flee to. In a matter of moments, the tunnel was silent once more, cleansed of the grobi filth-for now.
From the darkness emerged two groups of grim figures, their steps confident, their faces set as hard as stone. On reaching the field of corpses, they paused and looked around, before beginning the long task of retrieving their slain. The dead could not be left to the depredations of the goblins. Knowing the foe could return at any moment, with numbers uncountable, the figures nevertheless continued in their task with steady hands and controlled pace. They would not be hurried in their grim responsibilities, they owed that much to the kin laying stiff in their grasp.

08-10-2005, 16:07
Eh, why not. My general's the head of my Errantry War list. I genuinely use this character, and have done for the last 18 months but he's in game terms 438 pts so he's too powerful please say. :)

Athanaric patted the side of his faithful mount Hipparchus as the hippogryph continued feeding. The bloodied remains of the small beastherd he had been pursuing lay around him. It had been over a year since he had fought at King Leoncouer's side against the forces of the Dark Gods, but still he could not return home. Something was drawing the Grail Knight onwards, forever west from his homeland towards the mountains of the worlds edge. His path was strewn with the bodies of unclean beast, ratmen and greenskins, but they were nohting compared to the creatures he knew awaited him, if the legends of this string of peaks were true. He mounted Hipparchus, pointed his head towards the distant peak before him, and held on tight as his steed rose into the air. Soon he thought, soon he would know what drew him on...

The Pale Lady
08-10-2005, 20:38
Excellent samw, just what Im looking for :)


Far to the north of the World’s Edge Mountains, deep within the mountain routes, there lies a road that leads to the entrance to the dwarf stronghold of Karak-Khaz. From the surface, little can be seen but a single, man-sized door in the face of the mountain. Behind this simple portal, bordered with ancient runic scripture, a long passage furrows far into the bowels of the mountain. Its length is dotted with halls and chambers, and lit by burning braziers, but it is not until you reach the final chamber at the end of the tunnel that you see the true gates to Karak-Khaz. The tall, tough defences are hewn straight from the bones of the mountain and rarely open. The gates themselves are of the finest metal, and laced with veins of gromril to reinforce their enduring strength.
Behind these barred doors, a score of dwarfs stand guard, ever watchful of trespassers on their realm. Each is armed with a balanced crossbow and bedecked in armour passed down through the centuries, and would gladly lay down their lives before surrendering the gates to the enemy.
Past the gates, you step into the ancient, glittering realm of the dwarfs of Karak-Khaz. It is not a huge city by the standards of the dwarfs, consisting largely of mines and forges. The halls and tunnels are decorated with statues of heroes long lost to this world, serving as a constant reminder to what this dour folk once had and lost.
The most ancient and heavily guarded chamber bar the secret vaults, where the dwarfs hoard their wealth, is the royal hall of the king of Karak-Khaz. It is here the king spends his most time when not down in the forges or out journeying the land.
The lord of this realm is Brokk Thunderbrow, latest in the ruling line of his clan. He is a venerable and aged dwarf, but possessing of great pride, honour and strength. His trade is that of runesmithing, an ancient art passed down for centuries through his line and in its skill he is near unparalleled. A great many weapons and armour of intricate and powerful design have come out of his forges and his wares are much sought after throughout the entirety of the dwarf realm.
Yet he is a broken soul. For centuries, he has fought off the grobi and urk scum that swarm over the mountains. They have never threatened the hold of Karak-Khaz and have always been repelled when they rise up against the dawi folk. It is the followers of Chaos that cause the dwarfs of this realm so much grief. It is they who pour down from the north, with demons and beastmen and it takes the might of the dwarf hold to repel them from the mountains.
Yet recently, strange things have been afoot. The armies of chaos that had rampaged down from the wastes and laid siege to the empire have been defeated and scattered to the forests, but the greenskins have grown uncharacteristically bold. They have been launching attacks where before they would not dare. They have been tunnelling into the mountain, and launching raids where before, they could not have reached.
In their suspicion, the dwarfs sent out messengers to the nearest holds, to warn them of the peculiar goings on. But the mountains were being watched, and the messengers were slain, their bodies dumped at the entrance to the mountain. Then, a week later, the unforgivable happened.
The grobi burst into the tunnel leading up to the gates of Karak-Khaz. The guard slew many, but they kept pouring through. Forced back, the dwarfs launched several counter attacks but it was fruitless and in the final attack, Dolgrimm Thunderbrow, son of the king, was slain. The Runesmith had fought valiantly, slaying many with his enchanted axe, but it was to no avail and a troll, lead into the passage by the foul goblins, unleashed its fury onto him. Cast back, his body was broken and he fell.
Now the king is in outrage. His words are few and pointed, and he spends hours alone locked in his forges, hammering out his fury. The wisest Longbeards mutter that something strange is afoot. Something leads the grobi, gives them strength and confidence where it should not be. Something not of their race, for no greenskin could have such dark, accurate knowledge of where to attack or where to tunnel. Magic is t work, they mutter. In true fashion of the dwarfs of Karak-Khaz, they blame Chaos.
But it is not just the dwarfs of Karak-Khaz that are under siege. The grobi range far and wide, moving with unnatural speed by secret passes within the mountains. Any caught in their reach are affected as the green tide swells.

09-10-2005, 04:04
The Asur kept moving, his velvety grey robes falling about himself as he moved through the mountains. Soft leather boots, made by some of the finest tradesmen in the city of Lothern, made no sound upon the rocks. The robes were cinched at the waist by a sword belt of hammered golden leaves woven through with ithilmar, and while it appeared fragile, it was in reality stronger than steel. Scabbarded and hanging from that belt was a slender sword, with inlaid gold filigree on the handle, and a single star-sapphire served as the pommel of the weapon. The face of the elf was also strange. Long white hair fell about a face from which gazed two sharp blue eyes with silver flecks running through them. Yet while the features of the elf were young, the eyes were much, much older, displaying a power beyond his years.

Eldacar stopped to gaze over a small valley. Idly, he wondered why he had been drawn here. The dreams had been growing stronger recently, and with them came memories, perhaps of a previous life. Why could he remember those ancient battles? Fighting the Dwarfs in the War of the Beard in service to the Phoenix King Caledor the Second. Battling at the Griffon Gate under Morvael. The court in Lothern during the time of Aethis the Poet, when Ulthuan had become renowned worldwide for it's art, music and poetry. It was as if he was that person, yet reborn. And what else he couldn't understand was the power of his magic. Sometimes, it was as he would expect. Yet at others, it grew beyond his control. He shook his head. What will come, will come, he told himself. He continued walking, and the dark beasts of the mountain shied away from this figure, for they sensed something different about him, a power that they dared not challenge.

09-10-2005, 05:45
Strongor was the strongest warrior in his herd, and even though it seemed his fellow gors were unaware of this fact, he knew it in his heart. Where his companions had been busy drinking and feasting in between battles, Strongor had been training, becoming even better, even stronger. One day, his time would come, he would rise above the rest of the warriors and prove himself worthy in the eyes of the Gods, and take his place as leader of the herd!

Oh, the glorious victories he'd lead the Horned Breed to! No more ambusing lone hedge wizards and sheperds. Under his leadership, the herd would surely plunder an entire caravan. Or, if he dared dream of scenarios beyond all sane expectations, even pillage an entire village!

Everything spoke in Strongors favour. As one of the higher ranking gors, he'd been allowed to eat of the former chieftain Borgor, who'd led the herd to their greatest victory yet: Razing a farm, that also had a shed attached! Strongor had personally been allowed the honour of leading the charge against the shed, and what a charge it had been! Despite being defended by a horde of 3 burly farmers, they'd only lost 43 warriors, and even managed to set the shed on fire. Borgor had personally commended his courage at the celebration, and the Shaman said it surely was an omen of great significance!

Sadly, Strongor was effortlessly slain shortly after, because he was a nondescript beastman in a fantasy setting with elves and dwarves in it. The End.

The Pale Lady
09-10-2005, 11:43
The solemn procession trailed far into the heart of the mountain. Rank upon rank of heavily armoured, long bearded and darkly robed warriors descended into the deep, dark depths, glowing runes marking the way periodically along the passages. The only sound bar the rough scraping of the dwarfen boots along the stone floor was the deep, resonant chanting as they made their prayers to the ancestor gods for the safe passing of the dead. At the fore of the group, the body of Prince Dolgrimm Thunderbrow was held reverently aloft, carried by four of the sturdiest dwarfs in the hold. Before him, leading the way to the ancient burial chambers of the Thunderbrows walked Brokk. Tears marked his every step, though he wept silently for the taking of his son. The dwarf looked aged, haggard, no longer kingly but drawn out and gaunt of face. For the brief moment, all thoughts of retribution and vengeance were wiped from the old dwarf’s mind as he led his son on his final journey through the halls of his people.
Even as the dawi comemorated their prince to stone enduring, on the surface and riddled throughout the mountains, the grobi were at work. They erupted from the caves leading out into the overcast, dimly lit world, slaying all travellers of their territory. Men, dwarfs, even skaven fell before them as they burned and stabbed and pillaged, spreading over the mountains like some obscene green rash. None were safe, as other, fouler, beasts accompanied the armies of the greenskins. Trolls, wyverns and ogres, all fighting in the service of the orcs and goblins-willing, or not.

Tanith Ghost
09-10-2005, 18:19
Skaven Warlord Skratch-kill twotched his nose in the dark tunnel. Much much warpston to be had under lair of dwarfthings the Grey Seer predicted. So Skratch-kill obeyed. The accursed greenthings were attacking in force-numbers. They had to be slain-dead. With him were his finest stormvermin bodyguard, massive black-furred beasts wearing polished silver armor, able to match even the best of the manthings
soldiery in both skill and appearance. Behind them came a massed rabble of clanrats, followed by clan skyre war machines and clan moulder beasts. Skratch-kill marched onward into the tunnel, eager for foes to slay-murder.

The Pale Lady
09-10-2005, 21:31
Brokk sat immovable as a statue atop his mighty golden throne. He was richly dressed in a suit of heavy gromril armour, encrusted with glittering runes that shone with a subtle light of their own making. Over this was draped a robe of deep red. On his lap lay Grong Grund, the mighty war hammer of his own devising. Whereas the armour was a family heirloom, first forged by the founding member of the hold, this deadly weapon was crafted by Brokk himself when he had just ascended into the ranks of the Runepriests. The intricate runic shapes that covered its surface spoke volumes of the power contained within it. Each swing of its mighty head sends sparks of arcane lightning scattering around it, smashing the foes of the king asunder, blow after blow. In its power, it was unparalleled by an of the other rune weapons of Karak-Khaz.
Brokk’s fierce stare washed over the clan elders assembled before him, taking in each as they stood expectantly.
First to answer his summons has been Norin of the Oakenshaft clan. He was an ancient dwarf, one of the oldest in the hold and was held in high regard for his experience and wisdom. Brokk nodded inwardly, knowing his advice would be worth listening to.
Then there was Brogan. Though much younger than Norin, the head of the Steelhelm clan was no foolish beardling and was the veteran of many a bloody battle. His hatred for the creatures of Chaos was legendary throughout the hold and Brokk knew he would have to be careful of the seemingly sound advice from this one. When it came to slaying the beasts of Chaos, Brogan was known to go to extraordinary lengths.
Next in the line was Grogir Woodfeller. The wizened, warped old dwarf engineer kept relatively to himself, churning out the traditional machines of war used by his ancestors since the dawn of time. Brokk’s eyes glinted with pride as he thought of some of the war engines the old engineer had produced. His Stonethrowers had saved many a dwarf life, and slain many more of their foes. There’d be none of these new-fangled contraptions in his hold, Flame-Throwers and Cannons and whatnot. No, if it was good enough for his ancestors, it was good enough for him. Brokk’s lips turned in distaste as he remembered the incident with the revered engineer’s cousin only a decade earlier. The youngster has turned up at the hold and they’d welcomed him with open arms into the hold…then he had started tinkering. Messing around with black powder and fuses…Brokk had enjoyed laying waste to that pile of grobi-fodder the disgrace had called an ‘Organ Cannon’…such a waste of resources though. The youngling had let pretty quick after that.
The double doors to the royal chamber swung open, and a lonely figure strode confidently into the hall. His body was laced with tattoos, snarling beasts and runes to Grimnir. In his meaty fist he held a viciously sharp axe and Brokk’s eyes lit up as he took in the runes that adorned it…it was a masterpiece of craftsmanship. Whosoever had forged it was skilled indeed...the old Runelord chuckled. It was nothing he couldn’t produce, given time. In fact, he mused, casting a critical glance over the weapon, there were several places he could see where improvements could be made. He would have like to have met its creator.
Still, it was a weapon of deadly intent that had seen much blood taking, and for it obvious flaws to the Runelord’s expert gaze; it was probably the second most powerful weapon in the hold. Its bearer, however, was considerably more skilled in combat than Brokk and he knew if the two tallied their kills over the many years, the Trollslayer would come out on top. He spoke rarely and then only to scream battle curses to his enemies as he swiftly slew them. Within the hold, he was known as Blood Fist. None knew his true title.
Standing to assert his authority, Brokk opened his mouth and voiced his troubled thoughts to the assembled figures in the hall. His voice, deep and wise, reverberated within its entirety.
“Dark times are afoot. Our kin are slain, our roads watched by evil eyes. Our upper tunnels leading to the outside world are patrolled by grobi scum and even now, they plan and plot against us. Messengers have been dispatched to seek help, but so far nothing has been heard from them. Half their number has turned up on our doorstep again, their bodies riddled with grobi arrows. Of the rest, their progress through the mountains will be slow and unless they encounter help along the way, it will be a long while before they reach our cousins. Something is to be done, before the hordes or greenskins drown us through sheer numbers. Never before in the history of Karak-Khaz have they posed such a threat, and I am loathe believing it is mere coincidence that they are flourishing so now, so recently after the passing of Chaos through these lands-”
The great doors to the chamber heaved open and Furrgil, Captain of the Longbeards strode into the room, accompanied by two of his warriors. Their long, white beards would have trailed down the floor and dragged, were they not tucked carefully into the dwarfs’ golden belts. Upon approaching the front of the chamber, they knelt and addressed the king.
“Rise, Furrgil. What brings you to disturb my council?” There was a little anger evident in Brokk’s voice, but his eyes held a curiosity that outweighed his irritation at being disrupted. The Longbeards do not interrupt without good reason.
Furrgil made his apologies before continuing, locking gazes with the king.
“The skaven, My Lord, they have appeared in the main tunnel.” At the mention of the vile rat folk, Brokk’s face grew ashen.
“They are many?”
“A great horde indeed. The tunnels resound with the roars of their warp beasts and the stench of their unnatural machinations.” Brokk cursed. This was all he needed.
“There is hope yet, My Lord. The skaven have entered the tunnel, but the grobi are not giving up without a fight. Their numbers too swell as more and more of their green kin pour out of their shoddily constructed tunnels to face the ratmen. Trolls, Ogres and cave-beasts accompany their ranks. How they knew the skaven were coming, I cannot tell. It stinks of sorcery, My Lord, of the blackest art.”
“Chaos” muttered Brogan, a fire entering his gaze. Brokk spoke up quickly.
“We do not know that for certain, Brogan Steelhelm, but it is a possibility.” Turning to address the Longbeard Captain, Brokk made his commands. “How far along the tunnel are they?”
“The two forces will meet in the Hall of Shadows, My Lord.” Brokk sighed, the sound slipping though his aged lips.
“They are a short while off yet then, we have to time to breathe. Furrgil, return to the gate and remain there. Inform me of any developments immediately.” Nodding and bowing once more, the aged, venerable dwarfs retreated from their lord’s presence.
“We have been gifted a short respite from the attentions of the greenskins, but it will not last. Whosoever wins the coming battles, will then turn their forces to us”

09-10-2005, 22:13
The mountains roads near Karak-Khaz:

Feet Tramped, The long Weary Tramp of Men acusstomed to walking whilst carrying threedays food, their tent, supplies and tools. As Well as a 16' long pike.

The Feet Tramped along the mountain pass, a caravan in the middle, protected by halberd whielding men in green uniforms. Behind marched Pikemen, in red and blue. Their standards fluttering in the breeze. a small Cannon train was guarded by fierce looking men festooned with weapons.
On the flanks, Fur clad men weilding Pistols rooted out Goblins and protected the caravan from ambush.
But at the Very head of the Colum marched Men in Huge lionskin cloaks, each scarred and tough, carring blades of all variety and pikes a full 17' long. And with their Lion Standard carried at his side marched a Man, in the biggest cloak and standing a head taller than any other man. Jarl the Lion, Mercenary General and now veteran of the Great War. Jarl the Lion, commander of Princess Iselles Own.

Jarl had started out as nothing more than a bandit chief, commanding the 50 odd men that were the core of Jarl's Lions. But when he had tried to Rob one Princess Iselle, he had found his life taking a different path. Spured on by Princess Iselles Millitary ambitions he had found himself at the head of an ever growing army. Taking payment in supplies or men the ever expanding army founght all over the border princes. Till Word reached them of the money to be made fighting in the North.

Iselles own had fought all through the war against chaos and had been marching south, richer and swelled with recruits from the destroyed towns, when they had encounted a dwarf on the road, just as they were passing a spur of the mountains.
He had told them of the need of Karak-Khaz, and of it's wealth. Seeing an Opportunity Iselle had commanded a change of route.

Iselles Own with Jarl the Lion at the head were Marching for Karak-Khaz.

The Pale Lady
10-10-2005, 15:30
Eyes glinted maliciously in the moonlight, observing the humies' camp. Meat, gold, drink...all in one place, and ripe for the taking. Grinning as only grobi can, the goblin boss heard a voice resound within his head. Its presence made him shiver, dropping his rough scimitar to the barren rock he stood on.
"Slay the humans. Steal their lives, release their souls unto the air. Tear their flesh with your weapons." It whispered seductively. How could one resist a voice so powerful and mighty as that?
Turning, the Night Goblin scuttled briskly across the ridge to one of his subordinates. As he neared, the lesser captain turned.
"What is it, boss?" the stunted greenskin enquired, its raspy voice carrying on the swift breeze.
"Send forth your Night Goblin spider Riders! Don't return until the manthings lie dead, their blood staining the very ground they is sleepin on"
The captain rubbed his hands eagerly, his dark, heavy robes rustling on the floor. Behind him, an enormous bulk shifted as it sensed its master's glee and the rich scent of humans on the breeze. It and its many children would feed well this eve.

10-10-2005, 21:44
1 Days March from Karak-Khaz:

The army was setting camp, just as dusk was falling. The Caravans of supplies and the horde of followers that any army collected were clumping into a small tent city.

The forges of mobile workmen started firing up, repairing the general wear and tear for a few hundred marching men.

The Large Drinking tent was errected and Dection by Dection groups of 10 men would go and drink their fill.

Meanwhile Men grumbled on their watches, complaining bitterly of the cold and the fun and coozie they were missing.

The Tents were quiet apart from the small grous of men weaving in and out of the pikes lent together, only the center of the tents were busy, with a brightly lit Bar tent heaving with people and music.

Of course, none of this was noted by the Goblins riding over the rock scree nearing the encampment, They just saw the mass of humanity sitting ripe in the middle of the path.

Tanith Ghost
10-10-2005, 23:51
Skratch-kill's nose twitched as he led an advance party of skaven through a side tunnel. The night runners reported manthings coming to aid the dwarfthings. With any fourtune-luck it would lead to the manthing encampment. Skratch-kill stopped at the tunnel entrance, and waved the fangleader on. The fangleader and his party stole down the mountainside toward the human camp. Skratch-kill observed his team movingi nto position. His look of glee turned to horror when the fangleader farted loudly right near a manthing sentry. Skratch-kill watched with morbid fascination as the stormvermin fell over themselves to get out of sight, their silver armor sure to give them away.

11-10-2005, 07:33
The ogre's man-sized blade slammed into the ground as LaFayte narrowly dodged it. Leaping onto the giant humanoids back, he took his sword and pushed with all his strength as it slid into the creatures spine. As the ogre's death spasm's ended, LaFayte stepped away and towards one of the wagons. "Next time, remind me not to hire one of those beasts, they make terrible guides." he grumbled as he stopped and snatched the flask from the skeleton that silently handed it to him. There had been more greenskin raids in LaFayte's land recently, and though LaFayte could care less what happens to the handful of remaining peasants left alive from his aquisition of the territory, he hated the idea of the savage creatures running rampant in HIS feilds and forests, and so had set out to find why they suddenly seemed so intent on coming. After following the warbands to an area unfamiliar to him, he found the ogre brothers Smash and Bash, hiring them as guides, in an obvious lack of foresight, they ended up leading his group into an ambush as men, women, and dwaves had attacked. The ogre brothers worked for a local band of theives and cutthroats, most of whom were now dead and were refilling his travel rations right now.

11-10-2005, 07:43
Coolly, Eldacar watched the human camp from his position high above both them and the greenskins, shielded by powerful protective magics to remain invisible. Idly, he wondered if he should go down there, if he should warn them that they were about to be attacked. He decided against it for now. He would gain nothing by revealing himself, and they looked like a professional army, so they should be able to handle most things thrown at them. But just in case... he called the Winds to him as a precaution, readying several spells to unleash should it be necessary.

You could never be too careful, came the thought from the back of his mind. Irritably, he quashed it. They had grown more frequent recently, as whoever he had been seemed to reassert himself. Or more like, who he was, when he thought about it. He shrugged. What would come, would come. No sense worrying about it just yet.

11-10-2005, 13:17
As the small slave trader caravan of Dawi Zharr, emerged onto the platau that led onto a pass down through thewestern side of the so called worlds edge mountains Athurz called a halt to the line before turning to a cloaked figure beside him.
" I dont care, we shall not march any further untill Bang-ger returns, if the brute even does that is, why you even insisted on trailing these escaped scum this far is beyond me!"
Athurz's face had redened now, with spital catching on his tusks. Before he could open his mouth to send forth another outburst the cloaked priest held out his hand. "the oger guide, he returns"

Surely enough clambering along the ancient pass grunting with excertion came the iron skin oger Bang-ger, his form dificult to make out amoung the boulders due to the plates of aging balckend iron that covered his frame.
After some time and numerous profanities at near falls the oger aproched the two chaos dwarfs and crouched low so as to better speak with them, Athurz sneered and spat. "boss they be down dere, seemed to ave joined up with all dem local gobos round these parts"
"and?" came the rough gravely voice of the priest"
at this a small shaped lept from the ogers shoulder, garbed like one of the strangekly dressed gobbos living locally Fizzle, Bang-gers gnoblar spoke up in nervous tones.
"I manages to sneak rite in wif dem I dids, forming up for some awful fun down the lower slopes, takin on hummies before raiding de other dwarfs karak watsit aint dey"
at this the small wretch climbed back on the ogers bulky form before crawling into a pouch on his bandolir.

"We do not change our plans, we march on and carry on the high priests instruction, give the order to move out Athurz" Intoned the priest before signaling the oger to return down the path. That the oger was under the direct oders of the priest toubled Athurz, well he thought to himself acidents always happened in battles the oger would be easy to deal with if he oversteped his place. Bellowing orders to "MOVE OUT AND FORM RANKS!"
Athurz began to leer.

The Pale Lady
11-10-2005, 15:39
Deep, deep within the skeleton of the mountain, The Presence shifted. Idly grasping at tendrils of magic, it send them furrowing like obscene serpents through the earth, relying all they found back to It, their source.
"Dwarfs..." it whispered as it encountered their kind, toiling away ceaselessly beneath the earth. They would fall in time.
"Ratmen" It mused briefly on their role in the coming battles and decided they were unimportant to his success. They too would be swept away by his army. Ahhh...his army...
"Goblins...Orcs...trolls..." It listed the creatures detected as it came into contact with them. Many were the greenskins in this area, even now he could feel them, their breath, their hurried heartbeats, smell their sweat, hear their cackles as they traversed in and out of his presence, his cavern, his home. They were his to command, his every whim a possibility.
The magical tentacles swept out of the ground, and into the crisp mountain air of the surface.
"Humans, the mon-keigh..." A terrible laughter filled the chamber, sick with amusement. The pink-skinned men could not have chosen a worse place to be in, in all the world. Much was to be the bloodshed in the coming days...brief flickers of the future were revealed to the impossibly demonic mind. Even now, the goblins moved on the encampment. Many rode atop giant, bloated arachnids, their jaws dripping ropes of venom to the hard rock below them. Skaven too snook behind their camp, obviously preoccupied with their own fell plans. The Presence smiled mockingly at the thought. Even as this small group attempted to infiltrate the men's camp, far below in the earth were being torn apart by trolls and ogres. The cave monsters cultivated by the goblins...squigs they had called them in their own tongue...leapt amongst their ranks tearing and gnawing.
Yes, the skaven were exacting a vicious toll of their own on his troops, but it was only a matter of time...and once his spiders had done with the men on the earth, they could turn their insatiable attentions to the ratmen there. Everything was making sense, just as His Master has predicted.
Even as he thought this, he knew there were some wildcards to consider.
A noble of the far west, mounted atop a winged monster and bearing the scars of bravery and courage swept along the bitter mountain winds.
An elf, or something more...it was hard to detect, the cloaking spells were intricate and subtle in their design...a being on awesome magical power watched over the proceedings. Here was one who'd have to be watched carefully.
The dwarf lord...his weapon, the hammer, it was extremely potent at banishing his kind, and the greenskins of these parts knew to fear him. His heart too was full of pride and honour.
The undead. Creatures such as these, vampires of the night. Drinkers of blood. Their forces could be unbound, this one in particular showed no exceptional skill in the arcane arts...but the ferocity of its kind were legendary.
Others too...The Presence's mind whirled as it took into account all the possibilities, all the eventualities. Visions gifted by it's master flashed and flickered before its subliminally evil eyes. It would achieve it's goal. It was already written.

11-10-2005, 21:38
Dusk, 1 Days March from Karak-Khaz:
The Mercenary Camp was as quiet as a thousand humans usually get when there is armour to be repaired, latrines to be used, drink to be drunk and a good time to be had.

The Goblins were as quiet as several hundred squabelling greenskins on spiders can get. Which is not particularly quiet at all. The quarrels and arguments, sounds of Spiders eating unfortunate riders all could have been heared to the discerning ear.

Unfortunetly for the Mercenarys most discerning ears where asleep or drunk.

The first warning they got was they High pitched Scream that was issued as the Goblins Charged over the Open ground. Followsing good Goblin tactics they went over the shortest distance. Failing goblin cunning it happend to be the longest strech out of cover of the rock scree.

The Crossbowmen on sentry Duty managed to get off a warning shout and a thin volly against the horde. Felling one or two but not denting the numbers of deadly spider riding loons in the slightest.

The dozen or so lads on duty were slaughterd beneath the mandibles of spiders and the spears of goblins.

The Spiders Swept Through and over the low wall Iselle had insisted the men build every time they made camp. Usually it was turf and wood usually sround 8' high. Up in the mountains there was no Turf and what little wood was used in fires.
The 4' stone wall they had managed was usless against the goblins.

The Spider riders rode straight into the maz of tents. Sweeping into the canvas and getting trapped in the wood and cloth and hitting patches of resistance as Individual 10 man Dections managed to put up knots of resistance. Slowing the rush.

Suddenly the Avalanch of spider and goblin slammed to a hault.
Slammed into a wall of pikes.

A long line of pikemen, not deep but long blocked them, a bristle of pikes stopping their way. Men pushing Forward. Goblins and Spider writing on the end of Pike tips. The regimental Standars flutterd as the youngmen carrying them, halfdressed but determined Shouted encouragement. Jarl the Lion Hurled abuse at the Foe and Praised his Lads. Shooting down goblins with his trademark pistols. His LIonSkin Cloak Wipped about Him as up and dwn the line men pushed forwards or were driven back as the press dictated.

These were no ordinary sell swords, they were the orphans and younger sons recruited from all over the border princes, empire and the wasted north. They would have been poor and starving had not Iselles army come with offers of food, a bed and clothing you didn't have to share. The Army was not a all ragtag bunch of mercenarys. It was an army based on ancient principles of war from the past days of war and it followed Iselles Whim's unquestioningly.
Till a small group of spider riders Fled the bak of the mob and Started round and Struck at the flanks of the hastily assembled pikewall.
Had this been a prepared battle, with the men in their bright uniforms and brestplates. They might have held, hoping that the more adventurous youngsters who formed the Skirmishing groups would come to thier aid. But knowing that there were the only force to stop an ambushing surprise attack? The line began to crumble.
Men fleeing and Goblins shrieking laughter chasing them.

12-10-2005, 05:11
LaFayte stood on the cliff overlooking the human camp as the goblins attacked, "It seems the greenskins aren't just my problem, looks like they're just being a nusiance to everyone as a matter of principle." Rebecca stood at attemtion," Should we attack the greenskins now? it would give them cause to think twice before tresspassing on your lands sir." LaFayte watched the battle for a minute before turning and walking away, "No, let them and the humans play, I want to see how it turns out."

12-10-2005, 10:17
Eldacar had renewed his protection and shielding spells tenfold since he had felt that ever so small probe earlier. Now he rested easily on a cliff overlooking the camp. Calling the Winds to him, he summoned the energies necessary for a blast of magical energy, just in case it would be necessary. He wouldn't allow these humans to be annihilated - why was that? - but nor would he risk himself unduly.

Abruptly, at the calling of the energy, his head was overrun by feelings, as who he had been - he was certain that was what was happening - fed him information. Memories ran through his mind, some of them powerful spells, others secrets of forbidden lore long lost to even the sages of the White Tower of Hoeth. He relaxed, letting them flow, and soon enough, they settled into place. Most of the lore was still foreign to him, but he knew that his power was only just awakening. Soon enough, he would be able to make use of this strength. He hoped.

12-10-2005, 16:29
As the pikeLine wilted under the goblin charge, tenrils of spider riders wove amoung the camp.

One tendril Strayed into Iselle's entourage and encounterd fierce resistance from the green uniformed guards of her houshold, Led by her Paymaster and driven forth by Iselles glamourous magic, they drove back the Greenskins. Bright halberds glinting in the gathering dark they Swept into the Greenskins sneaking into all sectors of the camp.

Another tendril snaked into the brightly lit bar tent, keen to slaughter drunken humans in their stupor.
This proved to be a bad Idea.
With colossal drunken roars the true mercenarys, who had been drinking their pay, swept into the goblins. Drunken Greatswords who's masters had died. Gangs of Bandits taken to a different Trade and even members of knightly orders, fallen on hard times.

This truly mercenary horde ran through the goblins, and straight into the Flank of the flankers.

The pike line Held.

Caught on the pikeline and ground by the drunken sellswords the Goblins had little choice but to fight on. Their only hope was to brake one of the splinterd groups of spider riders would attack the rear of the line again.

The Pale Lady
13-10-2005, 14:35
Unaware of the battle being fought on the surface, Drokki and his clansmen watched grimly as grobi and skaven slaughtered each other. From their vantage across the other side of the immense subterranean hall, they were safe. For the moment.
A group of hulking, muscle-bound rat ogres crashed into the tightly packed ranks of the grobi scum, lashing out with their boulder-like fists. Small robed bodies were flung into the air like dolls, to land broken amongst their kin.
Even as the ogres tore apart one regiment, another came swarming out of a side-tunnel. The goblins' yellow eyes glinted maniacally in the relative darkness of the hall.
Drokki sighed, taking in all the damage. Blood stained the ground a horrific red and statues created by his father's grandfather's generation stood tall, proud and defiant in the face of the slaughter, but chipped and cracked nonetheless. Even as he watched, a savage troll stumbled back into a representation of Grimnir. The ancient ancestral dwarf warrior god cracked under the assault, its left axe arm smashing to the ground and showering the surrounding goblins with shards of rock.
A crickety arrow flashed next to the old dwarf, and he jumoped back quickly. Now seemed like a good time to be leaving.
"Back to the hold!" he yelled to his clansmen, unslinging their crossbows just in case. As the party of dwarfs hurried back down the tunnel whence they'd come, a sickening sight stood arrayed before them, barring their way.
Rank upon rank of heavily mailed orcs growled and spat curses at their hated foe as they saw them approach. As one, they screamed savagely, charging forwards to meet with the stunted dawi.
"Back!" roared Drokki, "back into the hall! Head for the Hall of Whispers!"

15-10-2005, 16:21
Athanaric spied the battle below him. These green-skinned abominations seemed to be winning. He saw the brave men of this army fight hard, but if the goblins enveloped them...

There! A troop of spider riders swung round the flank of the pikemen. If their charge hit home all would be lost. Setting Hipparchus' towards the exposed flank of the humans Athanaric plumetted towards the goblin scum like a thunderbolt, the high keel of Hipparchus echoing from the crags. It was as if he was being lent more power, as if a fey magic he had not known since the night he supped the grail flowed through his veins. And like an unstopable force he smashed into the goblin lines.

15-10-2005, 20:50
With the sudden Arrival of a Hipogriff and roveing bands of camp followers, royal guard and drunkards wiping out any possible reienforcements the Goblins caught on the pikes were slowly ground down to nothing.

Jarl the Lion was busy hacking the last of the goblins, his war axe slick with blood and his great furred shield and his lion skin cloak splashed with it.
As the Last of Goblins were slaughterd he surveyd his now destroyed camp.
The men were already looting and clearing goblin corpses away, arranging their own fallen comrades to one side, their weapons armour and boots seperated.
Already one of the Sargents was ordring a detail to collect rocks to cover the dead.

He Spied the Hippogriff and Marched over, His Standard and staff behind.
He Spoke in Badly accented Brettonian, and bowed low.
"My thanks good master, and the thanks of Princess Iselle for the services renderd in battle"

16-10-2005, 09:09
As the bodies of goblins were being cleared and carted away, upon a crag covered by the shadows of gnarled and stunted trees goblin wolf scouts restrained their beasts and followed the charnel carts into a nearby gully.
There they setled down and waited for the men to leave so as to collect the escaped slaves and the documents they had stolen.
Their job however was not to be as easy as they hoped, the men bellow noticed a small distrubance of loosed rocks sent tumbling by a wolves tail and with a shout of alarm the men readyed their crossbows and fired upoon the charging goblins.
3 of the green skins fell to the quarrels whilst another 2 were crushed beneth their falling wolf steeds. the 5 remaining goblins snarled and charged down the crossbowmen as they reloaded, it was a bloodbath the men were not prepered for.

It was at this point the men heard a harsh penetrating laugh.

sitting high upon his favored Lamassu the fell robed priest barked out a harsh command as the creature leapt down upon the fray. jaws tearing and rending flesh and bone.
Eventually when the dust setled dead goblins lay strewn around.
"You should be carefull travelling in these parts little men, there are many dangers waiting for the unwary, Now run to your leaders, tell them I wish to meet with them. If they agree I shall await them upon the high crag jutting out over the outcrop where they camp at midnight. Now run..."
The robbed priest watched the men scramble and run, he began chuckling to himself as he reached down and plucked some hidden papers from under the remains that no longer resembled a goblin.
The Lamassu began to purr, it was then the priests chuckling changed to a spluttering cough. Doubling over in pain he almost wretched, straightening up once more he plucked the crumpled partchment from the lump of stone that was once his left hand.

Another harsh command to his Lamassu and he was bounding up and away over the boulders and scree.
No matter he thought to himself as he carresed the carved stone hand, at least the high priests plans he hads been intrusted with were beggining to unfold...

16-10-2005, 22:48
Athanaric let a wry smile pass over his features. It was nice to be thanked for once. That strange magic he had felt was disappaiting now. He returned the mercenary's thanks. "Tell me sir," Athanaric said in the dialect of the southern Old-World, "might a humble knight far from home enjoy a little respite with his fellow man? I miss the company and Hipparchus doesn't talk much!" Athanaric slapped his faithful steed's side playfully. The Hippogryph for a second looked like it might return the favour.

At that the patrol came hurrying back over the scree. They shouted something to Jarl. A frown settled on the man's powerful features. Whatever the news was, Athanaric knew it wasn't good.

17-10-2005, 04:54
LaFayte watched from ontop the hill overlooking the humans encampment as the goblins were defeated at the arrival of the hippogriff. "Interesting creature." he noted to himself, as he turned and dissappeared into the shadows.

17-10-2005, 06:35
This special character made from a combination of a all three elf aries, nt leagal a house rule character. Yuo guys can choose how you run into him.

The last member of the druchii warband had given up all semblance of stealth, as the crashed through the woods at full speed. The casual scream of one of their comrades, was all that broke the heavyness of their now labored breathing. The captain of the unit of shades yelled at the two comrads on either side of them "where the hell is the dam camp we need that assasin t..." his voice was cut short as a dagger seemd to grow out of his throat. The to druchii looked at their fallen leader unable to take their eyes of the lifless form of their dead captain, both were mesmerizd and both trip over the tree root that sent them tumblinging into the camp. both looked around frantically and scrambled into one of the pitched tent. And both fell dead as they fell into a pit full of spikes.
The druchii assasin spied all of this from the tree limb he was standing on, this oppenet was craftly, and obviosly far supeior to the swine he had been sent with. Of corse what could it be at best some pathetic sub race such as humans, or some intellegent monster. The assasins dark green eyes widedend as he saw he figure that walked into the camp. An elf draped in a billowing dark gray cape, wearing fine black traveling clothes and and a black sash around his face. no weopons were visiable but they were deffinatly their. Noticed the bright grey eyes that seemed to look into everything around it, and most astoundingly the pure hatred that shne beneath them as he looked around. A whimpere emitted from the the tent as the life ebbed away from the last wo shades.
"pathetic isn't it the should at least die silently"
The assasin's eyes opened wide again how had he gotten behind him. The assasin had been fooled by a simple illusion. he looked behind him only to see the other elf with the same bright malice full grey eyes peiring at him.
"I suppose you are marginally different than the others." The other said his grey eyes flickig to the assasins forhead.
"oh well it won 't make a difference. With that a blade was swinging directly at the assasins head. The assasin ducked and rolled plummenting the 20ft to the grou d only to land gracfully on his feet with two dagers in hand. His eys and both daggers flew to th spot he had been standing but nothing was there. They assasins masked head went from side to side looking for his oppeent. This wasn't good the grey clad elf could use magic and now had leverage and coverage. The assasin felt a cloak rest against his back.
"you know to have a chance you really are going to have to pay attention"
The assasin graded both daggers in a reverse postion and spun around hopeing to catch his oppent in the arms. The grey eld easlily duck the attack, (something few mortals good do) and countered with a kick at the assasins leggs. The assasin back flipd over the leg and landed facing his oppent arms crossed ina deffensice stance. (this was no oridinary elf). The grey elf just stood their casually a look of amusment now replacing the malic in his eyes. It occored to the Assasin that the grey elf still had not drawn a weopon. He took immediat advantage of this and rushed his oppenet a series of viciouse slashes and stabbes leading the wat. The elf avoided all of the still weoponless, now a mocking smirk on his face. The assasin new he was outclasses but that didn't matter he still had a trick. The assasin reched ehind him and grabbed a potion draing the whole bottle. His whole body contorted for a second and then his muscles seemed to pulse slowly growing. The grey elf just kept the smile and his pleasnt demeoner. But now drew a sword , the blade was slightly longer but not enogh to beused in two hands. The blade was swilrd in color between black and silver. The assasin didn't take note once again rushed his oppenent with greater speed and strength then befor. The grey elf didn't so much as give ground but dance around the assan, still easilly ducking the slashes, bu now being forced to parry some with his peculiar sword. The assasin had to side roll away after the grey elf jumped in the air and slashed down. The assasin was panting, the other elf just remaind fine. The assasin mustered his energy again and rushed the grey elf, increasing his speed even more, his arms were a blur even to his own eyes, and his body twisted and spun attempting to hit and par tof the oppenent s body, his oppenet now was not moving, but jst easily parring all atttacks from te assasin, the look of a musment had now turned to bordem. The assasin barly fel the blade stap into his stomach, but felt the twist and jerk up ,and then felt every inch of the blade leave his body. AS the assasin fell to the ground his lungs filling with blood, drowing in his own fluids. The grey elf bent down to him. And in a cold voice said "The name is Eldem by the way. And your corrupted soul and tha tof your men could have rushed me at once and it probably wouldn't have made a difference" And with that final thought, the Eldem walked away, letting the assasin drown in his own blood, in as much pain as he could under the circumstances cuase. He wiped the blood from his sword and put it into the the scabbered at his side. The mak of both Nagarthy and Hoeth were upon it. The mark of one of the Great houses of Athel Loren could now be seen as a glimmering in the black sash that he had removed to his side. And the tatoo of Khain could be seen through a cut in his clothes on his right arm. It was soon time to return back to his camp, these dark elfs were becoming too numerouse to kill off on his own.

17-10-2005, 11:45
Eldacar's magical globe of force faded from his fingers. It seemed that the humans had been capable enough without his help. Still, he should still remain near them. Who knows what one might be able to learn. And there was still that presence he had felt earlier. No matter how many of them there were, they wouldn't be able to stand up to that thing, whatever it was. The voices in his head began whispering again, but he pushed them to the back. With the voices came memories, and he had an idea of what it might be. But no more than that. Something within him sensed that he wasn't yet strong enough to comprehend the thing, so for now, he would let it lie.

He resumed watching the hippogriff. So, another human had arrived, he mused. And alone. That in itself was strange, but considering the arrogance that some humans displayed, not uncommon.

The Pale Lady
17-10-2005, 20:08
The goblins crashed against the gate of the dwarf hold like the tide against cliffs. Defiant they stood tall and strong as crossbow fire showered over the greenskins, but each that fell was replaced by more of their vile kind.
Inside, the dwarfs prepared for battle.

17-10-2005, 21:19
"Indeed My Lord...?" Jarl asked, awaiting the Brettonian nobles name.

"Athanaric" the knight answerd, Dismounting from his Hipogriff.

"My Lord," Continued Jarl "I am sure Her Highness will be most gratified to have such a noble guest, though it will be simple fare, Her Highness Dines on such supplies as our men do. I suppose your hippogriff can dine off oxen? quite a few were killed in the attack."
Jarl called over an adjunt
"Take My Lord Athanaric's steed to the stable quater, see that it is fed one of the oxen."

"I am Jarl the Lion, Master of War, and General of her most Majestic Highnesses Army, Welcome to the Camp of Iselles Own."

The Sargent of the Patrol had now caught up with Jarl and he Saluted, his Brown Boots stamping to attention with parade ground drill, though his Blue dyed jacket and white canvas trousers were ripped and stained with blood.

"General Sir, Permission to Speak?" He gasped

"Certainly Sargent" replied Jarl, saluting in turn. seeing Athanaric bemused look he answerd the unspoken query "Her Highness is a Follower of the ancient Reman General Keasar, They seemed odd to me to, but they have kept us alive from the border princes to kislev"

The Sargents report was quick and detailed, with the rythem of a set pattern.
"....And thereupon we encounterd a Dwarf on a Large, winged, Beared, Bull, dressed unlike any dwarf I ha'eva seen. He thence killed 2 of my patrol and then Instructed me to convey to "my leaders" That he wished to Talk at midnight, On the Crag"
The Sargent Pointed and then continued in his report, eding with the list of equipment and men lost.
"I report the loss of 11 men, and Their weapons and equipment, However I respectfully submit they can be recoverd, as well as the bodies should an expedition be set out to retrive them. Sir" The Sargent Saluted again.

Jarl saluted once more,
"At ease sargent, Stand the rest of your patrol down and report to the pay master to collect for the widows and orphans fund. Then you can consider your self as off duty as anyone can. The Canteen wasn't touched and the Tavern is back up. Get you and your men some rest. Pass word to the 2nd light foot to make a sortie and retrive what they can."

He turned back to Athanaric.
"I am sorry about that my Lord, may I show you to Her majestys Tent?"

As they strode through the camp they passed rows of tents, with a Standard set at regular intervals.
As the passed one smaller blovk with no standard Jarls standard and aides peeled off and mounted the Banner outside the largest tent of the block. Men in lion cloaks going about their busisness saluted it and returned to sharpening swords or cleaning pikes.

As they neared the center of the Camp delicious smells wafted up from the canteen, and raucous noise from tavern. They began to see more troops in bright gren uniforms, Halberds at ease on their shoulders.
They saluted as the General and Nobleman passed.

They Enterd a Large ornately decorated tent, with Halbadiers everywhere.
Inside the floor was coverd in rugs and there was a large table in the middle.
At one end a one eyed man was busy working on paper work.
And at the other Sat Princess Iselle.
Tall, Green eyed and Magical, as the troops had it. She Was Eating fresh dark bread and simple cheese. Her beauty accentuated by the tight but sturdy Linen Dress and the Fur cloak on her chair was pure Kislev mink.

Jarl Bowed low, and Announced his guest.
"Your Highness, may I present The Lord Athanaric, a Brettonian Knight who was of great assistance in the ambush. He requests room, board and company for his services"

Athanaric bowed to Her, mezmerised by her spells of chrm and beauty.

Iselle smiled, and it was then Her youth was apparent, not much over 20 and still joyful, even after the great war.

"Welcome Lord, You are most welcome to all my army can supply. may I present my Paymaster, Captain of the Guard and Chief Quatermaster, Sir Sam Brahaa."

The man amid mounds of parchment bowed with a nod of his head and plunged back into his work
"Welcome my lord"

Iselle signaled and servants brought out more bread, and pewter plates to eat off. A Huge cheese platter was brought in. Coverd with cheeses from across the oldworld. tankards and a bottle of tilean wine was brought in

"Eat and be refreshed Lord Athanaric, I am sure Jarl has a report on todays disturbance. and it better be a good one. I had to sully my hands with fire magic to protect my Canteen" she smiled her smile again.
"I am sure we have much to discuss."

and so they ate and drank, and planned what the next action should be.

17-10-2005, 23:44
Athanaric let his eyes linger on the figure of Iselle a little too long than was appropriate for a Knight of the Grail. He knew the power that flowed through him since that night made him immune to any magical charm, but the young lady had an aura about her that would confound an accolyte of The Dark Prince. Still, he thought, he would say his prayers twice tonight in repentance. Damn it he thought, as he raised his head to meet her gaze, make that three!

Later that night, while making his repeatedly extended acts of contrition to his patron, Athanaric heard Jarl's voice summoning his men to him. Walking out of his chamber he saw the mercenary and a small entourage leaving the camp. Athanaric let out a high pitched whistle which made them stop and turn in surprise.
"Not thinking of going to meet a Dawi-Zharr without me now were you?" he said playfully.
"We didn't want to wake you good sir knight," Jarl replied.
"Thank-you for your consideration Jarl but I wan't sleeping."
"Did you really need to whistle so loudly though? A simply shout would have done"
Athanaric chuckled. "The whistle wasn't for you, it's for him." Jarl slowly turned and looked directly into Hipparchus' open beak. He seemed unsure whether to be surprised or impressed.
Swinging onto his mounts back Athanaric kept Hipparchus at a slow trot on the ground to match the men's pace. "So where to Jarl?" he said, flashing that Bretonnian smile.

18-10-2005, 05:30
Eldem sat in the branches watching both the grey clad elf wizard and the human camp. It had been easy enough for a child born of magic to by pass the wards of the human camp, the elf wizard had been slightly more entertaining. Eldem decided not to revial himself just yet, after all it was easy enough for humans to turn to darkness, and even disciples of the white tower could be corrupted. This wizard did not have the same sense of darkness the recently slain druchii had, nor the same sense of corruption that was growing stronger in this forest like a stench of rot. Of corse the humans held a minor air of darkness around them, but that was just their nature.
What really was worring hum was the ever increasing darkness of this area, not the pitiful goblinoids or skaven, which he could dispatch when he saw fit, but something darker, on par with that of the daemonic princes. A foe Eldem did not relish fighting again. But for now he would watch the wizard and humans.
Eldem was broke out of his though by loud cries from the mountain, he immediatly recognized as goblins. That was where the dwarfs were fortified. It looks like the goblind where going to to be cleansed sooner rather than latter. Eldem cast a minor spell over the wizard and humans so he could moniture them througha small mirror at his side and darted off through the canopy, not a sound being made nor twig snapped.

18-10-2005, 06:00
LaFayte returned to his own camp that he had left the skeletons to assemble, looking at the piles of knotted rope, hide, sticks and tangled skeletons, he rolled his eyes, there were some things you just could not expect a mindless corpse to do. "Rebecca, take the more able men and fix their mess, I want those tents up before dawn." as the female vampire barked orders at the thralls and wraiths, LaFayte strode to the wagon and helped himself to a flask. Downing the contents, he turned as one of the few living he commanded approached. This man was one of the remaining peasants from LaFayte's domain, the vampire had took him on, and kept him alive for his tracking and scouting skills, and now it appeared he had returned from scouting the area, LaFayte was impressed the human hadn't run away. "Speak human, and maybe I'll let you live a bit longer." It was his usual greeting to the man, but it always had the desired affect as he paled and stuttered for a bit before answering. "Y-yes Lord LaFayte, I have done as you asked, and there is quite a bit of activity in this area, I'm not sure if it's all due to the greenskins or not, I have seen dark elves and strangly dressed dwarves riding on monsters, I dared go no closer to either of them." LaFayte nodded to himself, "As well as the knight who helped those mercenaries destroy the goblins. It seems like a regular party here." As the human's eyes lit up with hope at the mention of the knight, LaFayte's hand shot out and snapped his neck. "How irritating, you know full well there is no hope for you." LaFayte tossed aside the body, "Take this to the ghouls, I won't lower myself to drinking a peasant's blood." As a pair of skeletons pulled the man's corpse to the covered wagon emitting an animal odor, gnarled hands reached out between the bars, snatching the body and pulling it inside, bones breaking as it was forced through the narrow spaces. LaFayte returned to his dinner, lost in thought.

18-10-2005, 07:35
"Up to the crag, Lord Athanaric. Sargent knoss pointed it out. Apparently there is a plateau at the top over looking the pass."
Jarl and his small group of men started to climb up the steep slope, thankful they had abandoned their pikes and brought their pistols, swords although the huge fur coverd shields were a heavy burden.
Athanaric's Hippogrff snorted derisivly at the slop, and slowly, with huge beats of it's wings, it rose up reaching the plateau long before the men.
When they had finally assembled, there was no sign of any dwarf.
"It is not yet midnight men, Time enough to dress formation"
Jarl smiled at Athanaric

"This should be quite impressive" He turned back to the dozen Furcloaked men at his command

"Moneia!" He barked, and immiedietly they shifted formation to a wall of shileds, 3 men deep and not much wider, with every angle protected by stoud, leather bound wood. But there was a gap in the front.

Jarl Smiled once more, hefted his shield and placed himself, neatly plugging the gap.

"Now my lord Athanaric, Midnight is not long.

18-10-2005, 12:58
OOC: Shadowprince, I doubt that you would have sensed Eldacar, let alone bypass the wards he laid. Don't powergame.

Eldacar smiled softly. Flicking a finger, he shattered the spell of scrying that the fool had laid over him, sending a jolt of pain back down the open channel towards the caster as the Winds twisted around the broken spell. Did that elf really think that such a spell would escape his notice? Shaking his head, he turned and concentrated. Feeling himself lift off the ground, he soared through the skies, silent and invisible. His deathsight had picked up a battle nearby, and perhaps he could discover more there.

It did take some time, given the amount of power he was expending on maintaining his stealth and flying at the same time, but eventually, he arrived. Crouching down behind some rubble, he watched as the tide of green filth hurled itself at the walls of the Dwarf fortress. Part of him refused to help thieves, but another part, resurged from those memories, gave him the true story of events. Caught in his personal conflict between new and old, he almost didn't notice the approaching patrol. Invisible and shielded he may have been, but the faint light that glowed around him whenever he was caught up in these memories shone forth clearly, outlining him. His head snapped up at the shriek, and in that momentary lapse of concentration, thoughts flooded his mind. Only four hundred, he could feel himself remembering events from nearly a thousand years ago. He shuddered as his mind flashed with brief images of times long gone. Bel-Hathor the Sage, and the short-lived siege of Lothern by Magnus the Mad. Wielding his magics in concert with the other Loremasters to erect the barrier of mist and the Shifting Isles about the coast of Ulthuan. Clutching his head, he staggered, for with the memories came secrets, secrets of power, and with those secrets, the abilities to make use of them.

Tilting his head back, he howled in pain, a cry that could be heard on the walls of the Dwarf Hold. And his eyes exploded with silver fire. The group that had spotted him never had a chance. The rampaging blaze tore through them like wildfire, ripping them apart, tearing them from limb to limb and incinerating them where they stood. Goblinoids began to turn, to confront whatever it was that had unleashed the spell. Reweaving the shielding spells around himself, the Asur vanished from sight, the white glow gone. He had to stay back. Revealing himself would be foolish. Although, he thought wryly, he had made something of an entrace, given by the detachment of green filth approaching. Still, his power was all but spent. These seizures were stealing his strength away when he tried to resist the memories. Cursing to himself in Tar-Eltharin, he pressed himself further backwards as the goblins drew closer.

18-10-2005, 12:58
Midnight drew closer, and then past. Few minutes there was nothing, then a soft crunch could be heard and soon two cold blue white orbs began to gleem in the dark.
In the blackness someone could be heard dismounting slowly then make their way into the light cast, they seemed to be dragging somthing. The sound of soft crunching followed.

"good evening gentlemen" came a grating voice from beneath a deep gore red robe.
"I felt it necercery to meet you all in person,firstly to bring my most humble apologies before you for the deaths of your men, my precious can sometimes get...
...over excited, you must beleive me when I say that the goblins were my only target there"
At this the priest pushes foward a chest
"I know that this can not hope to come close to repaying what happened to your men, think of it as a token of goodwill"
Kicking the chest the lid springs open inside can be seen many precious gems.
"Now let us get down to my real reason for being here, the goblins. Amoungst them are some former... ...workers of mine. They Fled taking plans of many passes and passages with them as well as items of great power that belong to my masters." The figure pauses to take a breath, it sounds like stones in a tidal pool grating.
"This is what I would like to propose to you, a compact and allience to stop this green tide before others from both sides of these mountains can join together and sweep all away before it."
From beside the robed figure comes a deep rumbling purr, the priest stretches out a hand and pets the beast beside him.
"Well gentlemen do we have a deal?"


Meanwhile at the edge of LaFayte's encampent Athurz aproached what he assumed to be one of LaFayte's thralls.
"Take me to your lord, I have a proposition for him that will prove of great intrest to him"
Athurz atempted his most ingratiating smile, which still made him apear to leer, if this wasnt one of the vampires Thralls, or Lafayte was not in a good mode he would not get far.
Cursing the priest and his sealed orders of comand from the high ones of the temples themselves he mummered a pray to Hashut and waited, playing with black gem in his belt pouch just in case.

The Pale Lady
18-10-2005, 15:50
Brokk watched with fiery eyes as the goblin filth drowned out the work of his ancestors. Tunnels hewn a thousand years past, marking the entrance to the gate to Karak-Khaz, were a tide of green.
A flash of power at the far end of the tunnel, near the rear of the grobi horde and by the entrance to the world outside made Brokk look up and squint. It was brief and he would probably have missed it, had the talismans that protect him from harmful magicks not flared in reaction. Grunting, the venerable Runelord turned and strode away from his viewing hole in the wall. His thick white beard bristled, the golden trinkets binding it together clinking as he moved. Pulling a pair of thick leather gauntlets from within his cape, he thrust his fists into them in turn. Stopping before the old gatekeeper, the ancient lord adressed his kin.
"Ready the Longbeards. We'll march on the foul greenskins and slay as many as we can, before returning to the hold. We will not stray far, but something has to be done to diminish their numbers. They have shown signs of magic...powerful magic at that, and I need to exact a vicious toll for the deaths of our kin"
"The Quarrelers...they did not return then?" Spoke the Longbeard reverently.
"They did not".

18-10-2005, 16:28
The thrall looked Arthurz up and down. "What the hel are you supposed to be? " getting no answer other than a glare, the vampire thrall shrugged, "This way then" as he turned and led the way through the undead laboring at setting up tents and defenses. there were no fires as they didn't need heat or light anymore. Eventually they came to a figure in old brettonian styled armor leaning against a tree watching a group of skeletons dig. LaFayte turned to the chaos dwarf, He had travelled all across the old world and seen many creatures, as well as fight them, and while he had seen plenty of dwarves before, he had never seen one like this. "I had heard the dwarves had some warped cousins, but I had thought it simply one of their myths, I am impressed." LaFayte said, with a smirk on his face as he drew his sword. "if it's for a fight, I will be happy to comply, if it's to talk at me, you can go ahead and if you're lucky, I might even listen to what you have to say."

18-10-2005, 17:03
"Hold your blade m'lord, I come here to talk, much as I may not want to.
Anyway I vave been sent to seek an audience with you, my party and I are in the area looking to rid our selves of some troublesome exslaves. Well we seem to have landed ourselves in the middle of a bit of a war.
Well seeing you being who you are and well us being respectable slavers, prehaps we could come to some kind of agreement, after all we do seem to have both sides cut off and surrounded being as we are camped out on opposite sides of this mess"
Now Arthurz dared inch closer eyeing those around suspiciously, he carried on in a quiet tone. If word of what he was about to propose got back to that stone fool of a priest...
"also my commander seems to be dealing with them men down there, but lets just say i don't see eye to eye with 'im and most of the men trust me."
His mouth breaking into a large leer and tounge licking his left tusk he continued, "When the humans and my comanders personal gaurd aint suspecting it we can crush them in a pincer, lots of dead for you and a promotion for me, what do you say deal?"
with that Arthurz removed his armoured gauntlet and held out his hand

18-10-2005, 17:41
Jarl looked over at Athanaric and saw the distaste on his face, for there was indeed an air of ill peace now.
He Strode forward out of the Shield wall, Placing his Shield to one side witha heavy thunk, he threw off the Head of his Lionskin cloak and Removed his simple iron helmet.

"I speak for Her Highness Princess Iselle and For her Army. I am Jarl the Lion and I accept your Apology. But I cannot Accept So high a bloodprice. I shall take the 10 guiniees a man for the Widows and Orphans Fund and return with our respects the rest."

He motioned forward one of his men, Who extracted 3 jewels and placed them in Jarls Hand.

"We are Currently under promise of treasure, to the keep of Karak-Khaz, and we would not betry a promise to a dieing messenger, human or dwarf."

He eyed the small box of Jewels. Thinking of the weapons it could buy from the forges of Barak Varr, or the months of food it would pay for.

"We cannot focus on hunting down your artefacts, but our current employer is under seige by the very greenskins. We should be happy to trade any loot of intrest for it's equal in value. On our Return good Dawi-Zharr."

With that Jarl the Lion Returned to his men, a small nod to Athanaric whispering
"meet in Camp."
and then the shield wall reformed, marching slowly down the hill. Leaving the chest of jewls standing forlorn between Athanaric and the Shadowy figures of the dwarfs.

Jarl the Lion and his men made there way slowly down the Crag, faster than they had gone up, but still pig slow. From their vantage point Jarls eyes spotted the weakspots in the defences that he Had not been able to see from the ground.
As they Neared the Camp he could see his men repairing the wall, And knowing the men would grumble, but better grumble the dead, he ordered another company from off duty onto rock collection.
The goblin attack had unleashed a few small rock slides as they swarmed down the pass and there was more material availible.
In the short amount of time that he had been down already the wall was growing in height. From it's original 4' it was growing. It wouldn't meet his ideal of 8, but it would be tall enough to halt most. With a Firing step for the crossbow men and enough cleared room to allow pikes over their heads it was now a formidible defensive structure. With Patrols of crossbow men and a half company on both sides it was now as ready fo attack as it could be. Weapons were close at hand and the men were orderd to be prepared. with half on half off watches.

Jarl sat in his tent and waited for Athanaric to arrive back.

The Pale Lady
18-10-2005, 19:19
With a resounding grating noise, the thick, gromril-veined doors to Karak-Khaz swung open, sweeping the closest greenskins aside and crushing thrm beneath the unstoppable might of the heavy doors. Before the grobi had time to react, the dwarfs marched out. Dragon-shaped trumpets accompanied their steps.
At the fore of the regiment strode Brokk. The ancient Runelord and King of Karak-Khaz was borne aloft on a shield, forged thousands of years ago by one more powerful than even he. Many of the runes that adorned its glittering surface were lost to the dwarfs of this time.
In his tight grasp he held Grong Grund. The poweful hammer was inscribed by many potent runes of strength and speed, its head sparkling with barely controlled power. Here was a weapon the foes of the dwarfs had learned to fear.
Brokk himself stood defiant as he was borne along, his face set in a grim scowl. He felt little for goblins or orcs, his ancestors had tested their mettle againts the treacherous elven folk from across the seas and come out on top. Grobi were scum with none of the battle skill or tactics of elves who, for all there arrogance and despite the venemous hate Brokk felt for them, grudgingly worthy opponents.
His armour was thick and expertly forged, his beard intricately braided. Across his shoulders was draped a warm, brown fur of some mountain beast, slung over his back for protection from missile fire and the chilling cold of the moutnains alike.
Around the stubborn form of the aged Runesmith, marched rank upon rank of proud Longbeards. The old dwarfs had seen it all, some were even older than Brokk and they could all wield a weapon with more skill than most. Their stubborn nature was legendary even amongst the dwarfs and their long, grey and white beards tucked many times into their rune encrusted armour and belts.
Yet for all the regal aura and defiant, unyielding nature showed by the enduring folk, they were but dwarfs, flesh and blood and bone, and they knew many of them would not survive the coming war.
Still they marched forward, axes hefted, as the sea of grobi filth washed around them.

19-10-2005, 03:30
LaFayte rubbed his chin as he thought over the dwarve's proposition, staying silent for a long length of time seemingly on purpose, until he suddenly broke into a grin and accepted the dawi-zarr's outstretched hand and shook. "It sounds interesting at the least, hel, why not? though if we are to attack the humans, the knight is mine, it's been long since I've fought a fellow knight." he said as his voice took on a nostalgic tone. "Last one I killed is over there in fact, and that was so long ago, he's well aged now!" LaFayte motioned in the direction of a dark, almost blackened skeleton in rusting armor as it dug with a shovel.

19-10-2005, 04:41
[QUOTE=Eldacar]OOC: Shadowprince, I doubt that you would have sensed Eldacar, let alone bypass the wards he laid. Don't powergame.

Sorry the char is a lil powerfl but been useing him for 7 years, un different settings. Also I ment to set it up so that my char thought it had worked he did not realize your mages years and power. Also it is possible to detect a very powerful wizard, if one is also one. so my humble apologies.

Eldem darted through the trees and was in midair when the shock of pain was sent through the conduit of magic he had opened to keep an eye on the wizard. The sharp pain that exploded in his chest momentarily clouded the elfs vision, as he missed his step and when tumbling from the canopy to slam into the grou, the air blasting from his lugs. Dam the wizard must have been more powerful then he had thought. Picking himself off the floor he could tell that a least 3 ribs where broken. With a grimace the elf drained his second to last healing potion. the burning liquid flowed down his throught. With that Eldem ran off the pain in his side frim the mending bones hindering his speed and forcing him to move slowly.

Eldem reached the dwarf stronghold right as the doors fell upon the goblins beneath, and watched as the mighty ruelord strode out. The dwarfs where putting up theeir stubborn dwarf resistance brushing off crossbows and ignoring cuts. The goblins where dying at 5-1 but their where few dwarfs and many goblins. Eldem would have to end this quik without their bosses the goblins would break and flea. Eldem spied at least 1 shaman at the back his hooded cowl and comically big staff where waving back and forrth. Eldem sighed this wasn't going to be easy. He unsheathed his sword and revealed himself to the shamans body guard. The rushed the strange figure looking at one lone elf as no challange for some odd 20 goblins and their shaman. Eldem smiled waved, and 4 goblins whent down daggers in their throats. This was going to be long indeed Eldem thought to himself easily dodging a spear from the lead goblind, and a small gold flash from the shaman. Thank isha these where only goblins. A swing of his sword and 3 pumos of his hand and another six goblins where down. The others where now looking nervoise but more goblins had turne and where on their way. Dam, this wasn't good the dwarfs where not makeing the headway he had anticipated. Eldem used what little magic he still had retaining to him to blast a line to a through the shaman. With that he was off disappearing into the woods behnd him. This was even to much strian for him a druchii warband an assasin, a fall from a tree a magical attack, and the magic he needed to support himself here had completly spent him. He flipped up into a tree drained his last healing potion and began to rest if only these dwarfs could hold on a bit longer.

19-10-2005, 09:00
Eldacar shied back further into a small recess, but inside, he knew that he would not be able to easily escape from here. It might even be better to actually fight. The goblins drew closer, and he could see that these ones were the more elite of the group, with finer armour. Sighing, he shrugged. It was inevitable, he supposed. He drew his sword. The finely wrought ithilmar blade pulsed with a blue light. Taking a step forwards, Eldacar dropped the shielding spells, and enacted another. As a golden light began to blaze about him, wreathing him in a nimbus of power, his sword flickered out, faster than even another elven eye could see, and took the life of a goblin. The group shrieked in fear at the sight of this blazing figure, and backed away. But they couldn't flee. The burning gaze that he levelled at them gave no mercy, incinerating one after another of his attackers.

Sooner or later, it had to happen, though, and a larger contingent came towards him. His lips twisted in a smirk. Sheathing his sword in one smooth motion, he raised a hand. Light flared around the advancing creatures, and they fell back, clutching at their eyes. They were blind. Raising his other hand, the Archmage called upon the Winds once more, weaving them in harmony with one another. Hand wreathed in a destructive nimbus, he unleashed that trapped power, sending a beam of white light, searing magical energy, tearing into the front rank of the advancing unit. As they were seared by the magical blast, their courage snapped, and they began to flee before him.

Out of the corner of his eye, Eldacar spotted the advancing Dwarfs. They may have been short, but they were certainly skilled when it came to the ways of combat. Idly, he considered retreating. He couldn't keep this pace up for long, as his energy was already beginning to fade. Taking a small stone inscribed with the rune of Lileath from his pocket, he rubbed a finger over it, letting the strength flow into him, providing a temporary boost to his power. He might well need it in the coming battle. But for now, he had to get to the Dwarfs. With his course of action decided, he began to move through the goblin ranks, approaching the Dwarfs, calling out to them in their own language that he meant them no harm. He didn't stop to think of how he knew their language, but the knowledge was there, one way or another, so he used it.

The Pale Lady
19-10-2005, 14:29
The Longbeards fought skillfully and with determination, carving a path back to the hold. Few of their number has fallen to the momentous gordes of grobi, and many of the greenskins had been slain by comparison, but hundreds more were spilling into the chamber. Feeling satisfied that they'de made a dent-even such a small one-in the enemie's numbers, Brokk had ordered the retreat.
The runelord fought like like he had done for centuries past, his powerful hammer arcing down and crushing skulls and bones beneath its shining head. Atop his family shield he could see for far around, and the floor of green that returned his view made his heart heavy and morose.
He was about to order the gates opened, his mouth open to speak, when from the corner of his eye he spied a shimmer of magic. It was different to that of the grobis'...his armour and talismans glowed in response, draining away and that strayed too close.
An elf! Brokk spat his hatred at the word as he saw the skinny, haughty creature, the bane of his ancestors approach. Angrily, his beard bristled and his teeth clenched. Hefting Grong Grund threateningly, he prepared to meet the hated foe.

19-10-2005, 23:45
The two heroes looked across at each other from atop their mighty steeds. Athanaric and the Sorceror. "Sir, the service of a knight cannot be bought, especially by one committed to darkness." With that he turned and made to leave.
"Shame," said the sorceror, "If I'd have known your reaction I would have made my offer to the vampire instead." Athanaric froze. Turning slowly, a cold fire seemed to burn in his eyes.
"Where?" was all he said.
The Dawi-Zharr chuckled. "Do we have a deal?"
"I will fight the evil in these mountains. That includes the Greenskins and the Undead. Whether it includes you depends on what happens wizard."

With that he bid Hipparchus rise and glided gently back to the camp and, at last, his bed.

20-10-2005, 03:33
The Dwarfs ha dbeen pushed had with drawn into their tunnels where the masses number hf the goblins wouln't matter as much. Eldem had noticed the white flash from atop the dwarf's walls, and heard the dyeing screems of the goblins from his tree. Asur agic had to be, and that meens the wizard was here, well at least the dwarfs had gotten some magic fire power, Eldem thought bitterly remembering the brutal accident that blasted mage had cuases. The healing potion and rest had done its work and Eldem was ready to begin the killing again.
The goblins where mostly at the entrance to the dwarf stronghold, teir cries of waaaagh filling the air. Their where to many by far to many for Eldem to kill alone, but he could kill the goblin bosses and small squads. Eldem used some magic to help keep his movments silent and crept to the side of one of the goblin platoons, a larger goblin was in the front covered in armor with a non-rusty shield and sword this was deffinatly one of the bosses. A few more pumps of his arm and three daggers said into the the larger wretch felling it instantly this broke his magic of invisiblity and the goblins rushed him. Another seriers of throws and 4 more goblins lay dead before they even reached the loan elf. HE estimated that he maby had 30 secinds before more goblins could be brought to bear. He put his back against the wall a pulled his sword hard from his scabbard, the pull became a slash and another two goblins la y dead at his feat. Dodgeing a several clumsy thrust and slashes from the reamaing goblins, Eldem thrusted his blade into another goblin quikly pulling it out to block an attack at his side. They where just piling in now they wherent breaking. Eldem used another spurt of magic to shower the goblins with magic darts that burned through their shabby leather aromor and chest. and took another goblin throught wis his finely crafted black and silver rapier. The sudden use of magic cuased the elf to stumble slightly as he felt energy just flow away from him. A spear but to the back knocked him to the floor. This really wasn't good, something was wrong in this area that much use of magic shoudn't cuase such a large impact. SHakeing off the feeling in an instant Eldem ignored the pain in his back and kicked up nwith both fet, smakcing both together as he did cuasing the boot knives to unsheath and took to more goblins in the face. As he came up he slashed the sword sword from one side to the other felling yet another 2 goblins. Anoter call of Waagh erupted from his left as another thing of slightly better armed goblins came rushing at him. Eldem noticed a shimmer to his right and afforded a quik glance as he dodge the jump over two goblins attacks.The dwafs he had to get their. His body was quikly looseing energy he had attempted to much for the day and he was our of ppotions. Pumping his arm again this time flicking the wrist eldem sprayed the reamaining goblins with flat shurikins dropping all the ones around him, and started making a run for the the dwarfen hold's entrance, his sword cutting a path in front of him he had to get to those dwarfs.

20-10-2005, 07:59
Cursing at the stubborness of Dwarfs, Eldacar called on his magic once more, flinging the goblins away from him in burning flashes of blinding white light. His power was quickly draining, but he needed to get to safety. He wasn't strong enough to teleport himself away right now, so their hold was the best choice of safety available to him.

"I mean no harm!" he called out in the language of the Dwarfs. Hoping that they could hear him, he repeated the call. As he drew closer, staggering from the effort, sweat dripping from his forehead as he flung the goblins back yet again, he dropped the spell that enhanced his combat capabilities and channeled all his remaining strength into a shield surrounding himself and the Dwarfs that no weapon could break. And if that shield failed, he always had the vambraces he wore on his forearms to protect him. Even so, his strength was still draining fast, even faster the longer he grimly held the shield over them.

Gasping, he came face to face with the Dwarf, keeping back from that weapon. Tired though he was, he could still easily avoid any attacks, but the fact that there happened to be a horde of goblins around them made their prospects for survival fairly slender if they remained out here for any real length of time, and he said as much.

"I have no wish to fight you," he said in the Dwarf language, "But I will defend myself. Not to forget that even your chances against them, Runelord, will be slim, given the sheer numbers they possess. One can only slay so many before one falls." He bowed deeply, though he struggled to stand. He had no strength left, and blackness tinged the edges of his mind. "I ask... most humbly... for per... per... permission..." it was becoming more and more of an effort to even speak. "To enter your hold," he finished, gasping for breath as he crumpled to his knees, shoulders bowed as if struggling with a great weight as his body was drained of strength ever more rapidly. The shield shrank, in part from the effort needed to maintain it, but also in part from the talismans the Runelord bore. It faded fast, and soon, it would be gone completely.

20-10-2005, 09:45
Arthurz left the undead lords camp after promissing to leave the knight to him, fine it wasnt as if he wanted to fight some human hero anyway. The night had been good so far indeed. After some time Arthurz managed to make it to his camp, waiting there were some of the sargents under his command and near them was Mag-bag the hobgobling slaver chief, mag-bag looked furious at something. Arthurz could tell that he was waiting for permission to speak, with a wave of his hand, mag-bag began.
"dat priest I dont know wat kind of seals and commands he has my master, but he gone to far dis time, killed your best foward scout wolf riders he did! Sez it was nezerzery, bah! Juzt tells me when it iz we get that lordly bastard."

loooking around he saw that the sargents and unit commanders were grudgingly agreeing with the hobgoblin scumbucket.
"Don't worry men" barked Arthurz with a jubilent leer
"Talks went well tonight, when the battle hits and it will, we get that jumped up walking pile of stone well and truely stuck in the middle with no back up, then we shell the area." An evil grin spread across his face replacing the usual leer.
"then we order the artilary to fire, well we have to avenge our 'fallen' leader don't we boys"
At this the rest of the dwarfs and Mag-bag began to cackle and roar with laughter. Arthurz however leered somemore, a cold glint in his eyes.

The Pale Lady
20-10-2005, 14:52
The elf stumbled and collapsed, as the runic talismans around Brokk's person glowed and drained the magic of its power. A bitterness, a stubborness forged in anger and treachery, shone bright in the dwarf's eyes, but something fought against it. A glimmer of hope for the elf, something alien to the dwarf's nature struggled to surface.
"Pick up the elf. Open the gates!" roared the Runelord mightily. The Longbeards near paused fighting for a second, before dutifully kneeling and dragging the skinny elf behind them unceremoniously, back into the hold.

The doors shut behind the last of the Longbeards with a tremendous clang, sealing out the screaming hordes of grobi and urk scum. Within the hall behind the gates, dwarfs hurried to and fro, tending to the wounded and saying their parting prayers for those no longer living. At the far end of the hall, Brokk strode towards an anjoining tunnel, alone. Some clansmen rushed over to him.
"My Lord Brokk, what of the captive?" The first spat the word, as though it burned his mouth. The Runelord turned and with a look of distaste toward the elf, gave his reply.
"Throw him in the dungeons, 'till I am rested. Then I will see what brings it's kind to the mountain realm of the dawi. Do not fear it, the runic wards are strong in the dungeon, the the magic seeps only slowly this deep within the earth. Its spellcasting will be much diminished." Brokk made ot leave, before turning once more. "Nevertheless, leave a guard at all times. It can never hurt to be wary".
The stoney figure of the Runelord left the room, his hammer held in his grasp, as behind him dwarfs prepared once to sally out again and meet with the foe, on their Lord's command. It would be a long while before the hordes of grobi would be scattered, but the defences of the dwarfs were impregnable, and the grobi had shown no recent signs of cunning or power. It looked as though things would turn out alright, given time.


The Presence cocked it's head to the left as a diminutive figure barely larger than it's foot entered the room. A malicious grin split The Presence's unholy features as it sensed the fear beating away in the tiny goblin's heart.
"The tunnel...stop digging down. Begin taking it left, directly left. And increase the patrols over the mountains, I sense my hold lessened there, many died at the hands of the interlopers. The land must be retaken, now. You know what happens to those who displease me" The Presence's words were simple enough so that even the stunted goblin could understand and it stammered its comprehension feebly, before fleeing into the darkness.The chamber echoed with the mocking laughter of its dark denizen.

20-10-2005, 22:07
Dawn, One Days March from Karak Kahaz:
Jarl woke, the early light waking him.
He strold out into the camp, saluting his sargents and men, all busy with their morning tasks. making ready to move out. Tents were being folded down and pikes were given a final sharpen before they were shoulderd.

As he ate his breakfast of small beer and dryed beef, the camp was slowly dissembled. Even the walls were being knocked down, a dection of men swinging huge hammers and using leavers to scatter the stone.

The dections on buriel duty were busy collecting the last of the stones to lay on the cairn.

The Caravan of goods and supplies, tradesmen and hangers on that the army took with them was in the center of the bustle.

"Good day your highness." He greeted Princess Iselle "Shall the order to form Colum and March be given?"

Princess Iselle gave him one of her glowing smiles from atop her seat on her own caravan. "It shall be given general, see to it"

Jarl, Marched up and down the camp, shouting, threatening canjoling the household units an the mercenaries into a colum.

As the sun began to burn off the morning mist the colom was arrayed.
Bright reds, blues and greens of the household halbadiers and companies of pikemen, with their accompanying light companys skirmishing the flanks.
Mercenarys, nursing wounds and heads from last night. Light ponie riding cavalry and heavy charger bestrod knights.
The caravan, with it's guards. and at the head still Jarl the Lion. And beside above the colum, on the mornng thermals swooped a great winged beast, Athanaric on his hipogriff.

They marched on, on to relive Karak Khaz, on for victory, on because they had no back to go to. But most importantly, On to money.

21-10-2005, 03:32
Eldem had dropped any form of stealth and was in a full out sprint for the dwarven hold's front gateway. His sword slicing a deadly nimble path through the goblins in head of him, several slashes had been ignorde and small streaks of blood could be seen on his arms. His heart plummeted as he saw the dwarven gates begin to close, either the dwarves where being stubborn and wouldn't let himsel and what appeard to be another elf, lying in a heap on the floor in, or couldn;t see them. His heart lept again as the doors reopened slightly and the dwarfs dragged in the other elf, it was that dammed elf that had cuased him the slip on the tree. Eldem made a mad sprint for the holds door, magic darts now flying from his his sword clearing the way in froint of him. The doors began to close and Eldem dropped all forms of self defense and just flat out sprinted for the doors. THe dwarfs obviosly couldn;t see him to many of the dam goblins in the way. The goblins where now flat on his heals, he came to a wall of goblins trying to pack into the door and hurtled over them rolling towards the door, running right into a hard wall, the doors where close, he banged against them several times and yelled out a cry for help in dwarfen nothing happned. Eldem now had his back flat against the door his bright eyes looking wildly around, his defense were up sword in front hand wreathed in magc flame at his side. The goblins started to pile in. Eldem danced aroun d them slashing some down, blasting others with golden fire. AS he rolled back dodging several viscous slashes from his endless enemy, he noticed a small out cropping above him. He had to get to that, he tried jumping but just couldn;t send himself high enough, two goblins dived into his legs bringing the slender elf to the floor. THe goblins erupted in golden fire, Eldem was running out of eneergy and fast. As another group of goblins dived for him, he jump above them planting both feet into each of the the little green bastards face's and launched himself up, using what was left of his maic to fling himself high. One hand grabbed the ledge and flung himself over the outcropping. He herd the hail of arrows hit the spot he had been, he was stuck plain and simple. Surrounded by a horde of goblins, out of magic and energy. Yep this was seeming hopless. Eldem yelled at hiself he would not die this way. He twisted over and showered the gobins with some some more golden darts. HE had to get word to the dwarfs. the elf wizard was in their maby he could sense him, he dropped all forms of shielding magic and hoped. He fell flat as yet another hail of arrows came at him. Their had to be some way. Eldem pulled a bow from his back and decided to settle in pulling useing a spell he had woven into a quivel shaped pendant on his chest he summoned up arrows at his side, he nocked the bow rolled over onto his knees and fired down upon a goblin trying to organize the rest to to get at him. He didn't even stay up long enough to look if the arrow had hit its target. Possibly 1 down several thousand to go. THe shouts of Waaaaaaagh could be heard fillin the air.

The Pale Lady
21-10-2005, 15:50
Norin Oakenshaft peered out of a window, high in the wall, and fired off a crossbow bolt. The quarrel was accompanied by a score more, as some of the guard followed his lead. Screams of death and pain came shreeching back, signalling that some at least had died.
Movement made the Oakenshaft Elder look down and to his astonishment, he saw an elf dangling from one of the crenellations. His eyes blazed as he subconsciously recounted all the tales of treachery and betrayal drilled into him since he'd been but a beardling. Memories of battles fought against the blackhearted elves and their flambuoyant magic flashed before his eyes. His father's tomb, deep within this very hold, was a testimony to the hatred shared between both races and the desire for vengeance burst into the flame within the old dwarf's heart.
Chuckling heartily, Norin signalled for two of his clansmen to help him in his task. Between them, they began to unwinch the system that would release molten brass over the unfortunate elf and the raging grobi that swarmed beneath.
"The only thing worse than greenskin is a treacherous elgi, Lord Brokk might have his reasons, but I dont look so kindly on the elf folk!" As he spoke, the sound of running liquid could be heard as the molten metal rushed through the wall, ready to descend on the elf in a shower of boiling death.


The two dwarf guards stood unmoving in their shining gromril armour. Intricate and ancient runes adorned the fine breastplates and their axes, though inscribed with only a few runes, seemed to glow with a light of their own. The room was lit by several burning braziers that flickered and danced, creating shadows that seemed to flow like water across the stone walls. Across the room, in a cell to which there was only one entrance, sat the elf.
The door to the cell was a series of gromril poles, descending like teeth to trap the prisoner within. Only a series of winches could raise them.
For centuries, the captives of the dwarfs had been held within the cells of this chamber. Yet for too long had they of late been empty. Brokk was not one to take prisoners and the cell occupied by the elf had been empty for many a decade before now.
One of the guards coughed, then shifted position slightly. Then he resumed his origional stance, becoming little more than a breathing statue once more. As the elf slowly came too, all was silent.

22-10-2005, 00:57
Athanaric swooped down to where Jarl was leading the army.
"Will you ride Hipparchus with me a while Jarl? There's something I must talk to you about."
Jarl looked at Athanaric quizically.
"It's about what the wizard said to me after you left, and I don't think you want it spread around camp." Athanaric glanced at the sergeant standing to Jarls side as he said it. The man's hand instinctively reached for his sword hilt but, looking at Hipparchus, he restrained himself.
Jarl consented and hoisted himself up onto the ample form of the hippogryph, which rose high above the army.
"Jarl," said Athanaric,"the dead walk among us..."

22-10-2005, 04:27
Eldacar blinked as the blackness cleared. It was like swimming, in a way. Looking around, he took an inventory of where he now hung in chains. Well, at least he was inside. Better than being out there. Idly, his eyes tracked over the chains. Runes had been inscribed on them, designed to restrain his magic. The same runes had been graven on the door of his cell. The Dwarfs did take precautions. Gingerly, he reached for the winds, and wasn't surprised when he met a faint flow. Here, it seemed that the Dwarfs had been able to restrict the flow of the Winds of Magic to a bare trickle. It would have sufficed for Eldacar to break free if he had been at full strength, but those runes restrained him too much as he was. He frowned. Something about those runes... he bent closer to look at one, and gasped as once more, the memories flooded through him.

Runelord Varn bowed to him. Smiling, he bowed back. The two races would work together this day, to create a rune strong enough to break the power of magic where it was inscribed.
"Are we ready?" the Dwarf inquired in his gravelly voice.
"Yes. Let it begin."
Chanting, the mage brought his hands up before him, summoning a small globe of magical force. The Anvil of Doom before him pulsed with arcane energies as the strength was gathered to it. Varn raised his blazing hammer, and began to pound on the Anvil with rythmic force, yet each blow brought more crackling power to the metal. As the rune began to take shape, it slowly drew power towards it, as it fuelled the first moments of creation. The hammer came down again, striking sparks. The mage flicked his fingers, and the globe of energy sped from his hands. It impacted the forming rune, and blinding currents of power exploded from it, magical power whirling around it. The hammer struck again. Calling on the Winds once more, he directed another beam of energy into it, at a direct opposite facet of the original. The hammer struck again. Currents of energy flowed around him, through him, down the conduit he had fashioned and into the forming rune. So they hung, for hours on end, energy glowing around them, Runesmith apprentices standing silent at the walls, watching the masters at work. The hammer struck again, and there was one final burst of power, before the light around them faded. His hands dropped in exhaustion, and Varn let out a shuddering sigh. On the anvil was a rune. One could feel the strength about it. It was designed to break the power of magic when invoked, and that, it would most certainly do. Varn met his eyes.
"We are done, Eldacar," he said.

Eyes snapping open, Eldacar realised something. He knew the rune. He had helped make it. But how? He was only young. Nobody was old enough to remember the War of the Beard. What was happening to him? Memories from others, eons dead? Why? But he grimly put the thoughts out of his mind. He had helped make it, he repeated to himself. And he knew how to circumvent it. Idly, he wondered whether or not he should. The memories gave him the strength that he knew could break him free. But then he considered his options. He could break free, yes. But what gain would he make? He was in a cell in the dungeons of a Dwarf Hold. Regardless of his strength, he wasn't anywhere near strong enough to hope to take on everybody and defeat them. And there was still the goblin horde out there. No, he decided, he would wait. Slumping back against the wall, he closed his eyes. He had a while to go, it seemed, and he should prepare himself, in case they asked him to fight for them. Not that they would. Dwarfs were a stubborn race. Laughing softly, he remembered that the elves were no less so. And so he waited, patiently sending tendrils of thought down through the mountain. He had no need of protection spells, because the runes of the Dwarfs were more than enough to shield him from any outside influence. He held the required mental stability, of course, but his more powerful spells weren't needed. Not that he had the strength to cast them anyway.

Idly, he ran his "hands" along the veins of power that thrummed through the mountain. Great energy rested within some of these runes, he knew. But he had to go deeper. There was a network of tunnels that honeycombed this part of the world, and deep within them, he knew, was that alien presence that had sensed him. He could feel the stink of it here, currents of filth running along the Winds of Magic through which he floated his probe. He fixed onto one of those currents, following it back to the source. It was like an uphill battle, and so he soon retreated to the safety of his own mind, but in the darkness of the cell, he smiled softly. He didn't know what it was, but he knew in a general way where it was. For now, it would suffice.

The Pale Lady
22-10-2005, 13:00
Dain stood stock still, as he had done for hours now, since his shift had started. Beside him, one of his clansmen stood, equally still. They'd been assigned to guard the elf, while several levels up his kin were fighting and dying to hold the gate. If only he could be there, to slay and avenge his lost brothers and cousins...but Lord Brokk has asked that Norin sort out a prison guard and the clan elder had insisted he and Snorri guard the captive. As two of the most stalwart dwarfs in the clan, the duty had fallen to them and with typical dwarf behaviour, they would carry out this task.


Brokk sighed behind the runic door, taking a deep, slow breath. He was not relishing this meeting with the elf...theirs was an arrogant, superficial race who care nothing for the grievances of the other races. Yet...something had prevented him from leaving the thing to die out there, at the hands of grobi. nothing deserved that, even an...elf.
Shaking his head, Brokk realligned his thoughts. Who knows how powerful this fey is. with their enchantments to misdirect the mind and confuse the eyes, he would have to be at his utmost guard. Once more, he felt his left hand close instinctively around the Runestaff of Grungni. The ancient runic tool had been forged by him when he made his hammer, and the two shared many similarities. His right hand held the reassuring hilt of Grong Grund and, this close to its sister item, the weapon seemed to glow with a light stronger than usual.
Yet the staff was a protective item, expertly forged to drain and magic from the area. It was his most potent anti-magical artefact and one coveted by many a dwarf who'd seen it. One runesmith, on visiting the hold long ago, had broken down in tears when he lay eyes on the object.
For a brief moment, Brokk was reminded of his own grief. The untimely theft of his only son's life was a source of much bitterness between the grobi and he...many more revolting greenskins would die at his hands before such a debt could even begin to be repaid.
Loosening his shoulders and shaking off the melancholy, Brokk took another deep breath, then strode into the chamber. He would see what the elf had to say. If it put one foot wrong, it would have far more than pesky goblins to worry about.

22-10-2005, 16:40
Jarl wash feeling queezy, the strange motions of flight and the dizzying view of his army. At this distance he could see the great Entrance tunnel of Karak Khaz, surrounded by shifting masses of greenskins.

If he looked down he could see the might of Iselles own. The Caravans full of food and supplies no bigger than his foot to his eyes.

"The Dead do not rest easy since the troubles of the north. What stirs them forth?"

Antharic answerd coolly "A Vampire"

Jarl face slowly paled. Bandits, Goblins, Orks, even chaos warriors were mortal. The thought of fighting the unliving would be costly.

"Set me down, we shall be at Karak Khaz within the day. My men will not fight the dead. And non of Iselles tactics have a chapter on the unliving."
Jarl held out his hand to the knight, as they swooped into land
"We shall provide you with whatever you need, and if you come with us to Karak Khaz I am sure the dwarfs will welcome you."

22-10-2005, 23:19
Thanks for the out of the frying pan into the the fire lol

ELdem heard a roar above him and looked up. A golden river of mmotlen brass of golden brass was descending towards him. Eldem briefly turned around him makeing a rude dwarfen hand gesture. THen took a running jump over the ledge, leaping out as far a she could. His dark grey cloack flickering behind him, his arms began pumpi ng spraying the goblins benath him with daggers and shurken. ELdem hit the ground in a roll coming up in a run. THe goblins around him where to distracted by the river of molten death cascadei ng down behund him. ELdem noticed a cliff in front of him, and headed for hit. THe goblins around him where now reacting to the elf running through their ranks. ELdem touched a charm on his neck and his hand filled again with shuriken, his arms splayed wide, spraying the goblins in front of him. His way was now clear 50 yard dash towards the cliff. ELdem unhooked a grappling hook from his side a tossed it behind a rocky outcropping behind him latching both hands tightly onto the rope as he went over. Eldem felt a thud in his shoulder and a sharp pain explode through his torso. The force of the thrown spear spun him and slamming his front into the rock wall. THe rumbling and screems where getting closer. eldem came off the bouncng against the cliff wall noticing a cave to his right. Planting both feet against the wall he began to run horizantally across the cliff face.he went flying in as the molten metal burned through the rope and crashed into the cave, the cascade of motel metal falling behind him. He was going to kill those dwarfs, if he got out of this. ELdem calmed himself and re accesed his goals. Get into the dwarven compund hurt whoever released that maelten, the dam stubborn dwarfs and their prejudice. Eldem cast a beacon spell any wizard should be able to fid him, hopefully a good aligned one. He looked down the cave, it was more a tunle, but Eldem did not have the energy to progress any further. HE wraped his wounds, drew his cloak aroun d him and fell asleep

23-10-2005, 04:03
Eldacar opened his eyes, watching the approaching Runelord. He smiled softly at the sight of the staff the Dwarf bore. His witchsight could see the powerful anti-magic it contained within it. Oddly, he wasn't afraid. Strange. Normally, confronted by such a powerful magical artifact and such a mighty Runelord, as this Dwarf clearly was, he would be, but something had changed within him recently. He still wasn't sure if it was a good thing or a bad thing.

"I greet you, Runelord," he said in the Dwarf tongue. "I would bow, but I am, as you can see, somewhat restrained here. Not that I blame you," he added, "Because were I in your position, I would have done the same. You have no reason to trust the elven race, and nor does my race have much reason to trust yours. You can rest assured that I mean no harm to you, however. Nor will I attempt to escape. However, I do assume, probably correctly, that you have some questions for me. Ask away."

The Pale Lady
23-10-2005, 10:57
As the doors swung open and Brokk strode into the room, Dain and Snorri stood to attention. Not that they had been slacking before, but the pride with which these two guards bore themselves would put the Rieksguard themselves to shame.
Brokk walked defiantly up to the bars of the cell and peered unimpressed down upon the elf. His judgemental eyes were not pleased. The elf was much like one would expect his race to appear, tall, haughty, skinny. None of which were qualities highly sought after by the dwarfen kind.
Looking up into his eyes, the elf spoke suddenly. Though he was clearly in pain, there was a strange confidence in his voice.
"I greet you, Runelord," said the elf, in average dwarf tongue. "I would bow, but I am, as you can see, somewhat restrained here. Not that I blame you," he added, "Because were I in your position, I would have done the same. You have no reason to trust the elven race, and nor does my race have much reason to trust yours. You can rest assured that I mean no harm to you, however. Nor will I attempt to escape. However, I do assume, probably correctly, that you have some questions for me. Ask away."
Brokk considered the words of the treacherous elf before replying. His gruff, typically dwarfen voice was a stark contrast to that of the elf's.
"What are ye doing in the lands of my kin, and what brings ye to my realm, 'elf'". The earlier and unexplainable need to help the elf had vanished like mist in the morning sun and Brokk felt nothing but smouldering hatred towards the fey. He tried to restrain himself, but knew the ancestral bitterness was evident in his eyes. Clenching his jaw tightly, he locked gazes with the elf and awaited some form of response.


The Presence viewed the slides of time, delving deep into the drives behind recent events. One moment it was in a grande hall, dark and sombre. A voice, that of a dwarfen maiden, rang clear and morose throughout the shadowy hall, simple in it's sound yet powerful and true of purpose. It was a song rife with emotion, more of a prayer yet filled with a passion such religious duties lack. Assembled in the chamber, absorbed in the sound and their own grim memories, were a great throng of dwarfs. The bearded folk stood silent, heads bowed, lost in their thoughts. At the fore of the assembly stood the Runelord. He wept openly, not racked with grief yet embracing it in his own way. Tears ran freely down his haggard face, along hollow cheeks, to splash delicately on the floor.
The dwarfs were strong yes, but they were only mortal. They had weaknesses and fears...this proved it. Everything was coming together...The Presence shut it's hawk-like eyes and contemplated matters far beyond human comprehension...The tunnel was nearly complete...a few more hours...the ritual was also near, and would coincide neatly with the completion of the tunnel...the grobi were doing a satisfactory job of tying up the forces of the dwarfs, the battle even now occuring withing the great mountain hall claiming many lifes on both sides.
Outside the mountain, men approached. They were many and disciplined, but wolf riders were headed their way, back up by ranks of orcs and overhead, a wyvern swept on the mountain winds. Atop it's scaly flank sat an immense orc, great of tooth and green of skin. Bloodthirtsy as his mount. All this was pre-arranged, pre-ordained...and more. The Presence knew the fate of the wyvern and its forces already, yet knew also that they were pivotal to the clockwork of his plans...

23-10-2005, 12:03
"An interesting question," Eldacar mused, his eyes settling on the Runelord with unsettling intensity. There was power in those eyes. Newly-awakened, not fully formed, but power nonetheless. "Well, I suppose I should get the basic instructions out of the way. My name is Eldacar. I am an Archmage of the White Tower. An Asur," he said, grinning softly, "One of those who the Dwarfs have no reason to bear friendship towards. And," he added, "Something more than that, though as yet, I haven't been able to discern what. But that is for me to discover, so I will leave that subject as it is. As for why I am here," his voice grew puzzled. "I cannot rightly say. I could say that I am in this cell because you had me put here." His lips twitched in a slight smile. "But of course, you wish to know more than that. You want to know why I am in these lands, and not back in Ulthuan engaging in all sorts of hedonistic depravities that others often speak of when discussing elvenkind. A most interesting question."

Eldacar fell silent for a moment, eyes beginning to shine with inner strength as he tested the strength of the Winds, and the power of the runes of the staff. Impressive, to say the least. Few were the items he knew of that would be able to match it, but then, the Dwarfs had always been known for their powerful anti-magic. He remained silent a moment longer, allowing the magic within him to disperse itself. Without a doubt, he could break free if he chose. Not that it would do him much good, given his current location, but he could if it became necessary. He answered the question.

"In your lands, the Orc and Goblin tribes have arisen. Hordes throw themselves at the walls of this stronghold. In the skies above, fast approaching, there is a powerful Orc on a flying beast. A Wyvern, such a beast called, the lesser cousin to Dragons. The armies of humans march through the mountains, and the Undead once more walk the high places. Through all of this, there is a," he paused, searching for the right word in the Dwarf tongue. "Pattern? Yes, that would be the word." His eyes grew deadly serious. "A malign intelligence guides them. I felt it earlier, when a magical probe touched my mind. I know not what it is, but I do know the general area where it hides itself. But then, I suppose I haven't answered your question yet, have I?" He didn't wait for the Runelord. "No, I haven't. Why did I come here in the first place?" Eldacar shrugged, or at least, tried to as well as he could with the chains restraining him. "I can't say. It was more of a gut feeling that drew me here beyond anything else, a feeling that something was wrong. Why did I not bring an army, you are about to ask? What purpose would it have served, save to mark me out? I could call on one, but I prefer not to. Armies have a way of slowing one down." He fell silent. "I think I have explained myself as best I can for now. Make of it what you will. Although," he added, "I am hungry. And I commend you on the strength of these runes restaining me. I see that your race has lost none of their skill in forging this particular rune since I and Runelord Varn created it in the first place."

23-10-2005, 12:49
Hipparchus let out a screech that jolted Athanaric out of his contemplative state. He had let his mind wander as he ranged ahead of the mercenary force. The beast had seen something. Scanning the ground before him Athanaric made out the lupine shapes of goblin wolf riders, ready to ambush Jarl's men. He knew that from ground level his friend would be oblivious to the threat.
Restraining the urge to charge them himself he wheeled Hipparchus around, spurring him on in his descent back to where the disciplined lines of men were marching ever deeper into the greenskin trap. As he turned though, an almighty roar filled his ears. An Orc Warboss, mounted on a massive serpentine monstrosity rose to meet him.
Athanaric's grip tightened on his lance and shield, as fiery zeal seized him. He readied his lance, and prepared to meet this challenger. He would strike it down. His mind clouded over and then... he stopped.
A shaft of clarity entered his mind. If he stayed and fought this abomination, Jarl's men would surely fall into the greenskin trap. Even if he triumphed he would arrive too late to help them. Faced with any foe less mighty he would have surely known this. It was as if the creature had been dispatched specifically to distract him, to keep him out of the way, bound by his own sense of honour while Jarl and his men were destroyed.
Athanaric chuckled. Whomever had planned this obviously hadn't read the vows of chivalric knighthood all that closely. Outside the Chaos Wastes, duty was more important than personal glory. And he had a sworn duty to aid his friend.
The knight stared straight at the orc. "Race you". And like a thunderbolt Hipparchus dived.

The Pale Lady
23-10-2005, 13:43
Brokk's gaze burst alight like the furnaces he works so often at the mention of his venerable ancestor's name.
"How dare ye sully the name of Varn in my presence! How dare ye utter it, twist it with yer treacherous tongue, in my very hold! You tell a lie, deceitful elf, for Runelord Varn lived a twice thousand years past, and longer still. It is impossible that you were even alive then...and t' suggest you aided him in forging runes? Runes! Yer do him a great discredit to even suggest he would lower himself to work alongside an elf, but to claim you helped one of the greatesr runesmiths of the time..." Brokk's brows burried together in undisguised fury.
Still locking his unyeilding gaze with Eldacar, Brokk addressed the guards. His voice was like stone.
"Dain, Snorri, elgi unbakari. Ek anuzkul a irkul. Nai khazukan anhunkak elgi. Af thagi un thag ut." Brokk took a deep breath, before continuing.
"Dok bar, un bar. Elgi rhunen un gird grobkaz. Nu-"
An explosion shook the chamber, showering the occupants with shards of rocky shrapnel and dislodging several large slabs of rock from the ceiling. Before the smoke and dust had a chance to clear, screaming grobi erupted from the new entrance, clothed in black robes and spitting crazily. Some held spears, others knives and daggers. Some had massive chains and heavy iron balls and swung like deluded madmen, muttering and screeching curses. In a matter of seconds they were pouring into the room. Without so much as a second glance toward the elf or the state of the cell, Brokk, Dain and Snorri braced themselves for the coming impact.


Norin Oakenshaft peered curiosly over the horde of greenskins...something was amiss. From his vantage point behind the wall, he could see figures in the darkness of the cave, hidden amonsts the broiling masses of green...figures that were not goblinoid. Then he heard chanting, monotonous and chilling and his face drained of blood.
Lights flickered hauntingly, sparks scattered here and there and the very air at the centre of the hold seemed to melt and distort. Norin had seen what was about to happen only rarely before, but once you'd seen something like this, you didnt forget it.
Far below, in the very belly of the mountain, The Presence laughed.
The lights intensified, all colours of the rainbow, flickering and darting. Screams and unholy howls drifted from the space, as ghostly beings began to gain form. Blood ran over the floor, though from seemingly nowhere. A thick, cloying scent filled the air, making the surrounding grobi dizzy and confused. Gibbering laughter and rumbling green forms began to emerge into the chamber.
From just off behind him, Norin heard a voice shout over the cacophony of sound and madness.
"Chaos! See, I told yer all, Chaos!"


Scartooth grinned evily, his lupine mount getting lazily to its feet as he watched overhead the elongated snake-like form of the wyvern close in on the flying horse creature. Even him greenskin magic couldnt combat the strength or speed of that creature...the humie was in trouble.
Spitting messily onto his hands, the goblin rummaged around in his napsack. Finding some muchrooms, he took a breath them scoffed the lot. Almost instantly, his eyes lit up with luminous witch-fire and he cackled insanely. The men would die. All he had to do now was order the advance.

23-10-2005, 17:33
Athanaric realised he was running out of time. If he continued plummeting he would end up as stain on the valley floor. Slow down and the monstrosity behind him would crash into him and they would most likely both fall together to their doom. Just then he saw it, an emerald flame erupting in the centre of the greenskin horde. A chance, nothing more, but his only one. He nudged Hipparchus ever so gently on a course directly for that fey light. The Wyvern was gaining now but he could make it. He had to make it. Screaming their defiance man and beast hurtled, lance outstretched, towards the goblin shaman. Either way, he thought, Jarl would see this.

23-10-2005, 18:52
Eldem eyes slicked wide open, at the large notice of power. It was deffinatly waaagh one of the little green bastards had been eating their mushrooms. Eldem grabed the dusty mirror from a ouch at his side, looked at it and close dhis eyes, he was suddenly looking back at himself, and least the astro projection was working something wen right for today at least. He shot up through the stones to look around, He found what he was looking for a slightly larger goblin with wjite power shining in his eyes. What he saw around the goblin startked him, a human on one of their flying mounts was in combat with an orc warlord on a Wyvern. He went in to go get a better look, next thing he new Eldem was flat on his back gaspi g for air. Somethi ng had not only detected him but at repelled him. Couldn't have been the shaman, their magic was not refined enough, and he was too far away for the dwarfs wounds to have that kind of effect. THeir was something else here. ELdem looked down at the beacon he had laid next to him, he decided to leave it for now. HE drew a dagger and an apple from a pouch at his side, biting into the apple he walked down the passage it soon became to dark to see, flicking his hand the dagger illuminated like a torch and he continued. As he finished the apple and throwing it to the side he stopped dead. HE heard ti ki g around the turn, ELdem peered over only to see goblins tunneling threw a goblin shaman was yelli g at them to urry while a well armored orc was watching over them a whipe in one hand an ax in the other. Eldem tried again to send a silent message to that elf mage. THe orc looked behind him, eldem fell to the floor coverin his dagger with his own body. THe different enchantments he wore had healed up his wounds while he slept and his magic was slowly coming back. But he doubted he could kill all hundred plus goblins plus a shaman plus the very unpleasnat orc. HE went running down the passage and increased the power of the beacon, he then ran back. The goblin was begining to notice the beacon his head craning to the side. Eldem had to put him down. Bursting fromhis hideing place he went running right for the shaman, the orc notice dhim first and sent a viscouse head chop at his head, eldem slid beneath the swing ran into the orcs legs loosi ng all the air from his lungs and scrambled around him as the ax came down at his back. He went runing for the shaman at let out abrust of magic sending the goblin tumbling to the floor as the goblins defensive magic met the attack. The orcs whip latched around one of his leggs cuaseing Eldem to trip cracking his chin against the floor. The orc began to pull eldem back towards him. sending a burst of magic at the orcs hand cuasing him to release the whip, eldem was back up sword drawn lunging into the shaman. He felt his sword pull the magic away from from th goblin, then bite deep into its vile little heart. The orc sent a hand ax spinning threw the air, instinctivly deflecting it his arm was almst torn fron his socked from the force of the blow. The goblins where begging to react now abandoning their work chargeing at hiom from the ack trying to encircle hom. Eldem dodge another axe swing and was up and running. The orc in quk persuit. Sheathing his sword and pumping his wrist he sent a dagger spinning at the orcs foot, cuaseig the orc to walk on the dagger loose his balance and crash to the floor, eldem Disappeared into the blackness sending another silent plea to that dammed elf, he coould not do this alone he nedded those dwarfs help.

24-10-2005, 07:22
A curse in Tar-Eltharin rippled from Eldacar's lips as he raised his hands to shield himself from the dust and rubble. He would have preferred this to happen another way, but he had no choice. Reaching out to the rune with knowledge long since lost, he snapped it, dispersing the power without any effort on his part. Summoning the strength that began flowing to him, he broke the other three in quick succession. Thank Asuryan that he had recognised the rune, though. Otherwise, he would most likely have remained trapped. One of the Goblins looked down at him, a rusty cleaver in its hand. It grinned evilly, and leaped. Mistake. The eyes of the Archmage blazed molten gold, and the falling goblin was incinerated. He took a brief glance around, then erected a barrier around himself. Normally, it would have been easy, but down here, where the winds flowed sluggishly, it was more difficult. His tiredness didn't help. And he was still hungry.

Clambering out of the cell, he allowed attacks to bounce off the prismatic barrier as he made his way to the Runelord.
"Forgive me for being so bold," he said, "But I feel this might be necessary. Shield your eyes."

Reaching out with his will, he summoned the Solar Wind, feeling the power flood through him. As his eyes began to give off a terrible glow, his arms crossed above his head. A globe of shining power hovered above him, and the incantation rolled from the Archmage's lips. The globe pulsed once, then erupted in shining white light. Eyes squeezed shut, it was still sharp, almost as if a new sun had been birthed around him as the dazzling brightness sped forth, sending goblins reeling, howling in pain as they were blinded. Some avoided blindness and continued on, but a large number of the attacking group was still affected by the spell.

"Now," he called to the Runelord, dropping his hands as his strength once more deserted him. "They are weakened. You could call for help, too." He wished he had his sword with him, but for now, this would have to do. Calling his strength to him, he began to once more glow with that golden light as he waited for the signal from the Dwarfs. Feeling the magic race along his veins, strengthening him, was bliss.

The Pale Lady
24-10-2005, 10:35
The Runestaff of Grungni lit up as the runic script that adorned it worked overtime to drain away the magic straying too close. Still, the elf wizard successfully cast his spell and a radiant orb bust into existance, dazzling the grobi within the chamber. They stumbled around, wailing and screaming in their own foul tongue.
Brokk gave the elf a disparaging look. Trust an elgi to resort to magic at the first sign of trouble.
A night goblin dashed forward eagerly, vicously curved scimiter in hand. Hissing at Brokk it leapt towards him, intent on slashing him across his helmeted face. One swing of Grong Grund smashed the pathetic grobi aside. Bones crunched.
"Khazukan khazit-ha!" roared the Runelord in his own tongue as he stepped forward to meet a swarm of fresh grobi who'd come from within the shadowy recesses of the new tunnel.
His glittering rune hammer sparked as he swung it in his right hand, parrying weak thrusts and bring down his own sweet retribution in return. In his other hand, The Runestaff of Grungni was making for an effective weapon in its own right, breaking open skulls and cracking bones with almost as much speed as Grong Grund. Within minutes a pile of dead lay at Brokk's feet.
Pausing for a moment, the ancient Runelord looked around. Why were none of his kin coming from within the hold to investigate? The explosion had bene loud enough...unless something else was happening at the gates. Shaking all thoughts of angst from his mind, he returned to slaying the grobi.
Dain stood before the exit to the dungeons, standing steadfast in the path of the grobi seeking to escape into the hold. One thrust forward with a spear, spittle dribbling down its warty face. Dain drew his axe before him, knocking the spear aside and bringing his own weapon down on the creature's face. It screamed as it died.
Snorri stepped forward, taking on three grobi at once. His face was set in a grimace of determination. He parried a frenzied sword thrust as his left fist lashed out and smashed the second goblin in the nose. Green blood splattered his beard. The third slipped past his guard, its dagger flashing towards his back. Sparks flew as gromril armour deflected the blow.
Another flare of light signified the elf was casting again, but Brokk took no heed. He'd leave the exhausted elgi to the hands of the grobi. After the insults it had just made...it deserved death. If the grobi didn't finish it off, he'd see to it himself.
A roar reverberated down the passage and into the chamber and for a moment, all the occupants froze. Then a hulking figure burst into the chamber, muscles flexing. The ogre was immense, dwarfing the other figures in the hall. From behind it came staggering a second. With a bellow of anger, they set upon all in their sight.
The first thundered into Snorri and the surrounding grobi, who with a squeeltried to scatter. The hulking beast swung its mace, knocking the figures flying. Snorri hit a nearby pillar with a crash and slumped to the floor. He did not rise.
The second ogre advanced on the elf, but Brokk rushed forth to intercept it, intent on slaying the beast. Vengeance glittered in his eyes as he swung his hammer at the creature, breaking bones. It stumbled before fixing its beady stare on the diminutive dwarf and bringing down its axe in a large, deadly stroke. Leaping back to avoid the blow, Brokk fell to the ground.

24-10-2005, 12:01
Eldacar raised his hands, calling to him what he knew of the Dwarf rune magic. Varn had taught him - or somebody whose memories he possessed - a long time ago, and he might well need that skill now. Reaching around him, he could tell that there wasn't enough energy available within the Winds, so he reverted to type and called forth the strength from the runes that had formerly restrained him. Coaxing the magic from within, he drew it into himself, prepared to unleash the trapped power.

He dropped to his knees. That rune was certainly powerful, he thought to himself as the Ogre began to draw ever closer. That day had been a fine day. The Ogre bent over the Runelord. A descendant of Varn. Eldacar shook his head. This, he would not allow. Standing, he gathered his strength, and it materialised around him in a nimbus of power. Eyes turned golden by the force of the magic within glowed with deadly force. The Ogre looked up.
"Leave him alone," Eldacar said coldly, raising his hands, palms up. In contrast to the almost soft yellow light suffusing the rest of his body, the energy around his hands was a fierce, searing white. More. He needed more. The Ogre grinned.

Eldacar closed his eyes and began to chant. The force of the magic began to build up around his hands as he summoned his power. Not enough. Not nearly enough. It took a step, eyes alight. No doubt it wanted him for the next meal. He drew more power from the runes around him, silently thanking Varn for teaching whoever it was who first learned of Rune Magic. Weaving the elemental forces, he bound them within the structure of True Magic. Sweat rolled down his face. There. Enough. He snarled, an animal grimance. The Ogre stopped, as if it had sensed something amiss.

"Tell your master," said the Archmage, "That Eldacar Lathaniel sends his regards." The white light exploded, sending a wrist-thick beam of energy straight through the head of the beast, and drilling deep into the wall behind it as well, before the beam slowed and lost momentum. But it was more than enough. The Ogre collapsed, the hole in its head already cauterized. Turning, Eldacar confronted the second Ogre. He needed more power. But where? The thought came to him. Raising his hand, he once more drew on the runes around him with the Dwarf magic, and melding the Winds into the spell, his sword came to his hand. Lifting the blue-glowing sword, he confronted the beast.

"Leave," he said to it, placing himself in front of the Runelord. It was a foolish gesture, he knew. He was no warrior. But he wouldn't stand by helplessly just because he lacked his magic. By Asuryan, he hoped that the Dwarfs regained their feet soon, otherwise, he doubted that any of them would survive.

The Pale Lady
24-10-2005, 14:38
Brokk struggled to his feet, snarling in rage. All around him, grobi swarmed into the chamber. In front of him, an ogre stood growling, about to lay waste to the elfling. Over to the side, Snorri lay in a crumpled heap on the floor, blood clotting his beard. He had had enough. Smashing the ribs of an approaching grobi with his hammer, the Runelord set to deciding a course of action. Snorri could not be left here, he deserved a proper burial. He needed to be retrieved. The door needed to be sealed before the greenskins made it inside the hold...Dain could only hold them for so long. But first, there was an ogre to slay.
Rushing forward, Brokk ducked underneath a swing aimed at the taller elf by the muscular monster. The elf pranced back, out of the ogre's reach, as Brokk swung forward and dealt the creature a blow to the thigh. Grong Grund shone with runic magic as it smote the beast, who roared in pain and reached down to grab the Runelord.
Brokk brought the Runestaff of Grungni in an arc before him, and it flashed with power on contact with the ogre's outstretched hand. It bellowed and
stepped back, when Eldacar leapt forward once more. Its elven blade flashed forward, cutting lacerations across the ogre's skin. Brokk closed in on the ogre once more, wielding Grong Grund with a flaming passion, hammer a blur as he swung it in conjunction with the Runestaff. Battered and bruised, the ogre stumbled back further.

24-10-2005, 16:27
"quickly Arthurz, get everyone in ranks! We move on the goblins now"
the robbed priest screeched amongst a bout of coughing

"Of course sir, as you say, EVERYONE INTO RANKS AND MOVE OUT!"
roared Arthurz at the column.
As the troops and slavers marched past a gap opened up to let through a unit of imortals, that the robbed priest had somehow managed to procure as his personal gaurd from the high priests of the temple. Their armour gleaming from the highly reflective laquered obsidian and marble he nodded to the day sargent, if all went well the robbed priest and the jumped up ceremonial fools would be left in the thick of not just the upcoming battle but a substantial artillary barrage too.
Arthurz's only worry was that the artillary crew could control their deamon engines enough to not blow chunks out of the undead lords horde, the last thing he wanted was that amoured vampire turning on him. Not that he was a coward, just that he could ill aford to be fighting a battle on 3 fronts.
The iron skin maneater and his pet gnoblar strode past, he spat the oger he would dispatch himself if the opertunity arose.
shaking his head Arthurz fell in and made his way up the column to take his place, if he watched the line of troops too long he might find himself stuck infront of the hobgoblin slavers or worse the artiarly train neither of which he felt he could stomach today.

25-10-2005, 00:12
Eldem peered through the new tunnle entrance that the goblins had created, it appeared to open up into a cell three dwarfs and an elf where standing in their. Stepping a little farther out from his hideing place Eldem got a better look at the elf, it was the dammed wizard again, well at least he new why he had not been answering the mental pleas, their was know way his weak telepathy magic could penatrate ancient dwarf runes. Goblins and what appeared to be an orger began to poor froth froma side tunnle. The dwarfs and Elf made short work of the, The wizards magic wasn't going to hold out for long, and in truth Eldem was impressed the wizard could even access the winds down here, Eldem coldn't even feel them. Well it looks like it was time for some revenge against the little greenies. quietly drawing his silver and black sword and touching the cham on his neck fillng his hands with shuriken Eldem silently detachet himself from the wall. The goblins where too distracted by the wizard to really pay much attention. SLowly pulling up behind the first goblin, Eldem quitly and quikly pulled his sword across the first goblins throat, the gurgles where not loud enough to be hered over the batt.e He then proceeded to the next goblin and the next one. He had to try and get to the others before the orc warboss and his lackeys finally duobled back to find him. A loud squek finally notified the rest of the goblins to his presence. His hand seemingly exploded as his hand full of shuriken flew felling the two goblins nearest to him. He yelled as loud as he could in both elfish and dwarfish to hopefully notify the others to his presence. Ducking a jab from a spear and parrying a jab from a rusted sword, he issues two slashes back time fellng goblin. He didn't have time to stand still gong into a quikly puting the mask around the lower part of his face, he stood back, but nothing happend, the winds were just not strong enough down here. And for his overconfidence he took a spear but to the stomch. Evenbthogh their wasn't a lot of strength behind the blow all the wind was still nocked out from his lungs. Quikly dropping to his knees and rolling forward he managed to dodge several more attacks. He now hasn't that far from the cell, he had to get their. Eldem heared a loud roar from behind him, and took a quik glance behind to notice the monstouse orc warboss behind him. Jumping over the last few goblins and looseing his footing in the process he ungracfully rolled into the chamber, severl feet behind the wiard, a grinn spreading across his face showing a confidence he didn't feel. Standing up a dagger in one hand his sword in the other, hunched in battle crouch, "good day, fanceing meeting you all here" Eldem cheerily said, in both languages, standing up and sending several daggers into the orgers belly. Hopefully they wouldn't kill him on the spot, but it would be better than dieng at the hands of a foul orc. Eldem couldn't help but feel this was a bit to organized fro the savage species. The thought was quikly pushed back as he knocked aside a clumsy javilen throw and noticed the massive orc wadeing threw the crowd, his red eyes glazed in malic. This was great an orger and an orc warboss things couldn;t ge much worse. One of the dwarfs seemed to be dead and the other blockng the door. Eldem just sighed and kept the grin on his face what. This was going to get interesting.

25-10-2005, 07:50
The Archmage slid around, grimancing slightly as attacks bounced off the barrier, weakening his shield. Every attack was a strike against his mind, but as long as he held it, he should be safe enough. Now fully behind the hulking brute, he took careful aim. Everything seemed to slow for him, and then he lashed out. The blade flashed forwards, flames beginning to flicker along the hilt as he rammed it into the small of the Ogre's back, burying it up to the hilt. As the flame blazed from within, the Ogre staggered, wide open to a direct blow from the Runelord.

"Now!" he called in the Dwarf language. "You have a clear strike!" He darted away from the beast, trying to avoid the goblins as best he could with what he had been taught of the art of Minaith by the Bladelords of the White Tower. Still, if the last Ogre fell, the goblins would hopefully lose the will to fight.

25-10-2005, 08:15
LaFayte heard the signal from one of his scouts he had sent to watch the chaos dwarves, naturally one of the humans he had dragged with him as the skeletons weren't intelligent enough, an he could ill afford to lose any other men to angry mutant dwarves if they were found. "Alright, that's the signal we need, the big-hats are attacking, let's go kill us some living, shall we?" Not waiting for a reply, he urges his skeletal mount forward as the rest of his forces follow the charge admist stones thrown by skeletally crewed trebuchets. "We'll feast well tonight!!!" LaFayte yelled as the undead forces came down the hill hard and fast.

The Pale Lady
25-10-2005, 15:50
In response to the murdered khazalid the elf kept using, Brokk took full advantage of the small opening, leaping forwards and swingging Grong Grund with all his might. The powerful rune hammer smashed open the ogre's stomach and the beast looked down, dumbfounded, as its innards dripped out through jellied flesh. Like a felled tree it toppled back, unceremoniously.
Glancing round, Brokk caught sight of a second elf. Knuckles clenching tightly onto his weapon haft, he turned and strode back to where Snorri lay. The grobi were still coming thick and fast, but the death of the ogre was blocking the entrance a little. It was only a small respite, but one Brokk intented to make use of.
Hefting the dwarf over his shoulder, he stormed back to Dain. The old dwarf had just dispatched another foe as Brokk approached.
'Back! Back to the hold, now!' ordered the Runelord. His voice echoed regally around the chamber. Nodding, Dain turned and opened the heavy oaken doors that lead back into Karak Khaz. Brokk gave one last glance at the two elves...he hated them with a passion, their arrogance, their spell-loving, even their taste in alcohol was to be frowned upon. But he could not abandon them to the goblins, no matter how treacherous or backstabbing or insulting they were...and neither would he allow their kind in his home. He owed the disgraced Varn that much. There was only one option left.
"Go, Dain, fetch help. Raise the alarm. I must remain here, and keep an eye on these treacherous snakes"
"But m'Lord, you-" protested the guard.


Norin clasped Brogan on the shoulders, fixing his gaze with the chaos-hater's eyes. The Steelhelm clan elder returned his stare.
"Do not do anything foolish, Brogan. I know your bitterness towards the chaos forces runs deep, deeper than probably I can even understand, but this is nay just about you anymore. The hold is threatened and we need yer strength and skill, yer clan needs yer to defend them. Don't go doing anything rash"
Brogan looked sternly into the wells of wisdom that were the old dwarf's eyes, before breaking out into a grin.
"D'nay worry bout me!" A glint escaped into his eyes, hinting at something crazed. "I can take care o'myself, Grimnir be willin. Now go, guard the gates. I'll see ye on my return, Norin Oakenshaft"
Nodding respectfully, Norin watched as Brogan stormed off, his runic armour glinting. Axe held over his shoulder, the elder of the Steelhelms became lost from sight amongst his clansmen, the only thing visible his mighty winged helmet.

With a final explosion of multicoloured light, that cast squirming grobi far into the air, the demons materialised. The gibbering, howling monstrosities swept over any greenskins in theuir way as they advanced ceaselessly towards the dwarfen gates. Magic flickered and the thick scent of perfumed smells hung heavy within the tunnel. Overhead, stalagtights loosened and fell, crashing to the rocky tunnel ground.
With heavy hearts, the Oakenshafts watched as Brogan led some of his clansmen out of the hold, grim songs of mourning already on their lips. They marched impeccably towards the advancing demons, the grobi parting before both forces, not wanting to get caught between either combatant.
With a clash that made Norin blink, the dwarfs and demons met.

25-10-2005, 20:07
Athanaric saw the goblin shaman look up at him, even as he hurtled downwards. The surrounding greenskins scattered around the wizard but he, ensorcelled wih witchfire stood firm. Scant seconds later a nebulous cloud of green fog gathered over the battlefield, and an enormous ghostly green foot descended from above, it's shadow covering all three of the players; shaman, wyvern and knight, all perfectly aligned. Athanaric smiled, greenskins were so predictable. He closed his eyes and put his faith in the lady. His shield, emblazoned with the Grail, shone with golden light. It enhanced the blessing he had gained on that fateful night, casting an aura of brilliance around him and his mount. Raw WAAAAGH! magic surrounded him, only faith could save him now.

26-10-2005, 05:54
Eldem gave an ironic smirk, dwarf stubborness never seemed to amaze him. They would not even let two elfs into their fortess over a grudge none of them had been alive for. "Would have hogged to mainy greenies" Eldem said cheerily in dwafen, trying to mimik their gruff accent (after all the dwaf wasn't going to like hinm anyway so why bother with politness.) Things were not looking good, the corpse of the orgr would only hold so long, And they were surrounded by a a horde of goblins lead by an orc warboss, who didn't really seem to take a likeing to Eldem, and only the god new what else. His magic was hsut off except for a few trinkets, the Wizard had to be loosing energy fast, and the runelord was fairly beet up as it was. Quikly pulling forth a dagger magically from his bracer and filling his bag of shurikens up with the help of the tcharm a thos neck.

A loud Waaaaagh interrupted the elfs thoughts, well the goblins wher in , flinging his dagger he embeded it into the nearest goblins head. Quikly pulling forth four shuriken from the pouch at his his side. Quikly side stepping a crude jab from a rusted knife, he sent a quick over head backhanded chop back severing the goblind head. Flicking out the next goblins throught, he poored three shriken into agoblin creeping up behind the wizard (narrowly missing the wizard himself. The takeing a step backward as the power of the dwarfs swing sent a goblin flying through the air past him. Vualting himself over the head of the goblin Eldem avoided a running charge with a spear from another goblin, the spear stabbed striat through the stomach of Eldem's unlucky pommel horse, flicking his hand backward his fourth shuriken buried itself into all the way into the spear wielding boblins face. Comeing down on yet another goblin, a quick stab a twist silenced its screaming. Then tucking over and rolling avoiding, a an ax chop to his head he dragged his sword up behind him, slicing the goblin from groin to throat. As he tried to arise, his head bursted in slashing stars and ringing, as a wooden club was brought down upon his head. Goblins poored in on him, he struggled and twisted but could not ttear himself free. He ceased moving as he saw a pair of powerfully built green legs approach him. He looked up to see the prc coming towards him. He seemed to want some revenge for the shaman and whip Eldem had destoyed. Eldem quikly cursed both the orc and Gork tryi ng to enrage the orc and hopefully terrify the goblins into lettig him go. The ORc just grunted (its owb form of laughter) and its eyes shined with both humor and malice. And cotinued to walk forward. Eldem attempted to reach a grey wand at his hip but couldn't budge. " Goblinoid shaman coward" Eldem yelled at the orc in orcish. This stopped the orc dead in its tracks. If their is one thing orks couldn't stand was being compared to their lesser kin, especially a weakling wizard of their lesser kin. Eldem pushed it a little farther, calling gork the same thing. The orc smashed its ax into the face of one the goblins. The Goblins got the clue and scrambled off. The orc kicked Eldem into the air, all air burst from his lungs, and then pressed on. Eldem landed on his feet with grace and staggered back. Barly dodging an axe swing. The goblin cleared a small circle around the two. Eldem quikly shifted his gaze to the wizard and dwarf both seemed ti be holding their own dead pileing up at their feet. Eldem through his back backwards, dodging another powerful axe swing. HE had tp [ut this monstrosity down. Sidestepping another swing, still gasping for breath, Eldem tried to get some space to catch his breath. Didn't look like it was going to happen any time soon. Eldem just kept dodging and weaving tryi g to avoid a parry. Eldem was finally forced to parry a blow and his arm went numb, he had to avoid that. Well as long as the Orc was here he wasn't assisitng the goblins, but he had to be killed and quikly. ELdem wasn't sure hw loong th eother two could last.

The Pale Lady
26-10-2005, 12:53
OOC* Eldem, it is impossible for one not a dwarf to mimic their accent and language perfectly. It states it so in the rulebook, not to mention its common sense. The deep, overly loud resonant tones of the dwarfen voice cannot be mimiced by others, let alone an Elf. Then there is the fact that a large portion of the dwarf language is a closely guarded secret, kept only by thier own race. PLEASE stop powergaming. OOC*

Brokk dispatched the last goblin in his path and looked around. The two elves were doing the same, their own blades dripping with vile grobi blood. Knowing he had minutes at the best before more of the greenskins returned, Brokk strode over to the fey folk. He would settle this matter now, before his kin arrived to fortify the entrance.


Brogan stepped forward as the dwarf line clashed with the demons. A battle cry escaping his lips, the hate-filled warrior swung his axe with a deadly purpose. Its glittering edge shone with runic power as it clove bloodthirsty demons in two, their crumpled forms evaporating as the force that bound them to this realm was severed. Two enemies, four enemies, six enemies...his death toll rose swiftly.
To Brogan's right, a clansman roared and brought his shield round in a wide arc, just in time to deflect a sword stroke from a pestilent foe. The gurgling demon hacked insanely at the shield, pus and bile spraying from the monster with every movement.
"Fight! Fight my kin, till yerr last breath!" bellowed Brogan defiantly. His clan cheered his words, pressing the attack at the orders of their valiant elder.
In the maestrom of death and destruction, Brogan Steelhelm laughed. As ethereal blood splattered his face, his eyes glinted insanely. He was a powerful warrior, strong and unyielding. He was fearless in battle and had saved the dwarfs of Karak Khaz on many an occassion, heralded as a hero amongst the hold. Still he laughed.

27-10-2005, 04:35
Eldem was still unable to pull a couuntar attack of even grab for a dagger. The Orcs quik strong axe swings kept the nimble elf ducking and dodging. Eldem noticed all the goblins around him were gone, the orc in his bloodlust still had noticed, his umbers where gone. Eldem stumbled back on a loose piece of stone, the orc pulled his axe behind his head and brought it down with all his forth, as if tryig to split Eldem like a piece of wood. This was the opening Eldem had been waiting for, barly sidestepping the axe swing, but it was still a daodge, spinning around useing the speed of the spin to add to the power of his strike, eldem slashed his sord intoa greave at the orcs neck, the blade bit deep into into the orc severing the jugular. The ORc collapsed to the floor thrashing. Eldem waited for the last bit of lifeblood to pump its ways out of the foul creatures viens and then slid his slim blade form the foul creatures neck wiping, the blade on a a dead goblin. Eldem noticed the dwarf coming, he didn't seem to happy. Sheathing his sword and waving a hand in greeting Eldem appeard to put himself at ease, His left arm drew a rested on a dagger at his belt, it never hurt to be to careful. Quikly galncing at the wizard he appeard to be fine. The goblins seemed to have receeded for a moment.

27-10-2005, 07:25
"Les'anan," Eldacar said to Brokk, bowing. "You fight well, good Dwarf. Your ancestor would be proud." Wiping his blade clean of blood, he sheathed it. There was no need to fight right now. But seeing the look in the eyes of the Dwarf, he didn't drop the shield of magic, maintaining the flow of energy from the Dwarf runes within range. He trusted that the Runelord wouldn't kill him out of hand, but nor would he subject himself to needless pain of a fight. The first rule of battle is knowing when to draw blades, he reminded himself. And Brokk was no enemy. He hoped.

The Pale Lady
27-10-2005, 12:48
The elves stood at ease, the air of haughtiness that hangs around them like stench near tangible to the unimpressed dwarf. As Brokk approached, the more powerful of the two muttered something else about his ancestors. He wasnt doing himself any favours by repeatedly commenting on Brokk's anscestry. What does a treacherous elf know of such things?
As he stepped closer to the elves, his Runestaff began to shimmer once more. The runes lit up, powered by the magic in the air. Brokk gritted his teeth...why did the elf insist in draining the runes placed in this chamber of their bound magic?! Then the elf spoke.
"We must hurry, the-"
With a shout, Brokk bellowed the khazalid incantation that activated the Runestaff's full power. It flashed white power, blinding the occupants of the room for a brief second.
Eldacar felt his graps on the magic lost to him, as in an almighty surge it was channelled away by the dwarf's runic lore. Yes, he could draw it back from the runes if necessary, but it would take a couple of minutes.
Brokk sighed. At least for a moment he could concentrate, without having to worry about the elf pulling any murderous tricks.
"Ye impress yerself on our welcome, yer dirty the name of my good ancestor, yer slay my enemies and drain my halls of their runes. None of this have ye apologised for and still yer stand there, looking all polite with your pretty face and flwoing robes. In the name of Grungni, stop tryin to drain me runes of all their power. Yer in my realm, in my hospitality and yet ye insist on weakening my defences. It'll cost me a king's randsom alone to reforge the runes in this hall, and time besides that. I 'spose yer going to compesate me for the losses? And you..." Brokk turned his baleful gaze to the newcomer. He looked the elfling up and down nonchalantly.
"Don't even start"


"Dawi A Karak Khaz-ha, Nu Utandrengul Urk Un Grobi. Karak Anstromen A Grob Zan A Urk. Grund Un Az A Dawi Andrung Elgram Grob Un Doh Ogri, Ut Arm Grungnal Un Utankazakul A Barak Khaz A Rik, Brokk, Un Gromthi-ha". THe resonant voice of Brogan echoed inspirationally around the chamber, amid the creams and wails of the dying, heartening the dwarf's resolve and raising them to even greater acts of battle. The grobi cowered and slunk back, leaving the hardened folk to the depredations of the demons. Though many of the twisted monsters had been banished, more still were left to fight and slay and warp the very air around them. Their tentacles lashed and dwarfs stumbled, ethereal blades sunk in between armour and warriors of centuries of experience fell. They lapped up the blood of the still warm dead and mutated the dawi with their evil magicks. Still the dwarfs fought.

27-10-2005, 20:11
AS the coloumn marched into position ready for the assult, Arthurz edged slightly furthur back in the ranks untill he was admist the blunderbuss units.
"remeber lads we keep behind the main advance and only fire upon my command".
Leering to himself he began organising the units he could feel sure would obay his orders with out question then headed up to speak with the robbed priest.
"my lord, I was thinking would it not be best to reserve some of our men as a rear gaurd to secure our flanks against any unobseved greenskin numbers?"

Slowly and with the sound of falling rocks the priest turned.
"Yes, yes of course see to it Arthurz. I shall be personally leading the vangaurd into the fray, now order the lines to engage!"

A twinkle entered Arthurz's eyes as his leer shrank into a small smile. "Of course my lord, of course. YOU HEARD HIM FOWARD WE HAVE MANY SLAVES TO TAKE BEFORE THIS EXPEDITION IS DONE!"

With that the column formed lines and speed slowly yet methodically swept into the already raging battle, headed by the semingly impassive imortals bangning their axes against obsidian sheilds. Whilst above the mass of guns and metal the robbed priest winged high into the sky upon his lamassu as it roared in pure delight.

27-10-2005, 20:16
Athanaric felt something nuzzle his side, trying to bring him back from the darkness. His helmet had been wrenched off and his battered armour complained almost as much as his battered body when he tried to move. His eyes flickered open to see the great head of his beloved steed as it tried to rouse its master.

Around them lay the corpses of dozens of wolf riders, scavengers slain by the beast, aswell as the shattered remains of the Wyvern and shaman, crushed, like him, by the unconrtolled power of greenskin magic.

He tried and failed to lift himself up. He turned his head slowly and saw his lance, the burnished silver filigree that decorated it still shining. It, like the shield he still held in a death-like grip, were protected by sorceries millenia old. The chuckle turned to a racking cough in his throat. Pity the same couldn't be said for him. He had no fabled magics to call upon, no potions with which to undo fate and restore him.

He thought of his homeland, the fields and forests of Bretonnia. He thought of how he had trained Hipparchus, and how he had earned his wargear, claiming it as his right from the treasury of King Leoncouer after a vision from the Lady herself. That he had not been consumed by the holy fire of the Silver Lance had proven his worth. He smiled. The quests that would be embarked upon to regain these treasures would be many, and one day a Grail knight from far Breton would have an enemy blow thwarted with his shield, and rout a foe with his lance. His head swam with colour and he no longer knew whether his eyes were open or closed.

His vision filled with the image of a beautiful young lady holding a golden chalice. She seemed to be calling his name. "Stay with me Athanaric, stay with me..."

28-10-2005, 03:46
"In that case, then my apologies," Eldacar responded. "It was necessary to draw the magic from the runes to facilitate my casting. As I am sure you are aware, the Winds of Magic blow weakly here, so I was forced to find an alternate method to channeling power. Given my knowledge of your Runic magic, drawing it from the inscriptions was the safest method. Should you require assistance with reforging them, then I would be happy to assist, although I doubt that you will accept. The animosity between our two races is well-known, after all." Eldacar paused, gathering his thoughts. "And I sense that you dislike my mentioning of your ancestor. Make no doubt about this. I did know him, for he was one of my greatest friends. How else would I gain the use of your magic, to begin with? But if you wish to confirm my knowledge, then name the method by which you will do so, and I will happily comply."

OOC: If Brokk is going to ask a question of Eldacar, then I suggest that you supply me with the answer I'll need.

28-10-2005, 06:22
Eldem just chuckled lightly at the dwarfs comment about his appearance, and manner. The Wizard replied in typical high elf non calidorina fashion, how drawl. The dwarf was obviously looking at the wizard as the larger threat and that was just fine by Eldem. As the Wizard finished speaking he decided it was his turn, flipping the dagger from behind his back and catching it with one hand he quikly sheathed it.
"I am Eldem son of krashiv, brother of Tyzd, freind of Zrax, (continues like that for a little while) at ye servic," Eldem said trying to mimick the dwarf accent and way of speech. With that going into a low graceful bow. "And who might ye be". Eldem said with more than a hint of amuzment.
Eldem offered an outsretched hand but the dwarf of corse did not take it.

He then turned to the wizard , yep deffinatly of the white tower. Giving another flamboyant bow Eldem asked the same question. It was always easy to keep aquentices off balance with little flamboyancy. Both just looked somewhat stunned by his manner and openess. "Good dwarf if I could trouble you to be given a place to rest, I have been spending all day slaying goblins and orcs and am more than a little tired." This Eldem new would upset the dwarf. quikly adding, "I will of corse submit to guards and the giving up of my weopons, oh and perhaps some dwarfen mead, it is the least you could do after me and the wizard here foght in defense of your homeland." Eldem chuckle the amused look still on his face. This day acrtually looked as it might turn out amuzing after all. Dwarfs could be boring, but a least they where far better than Druchii.

28-10-2005, 07:40
Eldacar ignored the other elf. He had more important things on his mind. Most notably, the growing power of that... thing... he had sensed during his earlier excursion with his mind. Still, from what he had seen of the prowess of this particular Dwarf clan, he felt confident that they would be able to hold the thing's power back, at least for a short period of time. He didn't dwell on what would happen if they could not.

The Pale Lady
28-10-2005, 12:32
"Should i require assist-?! Spluttered Brokk incredulously. Was the elf offering to help him-HIM-in the forging of runes?! He'd never been so insulted in all his centuries of existance!
"Nay, I think not, elfling. I require no proof of yer lies...yer knowledge of the runic lore is suspicious at best, but I'm nay some beardless whelp, ready to forgive and forget so quickly. My line was never the same after the bitter treachery of your folk. Many of my ancestors fell to yer cowardly bowshots and wild magic. I think it best ye leave now, before my kin arrive. They are a sure sight less understanding and restrained than I in the company of your kind." Brokk finished with a growl, his gruff voice stark in contrast to the melodious voices of the elves.
"And you..." Brokk turned to the second elf. "Over my dead body will ye enter my halls and drink of our mead. I did'nay ask for ye to fight on my behalf and am bound to no oaths of hospitality to ones of your race. "
The sound of heavy footfalls approaching echoed down the coridor outside the room, indicating the near arrival of Brokk's kin to fortify and defend the newly opened wound in the hold's defences.

28-10-2005, 13:43
Eldacar nodded to himself. "You are aware that you owe me your life from when you were on the ground before," he said without preamble, his voice devoid of any semblance of arrogance, just simple statement of the fact. "But I think we will leave it at that for now. I will warn you, though. Earlier on, I went scouting with my mind. Deep within these tunnels is a powerful being. It is ancient, dangerous beyond all measure, and has a plan for all of us. I only know the general location, but I need to gather my strength. There are... forces, if you will, that I can call on to aid me." As he spoke, the memory of how to summon what he needed surfaced within. His voice still serious, he continued. "It may well mean to see your hold destroyed. I do not wish that to happen." He held up a hand to forestall any possible outbursts. "This is only a warning. I feel obligated to convey this information to you. Whether you choose to trust it or not is entirely up to you."

Turning, he ducked through the breach. He knew the way, he had walked these tunnels before. Summoning what energies he could to form a shield to protect himself, he began to make his way to the surface. He had allies, and he needed them. Now.

The Pale Lady
28-10-2005, 14:37
Brogan roared his fury as he swung his axe around in a vicous circle, tearing into two demonic assailants. Their steaming ichor dripped to the floor in viscous globs. Pausing for breath, he bellowed a warcry once more.
"Khazukan Khaz-"
A grotesque demon, face a mass of poxes and boils, towered over him leeringly. Grimacing, the dwarf elder readied his axe and brought it forward in a glwing arc, intent on opening up the thing's stomach. It chuckled, its voice a gurgling ripple, and brought a titanic arm sweeping into the short dwarf. Brogan was cast back, hit with the force of a cannonball, to land broken amongst his kin. He was dead before he hit the ground.
Norin Oakenshaft watched aghast as Steelhelm elder was slain. All around his broken body, his clan were being butchered. The cries and shouts of dying dwarfs reached a horrific pinnacle and Norin knew with a jolt the hold was in trouble. They would be at the ver gates soon. Where was their Lord in this time of peril? Where was Brokk?


Brokk watched troubled as the elf stalked away. The words of the elgi had caused an upset in his mind. They certainly explained why the grobi were in such a rucus, swarming over the mountains as they were. Still...he could not trust the elf. If his ancestors had taught him anything, it was that.
A score of dwarfs rushed into the room, their beards swinging as they approached their lord. At the sight of the remaining elf, they slowed to a halt, hefting their weapons threateningly. Brokk ordered them quickly, before blood was spilt.
"Repair the doors leadin' to the hold, you six, guard the new entrance, let no grobi past. They will return soon and we need the doors here strengthened first." As the dwarf guard, resplendant in shining gromril armour, set to work, Brokk eyed up the elf.
"Leave. Here is not safe for ye. Yer've been warned."

28-10-2005, 15:47
"Tempermental isn't he" eldem murmured to the very unpleasant dwarf he had beeen left in the prison with. "He is right you know, something is here," Eldems eyes grew icy and serious for a moment, the bemused sparkle gone "I have felt something like this before, its a powerful being indead." Eldem had felt something like this but he couldn't place it it wasn't the feel of a powerful undead, but niether did it seem the same of a normal powerful demon.

Eldem pulled a flask from his side and took a swig, he offered the dwarf some but the stubborn runelord rufused, hstred was written in his eyes. Folding his cloak behind him Eldem layed down on the floor, pulled an apple out with his left hand and began to eat. Smiling at the dwarf the whole time. "SO were are ye friends ye called for." With that he noticed several larger dwarfs fill the entrance. "Ah there they are, I am afriad i do not have enough apples for all of" Eldem chuckled, the bemused look in his eyes was back.

The Pale Lady
28-10-2005, 20:47
Norin spat and fired off another round of crossbows bolts.
"Fire!" He yelled to his kin as beneath them the screaming hordes of chaos crashed against the doors to the hold. Their quarrels showered over the demons futiley.
The remnants of the Steelhelm clan had only just made it back through the gates of the hold before the wild demons had caught up to them. Barely a third of those who'd left the hold had made it back alive.
Norin's aged beard shook as he turned to catch up with an Oakenshaft dashing past.
"Hurry, young Fori. Find Brokk, tell him to come to the gates at once. His strength is needed desperately." Even as the venerable dwarf finished his sentence, there was a great crash against the front gates.
"Hurry. Try the dungeons, I think he was sentencing the elf there."
Nodding, the beardling rushed off in the opposite direction.
The demons battered against the door once more, and Norin uttered a silent prayer to Grimnir.


"Do ye intend to sit there for all eternity, till the very mountains themselves keel over and die of age? Stupid elf." Muttered Brokk in irritation.
"Apples, apples, who wants an apple?!" sung the elf. Brokk cringed at the very sound of its cackling voice. Well, he thought, if the elf wasn't going to leave by choice...he would finish this himself.
Suddenly, a young dwarf burst into the room.
"Brokk! Lord Brokk! Whats happened here?...I mean, the gates, they will not hold!"
"What?" asked the Runelord. "Those gates have ne'er fallen to the enemy before, be they chaos warriors or marauding greenskins. How is it grobi have achieved what none before could?"
Gasping for breathe, the beardling continued.
"Nay M'lord, not greenskinds but demons, conjured in the very hall before the gates. Even now they batter it down."
"The runes will hold." Replyed the dwarf stubbornly. "They were forged when the hold was created and they will never be undone, not for a many thousand years." The beardling looked uncertain.
"Aye, but Brokk...they are failing. I do not doubt the strength of yer ancestor's skill or might in the forging of the gates...doubtless some other treacherous power is at work, draining them of their magic."
"Aye" muttered Brokk, his eyes glinting. "That would not surprise me." Turning to the floored elf, he engaged in conversation with it.
"I should end yer worthless life for refusin't leave my halls, ye unwelcome fey, but I am needed elsewhere for matters which do not concern ye. I will be back soon, on my own life do I swear it, an' if I find ye still here, imposin yerself on the hospitatlity of my folk, I'll kill ye myself. Do not forget it. And d'nay take one step further into my hold, or I will nay be held responsible for the actions of my kin." Having so said, Brokk strode out of the chamber, accompanied by the beardling and leaving the elf in the unwelcome presence of a score of angry dwarfs.

29-10-2005, 02:00
Eldacar emerged from the tunnel into the light. He was near to the Dwarf hold, though far enough that he wouldn't be in any danger. Already, he could feel the Daemons assaulting the gates. He shook his head. He had warned them, but they had chosen not to listen. Sitting down on the ground, he closed his eyes and sent his consciousness speeding over the Old World, past the seas, and back to Ulthuan. To his witchsight, the magical auras surrounding the island glittered and spun as he moved to the center of them. And to the White Tower, built atop one of the focal points of those energies. He needed to find his apprentice.

"Antelon," he murmured. "Where are you?"
"Here," the spirit voice replied. Eldacar 'turned', if that was the word, to be greeted by the sight of the student. "What do you ask of me?"
"I need an army," he said without preamble, inserting the thoughts of what he needed into the mind of the young mage. Antelon nodded.
"I will order them to set sail immediately," he said.
"No, send them through a gateway," the Archmage cut in. "I need them now, not in three weeks."
"Master, I am not strong enough."
"I will open it from here. You have but to send them through."
"Yes, master. Please, remain as you are. I will contact you when they are ready."

Eldacar opened his eyes. And waited, gathering his strength. He didn't know how long he had waited. An hour crept by, two, perhaps more after that, but he still vividly heard his apprentice when the contact came through. The gateway was open from one side. They now merely had to open it from where Eldacar was. The Archmage stood, hands beginning to flicker as he mouthed the incantation. The Winds gathered around him, twisting, turning, attempting to break free of his control. Clearly, the strength of the Daemons nearby was disrupting his grasp, but he was a High Mage, trained by the Loremasters of the White Tower. He would... not... fail! Eyes rolling back into his head, he howled as he unleashed the final words to the spell. A vertical line split the air in front of him, before the fabric of - reality? - shifted. Through the folding marched the force he had requested. He was going to get his wrists slapped for this, he knew. But there was nothing to be done about it now.

Leading the army was a Commander, Sarathai by name. Eldacar had assisted him on previous occasions, and knew Sarathai was a skilled commander, one who would not back down easily. The name Sarathai was more a honour than his actual name, but then, the Commander well-deserved it. White Lion cloak flowing back over his shoulders, the Asur noble bowed to Eldacar, the motion only slightly spoiled by the steed he was mounted on pawing the ground impatiently. Behind him marched the small, yet elite, force. Fifteen younger nobles, all on horseback, armour gleaming in the sun, lances of polished steel stretched upright. Ten of the famed Reavers of Ellyrion, fast and dangerous. With a screech, the skies were split as a pair of Eagles soared through, landing to affix Eldacar with intelligent eyes. He hadn't asked for the aid of the mighty birds of prey, but then, the more help he garnered, the better it would be. Last, however, was something that caused his mouth to twist in a grimance. Five of the Dragon Princes of Caledor. Arrogant one and all, they looked around them with a permanent sneer on their features. Their leader watched Eldacar, eyes boring into the Archmage. He met that gaze evenly. Nothing more was said. Just one more thing. Eldacar closed his eyes once more, sending his consciousness flying out. Recently, a bond had emerged within his mind, and he had to investigate it. Tracking the bond, his mind encountered something that caused his jaw to drop. It was coming closer, closer, closer...

The gateway snapped closed as the clouds parted. The terrific roar of the ultimate predator tore through the air, causing the assembled elves to whisper and murmur. The elven steeds tossed their heads, nickering in fear, but to their credit, didn't flee in terror. It was beautiful. Golden scales glittered along the length, mixing with the silvery sheen. Crystal blue eyes were narrowed as they regarded the Archmage. This was the creature he was bonded to, a welding of souls. Eldacar was linked by more than magic to this creature, for as the Dragon grew closer, he could sense that they almost inhabited each other's minds. The great predator came to a rest in front of the Archmage. They regarded each other, and the dragon seemed amused, almost.

By ancient bond and oath, I am once more your companion, Eldacar Lathaniel. It 'thought-spoke', transmitting the words directly into his mind. You have grown in power once more, though I fear many centuries lie ahead before you will once more be restored to your true strength. Your memories are likewise, I sense, not fully formed. So, I shall tell you now. I am Ashaxei. A long time ago, before the Dwarf race warred with ours, we enacted the ancient ritual of binding. Our souls are welded together, bound to the deepest level. Ashaxei seemed to smile, if that were possible for one of his race. We are linked, and always have been. And now, we must ride to war once more.

Eldacar could only bow his head. Drawing his sword, he swung up into the saddle. He had done this before, he knew. What can you tell me of how I have these memories?

I can tell you naught, Archmage, came the reply. Always, you have discovered your past of your own accord, and I shall not change that tradition now.

Eldacar nodded. He had thought as much. Turning to the small force he had assembled here, in this small section of the mountains, he spoke, his voice carrying to the farthest ear. "Les'anan," he said by way of greeting. "We ride to war. Deep within these mountains, a mighty Daemon has awoken, or so I have reason to believe. We cannot allow it to gain in strength. And so, for that simple reason, I call upon you to ride, to ride with me." He paused. He had never been very good at these speeches. "We ride for ourselves, for glory, but most of all, we ride for Ulthuan. Ulthuan and the Asur!" The last was delivered as a cry, as his raised blade glittered, then exploded into a searing tongue of white flame. Wielding his flaming blade, Eldacar dug in his heels, and Ashaxei leaped from the ground, the roar of the Dragon carrying over the mountains. With a cheer, the elves followed, the hooves of the elven horses emitting a drumbeat upon the ground. Emitting cries of their own, the Eagles took flight, to join Eldacar and Ashaxei in the skies. Yet Eldacar was wary. He sensed an ancient power shifting, turning a gaze towards him. And while outwardly he was confident, deep within, he was afraid. Ashaxei's voice pulsed within him. You have faced greater than this and emerged triumphant, Eldacar. Do not let yourself be distracted now. We ride, but we ride to victory.

OOC: Eldacar needed an army. It isn't a very big one, though, since including him and the dragon, it is only 1526 points (yes, I did calculate it, to try to stay away from god modding). And in case anybody was wondering, Les'anan is a traditional form of greeting in Tar-Eltharin, the language that the Asur speak.

29-10-2005, 04:47
Eldems cocky grin changed to a serious expression the moment the word chaos came up. Obviosly the dwarf had forgotten about elven hearing. Eldem looked around him, a score of dwarfs, and they didn't seem to want to leave him in peace. Eldem wasn't worrid of corse only a score, he doubted he would even have to draw his sword.

Eldem gabed a small orb from a hiden pocket in his tuic and threw it to the floor, the small orb exploded in smoke. Running for the door, Eldem looked around and called down to the hurring runelord to wait. The dwarf looked down the hall extreme annoyance across his face. Eldem estimated, the flash and smoke would afford him roughly ten more seconds. Dropping his sword and daggers he ran to the dwarf but kept a distance. "Honored dwarf I am afriad this is something that I would truly like to help your noble kind in," Eldems whole demeanor had changed. " This force is far to threatening, and I would hate for the world to loose any more of your noble kin." Before the dwarf could answer, several gruff hands grabed the elf and began to pull him back to the cell. "Look at it this way, the worst that happenes is I die and take down many deamons with me, saving your kin the trouble of both deaths. The best We succeed and I promise to leave your noble clan in peace." Eldem yelled as the gruff hands pulled him aroud the corners. Dam the dwarfs for building the cells low enoughto cut him off from the winds. desperation creeping into Eldems voice as he yelled from the cell, "please i am afraid this is some what personal." With that the dwarfs managed to get a gag tied into his mouth, not being overly gental about it. Dam this seemed much better at the time eldem was down to only two daggers and no wish to kill his opponents. His bright eyes no longer held amusment but anger, even though he didn't want to he still would if neccisary, nothing was keeping him from the figt with his enemy. There was a powerful daemon at work and Eldem intended to slay it.

OCC. Eldem has a personal affluence with chaos die to events with his past and can sense it quite easily.

The Pale Lady
29-10-2005, 09:49
*OOC Correct me if Im wrong, but I'd always thought a score meant more like 20, not 12? I might be wrong, sorry if I am OOC*

"Get Out of my hold, arrogant Elgi! I warned ye about following me, gave ye warning of the consequences. Fight the demons if ye will, but ye will NOT travel through the passages of my home. Grung, Dilaz, remove him from the hold. Leave him to the depradations of the grobi and the other dark, evil creatures of the deep places of the mountain. If ye manage to get yer sorry self out of the winding tunnnels and hidden chambers wi'out getting lost, ye will reach sunlight eventually. If ye do not, its no loss of ours."


Eldam was roughly hurled out of the newly opened tunnel in the dungeons, to land in a heap on the floor. His bonds were cut by the grimacing dwarfs, who stood, runes flickering on their weapons. The guardians of the deep places of the hold are afforded great luxuries to compensate for the large dangers they can face there.
"Ye heard our Lord, Doh Elgi. D'nay return on penalty of death. That is the end of the matter."


The Presence froze, sensing a massive manipulation of the Winds. Something was interfering with it's plans, on a large scale. Yes, it could barely sense the humans anymore, they were a much reduced threat-if one at all. The dwarf folk were surrounded, demons and grobi to the front, more orcs and trolls from beneath. The skaven had been removed from the equation too. That still left the elves...one in particular was attracting his attention even now.
A smile curled its malformed lips as it percieved what the elf was doing. It would see its plans come to fruition, it would. It would continue with the next phase...and see that condtions were made deadly for those abroad.
With incalculable subtlety it wove the Winds to its own designs, reaching far outside, up, up and up to the skies above.
Outside, it began to snow. The clouds darkened and lightning flickered faintly at first. Slowly the snowing quickened and the temperature dropped.

29-10-2005, 11:12
OOC: A score is two dozen. So twenty-four.

The black magic thrummed along the Winds, bringing the cold through them, as snow began to fall. Shivering slightly, Eldacar rubbed his hands together, trying to generate some warmth. Ashaxei looked back at him with what could be called an amused smile. Below, his small force continued moving. They had seen worse than this in their time. Traversing the Annulii mountain range, with the gale-force winds, mutating magic, and deadly monsters was more dangerous than this little storm. Eldacar smiled softly. He had chosen well, he knew. Concentrating, he scouted outwards, seeking the source of the magic. Once more, he ran into the shielding magics, and he didn't bother attempting to break through. It would have been foolish, in any case.

Sarathai, take your cavalry towards the Dwarf Hold. We will employ the tactics the Ellyrian Reavers use so well. Hit and run. We can't let ourselves get bogged down in combat, so strike fast, strike hard, then flee. Simple, no? Down below, the Commander nodded to acknowledge that he had heard the Archmage. My magic can protect you from the worst of the approaching storm, should you need it, he added. He constructed the required shielding spells, then sank back into his seat upon the Dragon's back. Ashaxei summoned his fire to provide himself and his rider with warmth, and for that, Eldacar was grateful. He just hoped that the storm did not become too severe. He couldn't hold his spell forever, after all. Too much, and they would have to seek shelter.

29-10-2005, 14:27
OCC: sorry for some reason i thought you said a dozaen not a score.
Damn stubborn dwarfs. Eldem picked himself up and straped his weopons back into place. The horrid little beasts where going to die he was sure of that and didn't really care anymore. It was a great daemon of some sort, Eldem was absolutly sure of that. He climbed his way back through the maze of tunnels with relative ease remembering theh path he took down to this hell hole. As eldem walked by he was suddenly hit by a mental alarm something wasn't right. He looked at the wall on his right. Eldem pressed his arm against it and fell threw, an illusion, a good one at that. Getting a picture of the wizard in mind he tried once again to magically contact him, nothing came back.

AS he continued to walk down the passage, the dark presence of chaos begin to swirl around him. There was something down here. Quikly refilling his supplies with what remained on him eldem continued downwards. The walls where paved and along them broken dwarf runes played across. A massive finely carved door was at the end of the passage. He had arrived at the creatures citadle. Eldem tried to push threw them but a flash of black light hurled him backwards this was, going to be difficult. But nothing was going to keep him from killing this foul daemon, nothing and no one.

The Pale Lady
29-10-2005, 15:41
Brook stood, surrounded once more by the hold's Longbeards, behind the gates. He knew they would not hold. He knew the demons would break though. The runes had been tampered with, damaged in some way.
"Kazak Nai Anuzkit Bin Dumi. Kolak Umgi Anstrolit Karaz Un Gor Andokit A Gorak Ut." The doors cracked once more, but Brokk did not stop.
"Rik A Dumi Angrungit Throng Un Af Angotit Bin Ankor A Khazukan A Skit Un Zharrit Un Drengit." With an almigthy crash, the gates to the hold burst asunder and the tide of demons spilled in.
"Bar Ut Ankarakar Um Kazak-ha." Roared Brokk defiantly as the demons engulfed them.

29-10-2005, 23:51
((OCC: A dozen is 12, a score is 20))

Antharic was scouting the pass over the final miles to Karak Khaz, Jarl was marching at the head of the Coloum and his mens spirits were as good as could be hoped, thinking of the reward awaiting them from the dwarfs.

When Jarl saw the Speck thats was The knight on hipogriff Dive, getting closer and bigger, till he could see it was being followed, by another dot. As they came lower he could make out the hidious green 4 limbed dragon.
Others down the coloum spotted it.
Suddenly the shapes dived to low to be seen.

"Double time" Jarls orders rang out loud and clear down the line. He'd be buggerd if he would let a friend and creditor die eaten by a wild beast.

The whole colum shuddered as the orders wer epassed down it, and as each band or company of men increased speed.

As they got within half a leauge or so of the Tunnel to Karak Khaz, suddenly reports came in from the Skirmishers and light riders.

"Ambush, Goblins, Orcs, Ambush to the Trees"

On the Right of the path was the steep slope of the mountains, and on the left was the scree and woods of the slopes down. And from these woods came the cries and shouts and fleeing light companys.

"Left Face, Left Face" came the cry from all down the line, sargents and officers reforming the pikemen to face the threat. Crossbowmen readed and cocked their bows, Longbow men strung theirs. The Caravan bunched up, surrrounded by Iselles green clothed guard and the rough mercenary companies mearly changed direction.

On the Heels of the Last fleeing men came The light wolf riding goblins, followed by orcs and other monstrosities.

The mercanaries launched them selvs at the line, infantry and cavalry alike. The heavy steeds of the mercanry knights crashing through the weakest point of the goblin line.

The Battle raged on, Meanwhile the Heavy cavalry burst through the slopes, thundering down hill. Crashing through Goblins and orcs they suddenly slowed as the ground levaled off and they were able to rein them in.

They were in a clearing, though not very clear, litterd with the bodies or goblins and wolves. And made small by the huge broken body of wyvren tangled, gripped even unto death by a huge hipogriff. lying in the center of this all was a single, solitary wolf, nuzzling at a human, in batterd dented, but still shining armour.

"It is the knight" cried one of the horsemen, and quickly the wolf was speared, and the knight being hoisted onto a spare horse.

"Now to make it bakc through the lines" came the murmur. and climbing bakc up to slope, the armoured cavlry climbed. with Antharic tied into the saddle and delusional.

30-10-2005, 22:42
As the humans fought the goblins, a company of unidentifiable knights thundered down the hill into the orc and goblin ranks, mowing them down from all directions. As the knights fought, the soldiers close by who could see started cheering, their cheers died in their throats when one of the other knights turned and glared at them with glowing red eyes. At that point they noticed the knights mounts were very thin and deccissated, in some cases little more than bones. Then the rest of the undead arrived, as skeletons and zombies attacked human and greenskin alike, the blood dragons rode through, hacking and slashing anyone they came across. LaFayte laughed as he galloped after a human and goblin that where running alongside each other screaming, their fear was so great neither noticed the enemy running alongside. As LaFayte caught up and decapitated both in one swing, he just laughed louder.

31-10-2005, 01:37
Eldem had finally picked the lock and was inside. It now appeared to have been a mistake, gradually and slowly demons stocked him through the dark citadel, More and more came, their twisted corrupted forms piling in around him. Eldem was dodgeing their claws and magic, issueing small blasts and steel back. He was dancing around and over the demons, who were now being mixed with goblin slaves and was tireing.

Cuts crossed his arm, his maguc protections nullifieng their poisins. He could do this alone. A large black demon waded forth through the crowd. This was deffinatly not the presence but Eldem was still weary. The great daemon grinned, its white fangs eternaly stained with blood. A heafty black great axe was held in one hand, black fire in the other. Pointing the battle axe it called for a challenged. the lesser daemons stood back, not willing to challenge the more powerful daemon. Running forward quikly aided in speed by flapping of the wings, the daemon tried to crash into eldem useing its strength and speed to bring the slender elf down. Eldem steped aside ducking to dodge the axe swing and backflipping to dodge the tail stike. Eldem planted a dagger into the beasts back, followed by a burst of golden magic that caused the daemon to stumble. The daemon wipped one of its clawed hands behind it and sent a blast of black magic into eldems chest. There was a flash as Eldems magic sheilding held against it, then the elf was sent hurling back. The deamon was immdetiatly on top of him hacking away with its great axe, Eldem slid under the blade and rolled to avoid the stamping feet of the daemon suffering a kick in his side which blew the air from his lung, and rolled behind it, throwing a hail of shurkin into the vile creatures back to join the burn and dagger. The daemon roard in pain and bloodlust and charged the eldem. swinging the axe across his chest the deamon roared all power and strength being put into the attack. Eldems blade flashed out useing the momentum of the swing to send the blade over his head, the silver and black blade flashed again slitting the throat and stabbing through the things black heart before the beast could reacted.

WIth a roar the daemons where poured back in like a dark tide. back in. Eldem was up in a run, he needed help, and sadly that ment the stubborn dwarfs, who where by his senses needing help of their own. THe daemons stopped chaceing unwilling to as of yet let their presence be known. Now only the goblins and monsters where after the elf he was in a heated race for the cave entrance. He could tell the dwarfs were in trouble by the feeling of glee being expressed into his mind by the foul beasts. Whether they liked it or not, they were getting his help.

Autobot HQ
31-10-2005, 22:31
Shadowprince, is English your first language? I'm just curious. As a devout follower of all the roleplays being made, and probably being known to a couple of you out there, I wanna say keep it up, this is some really nice work. I'd just like to say it'd be easier to read if a couple of folks went through their posts after they'd wrote it, and double checked for spelling, correct grammer and sentence structure. Honestly you have no idea how much easier it is to read a second rate RP that's set out correctly than it is to read a fine RP but all crumpled up together. And hit enter every now and again, it wont kill you (Although if you do it in the wrong places it would, cause I'd kill you lol). Just my two cence.

Keep it up peeps, and I might be joining you all very soon ;)

The Pale Lady
31-10-2005, 23:25

Brokk snarled and swung his hammer with all his might. Grong Grund smashed into the first of the demons, glowing with elemental power as it did so. Brokk had forged the weapon in honour of his ancestor Varn, encribed with runes of vengeance and unbinding to all demons in hope that it may banish their kind from this realm and in doing so avenge his revered ancestor.
The hammer bore into the bloodthirsty demon, sending it crashing to the ground even as it dematerialised.
In Brokk's other hand, the Runestaff of Grungni was was held aloft, a beacon of hope and protection against enemy magics. It too had been forged by its current owner, an attempt to remake Varn's, broken all those millenia ago by an insurmountable demon of the darkest realm. Yet much of the venerable ancestor's rune lore had died with him, such that the current staff borne by Brokk was but a tenth of the strength of its namesake.
The Longbeards around their Lord fought viciously, executing demons with killing blows from their axes and hammers. Wielded in both hands, the greying veterans hacked and slashed their hellish foes apart with a determination unmatched by even the most resolute of dwarfs.
From the wall, Norin gave the signal and with a shout the dwarfs released their crossbows upon the demons. Few fell to the shots, but that was few less nevertheless.
Brokk peered suspiciously around him as his bodyguard continued in their attack. This was too easy...surely this was not the might of the demon force? The creatures were fearsome, yes, but not the monsters of legend his ancestors had written and spoken of. Not the ferocious killing machines ten times the size of a dwarf as recorded in his clan's Book of Grudges. He himself had slain mightier demons than these.
As he was thinking this, a shadow cast over him and Brokk looked up into the face of his nightmares.

01-11-2005, 01:52
OCC yes english is my first language just typ quikly and havent had time to review my work i will get around to it.


Eldem had picked his way quikly across the battlefireld. IT had become a three sided war between humans goblins and the undead. Eldem wasn't really worried the only thing here that could threaten him was a powerful vampire, but he was sure the undead was too busy to worry about a single elf. Eldem's blade dripped blood from those he had slain on his way across the confusing war zone. AS he stood examening the great dwarfen hold's doors. There had to be a veiwing window or two, every dwarfen hold had one. Eldem finally noticed it as he backhanded a goblin across the face with his sword, a slightly lighter grey then the mountian, thank isha for fine elven eyes.

Eldem used a brooch on his vest to levitate up to it, as soon as he had risen into the air missles both magical and undead flew towards him. Eldem just smirked, it was time for him to start showing a bit more of his true power, his blade danced behind him as he deflect the mundane missles with his blade, and scatterred the magic sending it back down to crash into the ranks of lesser races below. Finally haven risen up to the portal eldem flung a dagger at the heavy camoflauge magic, the dagger rebounded and headed for his chest point first at a much accelerated speed. Quikly dropping his levitation the quik witted elf dodge his rebounded projectile. restablishing his magical flight he rose back and slashed his sword across the the portal cutting away both the magic and a slim hole in the fabric. Eldem jumped in as his slit finsished. Knocking two very surprized dwarfs on the back of the head with the pommel of his sword, he rolled and stood up. Both dwarfs collapse unconsiuse to the ground. The dwarf said he would be killed if he returned, he would like to see him try. The sound of battle alerted Eldem to wear the dwarfs and daemons were, the dwarfs would get help whether they wanted it or not, and the daemns would be sent back to hell, wether they wanted to or not, Eldem chuckled and ran off.

01-11-2005, 06:07
The wings of the dragon beat the air as they headed towards the Dwarf Hold. Upon his back, Eldacar hefted the sword he bore. It is time, he thought. Time to fight. Below him rode the small force. Sarathai knew that Eldacar would likely be rushing ahead to begin fighting, and would lead the force to the battlefield as quickly as he could. Satisfied, Eldacar whispered to his companion, withdrawing the shield over his army.

"Ashaxei," he said, "Let's go."

The Dragon shuddered under him, then leaped forward, wings driving him through the air. As they crested the ridge, he let out another roar, signalling to all that the ultimate predator had arrived.

The Pale Lady
01-11-2005, 15:21
OOC It obviously hasnt been made very clear, im not sure if people read my first post concerning the layout of Karak Khaz, but the dwarf gates arent accessible from the air...or even the ground outside. The only way to reach the dwarf gates are by going along a far tunnnel, ldeep into the mountains, littered with grobi corpses, until you reach a chamber where the dwarf gates are and multitudes of demons swarm through into the dwarf hold.
The battle goin on betwen the undead etc is outside, a days march from the entrance tunnel in the mountain which in turn LEADS to the gates of Karak Khaz. Please edit posts as appropriate :) Thnks.

Oh and eldem for GRUNGNIS sake sake stop trying to get into the hold! The dwarfs will kill you, you'll be in a bleeding dwarf hold!!! They ALL hate elves! Do you WANT to be attacked by everysingle dwarf in the hold until your character dies??? That'll mean you'll be out of the Roleplay. Brokk told you himself of the penalty. He hates elves. They all do. Ive made this explicitly clear. They are a VERY traditional hold.
Sorry for my rant, figured I needed to clear a things few up as current RP starter.

01-11-2005, 16:18
((OCC: we are a mile away from the tunnel entrance, one side of the road is sheer mountain (possibly with hidden ledges and plataus above) and the other side is a gently sloping scree of shrubs and trees. The road is about 500 yards across.))

The Undead were hammering the rear, the Cavalry had vanished and the Orcs and Goblins wern't going away. Things looked preety bad from Jarls point of view.

"Stand Fast by the Cliffface. Stand Fast." He shouted orders, bringing the pike regiments into a close almost semi circle. The flanks protected by the cliffs. The crossbow men had made their way onto the caravans and were picking off the enemy in individual fire. The longbow men were making blind volleys over the pikemen and the cannons were finally being unharnessed and set up, ready to be pushed through the regiments and unlease devestating shot.

Though Iselles own tightly drilled forces had salvaged a denfsive position from the ambush and the rear attack. The hired mercenaries had not. They were running around in peicemeal formations, only the most disciplined had managed to stay with the caravan. Others were mixed in with the full brunt of the Orc Goblin and Undead masher.

Suddenly up the hill came the sound of hooves, and through the goblin lines burst the remainder of the Cavalry. Barely more than a score had made it through, but still tied to his saddle was the wounded Antharic.

They soon spotted the defensive forces of iselles own and rode towards them, crushing gobliniod beneath iron shod hoof.
The pike walls split, and the light compans nipped out, stopping any consolidation into the gap as the Heavy cavalry made it back.
The wall of points closed again before the enemy had a moment to press home a charge.

Jarl was distracted from his seat of command by one of the Mercenary Cavlreys leaders.
"General, " The knight had none of Iselles training and made a garbled report on the 'glorious' charge and how much gold extra it should get his men, however the last bit of news would have made any price he asked worth paying for it. "we have found the Brettonian Noble."

Jarl had Antharic Taken to the Caravans, as safe as could be in the middle of a battle field, where already there was a field surgery under way. The whores and campfollowers carrying bandages or running message for the Surgon.

Princess Iselles her self orderd Antharic taken to her caravan and she sat with him, while the surgon bound his wounds and a wounded soldier tended his armour.

01-11-2005, 21:32
Athanaric's vision seemed to steady, slowly. The young lady came into view again but she looked, somehow, different. He realised it was Iselle, his hostess. He winced as the surgeon poured sacred water on his wounds. The roaring in his ears had not stopped, and slowly he realised it was the sound of battle, coming from outside. He fixed Iselle with a stare, she knew exactly what he wanted, but shook her head. He was too weak to fight and they both knew it.

With his teeth gritted at the effort, Athanaric reached out his now bare hand to the princess. She leant forward, haltingly, unsure, puzzled by the look that had overcome Athanaric's features. She reached out, and touched his hand.

Golden fire immediately surrounded the two of them, causing everyone else in the tent to leap back. Iselle's eyes rolled back into her head as the winds of light, life and beasts flowed through her into Athanaric, woven by a fey power far greater than her own. Raw holy power filled the knight, and light streamed from his wounds as they closed up, bone knitted, and flesh healed.

As the flames died Iselle swayed then tumbled into Athanaric's waiting arms. The Surgeon and his staff watched, stunned, as he laid her on the bed. A halo still surrounded the Bretonnian. Walking outside he was not the least bit fazed to see Hipparchus waiting for him, lance and shield slung across his saddle. He could swear the beast was smiling. Leaping aboard his steed Athanaric spurred it to flight.

He had a debt to repay in greenskin blood.

01-11-2005, 21:50
The Battle swirled on, Green skins or Undead throwing them selves onto the walls of pikes, Great charges smashing to sunder and reforming to fight else where.

The combat was tightpressed and a huge mob of Orcs came charging at the LIne, Held by Jarl and his Lions. Jarl stood resplendant, his cloak wipped about him, his armour bloody and his Shield hacked and batterd.
As the Charging Orcs closed the gap he drew one of his pistols, aiming levally at the largest, waiting for them to close the gap. 60 yards, 50 yards 40 yards.

Just as He squuezed the Trigger te Shot was dround out by the deafenng roar of Two cannons, and a great swathe of orks were cut open by the grape shot. Flying shrapnel cutting them down like hey before the scythe.

But still the came on, Having to literally throw them selves on the pikes so thick were they.

Jarls shot had hit the largest in the arm, but on it came. Singling out Jarl.
The mighty orc Waved it's Crude Axe, bring it round in a devestating cuting sweep. Jarl Blocked with his Shield, trapping the blade in the Laminated wood. He quickly stepped inside the orcs reach and brought his Shot sword up. straight up through the orcs sternum. As the Orcs keeled over A Huge cheer went up from the company.

"Jarl! Jarl! Jarl!" Came the cry, and with each shout came a thrust of the pikes.Slowly the orcs were forced back, but as they regrouped for another go the sound of wing beats could be heard.

The Pale Lady
01-11-2005, 22:18
A massive blood red hound bounded through the gates of the hold, the stream of bloodletters parting before it as it charged towards Brokk. It cast its ominous shadow over the dawi as they fought bitterly, desperately against the demons threatening to overwhelm their hold.
The demonic canine careered into Brokk, knocking aside his guard and smashing the Runelord to the ground. Quick as a flash it brought its head down to maul the dwarf lord, but Brokk was not so easily defeated. From the floor he brought his hammer across himself, beating back the creature's maw. As it roared in fury, noxious hell fumes blasting from its mouth, Brokk rolled to the side and rushed to his feet.

02-11-2005, 04:59
OCC my character has a hate of chaos that overrides all fear of death and regard for rules or penalties. This is not so much he want to be in the hold but that he wants to do as much damage to a creature of chaos as possible. Thus he will go to extreme measures to get to and destroy creatures of chaos. So in his mind it is better to fight chaos and be killed by those he is helping, then standing aside and let further innoccents be slain by his most hated foe, sorry. Also Your bit was a bit confuseing on the layout as it differes from traditional dwarfen holds.

Eldem sneaked through the tunnels all thoughts about his own safty or life were now gone from his head he was down to one goal, destory the daemons. All he could remember was watching daemons kill his family, then latter his comrades again and again, then being tortured by the dark prince Be'lakor himself. He didn't even register the dwarfs as dwarfs anymore. HE was fully within himself now, the power of his inbraed magic flowing through him, a blue flame flickering out from his eyes. Two pleasure seekers noticed him and rushed towards him, their depraved being in itself called for their death, a blast of magic flashed across their heads, both fell to the ground headless, no blood as the heat had itself catarized thier mortal wound. More daemons came for him, raw magic began to shoot from his hands repeating the process of decapitation, again and again. Several dwarfs came for him, Eldem could only see the faces of his dead friends corrupted by the taint of evil, unwilling to kill ones he knew so well, he dodged their fine swords, and hit them on the back of the skull with the pummel of his sword, the dwarfs fell unconcius to the ground.

Eldem entered a large room where the runelord was fighting his eyes fell to the elf, and his ancient hatred reamerged, he would have to deal with him later.

Eldem strolled into the room blasting aside daemons with the raw magic with his left hand, and slicing through the others with his right. A sudden blow to the elfs back brought him to his knees, snapping him back to reality. He looked around him, had he done that he couldn't remember. He looked above him and noticed a dwarf holding a swinging warhammer, eldem droped down to avoid the blow and kicked back, lifting the dwarf from his feet and sprawling him dazed on the ground. Most the daemons where dead, the dwarfs began to close in on the lone elf. Hatred filling thier eyes. Eldem had to get out of their, he had given in to his hatred again and this is where it had landed him. Quikly sprinting away he back tracked to wear he had entered these damn blasted caves. He dived through the rip and rolled down the mountain. He had to take this fight to the very being in charge itself. If the stupid dwarfs and stuck up wizard were to deluted in their own power to help, he would do it alone even if it ment his death. He gazed down his tunic at the long jaggerd scar that had been left slicing diagnolly across his chest by the sword of the dark prince himself, his ilk would pay for it and everythng else their foul exsistanc had cuased.

02-11-2005, 12:08
OOC: That's a lot of deaths. He seems to be incredibly good at both magic and fighting, which very few characters can actually do. And, incidentally, you don't kill Daemons. You destroy their material form, which banishes them to the Warp.

The Pale Lady
02-11-2005, 14:19
OOC and you also seem to be abe to know your way extremely well within the dwarf hold, a myriad of short tunnels and passages and halls. Furthermore you seem to be able to slay an entire legion of demons, seemingly oblivious to amount or deadly nature of them and still make time for the dwarfs.
And yes, the layout differs slighty from reguar holds. There is no plan that every dwarf hold must comply to, each founder can have it made to his or her own will...just in the same way any other fortress or hold or town for any other race will have some variations :)

Brokk stared in disbelief as an elf leapt amongst the rampaging hordes of demons, slaying all that touched his blade. How could one elf...one elf cause so much damage, killing demons that had the strength and limitless age to slay even his most venerable and powerful of ancestors? It wasnt natural...its magic even matched that of the other elf, whom Brokk had earlier percieved to be better versed in the magical arts. Yet for it to draw on the winds with such exertise and speed, this close to his Runestaff and near the surrounding runes thoughout the hold...it must truly be invincible. By Grimnir, he swore, how did the cursed thing even get into the hold?

As he watched, the elf struck down a dwarf. Then another. Then another. Ire raged within the dwarf's mind as his lips curled in distaste at the treachery of the thing. His face set in a mask of controlled anger, he swore on all his ancestors he would confront the fairy. He knew he could not kill it, he doubted even a Greater Demon of Khorne itself could tackle such an adversary, yet still he made his oath. Praying to his gods for a quick death, he marched to his doom.

02-11-2005, 23:57
OCC a) he is not well versed in the magical arts all his spells are relativly simple and he has not cast a complex one yet. This power is not brought on by choise or even want. He looses all memory of any of the acts he did. IT is a terrifieng thing added to by the sight of the murders and faces of dead family and friends. HE uses and extreme amount of raw magic power. TO restate he niether knows or wants these rages to come upon him. If you want send me a message and i will send some of he ackgound of Eldem.
b) this power completly drains him soon afterwards and he forgets everything that happens leaving loinf gaps in his memory.
C) Eldacar is a more powerful wizard as he can shape his spells, Eldem niether can shape nor really likes the magic he has been born with as it can only on a hole be used for destruction.
d) he hasn't killed a dwarf yet a pommel blow to the back of the head kncked the uconcius not dead sorry for any misunderstandings.

Autobot HQ
03-11-2005, 00:46
Ahhh so he's a Lord of Aenarion then? Because they're about the ONLY elven being I can think of able to do this kind of damage. Especially your first post - No disrespect but now matter your house rules, the limits of 10 still apply surely, and you've so far made out your a vastly superior fighter than a WS9 Assassin, quicker than said Assassin and his In10, at the very least a Lvl4 spellcaster as you're beating a dwarfs holds MR and when questioned about your ability to sense Eldacar you stated:

"it is possible to detect a very powerful wizard, if one is also one"

... which contridicts your previous post claiming you're not well versed in magic. You're background from what we've seen suggests you've been a swordmaster, an assassin and involved with a wood elf kindred (which, whilst the other two are unlikely the latter is damn near impossible). As someone who's pretty well known by most RP'ing posters and someone who writes background material for a living, I'd love to see this explained.

So, as you offered, could you forward your house rules for this characters and his background to me, either here or if space doesn't allow it, email me at Krushknov@msn.com

Coincidently, that email address is open to anyone else who wants to send me their fluff for their characters and their house rules, which I'd be more than happy to look over and give my opinion.

Faithfully, Autobot HQ

P.S - For the love of god TPL, delete some of your messages in your inbox so I can actually message you sometime this year rofl ;)

03-11-2005, 05:45
As LaFayte decapitated the heads from two orcs, he laughed, the larger greenskins could always be counted on to put up a good fight, better than the humans and goblins, As he skewered through a fleeing soldier, he looked around, he had managed to get seperated from the rest of his force, and had cleared out a large circle around him, where assorted orcs and goblins where standing around, keeping their distance, and a few humans were standing, looking at him, in his brettonian styled armor with expressions of confusions. the goblins looked afraid, the orcs just looked angry. gripping his sword, he leaped off his mount into the air, coming down into the midst of the fighting humans and greenskins, and continued slaughtering them all as he slowely made his way to the human's camp.

03-11-2005, 07:24
Eldem was gasping he could barly breath. He was high in the branches of an ancient tree, barly able to move or breath. It had happend agan the rage the hatred. He couldn't remember what happened, he once again awoke only to fin death. why why had he been cursed like this. He was doomed only to kill, the daemon had been right he was like them. NO NO he wasn't he told himself, he only wanted to help, he didn't want to hurt the innocent, he liked the dwarfs no matter how boring they had been. He was doomed to hurt those around him, it happened on Ulthaun, it happened in the camps, i n athel loren, it was going to follow him. He began to weep, his head falling into his hands, they had been their watching him, his family his friends, all dead, he couldn't even remember their last moments, had he done it. WHY couldn't he remeber. Eldem cryed and began to fall asleep, but no rest was to be found thier all he could dream was the faces of his loved ones now all gone, it was the demons falt, they must pay they would pay. He would kill them even if he died, no more innocents would die becuas eof his presence, evil had to learn its own fear. Just as the druchii had, just as the goblins had. With that he fell asleep.

03-11-2005, 08:18
OOC: As a side note, level 4 spellcasters don't beat Dwarf Hold MR. You need to be Teclis-level to overpower it as utterly as it seems like what was happening. I'm not quite sure what I'm doing right now, so I think I'll just say that I'm waiting at the opening of the entrance tunnel to the Dwarf Hold (unless Dragons fit through said tunnel).

03-11-2005, 11:54
The battle was going well with the robbed priest himself had managed to vaporise many goblins and one one large orc with his fire spells, as well as make useless at least another unit of black orcs large great axes.
The imortals and his lamassu were doing almost as well cutting a swathe through all that they came upon.
Strangely his other troops did not seem to be fighting with the same zeal as his personal gaurd, and in fact had begun to fall behind, so much so in fact that he could no longer hear the sound of the blunderbusses over the ever present orc WAGH!
Still no matter his target was near no matter if the other cowardly fools refused to advance, once he returneed to the high temple of Hahut they would get their just rewards...

Arthurz laughed uncontrolably, this was prooving to be all to easy!
The last of his men had retreeted to a reasonably safe distance stranding the priest and his enterage in the thick of the goblin and orc ranks, human mercenrys and undead host nearing them as well.
One of his hobgoblin wolf scouts came racing towards him.
"sir, de undead our still outside our fire range, now is da perfect chance, if I may say so"
"I'll let your presumtion slide this time scum, now head back to the undead lines and try not to get killed while giving that vampire details of our barrage.
Signal when youve done your job and firing will comence"
Arthurz drawled as he kicked the useless runt into its wolfs flank.
That damed robbed priest was finally going to get it, nothing could beat a well made plan coming together thought Arthurz dreamly as he awaited the signal to fire.

The Pale Lady
03-11-2005, 15:57
OOC Eldacar, it depends how big your dragon is lol, but I would assume it can get in. I mean, the dwarfs can get stonethrowers out of the hold, and trade carts etc, so i the dragon can bear to demeane itself to wriggling like a snake or worm lol its welcome to enter the tunnel.
Autobot, my inbox is presently awaiting your mail :)

The demons were still reeling from the elf's onslaught, and Brokk intended to make use of this. It seemed the elf had vanished for the moment, having outpaced him, so he returned to aiding his kin in securing the gate chamber.
He strode amongst the ranks of his brethren, the dwarfs patching their wounds and carrying off any dead they could further into the hold. So far, the demons had been held in the hall, few to none escaping into the rest of the hold. Brokk intended to keep it this way.
"Nain, stop yer groanin!" he ordered a nearby warrior who was bleeding from the arm and complaining profusely. "Yer grandfathers survived worse wounds than that an' lived to tell the tale, so quit grumbling and get that axe ready to slay." Without waiting for a response, the Runelord strode off deeper into the ranks. Norin did the same for his clan, and from the shadows another dwarf stepped into the unholy light cast by the demonic entities, a dwarf covered in tattoes and bearing a glittering rune axe.


Far below, in the belly of the hold, the grobi once more swarmed into the dwarf dungeons. Yet they were prepared, their defences ready and huddled in their ranks they saw off the greenskins without much loss. There was nothing more they could do.

04-11-2005, 04:16
OCC by the way have come p with rules and background for Eldem if you want to see them send me a message.

Eldem was roughly awoken from his sleep in a cold sweat. The daemon in charge had found him, it had been easy enough to sense him when the curse took over. And the evil being was useing the protection of the dwarfs hold to stop any forms of sensing from Eldem. The others still didn't get how drastic this actually was. Whatever this thing was it was powerful, Eldem had only sensed few beings with the same aura around them, the high loremaster and Bel'lakor being among them.

Eldem's strength was slowly returning, why did this keep happening to him. The mark of khain on his shoulder began to hurt as it always did after a rage. He would soon be strong enogh to attempt another foray into the darkness of the caverns, for now though he would watch the three sided war on the planes close by, with that thought he was off through the tree, hiding in the canopies. Thier was something he was missing, how had so much evil grown in one place.

The Pale Lady
04-11-2005, 15:22
Gromi leapt back as the troll staggered, its tremendous body wavering on its feet, before crashing into the wall. Where once before potent runes forged in the days of the ancestors had glickered with trapped arcane power, now only dead sigils adorned the stonework.
With a crash the dead troll smashed into the wall, its immense bulk punching a whole straight through. Darkness leered ominously behind it as a sigh escaped from the hidden chamber; stagnant air gasping in freedom. Gromi frowned, concern and curiosity written over his craggy features. What had been discovered?
His clansbrothers finished off the remnants of another grobi surge into their dungeons and slwoly began converging on the new opening. Gromi knew there were older and wiser dwarfs, older and wiser dwarfs who would know alot more about this than he. More than ever, the room needed to be sealed off from the grobi distractions.
"Thror, Fundi, fetch Lord Brokk now. Tell him a matter of the greatest curiosity 'as arisen and we need his council. The rest of ye, get to blocking the foul grobi tunneling work, now! We must have this chamber secure. For Grungni's sake hurry!"

Autobot HQ
04-11-2005, 21:18
It felt the change almost instantly. It reached out, almost able to manifest a clawed hand, but still too weak. It had but a voice at the moment; a voice of children and of adults. Of men and women. Of the rich and the poor. Its voice was a million voices rolling upon themselves and but a single clear clarion call at once. And now its voice left this place. If laughed at it flew further than it had before. It flowed across land and mountains, above forests and below oceans. It finally reached its destination. For too long it had been unable to be heard this far from its prison. It was almost home.

Lelith awoke almost at once. Untwining her body from that of her two lovers, she walked, almost floating, over to the great obsidian windows of her balcony, pulling them apart. Her bare naked skin shone in the moonlight, making her seem even more pale than she already was. She closed her eyes and smiled as she heard its voice. She was one in a long line of priestesses, destined to await the sound of its voice once again. She swayed as it spoke to her.

“Saviour. Destroyer. Master and servant. Torturer and tortured. I am all these at once and yet none at all. Yet events that have long since been delayed are playing out. And yet, there are those who cannot yet understand the love and pain I bring. Forces are being brought together and must be stopped, so that which came to pass may once again come to be. You must summon him to my side. Anointed in my very blood, infused with the soul and essence of a god. My sweet boy …”

Lelith opened her eyes, the ashen sunlight hurting her eyes. Moments had become hours, and the feeling that it gave to her began to subside. Turning, she returned to her room. Her two occupants had departed whilst she had been … entranced. As she began to done her robes, she swayed again. It would soon finally come to pass. And long had her family awaited the honour that would follow. Morathi had bestowed this chance upon her kin many centuries ago, and now they would rise to pre-eminence once again.

04-11-2005, 21:55
As the Orcs charge closend, Jarl could see that it was less of a chagre, more of a sprint. Suddenly he saw why.

A Vampire, In huge bloodstained armour, Slashing his way through the orcs.

Suddenly Antharic Landed his `hippogriff, outside the protective wall of pikes, smack bang in the path of the bloodsucker.

Before jarl could shout, or articulate any order to help his friend. A Huge volley of shots rang out. Not the cracks of his mens pistols. Nor the boom of the cannon. But some where in between.

As he ponderd the noise, suddennly some of the shot reached him, sharp bits scything through his unit, fellng a few and wounding many. A nother like that would seriously weaken him men, and a couple more shatter it.

Seeing the only refuge for his forces, inbetween the orcs, the undead and this new foe he bellowed his orders

"To the Tunnel, Everyone to the Tunnel"

With these words rining in their ears, the dead were abandond, the wounded piled on carts. The Campfollowers straining or controlling oxen to move the caravan and the wholw army forming a moving circle of skermishes and meele.

taking one last look back Jarl shouted to his friend "To the Tunnel, Antharic, Tunnel!"

Autobot HQ
05-11-2005, 16:26
The hilt of the Draich connected squarely into the man’s chest crushing his ribcage, causing his heart to rupture and killing him instantly. Shifting his weight to the right, he swung the dark blade in a wide arch above his head, decapitating another two, before dropping to one knee, avoiding the thrust of another marauders spear. Kicking his left leg out, he found his heel connect with the man’s shin, breaking it in two and bringing him down onto the ground. Swinging his leg back round and out in front of him, the Druchii lent back on his shoulders before using his own momentum to back flip himself back up again, bringing his helmeted forehead directly in contact with his foe, staggering him backwards just enough to allow another flurry of sword strokes to cut and slash the mans bare chest to ribbons. Suddenly he felt the cold sting of pain as a flail crashed into his head, knocking him off balance. The pain was tremendous; he could feel the spikes throbbing inside his helm, his vision blurry and his ears ringing. It was truly exquisite. As the flail came at him for another swing, he flung his fist upwards, the heavy chain wrapping itself around his forearm, the spiked balls breaking his arm. The pain now writhed through his entire upper body, as he pull his arm down, bringing his attacker forward and downwards, straight onto the rapidly rising knee, wrenching his neck back so quickly it snapped. Even as he pulled the flail from his arm, he had to duck to avoid the huge swing of an immense axe. Rolling with his feint, he brought his Draich up again, only to find it parried by the haft of the same axe. His opponent certainly wasn’t the fastest or best-trained fighter he had encountered, but he was so very strong. This place must lend his strength he though, as the boot connected with his jaw, knocking him on his back. He opened his eyes to look upon his would-be killer. He was a huge mountain of a man, at least 8ft tall, with muscles rippling all over his sweat-soaked body. Blood poured from his empty eye sockets, and his flesh was marked with tattoos dedicating himself to Khorne, the God of War. Even as the axe was raised above his head, ready to bring it down upon the fallen Druchii, he failed to notice the serpentine tail flicker outwards, wrapping itself around his torso. The snake-like steed of Slaanesh quickly wrapped itself around the barbarian’s frame, squeezing the air out of his lungs like an immense python. The Druchii rolled onto his front, and quickly rolled forwards back onto its feet. Still swaying from the repeated blows to the head, he walked over to the now prone champion of Khorne, now totally enveloped by the Slaaneshi daemon. Kneeling beside the warrior, the armoured Druchii reached down, and thrust his two thumbs into the empty sockets, gripping either side of his skull, and pulled with all his might, ripping his head in half.

As his favoured pet began devouring the remains of the fallen, the lone warrior removed his helmet at last. The multiple suns that blazed in the Realm of Chaos lighted his almost white skin. Even now he could see the landscape changing and warping as the influence of Khorne left this place. He had been here now perhaps a few days. Or maybe scant few hours. Time had now relevance in this place. Time had stopped having relevance now a long time ago. All that time allowed was new sensations. New feelings and new experiences for him to savour and enjoy. Pain, pleasure, they were the same to him. His was the superior race, almost immortal in their lives. The air shimmered as Daemonettes began to manifest themselves in the newly spawned forest clearing, brushing themselves against him, licking the bruises that had begun to appear upon his face. Burying his sword into the ground, he let the creatures begin stripping away the plates of his armour. If time meant nothing, then all he had right now was time. For pleasure and for pain. And Slythraxx knew of both.

++++++++++++++++++++ ++++++++++++++++++++ ++++++++++++++++++++
Lelith slowly climbed the stairs to the top of her tower, her long flowing robes hanging scantily off her perfectly formed body. The staff in her left hand glowed as she focused her considerable power upon it. The time was almost at hand. There was still much to do, but it already seemed irrelevant. It would return to them like a force of nature. An undeniable power that could not be contained by the petty magic that now surged through this world. The time when mortals could contain its mighty spirit was long since passed, and those who still existed that could stop it coming to pass … No, none could stop it coming to pass. It was inevitable now. Finally she reached the top of her tower, and placed her palm upon its ancient stone door. It responded as she spoke her soothing words of power, and slid aside for her to enter.

The room was a parody of pleasure, the walls draped in the finest silks and exotic furs of creatures far and wide. The musk of complete bliss hung heavy in the room, and Lelith could already feel herself surrendering to its power. It was so sensual and glamorous, flowing over her body and under her skin. Even her blood could feel its energy caressing her. The floor of the room was barren bit for the immense carved symbol of her God, Slaanesh. And the altar. Carved from gold and fashioned into the image of two lovers entwined in a state of ecstasy it stood proudly, and drove deep within it was a blade. Even as Lelith approached it she felt herself fall to her knees. She crawled on her belly, slithering over to the altar, enjoying every sensation that ran over her. Her blood was boiling from the sheer power that was running over her, and she could feel her skin begin to split and tear as her mortal form struggled to contain the energies pouring from this ancient weapon. Finally, she reached the altar, and her hand slowly rose towards its hilt…

06-11-2005, 06:59
Eldem st in the tree eating an apple and watching the battle down on the plain. His strength and mood where now fully returned, and he was conteplateing his next mood. The best idea at the moment was go down and help either the undead or the human forces, the grobi where in the sway of the presence. but which force would be more useful. The undead had an almost unlimited number of troops, as well as a powerful vampire lord as the leader,. The problem was Eldem really coudn't stand this pervesion of nature that was undeath. And of corse the dwarfs were out, if they wanted to die and loose all their family had lived for, well then that was their decision wasn't it. And the Wizard was a stero type doen to the robes for an archmage of the white tower, so he was out. And the humans, well they where huans and as easily corruptable as the grobi. He was still missing something here, why had their been a druchii scout party, how had everthing been drawn to this place. Eldem took a bite of his apple and shot a few arrows into the battle below. The humans would have to do for now.

The presance of chaos and evil was getting stonger here, the presence was close to escaping its bonds deep in its citadle, and when that happened everthing around here would be gone. He would have to grt to the humans quikly, they seemed to be retreting into a tunnle. Eldem fell from the tree and started makeing his way quikly across the battle field to the human forces.

06-11-2005, 11:38
OOC: Just as a reference, Varn was during the First Great War Against Chaos, where Aenarion and Caledor Dragontamer were around. That's how they had the magic available to forge the powerful runes in the first place, since it had a greater force in the world back then.

Eldacar looked around. His mind was buzzing with a strange pressure, one that seemed strangely familiar, yet at the same time was utterly alien. He was shielded from interference, though, so that would protect him for now.

"Ashaxei," he said softly to the Golden Dragon.
"I need you to enter that tunnel. Brokk may need our help."
Why would you wish to use your powers to aid a race that betrayed you?
"Because I must," he replied simply, "And because there is something familiar about this place. I cannot remember what, but I do know that I have been here before." Eldacar hefted the staff, the runic energies cascading along it. The single diamond he had set into the top of it in remembrance of his friend - had Varn been his friend? Yes, he had, though how, he could not tell - was beginning to shine with inner light.
It is you. You remember things long gone from this world, memories of times past. Times where my kin flew the skies in numbers, when your infernal brother was not yet changed.
"My... brother?" Eldacar's eyes narrowed. "What do you know, Ashaxei?" His voice was sharp, and he felt an anger building.
Stay your power, young one, the dragon replied, arching his neck to look the Archmage in the eye. What I know is for you to discover. All in the fullness of time. But since we may need your power soon, perhaps it would be best if you were to better understand the nature of that which you fight.

Ashaxei opened his mouth, and a great torrent of flame spilled from his maw, engulfing the elf in white flames. And memories.


"Varn," Eldacar said, bowing deeply to the venerable Runelord. "As you ask, so have I come. What do you require of me?"
The Runelord sighed, slumping into a chair. "I am tired, old friend," he said softly. "For years on end we have fought the hordes of Chaos, and they are gaining ground. I have heard tales of the events transpiring on your homeland. Aenarion battles them even now, but he is being forced back. Do not try to conceal it from me, I may be old, but my mind is as sharp as ever."

Eldacar nodded. "All that you speak of is true," he confessed, dropping into the chair opposite the Dwarf. "We are failing. For all our efforts, the strength that the Old Ones imparted to us, we are losing this war. I have communicated with the Slann, First Servants of the Old Ones, and the news is dire. They, too, are being overwhelmed. Even Lord Kroak has fallen. Soon, I do not doubt, I will too. My magic is powerful, but if the Slann cannot hold back these hordes, then I have no chance at all. Taalanthagos wishes me dead with all of his infernal power." Eldacar's mouth twisted as he thought of the deadly Bloodthirster of Khorne, the Greater Daemon. The very existence of the beast offended him, and involuntarily, his hand tightened on the hilt of Ceyl. The sword pulsed, sending a reassuring strength flowing through his veins. "But this is beside the point. For what purpose have you called me here? If I can help, then I will."

Varn did not reply for some time, instead sitting silently, puffing on a pipe, lost in his own thoughts. For what seemed like an age, the Runelord sat, staff by his side, not moving or speaking. Finally, Varn looked up. "You know of the force that besets this Hold," he said grimly. "You have born testament to its power, and have helped us to drive it off on more than one occasion." He didn't wait for Eldacar's answering nod. "It grows in strength. Soon, it will be one of the most favoured of all the Dark Gods, and once this occurs, I tremble to think of the power it will wield. We cannot banish it. It is already beyond that. We obviously cannot call for more aid from Ulthuan, or from High King Snorri. All we have are the Dwarfs under my command, and your flight of Dragon Riders."

"You want to imprison it," Eldacar said. Varn nodded.

"We can trap it deep within this earth," the Runelord explained. "I have had my warriors create a chamber, deep within this hold. It will serve to contain the creature for a long time. Perhaps for all time, though I doubt that. Yet there is one problem, one obstacle that yet confronts us. Power. Magic. We lack enough strength to bind it on our own. And for the runes that we need, I cannot summon the power on my own. I need your help. I need your power. Together, we can forge the most powerful runes of imprisonment available to our race, runes that would be otherwise beyond any but the Ancestors themselves. And with them, we can imprison... him." Varn didn't speak the name of the thing, even here, well within the defences of the Dwarf Hold. Probably a wise decision, Eldacar mused. Varn took a deep breath. "So, old friend, will you aid us?"

The Archmage nodded. "Aye, Varn. I will."


He crumpled to the ground, gasping. Ashaxei looked down on him. Now I know, he thought. Now I know. The reason why he had these memories was still hidden from him, but it was a start. He straightened, drawing forth the Staff of Varn. The diamond set in it began to pulse, waves of magic resonating in the air around him. Scabbarding his sword, he swung back up into the saddle.

"Into the tunnel," he ordered. Sarathai formed up the small cavalry force behind him, and with Eldacar leading the way, they entered the tunnel, heading for the Dwarf Hold. And as they began to draw closer to the end of the tunnel, the diamond began to glow with an ever increasing light, banishing the darkness around them under the soft, pale glow. Ashaxei growled, stopping, and Eldacar nodded. He sensed it too. Daemons.

"So it begins," he murmured softly, drawing his sword. Silver fire raced down the length of the blade, and with staff in his left hand and sword in his right, he and Ashaxei moved down the tunnel, Sarathai and the rest of the elves following behind.

06-11-2005, 16:18
The Mercenary circle moved closer to the cave, and as they neared suddenly the shout went up.

"Elves, Elves!" All through the ranks astonished cries came. But Jarl Held firm. He'd risk the unknown danger of Elves against the very known dangers of Orcs and Undead.

Soon the reached the tunnel, harried only by a few goblin wolf riders. But behind the wolf riders, the Squeals and Grunts of Boars followed.

Iselle Lit the way into the tunnel, wide enough for 30 men abrest, and almost as high.
Jarl formed a rearguard of His pikemen, wedged in the tunnel. With a few of the longbow men mixed in his ranks.

The Pale Lady
06-11-2005, 17:55
Brokk's jaw fell as the giant wyrm swept into the tunnel, its fiery breath engulfing the demons and destroying their material forms. Behind it came elves, dragon-friends, traitors.
Brokk's gaze fell on the familiar elf riding the dragon and he cursed. Perhaps he could have taken it back in the dungeons, surrounded by protective runes and his clansmen...but now it had a wyrm, a legendary beast spoken about in stories passed down from generation to generation...were Brokk a lesser dwarf, he might have shivered in fear. So many enemies, all here at once. Was this the end of the dwarfs of Karak Khaz?
A glittering beacon of light shone from Eldacar and the venerable Runesmith's eyes picked out a staff in his hands. No, thought Brokk, not just any old staff, a runestaff. It bore many resemblances to the one he held in his hand even now, yet it looked stronger, more powerful. As the monstrous creature approached, ploughing through the ranks of demons, Brokk became more and more certain what it was the elf held.
"It cannot be" He gasped. "That staff was broken, many millenia past..." How had the elf come to own it? Theft? Brokk was suddenly alot more curious about the feyling, at the very least he wanted to inspect that artefact closer. A sound behind him made the Runelord start from his reverie. It was the panicky voice of Norin.
"Drakk! Fire!" Brokk knew he had moments before his kin showered the great wyrm and its rider with quarrels. He could not allow that.
"Nay! The demons! Fire at the demons!" He bellowed over the din of battle.

06-11-2005, 18:13
Iselles Magical Illumination was both welcome and unwelcome. Welcome because it Illuminated the tunnel that the army sught refuge in. Unwelcome because what It illuminated was another battle. Dawarfs behind carven walls fought deamons and elves killed the immaterial beasts. even A dragon had room to spread it's wings in Here. The few mercenarys were hardly noticed.

The Humans quailed, daunted by the sight, but Iselles Magic began to take play. Gripping the hearts of the men and inspiring the women. Magically amplifying her voice she orderd the carts used to block the gate way, before the orcs charge hit home the caravan had become a ramshakle wooden wall. The Crossbowmen manning it already vollying out against the greenskin chargers. Jarl himself stood fighting on the wall, unwilling to abandon his companion, Antharic, lost out of sight in the whirl of battle.

Iselle bustled about, checking her clothing was immaculate (even in the field), and that she had the letters of introduction. And a note scrawled in runic dwarfish by the dieing messenger that had summoned them.

She marched in the center of her Bodyguards, their armour the finest money could buy from Barak Var. The Halberds marked with apprentice stamps and As she cast her spell they glowed, the luminecent green glow that machted thr uniform. Inspired by her show of organisation the pike regiments reformed, into almost semicircular hedge hogs, ready to attack the deamons.

The few crossbowmen not crammed on the walls were taking pot shots at the deamons. And the Martial sound of drums echoed through the Cavern.

On the Barricade things were increasingly under control. Longbow men were shooting over their heads and crossbow men from amoung the ranks and jarl's lions were ready to recive the boar riders charge.
Except no one is really ready to recive the charge of a 6' orc on a half ton boar.

The whole wall shiverd eith the impact, and many pikes were broken as the weight of bodies hit home. but soon they were stabbing back. A slow punishing meat grinder as they squerd the orcs. The riderless Boars driven mad by the smell of blood and fearsome noise. started to gore other boars and stomp the riders.

Soon the entrance to the tunnel was choked with green skin bodies. Butthe ramshakle wall held.

06-11-2005, 18:48
Athanaric slew orc after orc yet still more came. Hipparchus tore wolf riders from their saddles but it was not enough. Looking behind him Athanaric saw the mercenaries had made it to the safety of the tunnel. Spurring Hipparchus on he galloped towards the opening and half lept half flew over the barricade, a crossbow bolt glancing off his shield as he did so.

He brought the beast to a halt and looked at Jarl. The mercenary seemed to be getting used to his dramatic entrances.

Autobot HQ
06-11-2005, 19:04
Slythraxx stood at the edge of this reality, or rather un-reality, and looked beyond to the horizon. Before him was a shimmering wave of energy, so thick in its power it was almost tangible. Past that was the bleak, cold land of Narragoth with its the empire of frost. Lofty, spiked towers, its dark pine forests, rugged cliffs and sinister gorges. And further south, west of the Underway and deep in the Iron Mountains, stood the tower of Kar Silik. It had been many hundreds of years since he had left that place, and until now felt no desire to return there, and yet he felt himself being drawn towards the place he had once called home. He snarled; it was never home. Home lay across the sea, now sunken beneath the oceans. Home had been destroyed by those weak, despised fools who never realised their potential. Their BIRTHRIGHT. They among all mortals on this earth were the greatest, and all other races should have bowed before them. Dwarves, man, it made no difference. They were weak and should have been culled like the beasts they are. At the height of their power they walked in the midst of Gods and Heroes the likes of which have never been seen since. The joys of the world were theirs to taste and savour. Nothing was beyond their grasp. Art and civilisation the likes the world had never seen then nor since were created, and the lesser races were in awe of their very lives. And his ‘brethren’ in all their idiocy had rebelled against all of this. They had thrown it all away, believing that such behaviour was immoral and debased. The war that followed was exquisite. Slythraxx smiled at his memories of the war, perfect in their detail, as were his memories of the Great War of Vengeance that followed many years later. It had been but a few decades since his blade had tasted dwarf blood, but he longed for their deaths on his hands again all the time. Theirs and the deaths of all living things that knew not their role in life. His gauntleted fist grasped the reins of his steed and pulled, urging the steed forward, back into the mortal realm, and with a swiftness unparalleled by any earthly creature, it sped forward, breaking the barrier and slithering quickly over the planes before it.

Faster and faster it moved, gaining speed and momentum all the time, dashing between thorns and trees, leaping over gorges and hitting lakes with such haste that it glided across their surfaces, causing great waves to crash over its rider, and still it sped onwards. In hours it had covered ground that would of taken days by any horse, and before the pale light of the moon had set, the beast had reached its destination. Slythraxx stroked the back of the daemons head as he dismounted, removing his helm so that he could look upon Kar Silik once again. It bore only a passing resemblance to the place he left only decades ago. The tower was now part of a mighty citadel, at least five times the size of the original hold he remembered. As he marvelled upon this, the doors of the tower opened, and a single solitary figure stepped out.

She wore power like a mantle. The winds of magic blew and twisted around her frame like they were hers alone to control, and he could sense the daemons that fluttered and flickered around her like an excited pack of dogs. And yet her most powerful feature was most certainly her beauty. Her skin was smooth and flawless, colourless but for a light tint of pink. Her lips were full and black, as was her long, silky hair. And her eyes. They were deep pools of darkness that seemed both empty and powerful at the same time. Their hazel hue only exemplified her splendour even more, and the dark black eye shadow drew his eyes to hers almost instantly. Her long powerful legs were almost uncovered by her thin robes, and her chest has heaving and full. Her left hand was engulfed in a pink flame that burned intensely, and in her right hand was a delicate long blade. That blade. Finally Slythraxx knew why he had felt the need to come here, and why things looked and felt so different. Time, as ever, had no rules and heeded no law in the Realm of Chaos, and it was now evident he had been gone a lot longer than a few decades.

“How long have I been absent from this place Priestess? Where is Melisai?”

“It has been over three thousand years since you were last within our warm embrace most favoured champion. Melisai has long since passed on, and I am the High Priestess here. I am her second daughter, Lelith.”

“Second daughter?” Slythraxx raised a quizzical eyebrow.

“Yes, my darling sister lacked any proficiency in the ways of magic. My mother tore out her throat in dedication to our God, whilst bathing in her blood.”

“Very well. The blade you hold, you know the deal you have agreed to I assume.” It was not a question but a statement.

“Yes Lord. I know of it all. Come, it is almost time, and you will need your strength for the wars yet to come.”

06-11-2005, 21:15
"By all the Gods Antharic, You almost got left behind. You are either Foolishly brave or Bravely foolish"

He turned after exchanging greetings with the Noble Knight and began ordering the reinforcement of the wall. More Carts were piled on it. And the loose rocks thrown from dwarfish war engines or left piled for some cause were formed into a defnsive wall across it. Manned by the wounded and Camp followers, As well as the rear guard and cannons.

Meanwhile Jarl turned to catch up with his regiment, which was already marching towards the frey.

"Myrmidia's Spear!" his voice was lost at the feriocity of the fighting. But with the Dwarfs, Elves and now the supporting fire of the Merceanarys it was possible to see light against the deamons.

06-11-2005, 22:20
Athanaric made his way over to Iselle. "My lady, if you can forgive me for my earlier actions. I was not myself and the lady moves in mysterious ways." She seemed about to reply when a look of horror crossed her face. Fractions of a second later Athanaric spun around in his saddle, his lance outstretched and braced against Hipparchus. A gore soaked monster lay impaled on the end roaring, still struggling forwards with its hell-forged axes to try and slay the knight. The magical point of Athanaric's lance cut through its eldritch aura with ease, and banished the creature back to the nightmare realm which spawned it.

Turning back he looked at Iselle and smiled. "Shall I take that as us even princess?"

06-11-2005, 22:39
"Indeed Antharic, you May" Princess Iselle briefly flutterd her eyelashes at the Nobleman, And turned back to the battle at and, quite obviously more intrested in the fight than flirting.

"We Must reach the Dwarfs Line" she shouted over the din, they were now thicker in the frey, Iselle having to weild firy blasts of magic at the deamons and both her bodyguard and Jarl's Lions were battering at the deamons, Hemeraging a trail of dead but they had the numbers and the discipline to take the casualty rate. "We must Get them to sign the contract. We Have Goods for them"

Jarl was continueing the conversation through the vicious battle.

"We Came across a dwarf as we were taking a short cut throught the passes, He was gravely injured. But paid in good gold for his food and care. He was dieing whatever we could do, but he Implored us to bring aid to his hold, promised us great rewards to help lift the seige."

07-11-2005, 06:24
LaFayte slashed through an orc on a boar as he rejoined the rest of his force, the humans seemed to be moving into some kind of caves. as he absentmindedly reached over and tore the throat out of a charging orc, he called to Rebecca, "It seems our mortal friends don't want to play anymore, weak humans go hiding in caves, such a dissapointment." Rebecca's reply was lost in a sudden loud roar coming from the caverns. LaFayte turned quickley at the roar, he had heard it before, once during the many centuries searching the world over for the one thing that he was told would eliminate the few weaknesses of a vampire lord, a cure for the endless thirst discovered by the very first of the Blood Dragons, the blood of a dragon, Last time he had heard the call of a dragon, was when his former master betrayed him, denying him the blood from one he had fought so hard to kill. He was hearing the exact same sound coming from the caverns the humans were retreating to.

LaFayte threw the orc's body over his shoulder. Raising his hand, his skeletal mount emerged from the greenskin horde, trampling many in it's way. Climbing into the saddle, LaFayte called out to his army, as a whole, the many skeletons, zombies, ghouls and vampire thralls made their way to the cave, ignoring the greenskins except to slay the ones caught between the undead and the cave, LaFayte leading the way as all thoughts of battle, greenskins, elves, dwarves, or the knight he had seen were pushed out of his mind with the prevailing thought, he and his thralls would feed well tonight, the best they ever had, enough to last their whole unnatural lives.

07-11-2005, 09:10
Gripping the staff tightly, Eldacar brought it down on the head of one of the Daemons. With a flash of light, it erupted into motes of coloured light that slowly drifted apart. Ashaxei lashed out with his claws, ripping another in half. Searing flame burned from his jaws as he rampaged through the Daemon ranks. An amusing thought came to the Archmage. It's like I'm just along for the ride, he thought dryly. Blocking a hell-forged sword, he retaliated with his own burning blade, taking it through the throat. As it faded from the material plane, he became aware of Sarathai calling to him.

"Archmage! Humans coming down the tunnel!" But there was no time to deal with it now. Hefting the runestaff, Eldacar channeled a bolt of energy through it that blew a sizzling hole in yet another Daemon. There were so many!

From a slight distance, one of the slightly stronger Daemons approached. Yet strong or not, it was still no match for Ashaxei. The dark blade it wielded scored a hit along the side of the Dragon, but as most mortals would know, being an object of irritation for a wounded Dragon is not an intelligent course. Sadly for the snarling beast, it wasn't mortal. The blast of fire almost singed Eldacar's eyebrows off as he shielded his face from the inferno. Spying Brokk, he motioned to Ashaxei.

"Get to the Runelord," he instructed his companion.
As you wish, Rider, Ashaxei replied, turning to begin tearing a path through the ranks towards the Runelord. Eldacar used the runestaff to hold back the Daemons, calling on the magic within it, but he knew that he might well cut off Sarathai from aid if he wasn't careful. Turning back, he made a couple of signals with his hand, and the Commander nodded, turning and giving the orders. They would be safe. After all, this particular group had survived far worse than this. The ithiltaen whirled and discarded their shattered lances, drawing their swords to begin preparing to carve a path towards their leader.

The Pale Lady
07-11-2005, 14:39
As the dragon writhed closer, its sword-like claws swatting away opposition and tearing into the demons, Brokk heard his name. Turning, he saw two dwarfs emerge from the thick of his bodyguard and come rushing up to him.
"Lord Brokk!" One bellowed. He was a short dwarf, strongly built but heavy of form. The other was taller, but his short blonde beard barely reached his chest. Brokk did not recognise either of the two.
"Aye, what is it?" He replyed quickly, conscious of the battle swirling around him.
"Gromi, the Ironbeard, he wishes to see ye immdiately. A matter of the greatest interest 'as arisen, deep within the dungeons. A chamber, unbeknownst to any of us has been discovered. We have nay ventured in, for fear of what may lie there." Brokk's mouth tightened, his moustache twitching, before nodding.
"Alright, but the battle is fierce-" A screaming bellow caused Brokk to swivel around and he brought up Grong Grund just in time to block a blow to the head. The maniacle demon cackled and lashed out again, its deadly claws drenched with warm blood. Stepping back from the demon's reach, the Runelord dealt the creature a return blow, smashing it aside. It became undone even as it crashed to the hard ground. Before Brokk had a second to think, another demon leapt to confront him. All around him, his bodyguard fought for their lives.

Norin gave the order and a flurry of quarrels was sent into the demonic ranks. Few fell and the old dwarf cursed in frustration. The hell creatures were very resilient to their missile fire. Many of the creatures ploughed on forward, needless of the bolts protruding from their tough flesh.
Giving the serpentine dragon a distrustful and slightly fearful glare, the dwarf elder looked around. Most of his clan were holding their own, their crossbowfire and the keen axes of the clansmen holding off the demonic legions. To his left, just behind the broken gates and within the hold stood Brokk and his Longbeard guard. They too were holding out, but the demons were relentless in their fury. Not to mention the wyrm fast approaching them...But Brokk had made it clear not to fire on the beast. Norin hoped he knew what he was doing.
From the other side of the chamber, at the heart of the demon's horde, a single figure leapt demented amonst the near thereal beings. A glittering runw axe, inscribed with runes of deadly potency, flashed to and fro, severing demons where they stood and swinging back for more. The figure's body rippled with muscles as it moved, making the tattooes that adorned its body seem to writhe and move with a life of their own. Snarling and spitting, the figure wreaked great carnage. It had slain mighteir foes than these petty demons in the past.


Deep below the battle, many levels down, Gromi stepped tentatively into the darkness. As he entered the very beginning of the chamber, his torchlight banished the nearby shadows, revealing great runic scripture along the walls. Some were runes of power, designed once to bind or trap something, yet now they sat dead, their strength lost. No more did they flicker with runic energy.
As the anxious dwarf stepped further, more runes became visible, but these were not magic runes. They spoke of a story, a tale, a legend. They spoke of history. As Gromi read, he gasped.

Thunder bellowed overhead as demonic legions swarmed over the mountain passes. Screaming bloodthirsty horn-headed monsters crunched solid rock underfoot as they charged frenzied beneath the shadow of the mountains, slaying all in their path. Giant, rotting behemoths the size of houses slithered and rolled, sticky slime-trails congealing in their wake. Demonic temptresses leapt and darted lithely, pincers clicking delicately together as if in tune to some unheard song.
All these horrors and many more besides swept over the mountain realm like a black tide of unholy filth, corrupting all they came across. Their screams and shrieks were all that could be heard for miles around, cries of pain, delight and dread mingling in a terrible chorus of noise.
As if in response to the unnatural presences that broiled beneath it, the sky split with purple lightning. Rain poured down in icy sheets, mingled with snow and hail stones. The elements seemed to scream their fury at the travesty that was the demonic hordes marching across the lands.
As if called up to fight on behalf of the mountains themselves, regiments of dwarfs poured from their subterranean halls. In stark contrast to the ecstatic demons, the dawi folk were solemn and morose. Their faces set in grim determination, they marched on nevertheless. Many knew they would die this day, others knew they would endure a fate far worse than death. Yet still they marched, for honour and pride. For they were dwarfs and while they still drew breath they would fight to slay their enemies, to uphold their alliances and to defend their homes.

The Bloodthirster bounded across the ground, accompanied by several demonic princes of its patron. They snarled and snorted as they charged relentlessly forward, their wings carrying them with unparalleled speed across the uneven terrain. The rock cracked and splintered beneath their iron shod hooves as they pounded forwards, wet blood splattering their persons. None would stand before them. They existed to fight, to kill, to slaughter in the name of their god. They had no other purpose. Ever quicker they closed in on the dwarf battle line.
In their wake, bloated devotees of Nurgle crawled painfully forwards. Their corpulent bodies, swollen beyond all recognition into great balloons of disease, rippled as they moved. Pus leaked horrifically over their massive forms, dribbling and sticking to their gangrenous flesh. Yet despite all of this, the children of Nurgle laughed. The Great Unclean Ones gurgled in delight as their plagues and diseases ravaged those around them, indiscriminate of race or age or power. They breathed in the deep, suffocating, poisonous stench of the corpse gases that accompanied them, seeming to see easily through the cloud of greedy flies that hovered eternally around them.
Riding the Winds of Magic darted the demons of Tzeentch. The fell, multicoloured creatures flitted and soared on the magical currents, shimmering in and out of existence, drinking in the power that surrounded them. Avian in appearance, many of the demons had feathers of magnificent blues and glittering reds. Oranges of the fiercest fires flickered and sea-green hues rose and fell mysteriously. The demons croaked and cawed as they unleashed magic almost instinctively, its multihued fire erupting fantastically from their fingertips, talons and even their bare flesh.
Arrayed against the monstrous demonic swarm were the tightly packed ranks of the dwarf army. Short, doughty warriors arrayed in armour generations old stood defiant, unafraid of the horde before them. Their beards were many and varied; some as long as the dwarfs themselves, others barely reaching their owner’s bellies. Some were braided, others held together in trinkets and clasps, some hung loose, free to blow in the tumultuous winds. Some were white as snow, others a fiery red, some black as coal. Each was the pride and joy of its bearer.
The wailing winds battered the dwarf line, both magical and mundane. The dawi folks’ rune weapons glowed enchantingly, the runic script and sigils adorning them shining with an inner light. Each spoke of battle and death and fury, as though sensing the coming slaughter.
The rain increased, battering the dwarfs’ armour ceaselessly. The incessant pattering noise echoed throughout the dwarf battle line, barely audible over the screams and hisses of the fast-closing demons. In a matter of minutes, the demonic death bringers would be upon them.
At the heart of the dwarf line, stood atop an ancient shield; an heirloom of the Kings of the hold, was the Runelord Varn Thunderbrow. The venerable old dwarf stood unmoving atop the shield, dressed in rune armour and bearing in his firm grasp Drung Dum. The mighty war hammer was a beautifully crafted weapon of his own forging and many of the runes that adorned it were known only to him. In his right hand, he grasped the Runestaff of Grungni. The ancient talismanic tool was alight with palely-lit runes, as it worked overtime attempting to drain away the winds of magic which strayed too close.
He roared over the raging elements and screeching hell hordes, speaking of grudges long standing and the wrongs done to his clansmen. All around him, the dwarf warriors muttered their grievances and worked themselves up into a defiant, unmoving and utterly stubborn state, resolving to have vengeance for the many wrongs done to them and their ancestors by the foul, tainted chaos, or die trying.
Like a thunderbolt the first wave of demons hit the dwarfen battle line, and then the second, then the third, and all Chaos broke loose.

The Pale Lady
07-11-2005, 14:55
A Keeper of Secrets danced languidly amongst the Slayers; dwarfs oath bound to die fighting in glorious combat. It leapt and wove a deadly dance of death, pincers flicking to and fro, decapitating and swatting aside the insignificant enemy as though they were children. Around it, demon princesses and other, more ambiguous forms moved to the same unearthly music. The stench of heavily scented air drifted over the crazed Slayers, drowning out their senses and confusing their frenzied minds. They fell in droves, but stood their ground nonetheless.

Brog’thyl cackled insanely as he brought his corrupt blade down on an unfortunate dwarf, crushing the veteran beneath the massive weight of the poisoned blade. Its green, gross body shuddered as it chuckled in joy at the death of the mortals, each soul released free to be devoured by his brethren and he. The Great Unclean One swung its horned head around, disrupting the thick cloud of flies, to observe its brothers. They were wreaking a terrible havoc in the dwarf lines. He laughed harder.
A shadow grew over the godly demon and he looked up curiously as a huge rock came hurtling into its corpulent body. Brog’thyl screamed, a horrific unearthly sound, as its obese belly exploded under the assault. Acidic, fuming juices sprayed into the air, splattering all for metres around.

Frey swung her axe with a vengeance, its runes exploding with light as the weapon tore through Hrashgrakk’s leg. The wounded Bloodthirster tumbled and fell, disintegrating as the force that bound it to this realm was devoured by the mighty weapon. The dwarf Shieldmaiden gasped as her foe was undone, leaping aside to avoid its writhing whip even as it was lost to this realm. She’d go to Grimnir’s Halls before she would let the demon foe wrest the mountains from her race…she owed it to her children. She could not abandon them to the unearthly enemy. She would not.
As Frey struggled to rise, a titanic axe smashed into her back, splitting her in two like a mouse in a trap. Her last thoughts as she died were of her children. Already more corpses mounted up on her.

Varn stood and watched as all around him, his clan died. His eyes, weary with age glistened at the sight of brothers, cousins, nephews…all dead or dying. Their still warm bodies littered the ground, trampled by the uncaring demons. Their empty eyes stared lifeless around them, watching as their family was murdered. Nothing more than hollow bodies, empty of life, alone.
A snakelike demon whipped towards him, scattering any who stood in its way. Its forked tongues flickered as it tasted the death on the air, its eyes drunk in the bloodshed. The thing reared up over the lone figure of Varn, isolated atop the shield he was borne on. Its shadow descended over him as it prepared to strike, poised, whispering taunts and secrets no other soul could know. Like lightning the princely demon of Slaanesh darted forwards, its jaws wide open, teeth like daggers. With a timely swing of his hammer, Varn took the head off the beast. It reared in surprise and disintegrated before him in a shower of mist. Varn roared into the swirling elements, amid the forked lightning and bellowing thunder.
“Let them come!”
Grigg’loche bounded forwards, its slavering jaws releasing great slavers of demonic drool. The globulous strings burned the bare rock where it touched. Leaping up to confront the dwarf in the name of Chaos Undivided, it was smashed back by the force of a hammer blow. Knocked to the earth, the demon leapt rapidly back to its feet. It was easily the size of a large troll and appeared in the guise of a monstrous hell hound, black with eyes like hellfire. Snarling it pounced once more, intent on bearing the stocky dwarf to the ground, but found itself repulsed by some runic power. To approach the figure stung its flesh like acid.
Varn roared, the runes of banishment atop The Runestaff of Grungni shining amidst the chaos. Spitting at the demon he swung both it and Drung Dum in conjunction, smiting the demon hound. It howled at the sky as it was undone, disappearing back to its own hell realm in an explosion of orange flame.
The Greater Demon of Tzeentch, M’kaal’sh, swept over Varn. Here it sensed a worthy opponent…the other stunted foe were no match for its incalculable intellect. Shrieking and cackling to the winds, it crooned words of power. Black fire sprung for from its staff, twisting in the air to converge on the Runelord. It engulfed him in a miasma of death.

The demon K’vrashlak burst from the ground beneath the Ironbreakers, its many tentacles writhing and squirming like great thick snakes. Their fanged mouths sought out the dwarfs, drawing them back into the monster’s ravenous mouth. Teeth like lances gnashed through even the tough gromril armour of the elite cast of warriors, reducing them to bloodied shreds.
Killi sidestepped a furrowing tentacle and brought his axe down in it, severing it from the body of the demon. Even cut off, it continued to move with a life of its own. Killi cursed the thing and returned to the bloodshed, rushing forward to save his father from a fate worse than death.

“Now!” yelled Okri desperately. A row of bolt throwers unleashed their load, casting the spears deep into the ranks of the enemy. To the left, a Bloodthirster was impaled in the face. Even as it died it lashed out, crushing more dwarfs beneath its blade. To its right, a Great Unclean One was taken through the chest by a glowing, rune encrusted bolt. It smiled obscenely, plucking the thing from its oversized breast and snapping it between webbed fingers while dwarfs hacked crazily at its body. Still it would not die.

The black fire dispersed, showing Varn to be unharmed. Already, more tendrils of hungry death raced toward the Runelord. Such magic could strip the strongest mortal of his flesh, reducing him to bone. Shouting a command in Khazalid, Varn unleashed the might of the Runestaff. The approaching spells shattered, scattering from the mind of the demon. For a moment the beast looked confused, and then it shook its head and smiled evilly. Sweeping down to engage the dwarf, several glowing blades of purple light shimmered into existence around its being. Behind the looming figure and all over the battlefield, lightning continued to flash.
Varn leapt to the side, falling to the ground to avoid the massive demon as it descended upon him. Even the Runestaff couldnt repel one as mighty as that. Rushing to his feet, the Runelord spun round as a multitude of glowing blades flew at him. Two he knocked back, Drung Dum deflecting them. Another two were unbound as they got too close, the Runestaff setting to work on them. The remaining three scythed into Varn and his rune armour sparked on contact with them. Two broke up, the armour proving too strong an obstacle in their path. The last lanced into Varn’s stomach and he groaned, falling to one knee. M’kaal’sh laughed. Smiling maliciously, arrogance written over its demonic visage, the Greater Demon reached forward, its clawed hand outstretched.
“I will not yield to you!” spat Varn stubbornly, rising. Stepping forwards, he swung Drung Dum with a purpose. It crashed into the demon’s body, smashing a terrible rent in its shimmering flesh. The thing screamed and leapt back, out of range of the deadly rune weapon. It fixed him with a petrifying stare, murder emanating from its evil eyes. Raising its arms majestically, it prepared to cast Varn into the vilest pit of Chaos.
A bolt flew into the demons chest, bursting through its body and imbedding halfway through. M’kaal’sh looked down in shock before screeching and vanishing in a flash of blue lightning.
Sighing and clutching his stomach, Varn turned and looked around him. His shield bearers lay dead, their bodies with great flayed gashes torn out of them. A frown crossed Varn’s features. Where was his ancestral shield?
A massive object flew towards him and Varn ducked hurriedly. Peering back, he saw his shield, embedded deep in the rock. Turning to face his new attacker, his face dropped.

Taalanthagos bounded towards the dwarf Runelord, his whip cracking. In his left hand, the Axe of Khorne swung bloodied and fouled. It had tasted death this day and would not stop killing till it was full. The demon was easily ten times the dwarf’s height, snarling and spitting its fury as it raced ever closer. Great tusks grew twisted from its gore encrusted mouth and muscles rippled as it moved. It was a combat monster unlike Varn had ever faced.
Yelling his defiance, the Runelord began to invoke the runes of banishment upon the Runestaff. He must at least weaken its hold on this world if nothing else. A crack like lightning reverberated in Varn’s ears and the Runestaff was wrenched from his grasp by the sentient whip. His hand fell numb at his side from the force of the blow.
The axe came arcing towards the dwarf and he desperately brought Drung Dum round to meet it. The two weapons clashed, flickering and sparking as they touched, before both rebounding.
It lashed out again, axe blade moving faster than the Runelord thought possible. Too late he swung his hammer, and the Axe of Khorne clove into his chest. Blood burst forth from Varn’s mouth as he was thrown back by the force of the blow, to land on his back on the cold, blood slicked rock. Even as he lay there dying, the Bloodthirster Taalanthagos stepped over him. It held in one hand his hammer and staff, which burned it greatly to touch, but the crazed demon seemed impervious to the pain. It grinned victoriously as it exerted its immense strength, crushing the objects out of recognizable shape. The runes flickered and died as they were broken, their magic released. With a sigh, Varn shut his eyes and died.

07-11-2005, 17:46
Eldem staggared, and droped to his knees. He had just started his way through the battle field to the humans, but now could not hold concetration. He quikly retreated back into the trees. The presence had amde a sudden leap in strength it was close to breaking its bonds. The suddennvortex of magic and presence of chaos had stunned the elf as much as a punch to the face.

Time had run out to aquire allies, all the petty races where caught up in their own bigotires and bouts of deperation. Eldem would have to try and hold this thing off a little while longer, andhopefully buy time for the others to escape. He had to hope he could.

09-11-2005, 13:42
The Human Forces were getting close to the walls of the hold, dragging the caravans by human and the few oxes left. A great circle of pikemen and mercenaries surrounded them with antharic Flying to where he was needed most and Jarl slashing his way through. Wherever a heart falterd, or quailed at the horros of the deamons Iselles magic was their greatest weapon. Emboldening any man.

Eventually they were within Ear shot of the dwarf them selves and Jarls shouts could be heard.

"Friends, we Bring news of Dorin son of Norin, We are Friends"

((OCC: Dorin son of Norin was the dwarfish messenger they encounterd))

The Pale Lady
09-11-2005, 17:57
Norin heard the humans shout aloud in their own tongue, one he was little versed in, yet amidst the jumbled jargon and half words he picked out one name-Dorin.
"Cover! Cover the manlings!" He bellowed, thoughts of his first son raging in his mind. He had heard nothing of the dwarf since he'd departed the hold and desperately wanted news. Was his son alright? Had he made it through the mountains?
On his shouted command, the crossbowmen of his clan swivled their aim, firing into the demons around the approaching humans. It was all the help they could give.


With a sweep that sent dust and earth scattering to the air, the giant wyrm coiled before the dwarf king, unfurling its wings majestically. It locked gazes with the ancient dwarf, the enmity between their kind evident. For his part, Brokk's own gaze did not faulter. His grandfather himself had slain a dragon, a year before his death, and he knew that for all their strength and greed and speed, the serpentine monsters were killable. Keeping this thought firmly in his mind, Brokk stood patiently, waiting for the elf to dismount. At least the dragon's bulk was blocking the demons for a moment.
Around him, the nearest Longbeards not guarding the flanks of the regiment stood proudly, defiantly to attention. They would not be caught slacking in the company of elgi. The standard bearer hefted the regal, rune inscribed standard symbolically, its potent inscriptions emboldering the dawi and reiforcing their resolve.

09-11-2005, 20:10
The Humans were hard pressed, fending off ever thick groups of deamons as they neared the intense fighting of the dwarf line.

As they Neared the Dwarf lin suddenly Bloodletters Burst through the ranks.
Jarl's lions were hit in the flank by a mob of red frenzied deamons. The brutal weapons cutting through men and armour with ease.

Before panic could set in Jarl had made his way through the press and was there, amid the pikemen desperatly unsheathing swords, and the heavy shields off their backs to use in formation rather than be picked off by superior fighters.
His Pistols shots were deadly accurate, the two rifled barrels and prucession caps proving they were worth every gold coin it had cost from a travelling merchant.
Quickly he was running out of pistols though, he only had 6 and it took a good few to fell one of the horned berzerk beasts.

10-11-2005, 02:17
Eldem was sitting at the entrance of the cave cross legged eyes closed. his cloak and weopons where ina neaat pile to the side of him. He had to prepare for what was coming. Before he met the daemon in martial combat he had to confront it mentally. This was incredibly dangerous as the daemon could over power his mind and either destroy it or take it over, makeing hima prisinor in his own body. But he had to prove that he could match the thing, to show he wasn't afriad. Eldem mind followed the winds of magic down to the great vortex that was the daemon.

10-11-2005, 12:14
The little creature is trying so very hard not to be scared of me,, Ashaxei thought-spoke to Eldacar. The message was tinged with what the Archmage assumed to be amusement as the Dragon continued. Speak with him. I shall prevent the Chaos force from drawing any closer.

"Be safe," Eldacar told the golden dragon as he dismounted, landing on the ground. The mental picture the Dragon sent him was at the least one that made him grin. Then, with a terrifying roar, Ashaxei began to lash out at the encircling Daemonic horde once more, leaving Eldacar free to converse with the Runelord. Holding the staff in plain sight, the Archmage walked up to Brokk, scabbarding his sword as he did so.

"Runelord Brokk Thunderbrow," he said formally, reaching within the memories he possessed for the correct wording, "As a Dwarf Friend, named so by the venerable Runelord Varn Thunderbrow, I offer my aid. Will you accept it?" The staff he bore pulsed with magic as he spoke, the Dwarf runes emitting a soft white light that seemed to suffuse the area around the two. Seemingly oblivious to the chaos of battle surrounding them, Eldacar awaited the response from the Dwarf.

The Pale Lady
10-11-2005, 15:27
"Runelord Brokk Thunderbrow, as a dwarf friend, named so by the venerable Runelord Varn Thunderbrow, I offer my aid. Will you accept it?"

Yet Brokk could hardly hear the elf's whiney khazalid, for his mind was fixed firmly on the staff. His eyes stared in wonderment and awe at the artefact in the elf's hand. Alright, there were many similarites between it and the ancient Runestaff of Grungni spoken of in legends, but there were differences too. Subtle ones, but differences nonetheless. It was not the same staff. And yet...it was powerful. Infinitely more so than the one born in his own tight grasp. The runes that ran along its length were alien to him, some of a similar design to the ones in the dungeons, yet others he'd never even seen before. He had to know more.
"Aye, Eldacar of the elves, I will accept yer aid. It begrudges me to do so, but strange times are afoot and I d'nay think your presence here is mere coincidence. The will of the ancestors works in subtle ways an' that staff you hold...there is much I wish to ask of ye."
Dwarf and elf stood, both united by the elemental light of the Runestaff for a moment, before a screaming demon slipped past the dragon and spat a poisonous acid at the two figures. The elf banished it with a flick of the wrist and a muttered incantation.
"Yet now is not the time. First, we must destroy these demons. Too many of my kinsmen have they claimed. Once they are slain, you and you alone can be allowed passage into my halls." The gruff voice of Brokk was as immovable as stone. Nodding at each other the two figures, legends amongst their own races, returned to the battle.

10-11-2005, 16:12
Jarls men had hastily reorganised after the deamons had beeen driven off.
But there were many more wounded in the caravan and the dead could only be left were they lay. If the mercenaries won, they would be back. If They didn't there was no were to run to.

Jarl Pushed forward and under covering fire from the dwarf crossbowmen the circle split and reformed. As a wave ripples back from a rock the humans reformed infront of the dwarf crossbow line.
The human Crossbowmen Perched on the Shelf that their dwarfish counter parts also used, or they climbed the caravan and used it's height to survey the field.
The Longbow men Started vollys into the thick spots of deamons the youngest perched high in a crevice calling out locations.
The Pike men formed a line to protect this artillary of archers. While the actual artillary fired from within the ranks. Cannons balls flying through deamons, or in some cases bouncing of the hell spawn. Thick Clouds of Smoke were already forming, but by some unknown magic or engineering vents in the walls breezed slow but fresh air that dispersed it.

Iselle made her way through the regiments, her dazzling smile bringing cheer to mens hearts, no matter how low. Her Body Guard marched behind her right , and to her left marched her paymaster.

She daintily climbed the Carven rock face to the dwarfish crossbow lines and Saluted. Her green cloak swirling about with her read hair entirly at odds with the sudden hardness percivable within her.

In Very Badly accented Khazhalid, spoken with the mix of human and the accent of Barak Var, she asked "I bring news to Brokk Thunderbrow and Norin, Father Dorin, may I see them"

11-11-2005, 05:27
Eldems consciousness swirled down the dark vortex that led to the daemon. The chaotic and evilness of the things nature bombarded the elf like meteroites falling from the sky. Hittiing his mind from all sides and direction, from within and without, a constanst mental assualt that left the elf stunned and confused. As his mind whirled down under the constnt barrage of horrible images and ideas, and swirling of the chaotic vortex that followed no path but was was constantly moving in no particular diretion. It was like trying to swim against a strong current that constantly changed ways. Eldem had no bearings to grab onto to slow his decent nd was finally plummeted into the chaotic nothingness.

Eldem saw images of ancient battle and heros from all races in shining armor, being cut down, of great wyrms and mages being slowly destoyed, but through the whole time the daemon refused to show its face. Eldem watched the things weopon tear through a whole line of Eldems ansestors, and watced as their blood spurt forth, bathing their enimes. The daemon was testing hm guaging his reaction, looking for chinks and any weakness. Eldem was confronted with an image of what he thought might be his father only to see it swirl away into the chaos. Eldem watched as axes came for him, he jsut ignored it telling himself they were illusions.

Eldem fought through it all and was now confronted with the image of a blood red citadle the doors open to show a massive throne of skulls, atop witch sat a massive roughly man shaped figure cloaked and cowled. It had come to th first challenge the daemon would present him with. Eldems mind manifested its own form, an image of Eldme equally the size of the he daemon and charged forward. The monstous clash of the titans shattered the citadel around them, it was now a contest of speed of thought.

Eldems had formed into a sword and came up to slash the things throat, the daemons cowl turned into an iron plated shield and deflected the sowrd, the shield became a rapidly growing spike spearing down towards Eldems legg. Eldem quily banished his leggs into smoke hovering like a djinn in the air, the spear plunged landing on the ground. Fire erupted along the spear singeing Eldem's lower body, he had to keep paying attention, or his mind would be crushed, makeing his body an empty shell. The flaming spear began to elongated upwards becoming a razor thing wall of steel looking to split thebElf in half. Eldems lower body formed a dome shield beneath his leggs,this would continue for a while.

11-11-2005, 07:10
As LaFayte's forces fought their way to the cave, they arrived to find an army of daemons between them and their goal. LaFayte normally would be overjoyed at the thought of fighing as formidible a foe as daemons, right now however, he was more annoyed. "That is our destination, in that cave I know that was a dragon I heard, and those, they are nothing more than in our way!!!" as the other vampires cheered at his words, they charged into the remaining daemonic forces, skeletons and other undead following behind. All of LaFayte's minions and thralls shared his bloodlust as one. LaFayte scythed through daemons as he singlemindedly focused on making his way to the cavern.

11-11-2005, 09:03
OOC: Before I start the IC post, Shadowprince, this daemon is strong enough to crush Eldacar in mere moments as he is, and Eldacar is a lot stronger than Eldem when it comes to things of magic. I doubt that you would be able to prevail for very long at all against the thing. Now, moving onto the IC section.

Eldacar bowed to Brokk before turning to move towards the fight. The surrounding elves nodded to him. All acknowledged Brokk, to a point, barring the Caledorians, who sat their steeds impatiently. Ashaxei towered over the Archmage, and his mere presence was enough to keep the surrounding daemons slightly wary.

Do we begin? he asked.
Ashaxei eyed him for a moment. You draw closer to your true self, Eldacar, he finally said. I pray that you will have the strength and courage to reach that goal. Now, activate the staff. We will have need of its power.

Running his hands along the talisman, Eldacar could feel the magical energies running through it. Hopefully, they were energies that, when released, would be able to at least banish the Daemons near him. Walking alongside the Runelord, moving with a flowing gait similar to that of the Swordmasters of Hoeth that he had picked up in recent days, he began to summon the power of the staff. The diamond set in the top of the talisman began to glow as he did so, pulsing as the item gathered power.

11-11-2005, 09:06
The robed priest, his Lamassu now forced to the ground by a press of orcs and goblins, his Imortals gaurd reduced to a handful began to summon a last fire spell. Damn Arzurth, damn him! This was nothing but treachery and usurption.

Before he could compleate the incantation however his world vaporised in a howling white light...

Barrage after barrage impacted amoungst the green skin horde shrdding flesh and scouring rock. A demonic howl could be heard on the wind as warped artillary shells devored all before them.
eventually the thunder recided and the smoke setled.

Arzurth Almost leaped with joy, he had done it and whats more only one of those machines had managed to break its bonds (he really hoped that it would be brought under contol soon as it was making a fearsome racket).
As the smoke cleared he saw in the distance LaFayte's forces had aproched the entrance of some caves carved with runes...
...apearing around them however an army of deamons had decended gibbering and raging.

Oh this was too good to be true deamons for experentation and a dwarf hold to enslave, this was definately too good to be true. Praise Hashut!

With a gesture Arzurth ordered his troops foward, leering as he chuckled to himself. He would gain much prestige and riches from this, much indeed.

The Pale Lady
11-11-2005, 16:25
"Welcome, human, to the ancient dwarf realm of Karak Khaz. From before the time of yer people has this hold stood hidden beneath the mountains, largely protected from the depredations of the lesser races. From within these halls have been created some of the finest dwarf craftmanship to ever grace the world with their power and beauty, to rival that of even the great Runesmiths like Kadrin Redmane or Thorek Ironbrow. And yet, ye catch us a little the worse for wear. Times have been hard of late and our enemies grown strong. Many thanks already for yer aid, yet I regretfully announce Lord Brokk is preoccupied at the moment." Norin indicated to the battle swirling around them, his ironic tone evident to even the most slow-witted fool.
"I am Norin Oakenshaft, elder of the Oakenshaft clan and father of Dorin, Gorin and Borin.What news do ye bring of my son, for I heard ye speak of his name?" The old veterans' face was wrinkled with concern and hope glimmered desperately in his eyes.


Brokk chanted aloud in Khazalid, the thicky accented sound reverberating around the chamber. At the invocation of their secret runes, his own Runestaff of Grungni flickered into power, drawing in the raging power from around him. Next to him, the tall elf's own artefact was doing the same, only on a much grander scale. The old Runelord and the elegant elf strode amongst the demonic monsters, united in their goal. While the elf's Runestaff still grew in power, Brokk kept guard, smashing aside any who sought to interrupt him in his task with his mighty hammer. Though his own Runestaf had already reached the peak of its power, the elf's was still growing. The demons would not last long now.


Bloodfist screamed in vengeance and fury as he left from atop a large rock, bearing the unholy vampire lord from his steed. The two combatants went rolling to the floor, each landing and rising nimbly to their feet. Spittle ran from the crazed dwarf's chin, his rotting teeth gleaming a sick yellow. In his hands he held a mighty axe, rune encrusted and pulsing with power. It was the most powerful rune weapon owned by the dwarfs of Karak Khaz and predated many of their rune weapons, having been passed down to the slayer from generations upon generations.
Bloodfist grinned in anticipation, his orange beard bound tightly in clasps of gold and iron. Here was a foe worthy of his doom. The demons, they were pathetic. None could stand before his strength. None. Dragons, orcs, ogres, demons, elves, all slain at the edge of his axe. But a vampire...the Lord of Death glared perilously down at the dwarf. Its gaze was a timeless one of pain and suffering and...honour. Each seeing opponents worthy of their skills, the two enemies raced towards each other, weapons blazing.

11-11-2005, 20:16
Eldacar it isn't a maic duel. I agree Eldacar is more powerful magic wise. Eldem is not planning on destoying the daemon, but buying time.

Swaet ran down the Elfs forhead, and a thin stream of blood trickled form his nose. Eldem noticed none of this his mind was off completly seperate from his material form.

Eldems arms beame blades as he came up to counter the axes the daemons arms had become. His arms rapidly grew shooting forth to impale the daemon, but the cloak turned to steal and stoped the blades in their tracks. A giant hammer nurst forth from within the cloack and hammered into Eldems stomach knocking his titanic form to the floor. Eldem rolled tot he side as the daemon tryed to separ the elf with its arms. Eldems legged kicked towards the daemons chest turning into spears in mid flight. The Spears managed to puncture the cloak but the beasts skin turned to rock. Eldem rolled up to his feet and dived towards the cape firgure fire corsed down his body and exploded out as he crashed into his adversary. The cloak burnd away to reveal simple obsidian humanoid. This daemon was insistance on not revealing its nature. This was getting more and more frightning. How powerful was this thing.

11-11-2005, 22:41
Iselle Continued, stumbling over the odd word but necessity forced her to improve.
"I bring Bad tidings for you Norin Oakenshaft, I must bear word of the fall of your son.
We met him killing goblins, but before we could aid him, he had taken wounds to the belly. All our magic and help could not save him.
He Killed all his foes but before he died he gave us news of your plight and asked us to Aid you. He Wrote a message, But I cannot read Khazalid"

Iselle reached into the sheaf of papers and handed Norin a scrap of parchment, written in a shakey runic script.

12-11-2005, 01:47
OOC: TPL, I'll trust you to finish off the battle that Eldacar is assisting with. Shadowprince, I sent a PM your way explaining things.

12-11-2005, 05:25
LaFayte glared at the dwarfthat had dared knock him from his mount. Usually LaFayte would simply behead such a creature and continue, but he recognized this dwarf was such a creature, that such a simple death would be unfitting, almost insulting. But, after centuries of hunting and searching, he was almost within reach of the very thing he had been searching for, and he knew it would be one of the hardest battles he ever had. "Step aside dwarf, I have no time for this, but as one warrior to another, you have my word to continue this fight afterwards." When the dwarf replied by roaring out a battlecry and charged right at him, LaFayte grimaced, "So be it." and likewise charged forwards to meet the dwarf in battle.

As both combatants collided, LaFayte slased at the dwarve's head, shaving off the last inch of the shorter one's mohawk as it ducked and came up aiming the rune-axe at LaFayte's head. With supernatural speed, LaFayte dodged the attack and twirled behind the slayer, stabbing his sword into his back, if it weren't for the fact the dwarf, spinning on his heels, caught the sword in his grip, and swinging around with all his strenght, tossed the vampire into the surrounding mass of battling daemons and undead. Just as fast, LaFayte flew back at the dwarf, bisecting daemons caught in his way, and leaping into the air, brought his sword down hard on the dwarf. Swinging the axe, Bloodfist blocked the blow and both fighters weapons were locked together, enchantments in the metal of the blade reacting with each other sent multicolored sparks and arcs of magical energy, some of the arcs coming from the locked pair setting trees on fire, or vaporizing demons who were caught by the energy, but neither dwarf, or vampire would break.

The Pale Lady
12-11-2005, 14:33
Norin stood stock still, as memories of his late son flourished within his mind. Gone...lost to him. Another clansman taken violently from this world.
"I have no time te read the letter yet, but I'll make time in the near future" grumbled the aged dwarf, the weight of recent events piling up on him and showing for all the world to see. His face sagged and his lips drooped down in a morose picture of agony. His eyes lost their life, their glitter.
"First we need to win this battle. Once the enemy are slain, I'll try and grant ye an audience with my lord."


With a vicious snarl, Bloodfist broke the deadlock and brought his axe arcing around, its edge shimmering in the relative darkness of the cave. It seemes to shriek as it homed in on the undead abomination, slicing the very air itself asunder.
Dodging like lightning Lafayte leapt back, avoiding the fatal blow. Yet the slayer kept pace, his axe flashing and flickering, powered by thick, rippling muscles. Every stroke dodged or countered was followed by another as the frenzied dwarf relentlessly sought an opening in his opponent's guard. He'd fought and slain mightier foes than this in his time.
A sword slipped into his belly, its blade like icy fire to the dwarf. Bloodfist choked and gasped, looking down at the silvery weapon as it slid out of his flesh. Looking up in abject surprise, he met the gaze of the Lord of Undeath.
"I tired of your games, stunted one. There are others here against which my skills can be better tested. However you fought honourably and with an expertise rarely found in these...floundering times. For that, I grant you an equally honourable end. I will not raise you in my service, nor will I despoil your body with my thirst." Leaving the dwarf to die, he strode proudly off into the melee around.
Bloodfist's eyes glazed over, yet still he saw. He saw his clan ambushed, he saw the creatures race past his watchpost as he slept. He saw their bodies, murdered and mutilated at his feet. he saw their killers melt back into the shadow of the mountains. He saw himself, his beard dyed orange, his body being tattoed. He saw Scalagor the Despoiler, the ancient drakes body writhing in it's death throes. He saw the Black Terror, stalker of the Forest of Shadows, undone by his axe. He saw trolls and ogres, their bodies strewn in heaps. Even Althanedor, the Fey Prince of Naggaroth, swam before his vision. All were dead.
Then he smiled and joined them.


The demons were thining under the combined assault of the dwarfs, elves, humans and dragon. The fell to the axes and pikes of the warriors, while Eldacar and Brokk waded through the core of their diminishing force, banishing those with the building power of the Runestaffs and hammer and sword.
With a shout, Eldacar held the Runestaff in his delicate grasp high into the air. It stopped glowing for a second, then with a pulse of magic flashed twice like a flickering torch. Then, with an almighty explosion of light it released its full power. Gasping, Eldacar braced himself as the arcane energy rolled over the inhabitants of the hall. Demons, undead and all magical constructs became undone, the force binding them to this world unwoven. Even the rune weapons of the dwarfs seemed to dim for a moment, as though sapped of a little of their bound power.
After several moments, the light faded. As the remaining living occupants of the room looked around, they were met with silence. That and the grim stench of death.

12-11-2005, 20:46
"You have our sorrow good dwarf" Iselle said
"And we shall not fail the promise to your son, we shallf fight again for your hold"

Iselle returned to her troops, but now, none of her leadership or magic was necessary. Jarl had organised the force effectivly and the deamonic forces numbers were dwindiling.

Suddenly There was a Blinding Flash, as though some spark had ignited the whole cave. Iselle Fainted.

Blinking, a cheer went up from the mercenaries, the deamons were gone.
The Cheer slowly falterd as they surved the field. of the 1000 mercenaries who had marched into the mountains barely 500 were left, 2/3ds the force mangled by the Greenskins and more than 5 score dead in the Cavern.

13-11-2005, 11:56
With a short gasp, Eldacar crumpled to the ground, waves of arcane power rushing through his body. The staff was blazing with a shining white light, banishing the surrounding shadows, but it was drawing part of the necessary power from him. Breathing heavily, he cut off the flow of power before he was weakened too far, and lay on the ground for a moment, gasping.

As Ashaxei began to infuse him with some of the Dragon's own strength of will, he gradually gained the ability to stand once more, but it had been a near thing, and he was leaning heavily on it as he looked around him with sad eyes. The moans of the wounded filled his ears. Head bowed with the weight of ages, he purged the sounds from his mind. In war, you take wounds, he reminded himself. But the words sounded hollow.

OOC: Apologies for the short post, but I'm working on an article that deals with Malekith right now, so I didn't have much time.

The Pale Lady
13-11-2005, 18:15
Brokk stood before the weakened elf, his breath coming strong and steady in stark comparison to the ragged intakes of air from the elgi. He felt no pity for the fey, only a burning desire to learn more about the Runestaff.
Norin approached from behind, leading with him a human. The woman looked beautiful and held herself with an aura of authority. Clearly she was an important figure amongst the ragged mercenaries. As she approached, Norin nodded to her and left. Thanking him, she came closer.
“Lord Brokk? I am Lady Iselle. May I offer my most heartfelt condolences for the loss of your kin to the foul, dirty depredations of battle. It is a terrible thing, even in the best of circumstances and there can be no winners, only survivors.” The dwarf lord winced at her Khazalid for she spoke it even worse than the elf, though he had to admit her accent was better. She had conversed much with his kind before, he could tell.
For all her inaccuracies, he knew she was being genuine. He could see it in her eyes. They were like windows to the human’s soul, through which he could see the pain and sorrow she felt at the death of those in the entrance hall.
“My thanks, Lady Iselle, for yer sentimentalities. They are well received. Many thanks also for yer aid in defending our hold, for ye too must have lost many men in the conflict. Though I have had little dealings with yer kind, ye will be reimbursed for the expenditure appropriately.” Brokk knew the manlings would want paying. It was the honourable thing to do, no matter how much he hated to part with his gold; besides, he had a potential ally here. He disliked humans much less than he disliked elves. The creatures might be painfully barbarous at times, but it was preferred to the haughty arrogance and finesse of the elven race. He knew it was an opinion held by the majority of his kinsmen. He didn’t know a dwarf in the hold who hadn’t lost a clan member to the untrustworthy fey, at one time or another.
Briefly he was reminded of his oath to slay Eldem. The effeminate creature was a treacherous snake who knew nothing of boundaries or constraints. Brokk was not stupid and knew the elgi was ridiculously powerful; too powerful for him. But an oath was an oath. If they ever met again, he would have to die.
His thoughts on elves, Brokk returned his gaze to the fey before him. The being had proved invaluable in the battle against the demons and for that he felt grateful, though it was a great deal harder to express in words.
“Thank ye also for yer help, wizard.” The elf nodded feebly, but the venerable Runelord could not fail to detect the glint of satisfaction in its eyes. Hastily Brokk changed the subject.
“Elf, Lady Iselle of the humans. Lady Iselle, Eldacar of the elves. Ye have much in common with the magical arts, or so my glowing Runestaff tells me.” Whereas Eldacar’s had gone silent and dim once more, momentarily drained of all its power, Brokk’s remained constant. He had not unleashed the power of the staff in the same manner as Eldacar had, instead leaking it out over a period of time. The elf had released his in a blinding flash.
The two present exchanged pleasantries, before Brokk spoke up once more. As he spoke, he looked around him. The immense pillars that held the ceiling up were intricately carved with runic tales and torchlight flickered from many braziers around the chamber, creating a warm, homely look. Behind the three figures, towered the ancient, broken gates to the hold. Dwarfs hurried too and fro, removing the dead and taking names of those fallen. Several strode mournfully around, recording the names in their Books of Grudges.
“Welcome, guests, to the aged dwarf hold of Karak Khaz. Ye stand now through the gates, in the entrance hall. Ne’er before have ones such as yourselves stood where ye now stand…though I feel you have much to tell me that I will nay like” The Runelord directed this last statement to Eldacar. “Still, come. Ye will be needin’ rest and there is much work to be done in clearing our hall and the cavern outside the gates also. Go and speak with yer forces, then meet back with me once ye are done-and be quick about it, for I've built up quite a thirst”

13-11-2005, 18:24
OOC: yeah, wasn't sure how kosher it would be to kill the slayer, so I left it to you :)

LaFayte ended the life of a Daemon, then looked around, it seemed like that had been the last one, looking around the battlefield, he only saw corpses. His way to the cavern was now clear.

Calling his forces to him, LaFayte pointed to one of his necromancers, "You, aquire some reinfocements for us if you will." The robed figure bowed and began casting his death magic. The bodies and corpses all around the battlefield started to twitch as dwarves, elves, greenskins and humans were reanimated.
LaFayte looked at the body of the slayer as it began to twitch and move, "But that one is exempt, as I gave my word." with a sigh, the dwarf desended back into death as the rest stood and joined LaFayte's army.

climbing back onto his mount, LaFayte pointed to the cavern, and as one, the undead host marched again.

13-11-2005, 21:32
Jarl had organised the mercenary force, in the few short moments Iselle had been talking with Lord Brokk. The Pike men were split into their rotas and an improptu canteen had been formed by the cooks, dishing out bread and cheese.
The crossbow men were sitting at thier posts, talking to the dwarfs but already the light companies and longbow men were performing the grisly duty of registering the dead, collecting their bodies and lying them ready for buriel. Though how they would bury them in the stone they knew not.

Jarl was called over by iselles beconing finger, as was Sam, her one eyed paymaster.

"The Dwarf lord has thanked us, and agreed to pay us. We are invited to sup with him and he has orderd that we be quick about it. I am sure he will not mind if you are slightly battle worn."

With that contemptuous but endearing remark she vanised into the caravan, picking her way through the bustle and wounded to her wagon. She slipped inside and stepped out a moment later, refreshed and dazelling.

"Ready boys?" She took one of their arms either side f her and strode off to meet the dwarf lord, Towerd over by the men in full battle dress, but all the more powerful for that.

She, Jarl and Sam sat with the dwarf lord, on a seat inside the walls, surveying the entrance tunnel, and supped at their beer. Iselle supping hers daintily but both blokes draining their flagons after one taste.

"We have letters of introduction from several counts of the empire, the free state of Marlingaro, the duke of paravona and the Lord of Barrak Varr.
We also have a note written by Dorin Oakenshaft, who we found dieing in the passes."

She inclined her head in a bow

"May I intoduce my General in the field, Jarl 'the Lion' and Sam Brahaa, my paymaster and bodyguard."

They Both Bowed, taking off their Iron Helmets, one sweeping back his fur hood and the other dodging the plumes atop his helmet.

"We are honoured to serve the great hold of Karak Khaz."

14-11-2005, 01:24
Eldem had finally beaten the things its breath was getting ragged as it gasped on the floor. How had he done this he would never no. The obsidian skin began to dissolve. Eldem would finally see what exactly his enemy was. The skin rolled back reavealing a human. The thing was deffinatly a human, its body was well built and strong harshaned by drastic winters. Damed foul bast had used a smoke screen, one of its mortal lemmings to fool Eldem, the thing had found the elf unworthy.

IT dawned on Eldem this things was far far more powerful than he had originaly anticipated, the last time a power such of this had been known to the world, was the foul daemon Bel'lakor. He could not even hope to prevent this on his own.

Eldem picked himself up off the floor, staggering slightly leaning on his sword for support the stubborn dwarfs would be getting his help whether they liked it or not. For any of them to survive they had to unite, as much as Eldem hated the idea. He could always just leave let the forces of chaos swarm over a kill everythng, but nothing deserved that. Eldem began to limp down the tunnle towards the dwarfen hold.

14-11-2005, 01:36
"Ehem," Athanaric coughed politely. This was obviously his come-uppance for flirting with Iselle. The four figures turned slowly as Athanaric approached. "I'm sorry my lady, good sirs, I was detained. Hipparchus needed feeding and I felt I owed it to your men Jarl no to leave a hungry hippogryph at their camp."

The knight bowed low to the dwarf lord. "Athanaric of Bastonne at your service my lord." Brokk looked the Bretonnian up and down critically. Bretonnia had links with the elves almost as strong as those the Empire had with the dwarfs, and some rumours of their goddess would mean the links went even deeper. Their handshake was more a trial of strength than a greeting. Athanaric was sure he felt the Blessing's protective aura rise a knotch.

Not wanting to get into an argument with his host, Athanaric decided to play a wildcard. Turning to Jarl he said innocently, "Told him about the Dawi-Zharr yet?"

Looking at the dwarf, Athanaric could not for the life of him describe the expression on Brokks face...

14-11-2005, 02:50
Eldem limped down the tunnelsthe chink of his sword against the ground echoed out through tunnel. Eldem limped dlowly down comeing upon the cell where he, the dwrf, and that damed wizard had fought against the goblins. The door was locked, but the trip had been worth the try.

After another long slow walk back, Eldem pulled himself up around the cliff. The dwarfen doors where open there seemed to have been some comotion. Eldem could no longer sense the vampire lord, he had obviosly retreated into the caves during high sun. Eldem made his way to the dwarfen doors, bringing himself upright and sheathing his sword. It seemed just about everything had retreated inside the dwarfen hold ,must be cramped Eldem mused to himself. He began to eat another of the apples he kept tucked into his sash. Sigh this was going to get irritating, those dwarfs where a stubborn lot, and the runelord had said something about consequences, death, something like that for returning. hmmm this would proove ot be interesting and at least there wasn't the threat of his soul being devored by an ancient Daemon at the moment.

Eldem looked down into the dark dwarfen doors, he could feel the power corseing inside, it looked like the dwarfs were still too busy to notice him. With that thought he slipped into the unwelcome blackness of the dwarfen tunnel. The Eld walked down through the tunnel. The sides looked ented and scraped something massive had come through here. Eldem heard voices and the sound of a diminishing battle in the distance, he tried to call out to them but began to cough so violently he fell to his kness. He pulled his hand away from his mouth, blood was on it, he could taste it in his mouth. He had obviosl spent far t much energy as of late, his body jsut could not cope, and now that the adrenilin was one he was suffering for it. Eldem noticed a small outcropping that the massive creature that had come through here had made. He through his last grapling hokk up their and climbed up. He rolled up the rope and concealed hinself as best he could. As he slipped into sleep the last thng he heard was a dwarf patrol. Hopefully they wouldn't find him, they had promised his death after all, and in his current state he couldn't do a thing about hit.

With that last htought Eldem fell into sleep to be tourtured by dreams.

14-11-2005, 07:02
Sarathai bowed to the Archmage. "My lord, what would you have us do?" he asked. "I fear that these Dwarfs are not to be trusted." He was speaking in Tar-Eltharin, to avoid chances of being overheard, and his face was worried. "Should we accompany you within the Dwarf Hold?" Eldacar shook his head.

"No, I will be safe," he said. "With the storm that is fast approaching, it is no safer out here than it is in there. Trust, Sarathai. That is all I ask of you for now." Turning, he bowed to Ashaxei. The golden scales of the ancient beast shimmered in the light as it returned the bow, before settling down near the gates to sleep. With such a formidable foe at the entrance, Eldacar would have gambled that the Dwarf Hold was now far, far more secure than it had previously been. Using the Runestaff to steady himself, he nodded to Brokk. "Lead on," was all he said.

Already, his mind was occupied with thoughts of what they faced. There was no hope of reforging the original runes binding the thing, he knew that much. Perhaps they had a chance at banishing it. It was undoubtedly weakened after such a long period of dormancy, and the diminishing power of magic within the world would undoubtedly contribute to that. Perhaps they had a chance. A small one, to be sure, but a chance nonetheless.

The Pale Lady
14-11-2005, 15:52
“Dawi Zharr?!” roared Brokk exasperatedly. Was there no end to the stream of foes coming their way? Sighing, he slowly regained self control and gradually stopped shaking. “Elf, Lady Iselle, Sir Jarl and Sir Anatharic, ye must come with me. There is a report of some strange goings on in my dungeons and I reckon t’is connected to the recent activity with the demons and grobi. Ye alone can enter the heart of my hold, nay others. I have commanded it so yer men and elves and beast can stay in the entrance tunnel. They’ll be safe there. As for that drake, it can stay outside the gates for the moment.” Eldacar frowned slightly, his plucked brows knitting together in delicate concern.
“D’nay worry, elf, yer kin will be able to commune with it still at their wish, all they need ter do is ask for the gates to be opened and the Gatekeeper will see it done.” A noise made all present turn, and they were all surprised to see the gates to the hold, in all their ancient glory, slowly slam shut. They were still battered and weakened, but already the dwarfs had made it so it could physically shut once more, trapping out the uncertain outside. Brokk merely nodded, grunting in satisfaction, in stark contrast to the mildly shocked features of the others.
“What?!” he exclaimed. “Ye did nay expect me to leave the gates to my hold wide open? We are dwarfs, not some mindless careless manlings…no offence intended…When an order is given; we set to work as though we are Grungni himself. I expect nay less of my kin. Now foller me, we have not the time to waste.” Striding ahead, Brokk stepped out of the hall and into a long corridor. Its length was lit by torchlight and the odd runic symbol. Doors and passages would sometimes lead off to the left or right, and after several more metres the dwarf lord took a right turn, down a long, steep flight of steps. The journey though the enormous depths of Karak Khaz had just begun.

Norin stood at the gates, watching the drake absentmindedly as it was slowly shut from view. His son was dead. His enemies were abroad and elves and dragons stood at their doorstep. Magic was rife within the air, its wild destructive nature seeking to destroy his clan. Demons summoned from the darkest hells accosted their gates and now he’d heard their dark cousins, the fell fickle chaos dwarfs, mentioned. Those traitors existed for one thing, slavery, and had turned their backs on the true dwarf gods. His forefather would be turning in his stone tomb if he knew what times were like now.
“Dark” muttered Norin, his grey white beard shaking. “Dark, dark times indeed”

15-11-2005, 04:22
Eldem's sleep had never been pleasant, demons huanted his dreams along with the ghosts of those he had slain and knew. He dreamt of the new grreat daemonic presence and its luring of himself into its clutches, the slow corruption of his being and he himself riseing back and slaying an innocent village.

Eldem awoke yelling "no", rolling off the small putcroping to fall on his back on the stone below. He had broken out in a cold sweat. The thing had penetrated his dreams. He coughed violently gain this time no blood came. At least he was slightly better. He began to move slowly down the tunnle. He had to talk to runelord Brokk and the others tell them what he had discovered about the being and the things power. Of corse the dwarf ha dpromised death, but that was mearly a side note. Eldem had cared little about his own life for a long time. He slwoly limped down the passage, luckily no dwarfs had happened upon him yet, he did not wish to harm the little folk. Eldem pulled yet another apple and began to eat it. He guessed whih direction the main dwaren complex would be and waed down that way Sheathing his sword, Eldem began to walk down the tunnel. His keen Elven ears began to pick up murmors of sound well at least he was heading towards something. Eldem coughed heavily again this time the blood was back.

The Pale Lady
15-11-2005, 15:15
OOC Everyone, just to clarify, the demon is NOT Be'lakor. NOT Be'lakor.

The small group of allies led by Brokk emerged into a large hall. Its heights towered over even the tallest dragon, the ceiling curving around into a dome shape. The hall was dark, shadowy. A few candles were lain in specific positions around the room, but otherwise there was no other source of light. Several dwarfs were present in the room, robed and shrouded in dark reds and greys. They spoke not, merely wandering around the cavernous chamber, reading of ancient tales inscribed on the walls or lighting more candles. One was sat, cleaning a horn of some sort. His great white beard reached down passed his feet and he scowled at the passers by before resuming in his work.
As the group made their way to the other side, their destination seemingly another flight of stairs, the smell of incense drifted over them. It was pleasent to the nose and calming to the mind.
The reverent silence was shattered by the speaking of Jarl.
"What is this place? It is unlike the vaults we have so far visited." The others merely looked around, taking in the breathtaking views of craftsmanship and mining offered to them. At the manling's words, Brokk spun round. His own voice was quiet and laden with respect as he answered the ignorant human's question.
"T'is the Hall of Mourning. Do nay speak here, to do so is to bring shame and disrespect towards those no longer living. T'is through here the dead are borne, down that passage to the left" At this, the Runelord indicated with a short hand. "There, they are placed in tombs of stone along with their forefathers, t' rest and drink away eternity with our Gods. Hurry, we must be away from here. It will busy soon, when the recently slain are prepared." At the mention of the dead, Iselle and Athanaric dropped their heads appreciatively. Eldacar looked indifferent, as though nothing had been said. Turning once more, Brokk lead the group away.

15-11-2005, 18:17
LaFayte and his army approached the cavern, looking at the remains of greenskins that were caught up when the daemons appeared, he nodded to the necromancer. Gathering up his robes, the withered man stepped forward, and began chanting in Nagash's own language. The assorted orc and goblin corpses slowely raised themselves, and joined the rest of LaFayte's force.

Satisfied that he had enough soldiers now for whatever was thrown his way, LaFayte led the way into the cavern.

15-11-2005, 22:09
OOC: You guys got room for one more? if so what do ya need me to post?

16-11-2005, 02:51
Eldacar walked softly within this great chamber. Eyes idly flicking around, he recognised the place.


The sorrowful dirge echoed in the air around him, and the Archmage bowed his head as he viewed his friend. Varn lay on the white marble bier that the Dwarfs had erected for him, attired in all his ancient armour, hammer grasped within his hands. It was as if he was sleeping, but Eldacar had watched as the terrible blow was struck, the blow that finally brought the life of the Dwarf to an end.

Stepping forwards, he felt the eyes of the Dwarfs upon him. To some, they might hinder, but he had been the Runelord's greatest friend. Stepping up to the bier, he looked upon his friend's face, grasping the reforged Runestaff in his hands. The Runestaff. Varn's son had wanted him to have it, had given it to him as a gift. He had sworn never to dishonour it, and he would not.

"Forgive me, old friend," he murmured softly. "I wasn't there when you needed me." Raising his hand, he reached out to grasp the currents of magic. He could feel them, and sensed the weakness present that had grown into being with the completion of the Vortex on Ulthuan. Still, there was enough energy for him to complete his task. Reaching forwards, he laid a hand on the chest of the old Runelord, and a white glow surrounded the both of them. The observing Dwarfs gasped, but the elves near the back of the hall stood silently. They would not interfere with this.

"My last gift to you," Eldacar said softly. "I swear upon Ulthuan and my forefathers that I will always be here to aid the people of this hold when they need it. Even upon mine own name do I so swear." Magical currents flooded his voice, infusing it upon his very soul. An oath that could never be broken. Some part of him wondered if this was the right choice, but he dismissed it. This was the right thing to do, he knew that now. "And now," he continued, "I will honour you in the only way that I can." Varn had hated his old age, hated the fact that he would one day be no more. The white glow surrounding the two of them began to brighten, until the onlookers had to shield their eyes. They felt the currents of magic rushing about them, as if the very air had come alive, and when their normal vision returned, it was done.

Varn was encased in a crystal sheathing of the purest diamond. Within the many facets an observer could view his face. But it was not an old face. It was the face and body of a youthful Dwarf, freed from the ravages of time by the force of the magic employed. Until the end of days, he would remain so, untouched by plague, disease, rot, famine, and the chill of death. Eldacar looked once more upon the face of his friend. It may have been a trick of the distortions in the gem, but on Varn's face was an expression of peace, and a small smile seemed to flicker about his lips.

The Archmage knelt, and as the elves at the back of the hall followed, so did the rest of the Dwarfs. Outside the Dwarf Hold, Dragons swooped through the skies, uttering mournful cries.


Eldacar had a new insight into why he was here. There was more to the story, he knew, but it was a start. He found his steps carrying him forwards, until he walked beside Brokk.
"May we view the tomb of your ancestor at some point?" he asked.

The Pale Lady
16-11-2005, 14:15
Brokk gave the elf an inquisitive look. It wished to see the tomb of his great ancestor. Certainly, he was like no fey Brokk had ever met. There was something faintly...compassionate about the creature. No, perhaps that was the wrong word. Respectful? Brokk struggled to find the words to fit his slowly changing feelings toward Eldacar. There was something in those eyes that Brokk recognized when the fey had spoken of his ancestor, something he had not noticed before. Whispering reverently, Brokk gave his reply.
"Aye, elf, that ye may. Seein' as were so close, ye might as well see him now." Turning, the dwarf addressed the group.
"I am takin ye all on a slight distraction, there is something I must show the elf. It will nay take long, manlings. Now, foller me." Turning to the left, Brokk lead them all across the hall, into the aforementioned side tunnel.
Its depths were silent, ominous as the group progressed down the length of the passage. The grey stone of the walls was unchanging, many grand runes of power and magic adorning them. The skill of the artisans who created such works of unparralleled creativity and beauty was truly great. Occassionly, a flaming torch would light the way.
The group emerged in silence into a large chamber, with several off shooting tunnels. Each was guarded by a full armoured dwarf, resplendent in gleaming armour of the finest gromril and beard plaited practically. Their hands grasped various weapons, some axes, some hammers. Each was unmoving and unspeaking, standing like statues in their resolve. It was much like the previous hall in all other respects, great thick pillars rising like ancient stone trees from the ground. Brokk halted the group and spoke to them.
"Ye must wait here now, while I take the elf to see the tomb of my ancestor. So many strangers would nay be allowed in at once, nay matter yer ties to us, and besides t'is the elf who has business here. We will nay take long." Having spoken, the Runelord nodded to the elf and lead him to the one of the tunnels. Above the simple rectangular portal, insribed in Khazalid were the words 'Clan of the Thunderbrows'.
"Straight through there" spoke Brokk gravely, and the elf bowed slightly.
"Thank you. Will you not be accompanying me?" The dwarf took a moment before replying, his voice laden with fatigue.
"I'll be right behind ye, d'nay worry yerself." Eldacar nodded and strode off down the tunnel, swallowed by the darkness.
Brokk took a deep breath. He hated the catacombs, tomb after tomb or dead ancestor, lined up in their great stone sarcophagus. The all enveloping silence of death hung heavy in the air there. And now...the pain was still too recent for him, it burned his insides to remember it...but it would not go away...

The fierce ambush raged all around Dolgrimm and his clansmen as they bitterly fought foul grobi. The greenskins had launched a surprise attack on the unsuspecting dawi folk while they had left the safety of the hold to investigate strange goings on. Now they were in dire straights.
Dolgrimm swung his axe viciously, its sharp edge slicing into the waist of a small goblin. The creature screamed in pain, before a second axe blow to its skull silenced it. Another stepped over its corpse, hissing hatefully at the dwarf Runesmith. Its beady yellow eyes bore into the crystal blue ones of the dwarf. Grunting, the Dolgrimm stepped forward and brought down his axe. The monster leapt back nimbly, a smirk on its evil face, but stumbled over a body and tripped roughly to the ground. The rune axe clove into its chest, carving the goblin in two.
Looking around, the dwarf cursed silently. More grobi poured from the darkness, threatening to overwhelm his small guard. They had not counted on such a high greenskin presence, here of all places. He wished his father were here. The ancient Runelord was more than capable of seeing of the goblins with his hammer. They knew to fear that weapon, for it had claimed countless of their vile kind. They would fall before his might.
But he wasn’t here. The attack had been so sudden…grimacing, the dwarf spat and altered his grip on his rune weapon. There were many more grobi to slay.
All around the dwarf prince, his kinsmen fought valiantly. Their axes and hammers rent the goblin apart, each dwarf accounting for many goblin lives alone. Yet the weight of their foe was bearing down on them, as inexorably as the tide wears down even the sturdiest cliff.
To Dolgrimm’s right, a greenskin cackled maliciously as it thrust its sword through the eye of one of the dwarf’s kin. The old warrior fell with a moan, his limp body crashing to the ground. Goblins poured into the opening in the dawi’s defensive formation. The dwarf Runesmith snarled and swung his axe in a wide arc, the blow lacking skill but driven by all the force behind the stocky Runesmith’s muscles. His weapon powered into two goblins, sending the stunted greenskins to the hard ground, their heads caved in.
A storm of arrows flitted out of the darkness, rickety and weak but deadly nonetheless. The black fletched darts struck several dwarfs and many grobi besides and the groans of those hit rose into the darkness.
A flash of white hot pain lanced into Dolgrimm’s back and he half turned to see a sword thrust into his back, between the joints of his armour. Gasping, he tried to turn fully but took a second blow, this time to the head. The goblins were unforgiving in their attack, driven by a mixture of fear and the mass hysteria of the mob. The rune axe fell from his numb grasp as Dolgrimm Thunderbrow, only son of Brokk and prince of Karak Khaz, died with his clansmen.

Wiping a solitary tear from his weathered features, Brokk sniffled and strode off after the elf. The remaining humans were left in the company of the steely dwarf tomb guard.

17-11-2005, 05:11
His footsteps echoed through the hall, resounding off the walls. Somewhere, there seemed to be a faint strain of music, an unkown tune carried to his sensitive elven ears. As the runestaff he bore shone with a faint white radiance, enough that his eyes could make better use of their low-light vision, he scanned the hall ahead, seeking the bier. He finally came to it, mounted at the very end of the hall, raised to a height above all the other tombs, surrounded by ancient pillars with runic inscriptions carved into them. Just as it had been the last time he stood within these walls of earth and stone. Ears sensing Brokk behind him, he looked down on the face visible within the glittering diamond. Varn gazed back, as youthful in death as he had been thousands of years ago.

Eldacar bowed his head, honouring the ancient Dwarf.

"As I promised you ages ago, old friend," he said, "I have returned." There was nothing more to be said. He looked at the Dwarf for a moment longer, then turned to face the approaching Runelord.

17-11-2005, 06:26
Ingnore This Pleae

17-11-2005, 08:23
The undead forces entered the cavern, slaying the occasional greenskin or remnant daemon they came across. As the undead soldiers slaughtered anything left, LaFayte looked around, "I could have sworn I heard the roar of a dragon, and where are the humans? I thought they entered here?"
Rebecca approached and kneeled down, "Sir, perhaps if we went further, we might find something" LaFayte nodded, "So be it" leaping back up on top of his mount, the Blood Dragon led the way further down the cavern.

OOC: was the cavern part of the entrance to the dwarf hold, or just a cavern, I kind of lost track.

The Pale Lady
17-11-2005, 11:42
Eldem looked around the corner and saw a strange combination of armies, several different typs of humnans, a few elfs and dwarfs. He caughed again into his hand. They seemed to be holding their own against the daemons presently engaging them. He called out in elven and human, he was sure the dwarfs wouldn't be overjoyed at his return. He stumbled forward and barly kept his balance. "My name is Eldem Ilissidle I need to speak with Runelord Brokk and your other commanders immediatly" he called out to th nearst allied contigent. Eldem fell to the floor and coughed, blood splattered the ground, he was sick very sick. Eldem needed rest but he was sure none was coming.

He sensed something behind him and flung a dagger backwards. The daemon that had slipped the lines fell dead beahind him, its throat gushing blood. He saw a few dwarfs approaching him, "Please you can kill me later I would like to speak with your commanders." More daemons began to crash against the allied lines. Eldem tryed to answer with a burst of magic but it fizzeld at his finger tips and died as the dwafen runes suffocated the winds to him. "On second thought I will lend my assistence and then talk to you commanders." Eldem managed a week smile his face was pale and sweaty. The young elf set his jaw in determination, drew his sword and quikly slipped to the lines. The dwarfs wouldn't be happy but he would live or die with that later. He threw several shuriken that slew a daemon that was about ready to finish off a very scared loking humnan.

OOc It has been made quit clear most of the demons are banished save the odd straggeler and that the dwarf, humans and elves are behind the dwarf gates. Only the dragon and the impenetrable dwarf gates would be visible to your character now. Oh, and the undead are somewhere around you. I dont understand why you wrote your last post as though the battle hasnt finished yet...when it has.

Lafayte, there is an entrance in the mountains that leads far underground. Along this tunnel, there are several halls and chambers. The last cavern/chamber in the tunnel ends with the impressive dwarf gates, and it is inside this last chamber that the titanic battle took place. The demons broke through the gates, into the entrance chamber of the dwarf hold, ie behind the gates. They got no further. The gates are now sealed shut and a dragon waits outside.

17-11-2005, 15:53
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The Pale Lady
17-11-2005, 21:15
Brokk strode resolutely forward. He would not be driven back by his grief. To show emotion in front of the elf would be to show weakness. He had to remain strong.
As he walked through the isles of tombs, surrounded by dead clansmen and women, his thoughts drifted. So mant dead...truly, the golden age was passed. His was a diminishing race. Just looking around was proof enough...the dead of his clan outnumbered the living.
The living. Perhaps there was hope yet, glittering like gold in the darkness. Almost desperately he clung to images of his dear wife as they swam through his mind.

The dwarf maiden whimpered in terror as the beastmen closed in on her. The slavering beasts were all over the caravan she’d been travelling with. Most of the guards were dead; the beastmen were ferocious in their attack. The few remaining dwarfs were valiantly fighting off the monstrous creatures which attacked them, too far away to help her now. She whispered a prayer to Valaya for protection and mercy, her eyes wide with fear. Was this how it was to end? Her foot stumbled as she took a step back, her robe fluttering.
A massive, hound-headed monster raced toward her, and time seemed to slow. She took in the beast as it advanced on her, from its humanoid body to its slavering, tooth-filled jaws and blood-red eyes. It grinned evilly and took another step closer, cloven hooves crashing on the rock beneath. In seconds it would be upon her, with its axe, its teeth, its claws…futilely she reached for her axe from within her robes. It felt small and feeble in her grasp.
A short figure barrelled into the charging beastman, its battle cry echoing over the mountain pass. As if in response to its roar, the heavens opened and frosty flakes of snow descended on the scene of destruction.
Rising quickly to his feet, Brokk snarled at the beastman and charged. The creature howled in pain and anguish and raced to meet the new attacker, hatred burning in its unnaturally cunning eyes.
Brokk ducked an axe swing which would have taken his head off and swiftly retaliated with a blow of his own. Grong Grund smashed into the side of the monster, sending it crashing to the frosty ground. Before it could rise, the hammer swung again, shattering the beast’s skull. Red blood stained the whitening rock.
As though the death of the beastman was a signal, several more dwarfs emerged onto the scene. The sound of a dwarf war horn blared out, startling the beast herd and sending shivers of panic down their spines. At the sight of the new adversaries, they chattered and howled and brandished their weapons threateningly. The dwarfs ignored the warnings, marching resolutely towards them. They would cleanse the mountains of this chaotic filth.
Brokk strode toward the dwarf maiden briskly. She beamed a smile, her eyes alight with joy.
“I should’ve known you’d come t’save me, my rescuer. What would I do without you?” Brokk grinned.
“T’were a close thing, my Frey. Grimnir himself could nay have timed it better. But I’ll always be here to save ye, ye who are fairer than Valaya herself. I’ll ne’er let ye go.” The two gazed at each other, before sharing a tight embrace. The clouds blessed them with a gentle kiss of snow.

The gentle memory of his wife's voice kept him strong and brave amid the death and misery of the catacombs. Brokk clenched his teeth, steeling himself before stepping up to the elf. He knew the fey had much to tell him and that much of it would not go down well with him. But he had shown the fey what it wanted. Now it was his turn for answers.
Behind the elf, Brokk's ancient forefather lay, frozen in diamond for all eternity. His features, though youthful and refreshed, still spoke of the ages of wisdom and strength accumulated by the Runelord over his long reign. His beard, once white and fading, now shone with colour. Yet still it reached down to passed his feet, showing him for the venerable and ancient dwarf he was. He clasped in his hand a rune hammer. It was not his original, for Brokk knew that to have been broken by a mighty demon of infinite power when the lord had lost his life. The arcane hammer still fulfilled the same ceremonial role though. Bowing respectfully to his ancestor, Brokk adressed Eldacar.
"I have done as ye asked, fey of the distant shores. Now t'is my turn to be honoured by ye. What do ye know of my ancestors? How is it ye know of Varn and his legacy?"

17-11-2005, 23:03
Eldacar gathered his thoughts, not quite sure of where to begin.

"A long time ago, Varn fell in battle," he finally said. "He had a friend. One of the elves of Ulthuan. They had fought alongside each other for a long time, and had become blood brothers, as Varn named the elf a Dwarf Friend. Together, the two of them made plans to imprison a powerful foe. Sadly, on the day of the battle, his friend was caught, and the flight of Dragons that the elf led were embroiled in an aerial battle, preventing them from aiding the Dwarfs. While the day was won, the price had been high. At the funeral of Varn, that elf used his magic to encase the Runelord in the glittering diamond that you see here, and to free him from the ravages of old age. That elf also made an oath that he would always be there if the Dwarf Hold was threatened. The oath was sworn with magic, and it could never be broken."

His voice trailed off as his silvery-blue eyes took on a faraway cast, letting Brokk consider the information while he wondered what else there was that he could say.

18-11-2005, 01:37
Laudren ShadowStar Had heard of trouble in the dwarven lands and seeing as he had nothin else to do and he nad not had any druci to hunt in several months he made the jurney to see what he could do to aid them. He had spent about a month on the road with little event. At last he had arived. hefore him he saw a mighty dragon. the shadow warrior bowed to the mighty beast as he came forword to the closed dwarven Gates.

18-11-2005, 05:27
Eldem could feel he presence of undeath around him, their corrupted forms sickness upon the world. The vampire had marched his forces into the tunnle all the players where being drawn into the caven what could this daemon be planning. Eldem coughed into his hand. His ring was combating his immense fatigue slowly, and of corse the apples always helps. Thank the gods for magic enhanced food. It looks like Eldem was going to have to confront the vampire eentually might as well be now. The abominations were not as evil as chaos or the druchii, many had an Idea of nobility and an apprecition of buety. Also they where at least intellegent, and calculating, even if they were all meglamaniacs.

Eldem easily slipped the clumsiness of the undead sentries, even in his weakend state, he wasn't currently planning to engage the mighty Lord of the Night, but he hd to be on his toes none the less, the vampire could always be hungry. If the stubborn dwarf and his arrogent in where going ot be difficult, he would have to settle with an endless stream of undead to hold up the daemon force.

Eldem could sense the vampire before he even approached the range to hear it, the presence of undeath was always thikest around them. The thing did not appear to be of the Nechrach or Strigoi bloodlines, all the better. Eldem guessed one of the counts of Sylvania or a disciple of Wallach, the Lhamias rarly left their positions of political power for conquest.

Eldem could here the deep voice of the vampiric lord and too a deep breath. Even if fully prepared, this thing would be a challange. He poped around the cornor and stealthaly approached the Vampire. Eldem was sure the thing noticed him, but was positive its lacky's didin't, this was goi ng to be much more entertaining than the dwarfs.

Seeing a a few elfs marching stiffly in the ranks of the undead set a heavy weight on the Elfs soul, he would have to talk to the vampire abut this, Eldem began to emerge from the shadows.

18-11-2005, 09:23
LaFayte finished giving orders to the necromancers as they both nodded and left to cast their spells and reinforce the undead soldiers. Turning around, he looked ahead down the cavern, They had been marching through for an hour now, and he had yet tosee any dragon, or even any humans or dwarves, the most they had come across were the odd greenskin or straggling daemon. LaFate had gotten a laugh seeing the zombies try to eat the daemons only to have the corpses dissapear into smoke. The lack of any sign of the dragon, or any resistance for the humans he knew had been in here was beginning to tax on his nerves, he was getting bored.

He had sent scouts ahead, Only one of the humans had returned to say they had seen large doors at the end, but no sign of the dragon or any sign of life at all, and the other scout had been slayed by a wandering daemon. LaFayte was'nt concerned with the slayn human, he was sure he could persuade another to contribute their services. The fact they had seen no dragon worried him, had it left, or was it some spell to hide a large reptile? The doors must be dwarven, and would explain where the humans went, if the dwarves allowed them to enter that is.

LaFayte turned around, he might as well find out what this elf wanted , "Come on out elf, you're not fooling anyone, Come out and tell me why I shouldn't kill you and feast on your blood, elf blood always has that zing to it."

18-11-2005, 12:02
Arthurz, whilst marching at the head of the coloumn and slave caravan
contemplated how well the past few days events had panned out.
That robbed fool had been dispossed of, he hopefully had an ally to rendavous with before storming the dwarf hold, said ally had dispached most of the deamon and green skin horde before his own troops had had time to take the feild and his artillary was still behaving itself.

It took little effort for his flank gaurd Hobgoblins to dispatch of any straggling greenskins, clapping in iron those that still had some life in them.
The remaining priests of hashut occasionly taking the odd 'specimin' for furthur reserch before disaperring to the rear of the artillary train with their new subjects of intrest.

Coming to a large cavern in the cave system, Arthurz spotted the undead lords army positioned before him.
Leering he spoke out
"My Lord LaFayte, Any trouble so far?
It apears we have a seige on our hands does it not?
I believe it would benefit both of us to assist each other.
When this is done we can each have a rich plunder, dead for you and the living for me, eh? Any other agreements you'd like to make before sealing an allaince?"


Meanwhile outside in the middle of the cratered, balcked and body strewn battle feild a lone ogre strode through the devestation. Reaching down he tossed the charred remains of what was once a great beast to one side before gently lifting a prone figure in a tattered robe, he began to sake it.
The robbed priest slowly came round. "Bang-ger? Quickly we must hurry, Arthurz must be stopped before he can reach the great beast bellow. WE have little time..."
Bang-ger nodded sagely before plodding off in the direction of the cave, fizzle started to scratch his head quizically, this had been a strange few days.

19-11-2005, 00:57
Athanaric didn't like this. He felt vulnerable. Mounted, with lance in hand, he would go toe to toe with any creature, hero or monster. But here, in these darkened catacombs it was different. He wasn't afraid, death held no terror for a Grail Knight, but he worried about his ability. Could he truly protect Iselle, Jarl, the paymaster and the elf and dwarf if danger threatened? He clutched his shield tighter, it's golden light glinting defiantly back at the runes adorning the walls. As long as he kept his faith it would protect him. The aura it had surrounded him, from his still helm-less head to the tip of his sword. He brushed his brown locks out of his eyes. He was a knight of Bretonnia, he would do his duty.

A single tiny piece of stone fell from the vaulted ceiling, bouncing as it hit the ground. The entire party, including the dwarf guards stared at it, then turned their heads to the roof. The dwarven guards looked incredulous at the sight of dwarfen architecture collapsing. They dispatched one of their number quickly to find the cause. Some thing was going on above.

The Pale Lady
20-11-2005, 09:23
"Well" said Brokk finally. His voice seemed quiet. "Its seems I owe ye a slight apology for my judgement of ye earlier. If ye were a friend of Varn, yer a friend of mine. I apologise for callin yer a liar and an oathbreaker." Having been put in place, the Runelord lowered his gaze. Then a thought hit him.
"So what brings ye hear now? I'm assumin' theres a reason yer've travelled all the way from yer island realm to this mountainous hold of the dwarfs, and t'is nay some rampaging greenskin either. Is it something to do with the demons that materialised earlier?"

21-11-2005, 12:43
"I'm not sure," the Archmage replied, accepting the apology with a nod of his head. "I came because I felt a need to be here. Beyond that, I do not know for certain. The Daemons, these memories, the growing hordes of Greenskins, it is all connected, but I cannot see how. What I do know is that the runes of imprisonment set in place all those years ago are weakening. Soon, something will awaken, and it would be well if we left. This creature is powerful, and I have no wish to confront it in battle. For everything that I have become, I am but an infant compared to this creature. In the days of your ancestor, the world was saturated in magic. Now, the level of magic has decreased, and with that reduction has vanished many of the ancient spells the one whose memories I possess used to aid in trapping the creature to begin with. I know the functions, but I cannot replicate the effects without a strong enough source of energy. Not all the runic magic contained within this Hold could power the spells needed."

He leaned against one of the four pillars, despair beginning to flood him. "I can see no hope for us," he finally said, eyes closed. "We can fight and fight, but in the end, we can die. Daemons can't, and therein lies the heart of the problem. We could imprison him again, but we do not have the knowledge or the power available. Varn imparted many of the secrets to the one whose memories I possess, but I have not the skill. I know how, but I cannot actually do it." Abruptly, his eyes flickered open. "We need to get back to the others. Something is happening."

The Pale Lady
21-11-2005, 13:58
Even as the group hurried to the gates at the wise council of the elf, Norin was preparing the gate guards for the enroaching battle. Wounded dwarfs barely able to walk clung defiantly to their axes, determination glimmering in their eyes. Never would even the wounded surrender their hold without a fight.
Norin eyed the gates suspiciously. They had only recently been repaired an the job was not yet done...he hoped that Valaya would hold them. For all their sakes, he hoped. And where was that blasted dragon?! Never before had he wanted to see one so badly, for he had to grudgingly admit, a dragon would be mighty useful right around now. Its strength and power could break the back of armies alone, even those of the undead or chaos dwarfs.

21-11-2005, 21:46
Keeping his eyes on the elf, LaFayte waved dismissivley at the chaos dwarf, "Not right now, we have a visitor, and as for you, elf, why are you slinking around? Do you have a deathwish?

25-11-2005, 01:00
Laudren felt the undead getting close so he hurried to the gates and banged them his his fist. "I am Laudren ShadowStar I have come to aid this hold however I can. The His elven voise rang out hoping someone would hear him and not leave him outside alone. He looked behind him, the feeling of the undead growing stronger. "In the name of Isha open the gates!" He was a shadow warrior and for the first time in his life he was worried about the battle to come if he was left to fend for himself.

26-11-2005, 05:46
OCC hey all great to be back.

Eldem let a smile spread across his face, this was at least going to be more exciting than the dwarfs and other elfs.

"Hello their noble bloodsucker, I am guessing you are what you would call of the blood dragon family." I am afraid I am going to have to enlist your services." Eldem gave a deep bow. "My name is Eldem Ilissidle, I am at your service in the destruction of these daemons, But i do advise not bothering with the dwarfs elfs and humans they are a bit preoccupied." Also I apologize for the slinikng as you called it, I had no inteton of trying to sneak up on one as powerful as yourself, but whights skeletons and zombies are no known for their intellegence, And I saw no reason in having to destroy so many of your abominatons. Oh an please do tell that whight behid me to put that axe away or I will be forced to sever his hand from his body." Eldem looked back up smiling. "Also I am afraid it would be more difficult than you think to eliminate me, you could save the trouble of the damage I would cuase you and your pathetic lackies by listening to me."

This was makeing Eldem sick he had no love for the undead, but some allies where better than none, and the vampires army seemed to be large enough to help combat the evils.

Eldem continued smiling as he arose from his bow. He still wasn't worried he was sure he could fight himself free if need be. Eldem leend against the wall and awaited the vampires response. Eldem pulled an apple out and began to eat, thank isha for rejuviating apples. "Oh and by the way would you mind halting your slaughter of my kin and the dwarfs, we might have need of them, If you haven't already noticed their is an extremly powerful daemonic lord somewhere down here."[/QUOTE]

29-11-2005, 00:44
OCC is anyone there? anyone at all?

29-11-2005, 08:55
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29-11-2005, 10:36
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29-11-2005, 15:40
OCC see you then Eldacar have fun:D I am waiting for lockjaw anyone know where he is. Don't feel like haveing a conversation witha vampire with no oneto write the vampires respinses lol.:angel:

29-11-2005, 15:49
OOC: I could always have my dwarf butt in, he is standing behind the vampire, elf baiting is always fun:p (just kidding!)

30-11-2005, 06:05
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I'll get back to LaFayte once i come up with somnething good :skull:

30-11-2005, 07:23
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01-12-2005, 00:29
OCC your back gt something on please I am getting bord :cries: lol, pretty soon will start haveing Eldem argue with himself.lol

01-12-2005, 06:27
LaFayte glowered at the elf, He didn't like it's arrogant tone, of all the races he has had to deal with, the elves arrogance always made his own pale in comparison.

"You think I care about the tribulations of elves and dwarves? or this Daemon lord? I have my own reasons for being here, I heard a dragon this way and mean to feast, as was denied to me centuries ago, a dragon's blood has power. As for my army," he looked at the wright, still creeping up behind the elf with axe upraised," They are nothing more than cannon fodder, animate puppets made from corpses, they are easilly replaced, there are potential reinforcements in every battlefield, every crypt, every cemetary, every anatomy students table. I've been to a villiage where they hired armed mercenaries to guard their graves from being raised. Some of them are still in my forces right now!" The vampire paused, thinking, "However, i am not an unreasonable sort, if you can convince me why I should ally with you rather than kill you outright, maybe I might, Might, consider your offer, but you'd better make it good, and keep in mind, I will feast on the dragons blood so any objections to that I will automatically reject. What would you say Sir Dwarf? should we listen to him, or not?" he asked, turning towards the chaos dwarf behind him.

01-12-2005, 07:10
"Well stated Eldem chuckled" Suddenly both the wrights arms lay on the floor the undead hero staggaring back. Eldem still remaind in the bow, his sword still apperantly sheathed, Eldem turned to the wight and shot a blast of magic into the beasts chest, Eldem new it was tactically pointless and the power he had chaneled to get through the areas resistance to magic had be some what large. But the wright collapsed to the floor missing most its chest and both arms from the elbow. "That would be why" Eldems voice had turned hard a serios. "I care not what you do to the dragon, but I believe it is at the heart of the elven and dwarfen forces, an archmage of the white tower is its rider, I am sure even you can respect the power of my kins mages. Let me put you to this way vampire, their is a daemon lord down here, its power makes both of ours paltry in comparison, together we might be able to harm or kill it (Eldem new this was probably not true but he doubted the vampire did) Think of what the magic rich blood of a daemon lord could do to boost your power." Eldems voice was completly chilled his cold eyes boring into that of the vampires.

"So what do you say, I am sure I am much more useful than these, Eldem turned and through some shurikens into the skeletons that had come towards, him" their bodies collapsed to the ground. Eldem returned to leaning against the wall he wasn't even breathing hard, why did he keep getting stuck with fools.

"Also I would hate to have to harm you and lower your chances to releash yourself of the thirst" eldem said sarcastically. "But I am afraid their are other more important enemies than myself about."

01-12-2005, 07:47
LaFayte smirked "You fool, daemons have no blood! their bodies are formed from chaos and from chaos they return to when dead, i've killed enough daemons to know this for a fact, but you've managed to amuse me, a rare thing to occur these days, perhaps i will join you in your fool's errand, at least to be there to watch when it bites the head off your shoulders." he stopped as Rebecca whispered to him, as he irritably hissed back, " There is however the matter of the dragon, I will not pass up another chance at one again, reguardless of the risk."

01-12-2005, 23:40
"Abliged, an fair enough should have realize you wouldn't be one to fall for simple ploys. But for the mater of the dragon may I advise intellegent councl as I can see you are currently lacking," Eldem smile at Rebecca. But think of how much easier it would be to obtain the power of this dragon when the dargon, the forces, and the Archmage arre weakend, surly you can recognize this." Eldem's cheerful demeanor had returened, he would not let one of the noble dragons be used to this end, but the vampire did not know this.

Surly the daemon will at leas thave artifacts of great power, and since I will not use them they could be yours, wouldn't you want to be the first to partake in the plunder.

02-12-2005, 07:19
"Somehow i fail to believe and elf as yourself would be as willing to assist in the slaying of a creature such as a dragon, you don't seem like one of those ones up in Naggaroth. And as for waiting for it and the forces around it to be weaken? What do you take me for? a ratman?! however, you've gotten my interest, very well, i will go with you against this demon, seeing as to how the dwarf i originally had a deal with has been strangely silent, " LaFayte regards the chaos dwarf," It might be time for a new deal. And after I watch this deamonlord destroy you, then I'll resume my hunt."
LaFayte crossed his arms and glared around at the other vampires, as Rebecca shot a vicious look at the elf and stalked off to see to the more mindless undead.

02-12-2005, 08:54
ooc: sorry for not posting Have been having computer problems big time, also will probably not be able to get online again untill late sunday at the earliest

"sorry for my Silence Fayte, I have been considering this turn of events, I believe it would also share my intrests to serch for this deamon lord, once we reach it, I believe I have a permement way of dealing with it rather than just banashing its soul back to chaos when its body dies..."
Arthurthz smirk widened, showing even more of his large tusks
"I'll march with you in this ventur master elf"
Then the dwarf turned to bellow:
"BRING FOWARD THE PRIEST ENGINEERS! we have some work for them"
after this he faced the elf once more holding his iron gauntleted hand out infront of the elf.

03-12-2005, 01:25
Eldem peeled himself off the wall as he watched Rebbecca walk off. "Tempermental isn't she" Eldem chuckled. Well my twisted little dwarff riend You seem to be more hospitbale than certian one of your cousins I had met recently." Eldem accepted the dwarfs hand, he had never met a chaos dwarf before but they did seem to be more reasonable than their kin. " Let's see what you have instore for this beast."

Eldem turned and faced the vampire. "Yes I am from Naggoroth but I would suggest not mentioning those scum to me, unles it has been th death of one."
What I know about the daemon is this, t is controlling the greenskins, its in a citadel below that is packed to the gills with daemons, and it has some human sorcers of some power. May I suggest a bit more sluahter of the green skins should help add to your forces."

Eldem's smiled returned and he stretched out his hand, "Well then gentelmen it looks like we have pulled the unlikley alliance."

03-12-2005, 03:45
LaFayte reguarded Eldem, "She just doesn't like elves very much, we had.......complications with an elf before, anyway, it does appear we have an unlikely alliance, to the greenskins and daemons then?" LaFayte took Eldem's hand and shook ir, all the time looking into the elve's eyes.

03-12-2005, 06:31
The vampir seemed to be trying to discern something from his eyes. Eldem calmly stared back his cold eyes pericing into the vampires as much as the vampires was boring dow into his. Both boring hole in the back of the others head. Eldem broke the gaze first he didn't want the vampire to understand his power fully, beeter to keep this ally guessing. "I am afraid I am more than a little tired it has been a very lomg couple of days and I will need some undesturbed rest beforre we proceed. I bid you abdue gentelmen." With that eldem casually walked off through the ranks of undead. He pulled an apple and a dagger from his back and began eating. Eldem found a bit off tunnel between two regiments of polished skeletons, they smelle dless then the others. Eldem took off his cloak and rolled it into a ball, he layed down cast a simple spell of alarm and fell asleep. He new what he would fine the daemons waiting for him.

03-12-2005, 15:40
(OoC) Hi, uhhh would it be ok if i joined your rp. with my bretonnians?, its a normal list with the general at 438 pts.... but i honest and true he is my leader of the army... He's a bret. lord, on a hippogryph, silver lance of the blessed, grail shield, grail vow (OoC)

04-12-2005, 07:34
OCC ya of corse you going to have to come up withhow to get in though.

04-12-2005, 16:01
Arthurz Grinned back at the elf, he never had understood why his western cousins had such a large dislike for these creatures this one didnt seem that bad.
"Oh don't worry elf I'll have it seen to that this deamon will never employ any more machinations or ploys once My priest engineers are through with it,
tell me have you ever seen a deamon chained and broken?
It is a sight one never forgets, I can tell you that.
Not to mention it'll suit my slavers fine if we have to fight our way through a horde of greenskins first!"

04-12-2005, 16:01
OCC:Espicially considering we are all in or around a dwarf hold in the world edge mountains.

04-12-2005, 16:20
Theodrid stared down at the undead camp, he stroked his noble beasts head as he sensed its unease "Patience silverclaw, there are enough to kill" . It ripped at the ground with its mighty claws and ruffled its wings impatiently, its lust for battle was obvious to Theodrid, for long he had hunted these undead, on a quest to rid the world of the taint of undeath once and for all. He felt intense hatred for the undead they were a mockery of life. He heard hooves behind him and turned to see his son and the armies battle standard bearer Louen, named in honour of the king of bretonnia.

"My Lord, scouts report that an elf has entered the undead camp, also it is apparently the host of a mighty vampire"

"An Elf?, this is queer indeed" Theodrid replied, "Inform the troops to be ready to charge on my signal" before awaiting his sons reply he spurred his hippogryph into the sky, knowing his order would be obeyed. With a screach his mount dropped into the middle of the undead camp, crushing skeletons under its massive claws "Undead Filth" he bellowed at the top of his lungs, "If there is such thing as honor amoung your kind, face me vampire scum" Several skeletons moved to intercept Theodrid, Silverwing rose into the air, and moved so its masters lance would work to deadlyest effect. The lance struck like liquid fire, finding every mark perfectly and shattering skeletons left and right, Silverwing also ripped several appart as well with its mighty claws. Theodrid yelled again "Bastard undead, face me, or be crushed under the power of my knights", Hovering just out of the reach of the skeletons.

04-12-2005, 19:15
Arthurz flung himself to the ground as the mounted knight came down upon the undead near his position, he cursed before bellowing orders to a nearby hobgobblin.
"Quick you maggot run to the gun train and tell them to deploy facing our rear, I don't want our reargaurd slaugtered by a bunch of tinpots!"
Looking around in anger Arthurz saw ones of his sargent majors-
"And you! Get the troops into line I want us ready for anything.
Wait tell Marzat to get his unit here, I wan't a gaurd sun up till sun down untill this little campaign is over!"

Things never did go to plan, lucky though thought Arthurz to himself because he always planned for that.
One thing Arthurz loved was the sound of the artillary, well as long as he wasnt close to those deamon monstrositys that is.
Those knights wouldn't know what hit them, after all he might be a coward but he looked out for those who could help him and this vampire certainly could do that.

A hobgoblin came hurrying back wispered somthing in Arthurz's ear before scurrying away.
Arthurz's sneer replaced the grimice.
Signaling to one of the priest engineers close by he yelled the order to...

The artillary obeyed.

04-12-2005, 20:17
Eldem's eyes snaped open. In a matter of seconds he had gauged what was going on, these dam knights where going to get in the way of his hunt of the daemon he just couldn't allow this. Dam Brettonians couldn't they ever see the greater picture. Eldem quikly looked for the general, he noticed the knight on the hippogriph, well at least this wasn't going to take long. Eldem emerged from the tunnel and started to walk into the battle. The undead were re-dieng, and the chaos dwarfs where using their artillery.

The knight flew over head and oblitereated several skeletons to the right. Eldem gatherd the magic down into his palm holding it their waiting. The hippograph swooped again and this time Eldem was ready. A bright blue blast surged out of his hand and hit the knight full in the chest knocing him from his mount, the sudden changed in weight brought the hippogriph to the ground. The slaves and undead started to surge toward the noble creature. "Eldem shouted "Hold whatever touches the horse dies." The knight began to rise. His armor was smokeing but he appeared fine.

"Gooday noble knight, I do not wish for your death or that of any of your followers, my name is Eldem Ilissidil, and yours is? I will give you this chance to walk way, I do not want to kill you but I will. This daemon is too close to my grasp to allow a fools errand to attempt to stop me now." Eldem reamained calm weopns still sheathed.

"I told you not to approach the horse" Eldem yelled, Eldem's hand flashed and three slaves layed dead. "Next time listen. Knight I would make a decision soon you are grossly out numbered and your brave followeres won't hold on against the dwarfen guns. time is ticking."

04-12-2005, 21:15
Theodrid rose from the sorcerous blast, "You're words mean little to me sorcerer and my name is Theodrid, you will do well to remember it, for it will be I who send you to the next world" The hoof beats from his knights was already audiable as they thundered down the hill, "My knights are not fools, they will come within the minimum range of your guns. You on the other hand are a dishonerable whelp, attacking with sorcery and with a surprise attack, you hunt a daemon?, why should i believe you, you who involve yourself with undead and the foul dwarves of chaos?"

Drawing his sword warily he moved over to his mount, climbing onto its back after picking up his lance, he already heard shouts of where his knights impacted the lines of the dead, "Hold!" He shouted after vaulting into the air, holding his lance high, the charge stopped, already having cut down many undead, "Very well sorcerer, speak your case, we however, will have a reckoning for your dishonerable attack and besmirching upon my honor"

05-12-2005, 05:58
Wkswn watched the knight move to his mount not moving, he glared at the chaos dwarf slaves beginning to surround the knight, the lgare ouls hae been a hundred foot wall as not one of the slaves dared move toward the Brettonian.
"tch tch tch Dishonorable I think not, I could have killed you with that blast, and ended your life while you where on the ground, I could have had your mount slaughtered and you overrun, did I. " Eldem became dark and serious his voice boomed "and I will warn you once never to question my hatred of daemons, Eldem Quikly unbottoned the front of his tunic. He pulled away the unfastened sides, A long jagged black scar was cut diagonally from his left shoulder to right. The skin itself seemed to have been corrupted. "Do you see this Theodrid do you know what this wound is. This was inflicted upon me by Bel'laor the dark Prince first of the Daemon Princes the dark master himself. The daemon that lurks beneath this ground is either his peer or better, and what ever allies I can achieve to destroy this beas,t is who I will be with." Eldems eyes began to pour fourth wispy blue flame. "IF you insist on death then I willl oblige, but think of the greater good." Eldem let the blue light vanish from his eyes. He was controlling his rage.

"But knight if it is your bruised pride you wish to gratify then I will fight you on your terms, you can even stay on the hippogriph." Eldem pulled forward his ancient sword, the black runes danced randomly flowing over the silver blade.Eldem began to float into the air. "I do not wish to do this but I will, I am afraid the daemons banishment is more important to me than you life." Bright green lighting danced between the fingertips of Eldems left hand and the rush of the air blew back Eldems clothes clearly displaying his scar.

"Think of this Theodrin do you really want at least several of your noble knights slayed fighting off hords of undead and dwarfs, and then allowing this daemon free to kill everone your followers, the innocents in the villages around here. All becuase your bloodlust and hate of the undead blinded you to the good they could cuase."

05-12-2005, 08:10
LaFayte emerged from the surounding undead, "What is going on here? Some mortal knights are taking on my army on their own?" He leered at the knight, "you couldn't just challenge me personally? had to take it out on mindless corpses eh? how about waiting for me to finish what I need to do here then we can settle this one on one, or are you too cowardly for that sir knight?" LaFayte bows sarcastically.

05-12-2005, 08:35
"HA! minimum range of my guns, thats a Laugh if your men get too close they'll be eaten alive and have their souls flayed for amunition!
Why is it you think I have a hundrend and more slaves between the artilary and my troops!"
"MY lord LaFayte, do you wish me to have my dwarfs back off, so you might have the honour of personally dispatching this fool?"

05-12-2005, 12:56
Theodrid noticed he was outmatched and could not stand a chance, in a challenge, he could, but not his troops, his lance was guided by the lady herself and he had never missed once while it was in his posession, "Vampire, i accept your challenge" Theodrid yelled, spurring his mount forward, ignoring the elf, who, when theodrid was finished with the vampire, would be the next to die upon his lance.

Silverwing swooped at the vampire and Theodrid thrust with his lance, the vampire went to dodge the blow but it twisted in mid air with the speed no human could not move at and pierced the vampires shoulder. Theodrid did not know if that had really hurt the creature but he did not care, soaring back into the sky, the lance seemed to burn with unnatural white fires, "will it really be this easy?" Theodrid yelled, hovering a ways up in the air, awaiting the vampires attack.

(OoC) silver lance autohits, thats why that happened (OoC)

05-12-2005, 15:48
Eldem floated over to the chaos dwarf Arthuz. "Good dwarf lets try to not kill these knights if that would be suitbale for you," Menace providing a strong undertone to the elfs voice. "I am sure the sheer might of your cannons should be enough nto break the knights and save their lives. I would appreciate if you fired just in front of them. As for the vampire and the knight let them be, If things start looking poorly then I will interfeer. I am going to go try to find a knight with some sense." With that Eldem flew off towards the humans.

05-12-2005, 15:59
"Oh dont worry, the guns won't bite, well not unless the knights try and charge them that is!"
Arthurz yelled after the elf as he flew towards the humans, before turning to one of his priest engineers.
"Alright cease fire, we dont want to waste any more amunition than needs be"

06-12-2005, 04:13
Eldem glanced back at Theodrid and LaFayet, the knight seemed to believe he was going t gain some sort of advntage over the vampire "idiot" he muttered. Eldem didn't want the knight dead an dhe believed that the foolish human could still listen to reason. Eldem opened his mind and sent a mental message to his ally. Try to spare the knights life he could still be useful as more than a zombie.

Eldem droped to the floor in front of a very welldressed night he too this to be the second in command. The elf easily dodged the lance from the knight and side steped the horse. The knight weeled and came at him. "Hold" Eldem shouted "I am not here to fight but to save our lives.This is suicide, leave this battle while Theodrid is still alive and we will let you go. Ther are some dwarfs in the mountains in need of some assistance against some daemons take your followers that way. I am sure the lady does not wan't you to die in vain."

06-12-2005, 04:43
LaFayte hissed as the lance peirced his shoulder, more out of anger than pain, the human dared to wound him. Tearing the lance out of the knights hands, he yanked it out of his shoulder,and when it suddenly bursts into flames, he hissed and threw it to the side like a javelin, imbedding it into the wall. LaFayte leaped over the knight, twisting in the air directly over the armored human, and swinging his gauntleted fist, knocked Theodrid off his mount. LaFayte landed in the hippogryph's saddle, and as the creature reared and bucked in terror and anger, the vampire glowered at the knight, he had heard the elf's message, and was less than thrilled to let Theodrid live, especially after the knights impudance, "I'll give you one more chance, Leave me and once I am finished with all I need to do here, i will gladly rip you limb from limb on the battlefield of choice AFTERWARDS, as the elf seems to want you alive for that much longer." Leaping off the hyppogryph, LaFayte moves with supernatural speed to Theodrid, kicks his sword out of his hand, and gets the knight in a headlock, holding Theodrid's own sword edge to his throat, "What will it be Sir Knight? stay alive and help against the daemon, or die like a pathetic whelp now and serve no purpose to your race, your country, or your Lady ever again?"

06-12-2005, 15:49
(OoC), no one but the very very very pure of heart can touch the lance eh?, anyone who does and isnt, bursts into flames, BTW, just thought id let you in on that little secret and for the last time, its not a horse, its a hippogryph (OoC)

Theodrid fought for breath as the vampire closed his steel grip around his throat, "Very well, though know now vampire, i will defeat you, but for now, we are allies" He felt the grip realease and he fell to his knees "lady forgive me" he whispered before retrieving his lance, "Next time vampire, i shall pierce your heart, not your shoulder" he said, putting his lance in its resting place on silverwings side.

06-12-2005, 17:02
(OOC: Sorry about that, forgot he was on a hippogryph :cry: , I just got out of work and was tired forgot which one Theodrid was .won't happen again :) )

Letting go of the knights throat, LaFayte shoots the human an evil look," I used to be like you once, dedicating my life to the Lady, then I woke up and realized what a waste it was. I look forward to ripping out your beating heart next time." he growled as he stalked away.

06-12-2005, 17:53
Eldem took another glance over at the vampire and human they seemed to have stopped. Eldem turned to the knight he was currently faceing, "It seems your leader has stopped I suggest you all follow his example." With that Eldem was back in the air,this battle seemed to have worked out well after all. The young elf flew and landed gracfully by the vampire's side. "Nice work," Eldem chuckled his humor once again in place. "And as for you Theodrid I do believe I told you so. Well then it looks like we are a right bunch of misfits." So my lords you ready to go face certian death, and in your case abomination re-death." Eldem let a grinn splay across his face, he rebuttoned up his vest, and let the magic drop from him.

07-12-2005, 10:03
"might I sugest my Lords that i leave a portion of my forces here to gaurd our rear as well as make a diversionry strike at another part of the dwarf hold so we may get closer to where the deamon lies?
After all I think that a bit of covering fire to help our advance wouldn't go amiss eh?"
Arthurz then turned to the hobgoblin slaver chief
"As for you you little runt I'll leave you to marshal the rear gaurd, don't mess up now you here me, I'm only taking a handfull of heavy infantry and a squad of Grenadiers plus a retinue of Priest engineers. The rest should be ample enough to gaureente our current position"
When the hobgoblin had scutled away after an iron shod boot to his behind Arthurz adressed the assembled Lords once more.
"Well I have everything in order my Lords LaFayte, Theodrid and Eldem. Is there anything welse I can do to expidite matters furthur?"

07-12-2005, 18:53
"And I am sure Arthuz you will be perfectly happy to be in the front lines with the rest of us, instead of fighting against your kin, or sitting at the end of the tunnel" A sly grinn splayed across Eldem's face.

"Also master dwarf I am going to need you to precure a few items for me." I will need two pistols, rune inscribed bullets, a bandolier of small magical explosives, and all these daggers haveing anti daemon runes inscribed into them. And any other extra anti daemon fire power you happen to have on you, for our colleages here." Eldem winked handing the dwarf a pile of daggers many seeming to just appear into the elfs hand. "will that be fine for you master dwarf. And as for the rest, I am going tohave to know your esperiance with powerful daemons."

08-12-2005, 12:00
"The shouldnt be too dificult items you request shouldn't be too dificult to procure and inscribe. I shall have them seen to right away"
Arthurz took a step closer to the elf twidling his ringleted beard through his fingers before speaking once more.
"As for our experince with deamons, my lord elf prehapsyou would care for a guided tour of our artilary train"

08-12-2005, 18:50
"I would be delighted perhaos the other lords might care to join us. I am sue the sight would be quite impressive from 10 yards away, just enough so that your hell cannons will not become hungry. Please lead the way master dwarf. LaFayet and Theodrid will you please jion us.

08-12-2005, 19:58
curious about the chaos dwarf artillery having only seen it as it's been fired at him, LaFayte nods, "I would like to ses these daemonic cannons as well, perhaps we could make a deal reguarding their future use in my army." Glaring at Theodrid, LaFayte sarcastically remarks, "Of course Sir Knight's Lady would no doubt disapprove of cannons, daemonic or otherwise, wouldn't she?" he smirked at the knight and turned to follow the elf and dwarf to the artillery.

08-12-2005, 23:20
"Why certainly my lords, this way..."
At this arthurz led theasorted lords past his ranks of mail plated warriors, past the disheveled mass of cowering slaves with hobgoblins prowling mercilessly round, Untill finally they reached the artillary train.
Bellowed Arthurz above the sounds of smithying and frenetic indusrty as engineer priest scutled about the make shift forges and the towering engines of war.
Presently slaves were dragged near a towering hell cannon as several engineer aprentecies began hamering chains from the behemoth into the ground.
Once the chains were firmly secured a engineer priest stepped foward to intone strange words and daub blasphemous runes onto the cannons surface.
Slowly the surface of the cannon began to writhe and contort as mouths and slavering faces erupted before sinking once more into the steel and brass plating. the3 ornemental brass jaws of the barrel screetched into a snarl before a convulsion racked the device, straining it lurched foward crunching down onto one of the slaves.
Sudenly with a roar of defince the sound of chains snapping could be heard as the monstrosity arched towards the babbling priest engineer before tossing him into the air with a writhing chain. Snapping the jaws it tore his spine assunder.
Engineers rushed foward with strabge hafted arcane pole arms jabbing at the bellowing thing as it churned the few remaining slaves under its efigeid wheels.
No few engineers died to the wheels jaws and spewed ichor befoie the thing was eventually rechained and bound securely, minutes passed before the writhing surface began to settle untill finally with a snarl come screetch of metal the cannon subsided once more into dormaancy.

"Well my lords as you can see the things are extreemly hazardos and unpredictable but left with enough room and slaves to slake their thirst on they can perform reliably enough.
Of course the real test caomes when the clarion horn of battle sounds, does it not? And i can asure you these things thirst for conflilct, behaving almost like they are docile so as to have the oppertunity to rain death upon opposing armys."

turning to look at Lafayte
"Once this is over I am sure that we can furthure discuss the leanding ofa cannon and maintaince team for your use."

09-12-2005, 01:52
Eldem was somewhat shocked, of corse nothing in the Elfs demeanor showed this, he had seen some items ran off the power of caged daemons and the power that these evildevices could posses. Eldem had seen these beasts from afar during the siege of Middeheim a few years ago, and how there prohectiles had crumbled those mighty walls as if they where made as glass. But to see them as fully sentient beings, being violent and unpredictable as these had taken him somehwat by surprise.

" Master Arthuz, Will these daemons function properly when surrounded by their kin. I do not look forward towards haveing these things break free at our flank. For example lets say several of the handlers die what then. Perhaps we should have these monstrosities lead the army into battle instead. But never the less these weopons are quite impressive." A gleam came into the elfs cold eyes. "what else do you posses. My lords what do you have to say about this." LaFayet had let a gleam come into his long dead eyes, and theodrid had made a warding with hs hands. But obviosly these had had an impact on the rest of his allies. The dwarf looked somewhat proud and horrified at the same time, after all preists didn't come cheap.

09-12-2005, 10:03
"As i said in battle and given an actual target these machines are quite reliable, we have had no problems with them against daemons before, they don't seem to care who they are aimmed at as long as they have a target.
Problems only occur during testing and off battle feild inspections like just now, we don't entirely know why yet. Maybey their bloodlust is just too strong.
As for leading our attack with these it is maybe possible but in general we like to leave them back as it gives anyone breaching our lines, or trying to flank us a nasty shock."

09-12-2005, 19:27
LaFayte nods, "It is usually the role of artillery to remain in the rear and offer covering fire, Despite how obviously impressive these devices are, I don't see them as being as useful leading the front. But if they do break lose, is there some way they could be directed forwards and into the enemy? " he studies the daemonic cannons as the preists scramble to chain them back down.

09-12-2005, 19:41
"Why yes, I have seen these cannons and engines being 'herded' into the enemy lines before, a very messy buisness, fourtunately only for the slaves standing between them and the enemy however. I take it Lord Lafayte you have no problems in finding expeneble troops?"

09-12-2005, 20:23
"Gentalmen please, I am afraid your own personal business is not the most precing concern. Dwarf do you have anything else a bit more reliable, as Impressive as these weopons are, I doubt they can do it all on their own. And if herding is going to be required I doubt we will want to waste the troops, we are going to need all we can spare, even i they are slaves." In truth Eldem didn't belive these slaves deserved such a death, being fodder for hell.

"Master LaFayet may I enquire your previose experiances with owerful daemons, I can already infer the dwarfs as these machins are obvios powered by at least a few somewhat powerful demons.

09-12-2005, 20:33
"reliable you say, well from a seige point of veiw these 'things' will do fine but for our little expedition I was thinking of taking along a few of these blunderbusses, just point and shoot if you will. Handheld porteble and easy to use"
At this Arthurz lifted a lid off a nearby crate and hefted one of the blunderbusses held within into the elf's grasp

09-12-2005, 21:11
Eldem took the weopon from the dwarfs hand, he rested the stalk against his shoulder and aimed down towards a skeleton. Sighting down the length of the shaft Eldem closed one eye, the oulled the trigger. A Loud bang and a burst of smoe signaled the launch of th ball, Next thing the Elf new, the skelton crumbled to dust its head haveing a a whole entering just behind where the things ears used to be when it was still alive. "These I like Arthuz," he tossed it back to the dwarf. "My undead friend how would your minions be able to handle these. Also dwarf we will need these bullets rune enscribed of corse. Anything else as it looks li Artillery will be our only advantage."

09-12-2005, 21:21
"we do have death rocket teams, and yes runes I can do, maybey some silver powder wouldn't go amiss either. The priest engineers I will be taking with us should prove a great help with warding and if necercery banishing"

10-12-2005, 01:20
Picking up one of the Blunderbusses, LaFayte looks from the weapon to a nearby skeleton, "Unfortunately, I doubt they would have the intelligance to utilize one of these, it's difficult enough for them to remember how a sword is used, I've seen enough times when one has tried holding the blade and stabbing with the pommel." As he talks, he puts the blunderbus in the skeletons hands, "shoot him" LaFayte ordered pointing at a zombie, the skeleton lurched over to the zombie, raised the blunderbus, backwards, and threw it at the gooier undead, missing the zombie by a good two feet. Turning back to the others, LaFayte continues, "As for my experiance with daemons, well, they're an interesting challenge in a fight and every one I have come across made the battle well worth it."

10-12-2005, 03:14
Eldem almost laughed as the seleton hurled he firearm. "I suppose that will no work then. Well master vampire as I do admit that our power is impressive, I doubt you have ever seen anything in oar with what w are up against. But haveing prior experiances with daemon kind in general will be helpful in no underestimating them." Also I am afraid niether of impressive steeds will be of much use in the citadel, the confines will just be too crowded. Well gentelmen it appears we are ready to start th invasion of the things stronghold." Eldem walked towards the Hellcannon, standing hust out of reach.

"I am afraid I am going to have to leave your pleasant compqny for a couple of hours. Master dwarf I will leave my things to you, HE saw the dwarfs eyes grow wide at the idea of being able to probe Eldems sword. "Of corse I will be takeing my sword." Eldem took off his cloak a discarded his magical trinkets. "I will be very upset if these become lost or damaged in any way."

With that Eldem Dashed off towards the forest. "Till next we meet he called back towards his allies."

15-12-2005, 06:54
OOC: Out of interest, where is this RPG going right now?

15-12-2005, 09:51
ooc: wellwere about to storm the tunnel system so as to get to the big gribbly deamon and kill (well bind it in my case) it.
Dont know about the dwarfs and their allies.

16-12-2005, 06:14
OCC really not overly sure, besides storming the tunnle as you and several other people havent been here recently welcome back Eldacar:)

Eldem had finally stopped running and was now calmly resting underneath a serene canopy, of emerald green. His mind was elsewhere scouting through the forests ad tunnels, his spirit raceing around at far quiker the normal speed of any real creature. He was scouting looking for other daemonic forces, other powerfu disciples of theire more powerfu kin, hungry and intellegent, ready to rip through the flanks in a surprise sneak attak in the dark tunnels, Or storming over the serene hills their different corrupted forms blackening the land scape, in order to destroy this forc of dwarfs, Knights and undead. This would have been imposible in the camp, he cold see it even now, a large patch of darkness, covered by the misty peace of the ethreal world.

Thankfully their was no such daemon force running around, the thing obviosly already felt secure in its power, in its own immortality. Eldems body smiled just at the possibility of seeing its broken and shattered, forever cursed to a hell in its percption as a power sorce for the dwarfs. Of corse Eldem wasn't going to allow them to keep this, he would wait for them to do the work, then he would find someway to permantly banish it.

Eldem's ethrela form stood gazing at the dwarfen hold, the golden light of the mage and his dragon could be seen through the bright red that signified the dwarfen runes. Ah the wizard he will eventual have to confront him, he was sure their goals were the same but he was still wraped up in the arrogance of a mage of the White Tower. No matter what he had been trained to see in his training, or what paltry situation he had been put into, Eldem felt certain that the wizard had not seen the hells of Eldems reality.

Eldem cut the lin and raced back into his body, he had been gone several hours and needed to return to the camp. The invasion of the tunnels was about to begin. The Elf picked up his scabbard from the ground on his side. And rushed off silently through the trees. As his vision breeched the forest he was able to once again see his allies and soon he was back into their ranks.

16-12-2005, 11:15
"Ah welcome back my noble elf lord, any news to report?
We have managed to gather the items you requested in your absence by the by."
Arthurz beconed foward some engineer priest, their burly arms full of the itmes that the elf requested. Arthurz then handed back the magical trinkets.

16-12-2005, 15:39
eldem took each item slowly examining it makeing sure it was what he had asked for, then sheathed or hid it somewhere on his body. "My Lords we have at least a token of good news, their are no daemonic forces coming for a flank, and only small pockets inside the tunnel until we come close to our designated area. Once you are all ready we can begin our march. And master dwarf these are exactly what I asked, excelent. Well gentelmen mobolize your troops, I nwill be in my tent. Eldem walked off and quuikly slipped into a small tent. He took off any of the weopons and rolled his cloak up behund his head. He was asleep almost immediatly.

18-12-2005, 03:03
OCC is anyone there

18-12-2005, 11:23
ooc:I'm here