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13-03-2008, 22:09
Ok, so. I'm going to be playing against VC or Wood elves with this list (not sure which one..) and hopefully list will do well. My tactic is to rush head-on straight CC and hopefully avoid being lured into forest due to frenzy..

The list: 2021/2000pts (bit over atm, gotta try to squeeze those points from somewhere..)

Lord of Chaos - 377 (going into chosen knights)
Mark of Khorne
Gaze of the gods
Barded chaos Steed
Chaos runesword

Exalted Champion - 189
Great weapon
Mark of Khorne
Crown of everlasting conquest

5 Knights of Chaos - 300
Standard bearer
Mark of Khorne

5 Knights of Chaos - 240
Standard bearer
Mark of Khorne

5 Knights of Chaos - 240
Standard bearer
Mark of Khorne

20 Warriors of Chaos - 375
Full command
Mark of Khorne

Chariot of Chaos - 150
Mark of Khorne

Chariot of Chaos - 150
Mark of Khorne

PowerDice: 2
DispelDice: 10

Comments ?

Blood for the blood god!! :evilgrin:


13-03-2008, 22:11
You dont really need a lord...or the warriors.
Or the mark of khorne on the chariots....

That being said...the list looks legal enough.
Depsite the lack of screening troops and the small size...it could do just fine against your average opponent.

13-03-2008, 22:12
you could lose a chosen knight as the lord is going into that unit that would put you under.

13-03-2008, 22:21
Why have any Warriors, they will spend the game charging towards retreating enemy, ending up alone and surrounded by any canny general. Just go all knights, marauder Horsemen, chariots & Hounds. Marauder horsemen armed with flails can go toe to toe with most small regiments! And hounds are the only 'throw-away' regiment in the book, screens and flankers.

14-03-2008, 14:05
As suggested I would drop the warriors and the chariots, they would be to slow to keep up with the rest.

It might be fun to stick the lord on a dragon, give him the hellfire sword and you have got one angry flaming terror lord (you can use the mobility of the dragon to pick your targets with the awesome hellfire sword), khorne will help as you can swing your powerful sword one more time!

It might be good to give the hero a BSB + warbanner and field him in the chosen knights unit, they will have a +3 static CR, not to mention the kills they're gonna make!

Never forget the furies, you just must include some of these, you could try to fit in 3 screamers as well!

Don't forget the horsmen chaos hounds as mentioned, and it will be worth your while to include a unit of centigor as well, and you might even try to fit in some minotaurs (M6, so they'll keep up)

For the changes you might need to drop a unit of khorne knights as well, the knights are awesome, but you left out many choices which you will definetily love!

14-03-2008, 15:53
i would drop the mark of khorne on the chariots drop 1 unit of unchosen knights add 4 units of hounds and whaterver else takes your fancy( maybe make the warriors chosen or an extra character?) and if you drop the 240pts night unit and the mok on the chariots it will give you 300pts: 120 on 4x 5 hounds, with 180pts left!!