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14-03-2008, 00:27
after seeing the comments about my army on various forums, i was wondering how some of you play your terminators, reasons why is that i had many comments about why have i got a shooting squad and a combat character leading it? why take cyclones they are worthless? why not deepstrike them? it is awesome and worst of all, why are you shooting with them when they are built for combat?

these questions has made me think about how others use things like terminators. how do you use them, how do you set them up, how do you support them? these questions i am asking you.

personally i take a character o lead them so that if i get into combat i can fight back with out dying straight away, i take 2 of the same weapon so that i may shoot effectivly at targets and most importantly i keep my self either at long rang or out of rapid fire or charge range of the enemies units and shoot them, if terminators get into combat then they are gonna die. most things that will make it into combat with them will most likely be hard enough to kill you off first or have far superior numbers to you and kill you under weight of attacks.

14-03-2008, 00:39
Grey Knights or Deathwing.

Great for Deep Striking and changing the momentum of the battle.

Given their usually small size, shooting is the way to go, as HtH will get them bogged down and overwhelmed.:( Minimal combat upgrades, but lots of shooty is the way to go.:)

Otherwise I'll always take Marines over Terminators.:)

14-03-2008, 01:03
Generally, I dont use them. I have them but just dont use them beyond maybe once a great while when I am playing just for silly giggles or on rare occasions I put termy armor on a single character.
Deep striking, my luck is horrible and they too often for my liking get destroyed on bad "landings" or I get unlucky and roll horribly on armor rolls as my enemy just shoots them to death and assaults the leftovers to die.
of course, on the ultra rare occasions I DO use them, it is a total shock to my opponant if they know me..

Captin Korea!
14-03-2008, 01:44
Give them mark of T and a reaper/plasma-combie and go hunting for the bigger enemies.

The Orange
14-03-2008, 01:53
My TEQ's are called Broadsides. They were made for shooting :evilgrin:. IMO if they can do it, why the heck can't normal terminators do it? Hell they get better numbers then a Broadside squad, and each member comes with an inv. save. IMO, termintors should be used as a hard unit that can constantly move on an objective and continually apply pressure (the shooting termies at least) to any enemy unit holding said objective. But most SM bitch and whine that their too fragile for that. LOL, if my broadsides can stand still and survive (trading blows with tanks etc.), then terminators sure as heck can move and survive.

14-03-2008, 02:59
terminators aren't too fragile if you keep them far enough away from the enemy, which is the point for the shooty ones which is what i use. (op here, i logged into the wrong account)

along with one of the set ups i use for terminators which most find stupid, having duel cyclone missiles on them, this is good since i have long range, reliability for killing tanks and to top it all off i still get the storm bolter as well, it makes for the best flexability in a unit.

14-03-2008, 03:41
2 main ways: 2 Assault Cannons or 2 Cyclones. The first style suits a deep striking close fire, then assault squad. The latter suiting a SM army that sits back and shoots it out with the enemy.
Other ways are an all lightning claws squad with Furious Charge so on the charge they are S5 and I5 with re-rolls on the wounds. Thats a fun squad. Otherwise for kicks i play a grey knight squad. 5 man, one psycannon, 1 thunder hammer. That squad is different and fun and i reccomend it to any player looking for something different.

Deus Mechanicus
14-03-2008, 04:04
I play Deathwing so i use terminators for everything. Normally i don't deepstrike (as i rather keep some distance and shoot) except for maybe one close combat squad (with lightning claws of course, maybe lead by a terminator chaplain) those guys can really rock up in close combat. These deepstrike in the first turn of course no use letting them waiting.

Second, Deathwing has the Terminator Apothecary which REALLY makes a difference and needs only save one guy (which i garantue you he'll do) to earn his points back.

As for weapons? Well Deathwing pays dearly for it's assault cannons so i see no shame in taking that. A heavy flamer with chainfist is good for running with the close combat squad.

That's how i use my terminators :)

14-03-2008, 04:43
I'm working on a deathwing army. In the mean time, I play a squad of terminators with either an ass can or a heavy flamer, and I play them very aggressively.

They die. But they kill a lot of points, sometimes they make it, and you can usually drop them near something they can help with if not handle.

15-03-2008, 00:54
Chaos terminators for me...Deep striking, usually with an icon nearby to put them where I want. 6-man unit, Mark of Tzeentch, two combi-plasmas, two power-fists for tank/MC-scrapping, and lots of bad attitude. Granted, 90% of my opponents are Marines of some flavor, so the load-out above does bad things to them. My luck with rapid-firing plasma is pretty good, so I dump them close to a unit that needs melting and open up.

One of my opponents just started orks, so we'll see what these guys do to them.

Dribble Joy
15-03-2008, 04:00
Minimal combat upgrades

Because 7 assault termis with FC and a chappy pouring out of a crusader is just not going to win you anything....

My TEQs are meganobs. They have issues. At least you can take power weapons and have inv. save without an SC.
I have two big mobs in wagons, turn two assaults, turn one if people are daft. Alas any power weapon will gut me.

15-03-2008, 04:16
I do so love my Chaos Terminators.

Brutal armor save that only fire volume or low ap weapons can burn through, and Icons give them all sorts of wacky abilities.

Mark of Tzeentch: "Oh you're shooting them with plasma? Thats just precious . . . "
Mark of Nurgle: "Oh, you're shooting them with S4? How funny . . . "
Mark of Khorne: "I'm in close combat with that unit; please put it back in your case,"
Mark of Slaanesh: "I'm striking first . . ."

Obviously, I'm overstating the actual use in terms of combat effectiveness, but they are, bar none, the most flexible terminators out there with Wolf Guard coming in a close second.

You can do them as a totally bare-bones retinue for a lord, and your out the door for the cost of 10 tactical marines. Throw in a champion, maybe a couple of power/chainfists, a combi-weapon for giggles and a reaper or Heavy Flamer depending on how your feeling, and you've got a very good 'Can Opener' unit that flexible enough to play in most pick up games, which costs no more generally than a loyalist terminator squad.

Also, you can tune them to be true monsters in combat, by making them all champions and giving them an Icon of Khorne, then tacking on twin-lightning claws. 5 attacks per terminator, with re-rolling wounds? Yes please!

Obviously, the cost of the above unit is prohibitive to say the least. But its really funny when it works. For me, not my poor opponent.

Also, since they can be summoned to unit icons, they don't scatter. So, you can block them behind a rhino or a screening unit, then unload if you have line of sight, cause guess what? They'll tap-dance on most units with a good round of rapid-fire/combi-weapon fire.

Then, support them with another unit charge, and watch bodies fly. If the bolt pistol and combat weapons of the regular guys don't do it for you, then the absolute pain of multiple power/chainfists will clean their kill zone out fairly effectively.

side note: if you're playing a game where you have the points to spend, drop them on a Chaos (read: Cheaper) Land Raider as a dedicated transport. Because let's face it: at the end of the day, its still a Land Raider.

15-03-2008, 14:54
I tend to go with a 6-8 man squad of terminators. Two have assault cannons, and the sarge has the storm bolter/power weapon combo. Deep strike them in, and blast the enemy to bits and then either charge in next turn on shoot another. Rinse and repeat.