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14-03-2008, 02:01
Are Orks a fun 1st army? I'm new to 40K(not 1 game) and need some info on the Boyz. How are the new rules, do they kick a** or suck? Not a powergamer, just want to win here and over there....:D oh and I like the way Orks look(#1 rule for picking your 1st army).

14-03-2008, 02:19
Orks are an awesome army. Some builds play themselves while others require Finesse. They have many powerful options available and generally speaking, you'll be able to keep your opponent on his toes if you plan your list with just a bit o Kunnin. If it's your first army...sure go with the Green guys....just remember that you can't worry about them dying. They die like any other low point model....Fast and Frequently

14-03-2008, 02:38
Yes, orks are VERY fun to play! I recommend them as your first army whole heartedly.

Dirty Fingers
14-03-2008, 02:39
Well, you'll definitely have your moments of frustration (charging your boys into a unit of a berzerkers say....and having them all killed before they can even strike, despite charging), but overall, why not? Honestly, the new codex is overall far more hospitable than the last codex. just be prepared to do a lot of painting.

14-03-2008, 03:15
Honestly the ONLY thing that might be bad about orks from a newbie standpoint is that by being a horde army you have to buy, assemble, and paint a lot of them. If that's not a problem, I can wholeheartedly recommend them; great models, a lot of humor, and an army that doesn't necessarily require difficult tactics to win.

14-03-2008, 03:22
Well, they *were* my first army and with their new costs, they are well on their way to being my largest.:D

As noted the only real downside for a beginner is the sheer number of models you get to paint if you go foot-slogging. That said, it's just as viable to go mounted on Bikes or Trukks.:D

Absolutely, go for it.:D

14-03-2008, 04:59
I have 20 Orks now, and plan to get the battle force, a zapp gun?, big shooty things, and a cool HQ. Maybe 50-70 models.

14-03-2008, 05:16
You can cut down on the models fairly well depending on your options. I was looking at building an army with only the following:

Warboss Blister
2x Battalion Boxes
2x Burna/Looted Boxes
2x Leman Russ as Looted Tanks Boxes
1x Baneblade as Battlewagon Box

Really not too bad on models, and if I wanted I could have gone say Big Meks and taken some dreads as troops, cutting down numbers should you want.

14-03-2008, 12:21
I played my first game with my new boyz yesterday evening, we did lotz O stompin'! I don't care how tough your command squad is, 20 Orks takes sum killin' and we ain't goin' down wivout a fite!

Only a 750 point game and okay, so I did loose half the boyz, but plenty more where that came from and my Warboss does get to add two Chaplain heads to his Boss Pole, Go Green! :evilgrin:

We played recon, and strictly speaking it was a draw in his favour, his transport cost more than mine, but I would have won if I'd actually kept on mission and left my boss and his select bunch of 'Ard Nutz in the Marine deployment zone. It just didn't seem the orky thing to do though, so he blundered his way into the ruck in the middle of the field and walked away with his trophies! :skull: :skull:

The Emperor always did have fools working for him, now he doesn't have as many!

15-03-2008, 00:45
Well I'm going green. Maybe I'll do a painting log or something.

Waaagh Grignak
15-03-2008, 15:57
Orks rule, ive been playing them for 16 years and i still have ideas for new mobs; currently building 30 Ard boyz out of black orcs!

Goq Gar
15-03-2008, 16:07
When I first started collecting orks, my army would blow itself up hysterically almost every game. But it was so funny I couldnt help but smile as my forces were cut to bits :D

15-03-2008, 16:23
Orks are an expensive army, be cautious.

15-03-2008, 16:32
I didn't have Orks as my first army but i don't see why not! It's an awsome army and your going to have lots and lots of fun with is! :D Just don't take it too serious when something... unpredictable happens ^^


Waaagh Grignak - I'm converting all my nobs from Blackorcs... I hope they wont look to small compared to my other orks. Well they'll atleast stand out! Thats for sure :)

15-03-2008, 16:41
I don't know how they are to play as, but all i know is that even very new players can be effective as orks, simply because all you need to do is rush, rush, and rush again. I have a friend that plays as them primarily and they are always very challenging to defeat.

15-03-2008, 17:07
I've done a whole 20 man regiment of black orcs as my nobs. The size is great, they tower over your normal orcs, and they need minimal conversions to look good. Do some arm swaps and slap on some armor plates, and your good.