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14-03-2008, 04:38
I know that everyone loves the Prince with Armor of Caledor, Vambraces of Defense and Gem of Courage.

What I'm wondering is: What other combinations are out there that are worth their points? Would you ever take a Star Lance? What do you think about Golden Shield?

Let me hear your combinations.

14-03-2008, 13:19
1st Vambraces + armour of calador/enchanted shield. (and more often than not Talisman of Loec)

2nd guardian phoenix + helm of furtune. (2nd dragon in army setup, he could have star lance...)

3th Temakadors gauntlets. When I play large games with 3 dragons this normally goes on a sundragon, he is gonna be the cheap dragon with almost nothing, comes in at 425/428 depending on if you want dragon armour or not. (he is the "dragon meat shield" for the 2 other dragons, and it is so awesome to fly 3 dragons around together)

Given the protective power of vambraces of defence + armour of calador (or enchanted shield if you have a BSB with armour of calador) these are prety mandatory on a dragon lord. And only if you have more than 2 dragon lords in your army, should you start looking at other options.
- Also note that the guardian phoenix is best on a dragon mage, and should always be on him if you have one in the army

14-03-2008, 13:55
In regards to the previous post's mention of giving the Dragon Mage a Guardian Phoenix, I've actually gone with the Crown for my DM in past games, and it has saved me from giving up some VPs... I think I'm going to try the Phoenix for awhile though, just to have the chance to save more than one wound per game.

As far as the Prince on Dragon setup, to return to the original topic, he's just too valuable to me not to give him as much protective equipment as possible, and that means the standard Armor of Caledor and Vambraces combination. The only other setup I might play with is giving him standard Dragon Armor, the Vambraces, and the Golden Shield. Almost every model in the game is going to be hitting the Prince on 4s, and forcing the attacker to reroll successful hits might be worth the Armor Save reduction, especially when facing extremely high strength targets. If the Prince is going to be used for Monster/General hunting, in other words.

14-03-2008, 14:36
In regards to the previous post's mention of giving the Dragon Mage a Guardian Phoenix, I've actually gone with the Crown for my DM in past games....

Funny you mention that item because that is what I normally give to my second Dragonmage....

14-03-2008, 15:42
star lance, Guardian phoenix, tailsmen of loec/gem of courage, armor of caledor is a good setup

15-03-2008, 11:34
When I play against them, dragons dont really do that well.
With dwarves, you can shoot the crap out of them easily with multiple bolt throwers and engineers shooting at a large target.
With elves, multi-shot them to remove the rider when shooting at a dragonmage, and single shot to kill the dragon when facing a prince (armour of caledor wont help you against a bolt thrower)

The simplest tactic is to have your mages all take from beasts and then make it cower for the entire game, whilst you shoot (ang magic) it to death. If they are taking a 600+ point dragonlord, they will most likely have poor magic defence. hehe

15-03-2008, 12:53
Mine's mounted on a Moon Dragon, and goes equipped with the Star Lance, Tekemador's Gauntlets, dragon armour and a shield.

He's not that expensive, but still powerful enough to do the things he's supposed to do. I don't like Star Dragons, as you don't really need the extra stats (I mean, most other races' dragons are Moon Dragon-level, and those work good enough).