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07-10-2005, 21:44
Right, first things first:

This race is not intended to fill any niche in the 40k game, and I realise other races might do what they do better, this is a thing I am creating for my own background, a small more or less unimportant race of the far eastern fringe.

Firstly I'm going to post up their history so far, here is part 1 (please wait for the other parts before telling me how crap it is :D)

Part 1:

The Lexitharg Dominion

Around the same time as the first explorator fleets reached the Tau homeworld, and earmarked it for destruction, they also happened upon a largely unremarkable world of grey rock and dark ash. During their brief stop on the dismal world, they encountered a primal race of reptiles, who merely stopped in confusion as the explorator team passed across their world. They refused to react to any of the team's actions, even standing bolt still as the warrior servitors fired rounds into the massed crowds of immaciated lizard forms.

The world was scheduled for cleansing and colonisation, just as the Tau homeworld was, and the explorator teams left.

The warp storms that wracked the tau sytem of worlds failed to reach the space above that barren, dark world, and the Imperial Cleansing fleet fire bombed the world into even more waste land than it already was.

The first actions the colony fleets took was to send down a heavy contingency of ministorum preists to cleanse the land of its xenos taint once and for all. But before the first cleansing rituals could begin, word reached the party that the dreaded Hive fleets of the Tyranids had reached Macragge. The team immediately departed, to lend their spiritual guidance to the more needy warriors fighting the inumerable hoardes of the hive mind.

But, they forgot someone. One lowly missionary acolyte, 23 year old Cassius Aries. Dismayed, he conceded himself to a slow death of starvation upon the barren world. But, thing could only get worse.

Apparently, the orbityal bombardment had failed to harm the terrible reptilian xenos native to the world, their vast and deep warrens had remained largely unscathed as the surface burned. They crawled from the depths of their caverns, and found the lone missionary - he was doomed to a slow death at the hands of these foul creatures now.. surely?

Go back in history 7 thousand years, a full millenia before that first explorator ship reached the barren world of those foul lizards.

A rogue trader desperatley looking for something to prove his fame, deep on the eastern fringes of the galaxy, loses control of his ship above that very world. In a burning fireball he crashes to the surface, and him and his entire crew and destroyed in the blast. The ships lies untouched by erosion on the dry, windless world for two hundred years, before the first reptilian xenos happen upon the twisted wreck.

From the ruined craft they find their first traces of technology, las weapons, generators, cogitators - untouched by age, perfectly functional.

Over the course of the next hundred years, their civilisation grows at an incredible rate, boosted by their chance encounter with humanity's legacy.

The long dead occupants of the ship are raised to the level of god's by the newly founded civilisation, and the reptiles take on a name for their race; the Lexitharg, or 'Hand of the Gods'.

A thousand years later, the explorator ship reaches the Lexitharg world. The entire population of the world, gasp as living Gods walk upon their world. They accepted the Will of the Gods as they killed those who dissapointed them. They stood in awe as their incredible star chariots lead them off back into the heavens.

When the God's brought their fire storms to the world, a hundred years later, the Will of the Gods was clear, to dwell on the surface was an insult to the Gods' honour, and those who did would face their wrath.

It was only after the Missionary team left so hastily that the Lexitharg realised the Gods once more graced their presence. One of the blessed surface dwellers, those that survied the fire storms, spared by the Gods' benevolence, chanced upon the immaciated form of the dying missionary Cassius Aries, and dubbed him Lexithor, God-in-flesh.

07-10-2005, 22:02
Part 2:

Starving and near death, Cassius Aries depseratley tried to flee the approaching aliens. Tall, dark, powerful reptilian forms, with a snub face and large forboding crests above their scaled heads. They approached slowly, as if stalking him across the barren ash wastes.

But what the hideous xenos did with him when they reached him was far from anything that even his wildest most terrible nightmares could fathom - they worshipped him.

Cassius Aries quickly forgot his hard taught hatred for all xenos, surrounded by them in their deep caverns. The most intelligent of the reclusive reptiles learnt a debased form of low gothic quickly, and were named the Lexitholn, Emissaries of the Gods.

Over the years, Cassius taught the Lexitharg as much as he could about his religion, about the correct worship of the Emperor, about the arduous war humanity fought continually against the foul terrors of the galaxy. He hoped that he would be able to forge some sort of decent society in those dank caverns, that he would be able to carve out some semblance of normality despite his incredible circumstances. He told them that they were the only alien race chosen by humanity as worthy, that their duty was to protect their human masters as best they could, that to sacrfice themselves for their Gods was to guarantee their place in the next world.

Cassius was one hundred and twelve years old when the Lexitharg got their first chance to fulfill their 'duty'

The tau had laid claim to the world, and Imperial forces has immediately answered the insult with a large contingency of Imperial Guard.

During the first engagement upon the planets earth, the Tau were surprised as legions of dark Lizards crept up from caverns at the Tau force's flank. The Tau assumed the worlds inhabitants had risen up to fight alongside them against the Humans and their uncompromising xenophobic approach to other worlds. But they were sadly mistaken.

The Waiting Imperial forces made the same assumption too, but to their surprise, the new xenos force crashed into the Tau flank, crushing their force entirely in a flurry of barbarism and close range high power lasfire. The only explanation the Imperials could come up with was that this was some obscure strain of ork - a common foe of the Tau, who had been hiding under ground.

After they crushed the tau force, the 'orks' stopped in their tracks, turning to face the gathered Imperial armies, they got on all fours and pressed their heads to the ground.. some sort of bizarre ritual.

Early tactical assesments could only reach one conclusion, the 'orks' were summoning the wrath of one of their debased gods, gork or mork, an action rare, but not unseen, on the field of battle. The Imperial Artillery opened up upon the gatheres Xenos ranks, but they stayed still. The two forces refused to move for a whole week, at the end of which, the xenos forces rose to their feet, and let out a barking chant of Lexin-har. 'Will of the Gods'.

They retreated en masse, and the Imperial armies were left flabbergasted in their wake.

07-10-2005, 22:13
Part 3.

Not long after this first engagement, the Lexitharg managed to get to grips with the subtleties of space travel. Confined by a lack of understanding of the warp, they were confined to short range jumps based on scavenged Tau technology. They quickly sized up the battles raging perpetually between mankind and the tau all around them, and learnt to shadow the Imperial forces as they made their way around the world. They would give their human god's the honour of the initial conflict, and as they withdrew they would lurk in silently, and clear up the stragglers with cold blooded brutality.

They developed a tendency to take slaves, who they would torture for months to force them into their debased religion.

They became a thorn in the side of the Tau empire, invading indiscriminately, taking hundreds, if not thousands of slaves.

They are led into battle by the appointed Lexithor, the heir to Cassius Aries' throne. The Lexithor is always chosen on the field of battle by the previous Lexithor, picked out from the human forces the Lexitharg stealthily shadow.

The chosen heir is captured, and brought before the Lexithor, who, in private, introduces him to his new position. This initiation often takes weeks, but the heir always eventually takes up the position. Although they always return from the initiation cold, and dark, like their Reptillian charges.

08-10-2005, 18:40
veeeeeeeeerrry nice, suprised no one else has replied

Freak Ona Leash
08-10-2005, 19:24
Ooooooh, Freak likes. There like Orks, but with less comedy and more religous smityness. :D

08-10-2005, 19:55
That's really good, especially how they view the Imperium through such rose tinted spectacles. I also like how they are 'a thorn in the Tau's side'. You should do something about a major conflict (like countering a hive fleet) that they are involved in.

08-10-2005, 21:26
Basically it started as just me coming up with a name for 'some other race' that my Tau commander could have fought against (mentioned here) (www.freewebs.com/commanderfireeye/commanderfireeye).

But then, while sat on the bus to town yesterday, I started thinking about the word Lexi, that I had stuck in their name. It reminded me of lexicon and things like that, and in turn that reminded me of mythology and religion, things like that. And I thought, maybe it means god.

So it started me thinking, hand of god.. but I didn't just want another warp god for them to worship..

earlier on I had been thinking how funny it would be if ants were vastly more intelligent than we thought, and that they saw us as god like giants.

and then it hit me, they could be a race the imperium saw originally as just beasts, who managed to escape their wrath, and were so below the humans (At first) that they begun to worship them.

I spend the busride coming up with the story basically..

Some other ideas:

When the Lexitharg first saw action, a radical re-structuring of their race began. The 'blessed surface dwellers' who had survived the orbital bombardments, had grown by this point to incredible strengths because of the hardship the surface life now greeted them with, and they came together as a sort of order, the Lexiculn, God's Killers, or God's Warriors. The Lexiculn stand on average 9 feet high, and tower over their Lexitharg bretheren, who on average stand around 4 or 5 feet.

Lexitharg psykers (Lexityr), are considered to be an embodiement of the God's will. Although it is highly rare for a lexitharg to have psychic powers, when it does so, it uniformly occurs in the lowest of the Lexitharg heirarchy, those so spineless that they have not even the will to control their own minds. These loose cannons of vast raw psychic energy are put into the personal retinue of the highest Lexiculn Warhands (Commanders), and often accompany the Lexithor himself if he is present on the battlefield.

I plan to convert up a couple of Lexitharg, some Lexiculn, a Lexityr, and some other stuff, when i get my hands on some money (might be as late as xmas). I will probably post concepts before then.

I also would like help coming up with ideas for representing them on the field, I'm thinking orks at the moment.. maybe with kroot mercenaries as allies to represent some of the other units I have in mind (can kroot ally with orks..?)

08-10-2005, 23:40
You should make the preacher declare them all sinners because they are xenos filth, and thus they must spend their entire lives attempting to gain atonement for being born such an inferior and flawed creature.

This would cause them to do things for the emperor only a crazed flagellant would do because they fervently beleive that they can only be forgiven in the emperor's light when they make up for not being human.

This is something the eurpoean preachers pulled on the africans, and although i don't want to start a history/prejudice tangent, it becomes a very powerful motivator.


09-10-2005, 10:45
very nice idea (I am dropping hints of how bad religion can be all over this race, so that fits perfectly).

I will probably have it a bit more subtle though, Cassius Aries only went along being the Alien's leaders because he was frightened so much for his life, so I doubt he'd tell them they were all sinners so bluntly.

09-10-2005, 21:18
I really like it. It's just that the wording isn't too great. I guess English is not your first language.

Like that flashback thing. It might be better if the creatures told Cassius that, right when they started understanding low Gothic.

If you just typed it out in a brainstorming kind of way to share your ideas, then don't mind me :)

Liked it. Fresh idea! No superweapons, nothing hidden for centuries in a warp storm, nothing that's somehow 'secret'. Lovely.

10-10-2005, 09:40
:D English is very much my first language, I'm even a student of english linguistics wouldn't you believe lol, I was just noting all this down in raw thought format (makign a lot of it up as I went). As I say, I came up with it on the bus ride home, so I didn't have the time to make it sound better, I just burst in through the door and got it down.

I will write it up on my (freewebs for now :P) website, Grim Darkness (http://www.freewebs.com/grimdarkness) eventually, and when I do i'll do it properly, I just wanted to get down what I've thought of so far, and get across the feel I'm after for them.

I have done a couple of sketches, and have decided that, rather than go for a typical lizard man feel, I may have them as more amphibean in nature, with heads inspired by the look of the Moray eel.

I have also come up with the idea of them kidnapping kroot beasts that they can get hold of, knarlocs and kroot hounds, which they mistreat quite badly - leading to kroot havign a particular hate for them.

I am trying to think of some themes for armour and such, so far I have come up with the idea of pentagonal, or diamond shaped, armour panels, in black material, that looks like it could either be some sort of metal ore, or a type of rock, as if they have mined it from their caverns.

For in-game representation, I am stuck between kroot mercenaries and orks. For orks, feral orks would be a much better representation, but some units just don't figure out right.. I might just go with kroot mercs.