View Full Version : 3500 Tzeentch demons

14-03-2008, 11:12
OK so I'm thinking of fielding something like this for ard boyz so tell me what you think.

7 units of 24 or 8 units of 21 horrors @2520

the bound spells on these guys seem like enough to tear apart most lines over afew turns. and bound spells at level 10-11 will make my opponents waste their dice before i get to my wizards

exalted demon @ 335
level 2 wizard
dispell gift
exalted demon @355
level 2 wisard
blade of aether

2xSorcerer, level 2, dispell scroll @ 290
total 3500

so is it possible to make a tzeentch gunline or should i leave this one alone?

19-03-2008, 11:34
i said it will not work. since u may only probablly in a battle to caste the spell 2 turn max. the enemy will just uses long rang on ur deamon which will hurt a lot of point with only 5+ ward. Than next they will charge with cavalry they got, and that will kill u completly.

putting two damon master in is going to be evn worse as it may not join units and r going to die easy without protection from hounds or furies,etc

so i would leave this list and seek for one better with not just daemon, but more mortals. u will be amazed on how powerful these non-magical creature will be.