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07-10-2005, 22:54
I always enjoy rating other peoples army's on fora,and i always think everything is wrong with the person's army, so, now i think it's time to post my own skaven armylist, and see what you thing of it! It's my first attempt at the vile ratmen, please rate my army!!!

1 Warlord 158
(wrpst. armour,foul pend., shield)
1 warlock engeneer 110
(warp blades,condenser,accupulator, storm daemon)
1 warlock engeneer 135
(warp blades,condenser,accumulator, 2 disp.scrolls)
1 Plague priest 114
(add.hnd.wpn, liber bubonicous)

30 clanrats 235
(full command, ratling gun)
30 clanrats 235
(full command, ratling gun)
25 slaves 50
25 slaves 50
27 plague monks 252
(add.hnd.wpn, full comm, Umbranner)
6 plague cencer bearers 102
1 rat swarm (3 bases) 135
5 poisoned wind globadiers 50
10 night runners 70
(throwing st.)
5 gutter runners (tunneling team) 95
(poisoned throwing st.)
5 gutter runners (tunneling team)
(poisoned throwing st.) 95
1 Warp-lightning cannon 100
total: 1990

Well, that's about it, hope i didn't forget anything! What do you think?

I plan to use the globadiers in combination with the rat swarms, rat swarms don't block line of sight, so globadiers can throw globes in combat with the knights that the swarms will be in combat with.

the night runners screen the plague monk's frenzy, i made that unit 6 wide, so 6 monks can attack!!! (smart me;))

slaves are there to soak up missle fire, and mabe tie up enemy units(for only one turn off course,weaklings). And let the ratling guns have their way with that perticular combat!

Be gentle!!

08-10-2005, 02:02
Looks like a good list, however I don't think you can combine the Warpstone Armor with heavy, as I think they are both the same type of armor.

Also try to add in another unit of clanrats + slaves.

08-10-2005, 09:37
only one armour and one sheld im afraid.

chaos armoue, armour of damnation, enchanter shield, gaze of the gods, and a hande weapon would give me a -2+ save and a 4+ward. on a barded steed thats a -4+save.

too good. read the brb.

as for the list, no where near enough magic defense. 3 dice and no scrolls... not too good...

add a pair of dispel scrolls in.
other than that, it seems good.

08-10-2005, 18:20
hmz...magic defense, didn't think of that.
How 'bout i lose the assassin, and add another engeneer with a dispell scroll or 2.
mabe i'd lose the bands of power on the plague priest, and give him liber bubonicous, that makes him a lv. 1 wizard:).
i'll edit my original post

now i have 105 points left, any suggestions??
(besides dispell scrolls)

08-10-2005, 19:53
Very balanced and fun list, kudos!

I'd say get a pair of scrolls for your second engineer. (sorry but I REALLY would!)

Also a magic weapon for your warlord might be good. Warpstone amulet seems a tad risky, but that's the nature of skaven. A standard 5+ ward might be more advisable given it's on your general.

Warlord Gnashgrod
08-10-2005, 20:40
Don't take the Warpstone Amulet. One roll of a one at the end of the game, and you just handed your opponet 253 VPs (153 for the character, +100 for being army general). It's just too risky. I had a game go from a win to a draw thanks to it. I've never put it on my general again. I'd take the Foul Pendant instead. At least it can't kill the character.

Definitely take more dispell scrolls. As for the Lieber Bubonicus on the Plague Priest, I don't think it's worth it. He's frenzied, so he'll be in hth, and then his spell with hit both the enemy unit and the unit he's in as well. He can't keep from charging due to frenzy. I'd give him a plague censer instead. It's a free magic weapon(it's a basic option for him, and not a magic item selection choice). Perhaps you could consider giving him the Warpstone amulet, as he's just a hero and not the army general.

have you considered taking a Battle Standard Bearer? They can be very usefull. Especially the Storm Banner. I think it's the best banner for the Skaven army.

I hope you find this usefull.

08-10-2005, 22:49
Mhm, loose the pistols on the engeneer and the speers on the clanrats and get 2 scrolls :)

10-10-2005, 20:02
ok, lost the pistols, 'cause i'll never hit anything, lost the warpstone armour, now have foul pendant. upgraded plague monks to 27, with priest in it, that'll be 4X7 monks in combat:), lost the spears on the clanrats, and got myself another tunneling team.also: 2 scrolls on one engeneer

-1 extra dispell scroll on other engeneer,
-liber bubonicous,
-2 tunneling teams??

greets from BAL!

11-10-2005, 16:23
2 tunnel teams is good, but a bit too good ;), 1 is enough, maybe take some ebtter flankers in your army

11-10-2005, 16:32
It looks a bit SAD in ways but not super SAD don't get me wrong here just a bit...

As for the liber don't underestimate it. It is good. But blade of black fury is good if your up against weak armour oponents. Get rid of storm demon and take another dispell scroll ( god im sounding like a certain user here cheesing on scrolls... havnt reached 7+ yet so im ok) and either Eye of the horned rat or a warpstone charm.

11-10-2005, 16:39
Hmm, Skaven amateur here but those spare 10 points could bulk out a slave unit to 30 could it not...?

11-10-2005, 20:20
i thijnk the liber is a good idea. for an extra dispel and power dice, and the abity to cast (its a power familier with a bonus!) sometimes, its good. 2 scrolls, and that gives you a good. 3-4 dice,and 2 scrolls... fun!

11-10-2005, 21:26
ok, thnx,
i'll think about the 2 tunneling teams, beacuse i thought it was a bit too much.
the 2X10 points from the pistols could indeed boost my slaves up to 30, but i don't think that's any good, i think 25 is enough for slaves.

thnx guys, i'm keeping the liber b. now!!

11-10-2005, 22:10
25 enough for slaves, well if you must know I use units of 40 !

13-10-2005, 09:41
I think 25 is enough.
You have to think for yourself: for what purpose am I buying slaves?
I use them to soak up missle fire, to get in the enemy's way and maybe even to perform a flank charge(if they survive).
So, if you have a unit of 25, the enemy will have to kill at least 7 to cause panic. (i know, if you have 40, that's at least 10). 2 X 25 slaves will be perfect for holding up the enemy, or allining them so that i can perform a flank charge, even if they break, which is what they'll probably do anyway.
A unit of 40 will just as well break from close combat, beacause outnumbering is only a +1 on CR,and the'll be destroyed, and that's 15 slaves=30 points wasted.

The same goes with rat swarms and plague swarms.
I use them to tie up the enemy, and rat swarms do that job well, off course, if I upgrade them most of the hits caused will be automatic wounds, but that's not wat i bought them for, and at +20 per base...I'd rather have 4 bases of rat swarms, than 3 bases of plague swarms!!!

morale on this story: you'll have to think about for what purpose you're buying units!!