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Jack of Blades
14-03-2008, 12:19
I really can't decide. On one hand, I just like VC, but I also like Chaos a lot. Now here are the pros I'd like in an army... most of these fit both armies, though, as DP's are also strong and versatile characters (and I'd use a DP):

+ Good infantry
+ Strong, versatile Characters
+ Armoured infantry (so I can make them like this: http://www.heroesofmightandmagic.com/heroes4/images/monsters/crusaders.jpg)
+ Varied choices and versatility (I really dislike having 'baseline core unit, and oh, here's baseline special unit with one more strength and toughness than the core unit!)
+ Skirmishers, really love them

14-03-2008, 13:55
Either of them could fit the bill. Maybe wait a few more months until the new Chaos Mortals book comes out and see how you like it compared to the new VC book?

14-03-2008, 14:11
Probably be best to start VC then, especially when half the chaos is (alledgedly) about to become obsolete. Plus, VC does everything you listed. Grave guard with G/weapons are apparently very hard hitting, as are blood knights. Flexible vampire lords as characters? What more could you ask for? Armoured infantry is a bit more difficult, but skeletons are vaguely armoured and, again, grave guard and blood knights should be pretty rock solid. Varied units? How about ethereal, move-through-terrain cavalry or hordes of undead than be re-healed and raised? No? How about ghostly skirmishers and a corpse-ladden cart. You've got wraiths as skirmishers and the Varghulf as the monster. Sounds about right to me.

Jack of Blades
14-03-2008, 14:35
Thanks guys... I think I'll wait for the Daemons to come out :)

While I really like VC, I won't be able to stand regretting having started them once I see the new Chaos, and I can't be sure that I won't like them when they come.

Lord Blacksteel
16-03-2008, 04:42
You could start working some units of both - skeleton and zombie parts are handy for nurgle conversions, and some Chaos Warrior bits wouldn't be out of place in armored VC unit. It doesn't take much to make 500 points in either one.

(Mortal Chaos at 4000 pts painted and rising...)

Dux Ducis
16-03-2008, 04:49

It was my choice.