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14-03-2008, 13:02
In the Lizardmen Armybook p.51 the Blessed mark of the old ones reads:
Quote:The character may re-roll a total of D3 (roll at the start of the game) single d6's per game. Each reroll entitles the player to take a single d6 of his own that directly effects the character (including one of the dice rolled as a part of 2d6, 3d6, etc) and roll it again.

Now, i have two questions about this...

1: In the Warhammer rulebook p.107 it reads under SPELLCASTING AND REROLLS:
Quote:If a wizard is allowed to re-roll a failed casting attempt, he must re-roll all the dice he rolled and accept the second result, as normal with rerolls.

Now let's say that i want to re-roll a 3d6 casting roll, do i get to re-roll all 3d6 or do i choose and re-roll 1d6. The confusing part is that it says in the blessed mark that it entitles me to re-roll a single d6 whilst in the rulebook it says that to re-roll a casting roll you must re-roll all dice.

2: How far does directly effects the character reach, saving, to hit/wound rolls for the character with the blessed mark of the old ones is kinda obvious, but lets say that its he is the BSB and has a Huanchi's blessed totem, may he re-roll the distance rolled on that too? Or dispelling, if a spell targets him, may i reroll the dispell dice used to counter? And lets say he's part of a group that wants to pursue a fleeing enemy unit, do i get to re-roll 1d6 of the distance pursued if he's part of the unit pursuing or only if he's alone?

My thanks in advance :)

14-03-2008, 13:36
I'm not shure that casting spells on your enemy counts as
DIRECTLY EFFECTING THE CHARACTER... but if you cast a spell
on your self... it would seem to only effect you.

I'm shure you can reroll saves, hits, wards, runs, and magic items.
not so shure how this works when he has Huanchi's blessed totem
and is in a unit... since this would seem to effect more than just him.

(usualy I see this spawing on Scar vets/Old bloods and the occasional skink priest.)

14-03-2008, 13:45
About the first, if I read it like how you write it down... Re-rolling a casting attempt is something different than being allowed to re-roll a dice. I think that rule is meant that, if you for some reason are allowed to try a spell again, you are prevented from only rolling the low numbers again.
While the mark of the old ones allows you to re-roll a single dice, and not a complete casting attempt...

Two, I'm not completely sure, but I would say any dice that is directly related, so anything that has to do with his own movement, wounding, killing, casting etc...