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14-03-2008, 16:24

Not to be a whinger thread. Just some observations.

There's some serious weirdness on the US Store website, and I can't tell whether it's just the admins over at Glen Burnie being screwheads, or because they know something we don't. I thought it was just a screwhead thing (I've met them all before) but I started noticing mistakes all over the place (particularly rampant with Chaos).

For example:

-The Daemon Prince Dhar'leth (Undivided) is listed under the "Get Started" for Chaos Armies, not under HQ, as is with the Terminator Lord.

-The Emperor's Children Lord (HQ, possibly Champ of a Troop Squad), the Chaos Marines (Troops), Plague Marines (Troops) and the Rhino (Transport) are listed as Elite.

-Raptors, Bikes, and Spawn (Fast), as well as Land Raiders and Havocs (Heavies) are listed as Troops.

-All Chaos Heavies (except Obliterators), some Havocs, and those listed above are in Fast Attack, along with the Winged Greater Daemons.

-The on-foot Greater Daemons, Nurglings, and Furies are Heavies.

-Obliterators are completely gone!

-Daemonhunters and Witch Hunters are both gone as armies, replaced by "The Inquisition".

-Preachers, Missionaries, and Confessors are HQs. (Is this a WH thing? Because it sure isn't a Daemonhunter thing.)

-The DH IQ w/ Plasma Pistol and w/ Grimoire have their labels switched

-There are two Culexus Assasins whose only difference is their head and camera angle. (Legitimate though, but screwy nonetheless... When did they make a second Culexus anyway?)

-The Masters of the Chapter are listed as HQ. While this probably doesn't rank unusually on its own, the Masters of the Chapter are Apocalypse-only units. So if they were including Apoc stuff in the Marine lists... where is the Land Raider Terminus? (There could be something special about them. Maybe, these guys are the medium to how GW will "trait" the new Codex Marines in 5th ed?)

-The Space Marine index lists Brother-Captain Stern on the right-side panel... right above the Black Templars, Blood Angels, and Dark Angels tabs...

-The MkII Space Marine Veterans (not the MKI veterans) have setups that are not currently legal (2x Plasma Pistol & Power Weapon and the Lightning Claw & Bolt Pistol), while the MkI Veterans all use setups that are currently legal, assuming you count some of the Power Weapons as CCWs. And while you can have two Plasma Pistols in this new Vet Squad, there seems to be no model with two Lightning Claws. Just one with a single claw. The MkII veterans are all sold individually as well, while the former MkI Veterans are not. (On a side note: I like the new looks of the vets, and if I played Space Marines, I'd love to have a squad full of about 7 of those Bolter Veteran Marines.)

-The Sneak Peeks (updated Mar. 10) only have one 40k image: The Masque

-Dark Eldar are all screwed up, because it looks like their Elites are listed as HQ, their Troops listed as Elite, their Fast as Troops, their Heavies as Fast, and their Special Characters as Heavies. Could be a coding boo-boo, or the new DE could shape up to be QUITE broken... (I'm not sure though. HQ Wyches, Fast Ravagers, Elite Beastmasters, and Troop Jetbikes actually make a certain amount of sense, if the Eldar are anything to go by...)

-Mandrakes are listed along with Dark Eldar Warriors, so either Warriors are going elite, or Mandrakes are going Troop. (BTW, were Beastmasters always Elite? Could've sworn they used to be Fast...)

-Furthermore, the DE Incubi, all DE HQs, and Lelith Herespex are all missing.

-Orks have a section for Dedicated Transports... with one entry. Strange because there are other armies with more Transports who list said vehicles under Troops or Elites. (I chalk this up to "screwhead".)

-Ork Bitz Packs for Stikkbombaz and Stormboyz are actually listed on the site in appropriate entries. A happy note for once, as this may carry over to other armies when more bitz packs are released. (Raptor jump packs, Raptor jump packs, Raptor jump packs...)

-Orks sure have a lot of "Direct Order Only" stuff...

-Rippers and Spore Mines are sold individually now... I know there have all been metal Spore Mines in the past, but there haven't been Metal Rippers since 2nd ed. But then I pulled up what the Metal Rippers looked like and... are those the old Metal Rippers? Is GW re-packaging and re-selling them? And 6 to a base? (The way I see it, 3 wounds means 3 Rippers a base, so 6 Rippers is 2 swarms. Sweet...)

-Necron Tomb Spyders got shifted to Fast Attack. (A Tomb Spyder that can keep up with the Scarabs it makes? Yes please! Though it's not like Necrons need any more competition for Fast Attack slots.)

-Necron Wraiths are listed under... Troops. You've gotta' be :wtf:ing kidding me...

14-03-2008, 16:37
It is pretty well known now that GW are in the process of re doing their website, it is taking them quite a long time but it will all be fixed eventually i imagine. Untill then it is a bit ,essed up.

14-03-2008, 20:08
You are half a year late with this observation: Have a look at this thread:
(plus hundreds of other "OMG my favorite miniature disappeared from the online store" threads since then)

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