View Full Version : Dwarf Rangers...how to use?

14-03-2008, 16:25
You never really see them in lists posted here and I know they can be really expensive depending on how you kit them out, BUT I am awfully tempted by the fact you can put a block of great weapons in an opponent's deployment zone....:D

For those of you who have tried them out, What is the best unit size, equipment load out, and deployment strategies you have found?

Or, are they just "not worth the points...buy a unit of quarrelers instead.."?:cries:

14-03-2008, 17:18
Well, you could put a block of GW troops in his deployment zone. They will be all alone and out of range of help for a good deal of the time. Also they might just be ignored and end up chasing troops across the board as your opponent closes on you. They might end up Marchblocking which could make him deal with them.

The best uses I see is keeping them cheap, but a threat. That way your opponent is left deciding if he needs to take the time to get them, or try to ignore them. A base unit of Rangers is 110 and upgrades past that bump them up further. Will that be strong enough to need to be dealt with? Is it cheap enough for you to loose.

I could see it stalling out a part of the army to allow you time to shoot another section or bring their army into yours in chunks. For that they might be worth the investment.

14-03-2008, 22:09
Personally, I go 17 quareller rangers and thane with the Rune of Brotherhood & Master Rune of Flight and stick them in a defensible obstacle in the middle of no-mans land. putting troops in your opponents deployment zone is what miners are for. The 17+character formation gives me a frontage of 9 for shooting, and the ability to reform to 3 ranks for melee (it also means you keep your 3 rank bonus after taking a round of shooting).

I find rangers work best as a defensive unit - they are great for holding terrain and/or stopping your opponent's advance down one flank (add in one or more gyros to march block and you can really screw up your opponent's movement phase). But, quite frankly, if you want them to attack you're using them wrong.