View Full Version : Any Middle East Wargamers on Board?

14-03-2008, 17:48
If you are in the postion of finding yourself in the middle east it is very hard to get a good game in.Im in Egypt by the way (not a native). And am lucky to have two dedicated friends that entered the hobby roughly around the time I did. Therefore there is little skill difference and we mangage to get along.
I am curious what others do. Feel free to share your experiences (if any).

14-03-2008, 18:06
Uhm. I know this is probably cliche.. but I really have to ask it:

Do you play Tomb Kings?

Jack of Blades
14-03-2008, 18:11
^ Epic win :D

Just had to say it...

14-03-2008, 18:15
Yes I do :D, first army. I also got the 6th edish starter set so have a healthy amount of Orcs + Gobs and Empire. Found it frustating in the begining but i feel the army made me a better player with the others.