View Full Version : Eldar army idea I don't want

15-03-2008, 14:54
I keep doing this I have ideas for dozens of different armies even for factions that don't appeal to me.

So I had this idea for a cult eldar army (Dark Eldar counts as eldar) now I know it sounds strange but hear me out.

some models I've had ideas for, an avatar conversion made from the statue on the dark elf cauldron to show physical side effect of the eldar spiritual corruption. As well some sort of heamonoculus looking farseer and a bunch of general conversions to make them more dark.

fluff in brief; A small sect of Eldar who are unsatisfied with constantly running and fighting a losing battle wish to return to their former decadent ways and to crush all the lesser species in the galaxy.

At this point they still practice many eldar ways in combat thus they still count as eldar

Of course their would be more to it both model and story wise I just wanted to keep this brief.

So what do you think? has this been done?
And since eldar are't really my thing does anybody want to use this idea?

15-03-2008, 15:01
I recall reading something a good while back where GW created the Dark Eldar because players were making their own "dark" eldar forces.

I like it, and its not too dissimilar to an idea that I am playing with for a "throwback" Eldar craftworld.