View Full Version : Looking to do Strigoi theme.

Getifa Ubazza
15-03-2008, 15:00
Vampire Lord: Dispel scroll and Flying horror 260pts

3 Vampires: 1 Dispel scroll each 125pts each

3x19 Crypt Ghouls: 1 Crypt Ghast each 160pts each

5 Bat Swarm bases 175pts

5 Fell Bats 100pts

2 Varghulfs 175pts each

That comes to 1740pts. My target is 2000pts.

Im very new to Fantasy, so please take that into acount, when you comment. I know the basic rules and have played a couple games, But not enough yet, to understand completely.

Thanks for any help.

15-03-2008, 15:26
Not enough Strigoi theme with regular vamps with no real vamp powers. Plus, that's a ton of dispel scrolls considering strigoi can't take magic items in the old book. Give the vamps power's like flying, terror causing, ghoulkin, summon ghouls, summon creatures of the night.

Getifa Ubazza
15-03-2008, 17:26
I understand about the scrolls, but i took them, as im always being told how important they are. If someone could kit out the vampires to make them Strigoi themed, that would be great.

15-03-2008, 17:37
Ditch the scrolls for starters.
Bat form, infinite hatred, the summon ghouls power.
Everything else for strigoi was removed really.....you could give them the power that gives them a weapon and given them 2 hand weapons.

15-03-2008, 18:22
Maybe you should get some protection and combat stuff for your vamps and ditch the dispel scrolls!!!

And ditch the bat swarms