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15-03-2008, 17:11
After reading "Angels of Darkness" I have had a soft spot for the Fallen Dark Angels and have always given a good deal of thought to collecting them. However, I find the idea of using the CSM/SM codex a bit ridiculous, as the fluff behind them is they hardly ever gather in groups larger than five or six. This thinking is what led me to building a LatD list two years ago for them, which seemed to fit the bill. But now that LatD are no longer a viable list, I am once again wondering what the best army would be to represent the fallen. The options i have are as follows:

1.Using a balanced IG list w/ Grey knight/Inquisition allies(the GKs representing the small group of enhanced fallen angels that have corrupted a local PDF/guard regiment)
2.Using the old LatD and just playing friendly games every once in a while
3.Swallowing my pride/fluff ideals and playing a real small SM/CSM army of fallen angels.

Are there any other Fallen lovers out there who have been stuck in the same situation? I'd love to hear what solutions any one else has come up with.

20-03-2008, 13:05
I am slowly(very slowly) building a Fallen Angel army also.

Cureently I'm using Chaos space marine models wiht all the chaos stuff scratched off and with the ocassional MK6 model in there. I'm using the older rhinos as transports. I'd use an old land raider if i could ever get my hands on one.

My ideas after reading every Dark angel book that has been produced is the following:

- what if there is indeed Fallen Angels who are still loyal would they not fight in the emperors name?

For my fallen i use the current space marine codex

Mr Feral
20-03-2008, 13:38
I'm assuming with the IG / LatD, you're aiming for Traitor Guard / Renegade Milita backed up by Fallen? If so, I'd say go for either the Renegades & Heretics list (in IA5), which would give allow you a single squad of Infiltrating CSM, or one of the first two options that you suggested.

20-03-2008, 13:47
I think the IG w/ Daemonhunter allies option works the best, though I'm not sure how to explain the Fallen Angels' Stormbolters and Nemesis weapons. Maybe just see if your opponents would be okay with you using a single squad of Space Marines in your IG army?

20-03-2008, 14:05
I would go for real CSM list, but with only few Fallen among them; idea being that Fallen used their oratory to manipulate other CSM and are using them to their ends.

Army I am slowly working on is Fallen lord and one-two squads of Fallen leading warband of Sons of Horus; Fallen convinced these Sons that Abaddon is upstart unworthy of Warmaster's mantle and Sons would do better by following die-hard worshippers of Horus like Fallen Angels lord.

20-03-2008, 14:34
Your best bet is either the "counts as" option with an IG army and fallen in place of GK, or a SM / CSM codex army using a command squad of fallen leading an army of other heretic marines.

what about using a deathwatch squad to rep the fallen in an otherwise IG army?