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15-03-2008, 18:05
Hi All,

Here is the 2000pt Asrai army I plan on expanding out into. What do you guys think?

1 Wardancer Highborn @ 290 Pts
Blades of Loec
Annoyance of Netlings
Amaranthine Brooch

1 Spellsinger @ 175 Pts
Magic Level 2
Dispel Scroll
Dispel Scroll

1 Branchwraith @ 140 Pts
Magic Level 1
Cluster of Radiants

10 Glade Guard @ 126 Pts

10 Glade Guard @ 126 Pts

8 Dryads @ 96 Pts

8 Dryads @ 96 Pts

8 Dryads @ 96 Pts

5 Glade Riders @ 129 Pts

8 Wardancers @ 165 Pts

8 Wardancers @ 165 Pts

5 Wild Riders @ 191 Pts
Full Command
War Banner

1 Great Eagle @ 50 Pts

6 Waywatchers @ 144 Pts

Casting Pool: 5

Dispel Pool: 5

Models in Army: 80

Total Army Cost: 1989

Any help at all is much appreciated.


Id'git Thwompa
15-03-2008, 21:59
the list looks good ^^ my only concern would be that you will have trouble with high armour / high toughness stuff. your glade rider and wildrider units are much better at 6 strong rather than 5. I have never been a fan of waywatchers in games less than 2500 points, i find they never make back their points, but they are cool and for that reason alone i see the desire to use them. i do love the lord combo though .. a ton of fun to use

15-03-2008, 22:08
Well firstly, thankyou for writing down you list in such a nice and easy to follow fashion that isnt a simply copy paste effort from armybuilder.

You've got 11 points spare.....which doesnt seem to be able to buy you anything.
Good army then!

High armour seems to be your weakness but unless the enemy really loads up on it you should be fine.

15-03-2008, 23:02
If you can play your cards right you can use your glade riders to bait any heavy armour units and flank them with your wardancers. With WE its all about tag teaming your charges. The lack of CR is the death of a WE enemy, so you either got to kill a tonne of stuff to rack up points or break them on the first round.
With your wardancers and Waywatchers you have quite a bit of killing blow. You just need to make sure you use it right.

You can use the Lvl 2 with Calingors Stave so you can re-roll your treesinging and cast it multiple times in a magic phase. just my suggestion. Its a standard Build I use.

I would also drop the musicians from your Glade Guard units. If anything hits them in combat they are dead anyways. You can use the points elsewhere.

I would only use Command on the Wardancer unit that is going to contain your Lord. If I use a Wardancer lord I always run 1 unit naked usually at 7 strong. Its really the most your going to get into comnbat and since we dont get a rank bonus the other ones are just standing around. I guess its alright to have a couple extra to soak up arrows. But I usually just use dryads as a screen, T4 and 5+ ward save. Wardancers are T3 6+ ward save.

If you dropped the 2 Glade Guard musican and the Command on the other wardancer unit it would leave you with 44 points(if my math is right) you could add one more dryad to each unit, or I would add one to two units and add a nymph to the unit that will hold the Branch Wraith so she can excepts challenges for her, you dont want her fighting.

Just my thoughts.

Over all, its a pretty solid list.

Oh and about the waywatchers. Its true they dont earn their points back sometimes. But when your opponent sees you place them on the table, he rethinks his deployment, they seem to scare a lot of players. The other good thing is that alot of people have a habit of trying to kill them early and will focus alot of attention on them allowing you to move your wardancers, dryads, Wild riders and eagle up their other flank.

Just make sure you try to use combine fire with your shooting. Pick one unit and fire every arrow at it until its dead, then move on to the next. Dont split fire. Your waywatchers are the excetpion, good deployment and they should easily take down a war machine first turn. Then go after juicy targets like Knights, you never know when those 6's will show up.