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15-03-2008, 20:31
We're looking to start a new campaign in our small group (4 players) and this is what we have come up with.

The campaign is set in segmentum Obscurus, sector Falstaff, surveyed in M38, with 142 planets, whereof 3 inhabited. The main action takes place on the planet Oberon, and in its capital Titania.

The planet Oberon has no moons, but is surrounded by a concentric ring of debris. It is slightly smaller than Holy Terra and of slightly lower gravity (gravitation ratio 0.96). Its population is but 1.2 million souls, plus an insignificant number of servitors, most of which live in captial, or the population centres Puck or Bottom.

Because of its temperate climate, the harvests are rich and supports many times the population. Therefore, most of the grain is exported to the nearby hive city Merx Magna, providing Oberon with much needed imperial protection and direction.

The world of Oberon is presently under attack by both Chaos and Eldar pirates. It is one of the outer supply worlds to Merx Magna, and of utmost importance to the sector's continued well-being.
Mean surface temprature: 18
Tropospheric composition: Nitrogen 78,8%, Oxygen 19%, Argon 1%, Ozone 1%, Carbon Dioxcide0,1%, Sulphur 0,1%.
Length of day: 22h 14min.
Continents: 1
Seas: 1
Urbanisation: 71%
Tectonic Activity: 3.4 tcF.
Main Exports: Grain and fish.
Main Imports: -
Specific briefings, for your eyes only. (I'll get to these in time)
Sisters of Battle:

Missions. Here are the missions to be fought. We will use either gw's rules of engagement or city fight. You gain points for each battle fought, with the main part being the last battle.

Mission 1. Stealth strike.
Win 5, draw 2.
In the middle of the night, landing craft from the enemy barge, orbiting concealed in the asteroid debris rings, land in the fields of the Spicaneum province. They will not be undetected for long and must move out ASAP.

Meanwhile, the defending troops will have to defend their territory as well as keep tabs on the attackers.

Special rules: First turn nightfight, variable gamelength.
Points: 1000
Attacking army objective: Bridgehead.
Defensive army objective. Firebase.
Mission 2. March on Puck.
Win 7, draw 3.
The chaotic faction will fight lightning raid. If the imperials won last game, they will play bombardment. If they lost, they will play unconventional warfare, to monstrate the confusion.
Special rules: variable gamelength. Montainous terain.
Points: 1500
Mission 3. The Puck orbital relay station.
Win 6, draw 3.
The chaotic faction plays the sabotage mission against the holdout mission. There are only two predetermined objectives. The satelite dish and the power plant. If the imperials won last game, they get razor wire. If chaos won, they get first round, and variable gamelength will be in play.
Special rules: ?
Points: 1250
Mission 4. The battle for Bottom.
Win 7, draw 2.
Special rules: Cityfight terrain, gamma level table.
Points: 1500
Mission 5. The fate of Titania.
Win 9, draw 4.
Urban assult
Cityfight terrain, omega level table.
Points: 1850
Mission 6. Grand finale.
Win 20, draw 5.
Apocalypse victory conditions.
Points: 1500+1500, 2 armies per side!

Difference less than 5 DRAW - all fees go to terrain.
Difference 5 or more VICTORY - winners buy stuff from Forge World.
Difference 20 or more SLAUGHTER - as above, but the winners have to support the worst army in the campaign (winners choice of the loosers armies) with a new unit!

Well, this is it. Questions? Comments?

scientist tz
15-03-2008, 20:57
There need to be some opportunities for the players to make their own tactical decisions. For example: Mission 3. If the Imperials won mission 2 why do they HAVE to take razor wire? Can't they pick from a list of perks? If Chaos won mission 2 they have to take first turn? That's potentially a disadvantage in an objective-based mission.

Also, what about veteran perks for units that do very well? A campaign is a golden opportunity to do stuff like that.

16-03-2008, 12:31
We're trying to keep it simple since it is only our second campaign. The first was dragged on too long before going to it's unresolved grave so we'll hope this will be more snappy!

In mission three the razor wire is there to slow the opponents down, that's also whyvariable gamelength is in play only if chaos won their last game. It is thought to represent a battle against time.

We had other rule ideas that didn't make it, like mutants and plague zombies for the chaotics and the Brotherhood of squats for the Imperials. In the end we thought we'd save those ideas for later campaigns.