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16-03-2008, 02:53
2000 points Vampire counts army
Strigos of the black water mountains
hi im new to warseer but ive had a look through many threads for vampire count armies n there all a bit similar ive tried to make a strigo army as much as i can its based on surprise and strength and lack of magic
namely the four characters will stick together like in a pack primarily taking out anything that can shoot my advancing ghouls and varghulfs and im sure 4 vamps could take on a ranked unit as well this list was made for somthing a bit different to play with and i think it could be quite fun and the look on my oppents face when there are 4 scouting vampires roaming all over the place ne way let me know what you think ne comments welcome

Vamp lord with hunter in the dark, super natural horror, infinite hatred and walking death
Magic items; the cursed book, talisman of the lycni, the flayed hauberk, sword of battle and wristbands of black gold 400 pts
Count with hunter in the dark and avatar of death
Magic items; hand of dust 195
Count with hunter in the dark and avatar of death
Magic items; rod of flaming death 185
Count with hunter in the dark and infinite hatred
Magic items; walachs bloody hauberk 195
Main force
Varghulf 175
Varghulf 175
19 ghouls n ghast 168
19 ghouls n ghast 168
19 ghouls n ghast 168
19 ghouls n ghast 168
1997 points

16-03-2008, 03:50
Summon Ghouls.... without it you are casting Invocation of Nehek on a 4+ (2 dice), with it you are casting on a 3+ (1 dice). It increases your effectiveness by a LOT.

16-03-2008, 10:47
the problem with scouting all your characters is the rest of the army is unsupported apart for the varghulfs and unless they stand behind the ghouls and 'baby sit' them they won't be able to make all the ghouls march leaving your vampires on their own for longer

your vamps in the early stages of the game will probably be out of range to give a helping hand with vanhel's dance and other spells so i'd hold back a vamp or your lord, as vampire count units depend on their characters support much much more than other armies, and swap hunter in the dark for summon ghouls and maybe ghoulkin for that extra 'boost'

ghoulkin is a must however as with no armour those ghouls are going to drop fast even with T4 and making the enemy auto break because you outnumber them is key to any vampire counts army, 19 probably won't be enough especially against orcs, skaven and other hordes