View Full Version : *FLUFF ALERT* Idea for Eldar army

16-03-2008, 04:33
Some fluff I was thinking about for my new eldar army. I like the Ulthwe paint scheme so I just made them a branch off, not a new craftworld.

The Telwe are a sect of the Ulthwe craftworld, their force that secretly passes through the webway or dropships onto the battlefield, striking ahead of the main force, thinning the numbers of the enemy and then regrouping with the main army to finish the enemy off. They utilize lightning fast vypers and jetbikes to cut swathes though the ranks of the enemy, then have guardians and dire avengers rain death down on the enemy. The Ulthwe army will usually pick out many of the warriors in their ranks that are fast, stealthy and cunning to join the Telwe sect. The Telwe will usually use the Farseers and warlocks in their army to see which insertion point has the most damage potential, later using their potent psychic abilities to demoralize, confuse and ultimately destroy the enemy before they have time to react.

Does Warseer approve? Any suggestions to make it more fitting with other Eldar fluff?

16-03-2008, 04:44
Seems pretty good to me.


16-03-2008, 05:39
does it matter what other think? It's your models, you make the background you don't need the masses approval for that!

Pvt. Ratt
16-03-2008, 05:56
I'm with Reaver. Your models, your idea, do it. Damnn what everyone else has to say.

Imp of High Noon
16-03-2008, 06:05
Well it's nice to know if you have good fluff though isn't it.

That sounded strange

16-03-2008, 14:18
Works for me. Very believable, and I don't see you using fluff to violate current army list limitations or take advantage of holes in the rules.

I only bring that up because someone in my gaming group is trying to create some fluff that will allow him to combine the best capabilities in the Templar and Blood Angel's lists...

16-03-2008, 14:56
This is fluff?! All I see is JUST an overall view of what that Telwe is. Good start though.

16-03-2008, 15:19
@ Syntax - Yeah it looks fine.

@ Reaver83 and PVT. Ratt - I think that he was asking to make sure than his made up background isn't stepping on the toes of any exixting fluff etc. Surely a forum about 40k is the ideal place for people to ask this kind of thing, the fact that he has bothered to post it suggests that it does matter to him whether other people approve of his fluff.

16-03-2008, 15:57
Hmm, seems okay, but write some more. And while you're at it write a story about it. It's IMO good option to try out something like that

16-03-2008, 16:01
i think this is a really good start to a good piece of fluff, but you need to write a bit more to give weight to the idea

16-03-2008, 17:23
I haven't put it to paper but i did basically the same as you.After reading the eye of terror fluff i decided that my ulthwe force was also a branch within the ulthwe craftworld,kinda like the french foriegn legion.After reading the part about how Eldrad and Maugan Ra teamed up I decided to make a strike force of guardians (40) to back them up (as ulthwe is fluffy guardian heavy) and painted them black like normal ulthwe should be,but instead of bone helmets they are yellow w/ drybrushed orange.On the field of battle it looks like a hundred candles blazing (or at least 40 hehe).As long as your wysiwyg is there (meaning no made up weapons or changing force organization without both players agreeing before game,which i dont agree with btw)then it shouldn't matter if you call the main character in the eldar army eldrad or pippy longstockings he (or she lol) will still have X attacks with X weapon.Just dont make it so confusing (or the paint scheme so ugly) that noone wants to play.

Evan Simmons
15-04-2008, 16:44
I think its a good idea
but personally i like Beil Tan

16-04-2008, 13:09
It's your Fluff but it sounds pretty decent to me.

Maybe you want to make a specialty for your army like the over-reliance on a certain troop type or a certain tatica.