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17-03-2008, 01:43
So here's the deal. I'm looking to get a new computer some time in the near future (probably the next 6 months-year) and, since I know absolutely nothing about computer specs myself, I'm wondering what you Warseers recommend.

I'm after something with decent gaming capability (I'd like to be able to run Bioshock, but Crysis level graphics aren't a requirement), internet and word processing capable and finally...cheap! I've got about $500NZ (130UK pounds-ish) plus about $1200NZ of my own money that I'd like to spend as little of as possible. There's also might be an extra $500 coming along later in the year, but I'm not 100% sure.

Anyway, anyone got any recommendations for a technophailure?


17-03-2008, 01:59
So what's your limit? I can scour NZ sites and put together something for you based on current prices with ease (done it before)

17-03-2008, 02:55
Price Spy linky (http://www.pricespy.co.nz/) is a good place to start to give you an idea of prices, I made up an AMD6400 dual core with 2GB RAM for the other half for about $800 (no LCD at that price), only has an average video card ($150), you can spend $1000 on a realy good card that will only be worth half that in six months if you are reallly keen!!
Been looking at the new Viewsonic LCD 19inch wide screen 1680 x 1050 2ms and only about $350, not bad for a budget monitor.

Bugbait out.

17-03-2008, 06:53
The Kiwis are out in force. :p

Thanks for replying so promptly guys. I'm going to set my limit right now at $1500.


17-03-2008, 07:01
This including a new monitor? If you have one and you're happy with it, then awesome.

Intel Core 2 Duo E6750, 2.66GHz @ $270
500GB Seagate 7200.11 HDD @ $155
4GB DDR2-800Mhz RAM @ $210
GeForce 8800GT 512Mb Video @ $350
Gigabyte DS3 Motherboard @ $150
Generic ATX case @ $100
Thermaltake Toughpower 600W PSU @ $220
Any one of a million DVD combos @ $50

Total $1505, no monitor, software, etc. Will run Crysis and better quite happily.