View Full Version : 2K VC vs. Woodies

17-03-2008, 04:55
This is an attempt at an army that doesn't rely on a lord.

Valdamar The Vile =195
Vampiric Powers(Dark Acolyte,Lord of the Dead)
Magic Items (Helm Of Commandment,Power Stone)

Renault the Butcher of Bogenhafen BattleStandard Bearer =220
Vampiric Powers(Summon Creatures of the Night,Dark Acolyte)
Magic Items (Sword of Battle,Talisman of Lycni,Flayed Hauberk)

Venerus =185
Vampiric Powers (Infinite Hatred,Avatar of Death)
Magic Items (Blooddrinker)

Kellirion of the Border Prices =200
Vampiric Powers (Master of the Black Arts )
Magic Items( Book of Arkhan, The Cadaverous Cuirass)

Skeleton Warriors x14( Full Command)=132 * accompanied by Valdamar
Skeleton Warriors x14( Full command,Banner of Hellfire)=142 * accompanied by Kellirion
Crypt Ghouls x18 =144
Batswarm x3 =105
Corpse cart ( Balefire)=100
Fell Bats x4 =80
Grave Guard x17 (full command,Banner of Barrows,Greatweapons)=296
Black Coach =200

Total =1999

the idea is tho have a center with the 2 skeleton units and ghouls, the Black coach will begin behind these units until it powers up, the Fell bats, Bats swarm and Battlestandard bearer will run up a flank, will the Blooddriker armed Vamp and graveguard punch through his Eternal guard.