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17-03-2008, 06:00
Question/Idea, I read this article.

Redemptionists are a sweet army idea, but I am scared to presue it. Its likely that the Doctrines System (Warrior Weapons) and Inquisition Codex will be given huge overhauls or be completely re-written by the time I would be finished presuing the army. Im also not a huge fan of the new Redemptionist models. Startng an army from scratch (Without Bits) would be hard endevor.

There is the question of how it could be made. (Rules Wise.) and the posability of combining Redemptionists with Sisters of Battle to make the most John Blanche army ever concieved. I guess I am torn by the options, anyone thought this through more or have a good story? Im in the conceptual phase and I think this would make a fantastc long term goal/army. (Historical Information, link to an army that has been done?)

17-03-2008, 10:35
I started on an army, but quickly got enthousiastic about the next big release. GW knows how to empty my wallet...

Anyway, link is in my signature, for what it's worth.

And get this book;
http://cgi.ebay.com/Warhammer-40k-Redeemer-Graphic-Novel_W0QQitemZ250225484854QQihZ015QQcategoryZ9094 4QQrdZ1QQssPageNameZWD2VQQcmdZViewItem?_trksid=p16 38.m122#ebayphotohosting
It's the funniest and best-drawn comic from 40k ever. And the lead character has a model (the one in my thread).