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Seth the Dark
17-03-2008, 08:15
I just picked up the Empire book and was flipping through it and saw the independent city of Marienburg. It looks interesting and I am wondering how a person would go about creating an army based off of this fiercely independent city.

I am thinking of going with lots of expensive stuff to represent the wealth of the city with alot of firepower. What do you think?

I also have two more questions: What colors does Marienburg use? and are there any Empire dedicated forums/sites out there? Thanks in advance.

17-03-2008, 08:26
I think the colors are red and yellow but I'm not sure.
Look at the Mordheim rulebook, it gave a bit of info on warbands from Marienburg and some photos. You are correct, their militias are well funded, and thier equipment is top of the line.

17-03-2008, 08:32
Don't make them just have lots of guns to represent the wealth, since that might as well be nuln. Pistoliers/outriders, greatswords and knights all represent the wealth through elite troops. A large standing militia would as well. Doing this will give you a far more interesting army (for you and your opponent). But you are empire, so you have to start the list with a pair of cannons and work from there. ;)

17-03-2008, 09:15
In the previous edition there was an Empire alternative list (non-torney, "if your opponent agrees" kinda deal" where Marienburg got easier access to Dogs of War. This fit the theme of being a rich independent city who relies on paying mercenaries to fend off their neighbours who are poorer but have a lot more manpower.

Thus, I would use a lot of DoW units and perhaps do some conversions to make my army look a bit exotic and rich. Tiger pelts, monocles, rich colours, the works. They would get a lot of their manpower from sailors settling down or doing some mercenary work between shipments, so that could work too for a themed unit or two. Even use a stray non-human here and there if you want too, to give it that extra spiciness. That is better than "look I have a Nuln army but I didn't paint it black, yahoo!".

17-03-2008, 09:39
Also note that Marienburg also draws some influences from the late 16th-17th century Netherlands, which kinda makes me proud.

A good Empire site is http://www.warhammer-empire.com/.

17-03-2008, 14:04
ZeroTwentyThree is working on a Marienburg army over in the painting forum. It's looking awesome too. :)

One idea is to use elves (sea elves, high elf traders living in the city) as some kind of "counts as" unit. You may also use seamen/pirate inspired militia.

@superknijn: "Some influences"? The words "blatant copy" springs to mind. ;)

17-03-2008, 15:05
Thanks mrtn!

For my Marienburg army, I'm using the Empire list with a couple of Dogs of War units for my rare choices to represent mercenaries. I'm sticking with a largely infantry based army, supported a little cavalry and artillery. For now I'm going to avoid some of the more specifically Empire stuff like Steam Tanks. I'll probably use a warrior priest, though, as a warrior priest of Manaan (god of seas, popular in Marienburg.)

Stylistically, I'm mixing different races with a generally Empire look to them, with the exception of some High Elf (aka Sea Elf) archers and light cavalry. Since these are all mercenaries, I'm not giving them a uniform and going with colors inspired more by the historical landsknecht mercenaries that the Empire look is/was based on. (Though it seems to be changing from German/landsknecht to religious fanatics in this edition :rolleyes: )

Other people have taken the concept of Marienburg differently than I have, as mrtn mentioned, a pirate look is one thing I've seen as well.

Seth the Dark
17-03-2008, 15:53
Wow thanks for the help guys. I am looking forward to creating a Marienburg force.

17-03-2008, 15:54
@superknijn: "Some influences"? The words "blatant copy" springs to mind. ;)

Like we say here in the netherlands: Beter goed gejat, dan slecht bedacht. (freely translated: better well stolen, then badly designed)