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The Poisoned Dwarf
17-03-2008, 13:01
Dwarf Lord (General) (301)
Great Weapon, Shield bearers
Master rune of Kragg the Grim, Fune of fury x2
Rune of Resistance, Rune of Iron x2

Thane (245)
Battle standard
Master rune of Stromni Redbeard, rune of battle, rune of guarding

Dragon Slayer (115)
Rune of fury, Rune of Cleaving x2


15 Warriors (145)
Standard, Shield

15 Longbeards (235)
standard, shield
Rune of battle, Rune of determination

15 Longbeards (215)
standard, shield
Rune of battle


19 Ironbreakers (316)
Ironbeard, standard
Rune of battle, Ancestor rune x2

18 Hammerers(278)
Rune of battle, rune of stoicism

17/3 Troll/Giant Slayers (265)

Cannon (125)
Rune of forging


Organ Gun

Flame Cannon

:D minimal magic defence and shooting but after first day of tourny against o&g is capable of holding its own :P

17-03-2008, 15:12
LoL no one can be bothered to comment on your list dude!

Id'git Thwompa
17-03-2008, 16:13
lol wow, this is a cool list, i love the crazy stacked combat res. and that you fit so many of the dwarf cool units and warmachines. i wouldn't worry about the lack of shooting units as they are too soft and get smashed through eventually. however that being said against certain magic heavy (or even just magic strong) lists they can sit back and blast you while never coming into contact with all your combat res units. (woodelves will just avoid you as well) to counter this i would swap the slayer character for a runesmith with the master rune of balance, this would give you 6 dispell dice and steal a power from your opponent, this would force him to have to rely on something other than magic. For these reasons i would also love to see the master rune of grungni of the slayer unit (although finding the 50 points might be diffucult) I guess one way would be just swapping the slayer character for a runesmith with just heavy armour /shield without any runes, you'd still have 5 dispell and could use the extra points to get the banner. Anyways these are just some of my thoughts...... Do you tend to stay still with this list, or move forwards?

The Poisoned Dwarf
17-03-2008, 16:34
With this list I form a line in the corner using the deployment zone table edge and flank table edge to cover flanks.
The slayers I deploy in the middle of the deployment zone as far forward as possiable and run them towards the enemy general or any big units that I want delayed/destroyed e.g terror causers.

I love infantry blocks and elite units and no other army can quite match the dwarves. This list is designed to be a brick wall, hopefully anything hitting will be forced to hit the front and the dwarf Armour means that hopefully I won't be taking too many casualties and then at worst pull a draw with the runes.

normally I try and fit strollaz instead of the ward save and have my army rush the enemy so they cant shoot me but I though I would try the time tested castle formation