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17-03-2008, 14:31
I am thinking of giving Inquisitor a try as I long for a stronger narrative element in my games and have come up with a general campaign idea/setting. There will essentially be 3 warbands operating.

The first will be an Alpha Legion marine doing generally subversive things and having his cultist warband accompanying him.

The second will be lead by a Dark Angels Librarian. He is there looking for the fallen and is chasing a rumor of a "giant amongst men" leading a cult. I figure his warband will be made up of either hired help or perhaps some who have been influenced psychically (I think his powers will be primarily telepathic).

The final warband will be led by an Inquisitor, investigating the cult activity. I have not really decided anything regarding his retinue yet.

Now the basic idea is that you have the Alpha Legion guy avoiding everyone, the Dark Angel after the Alpha Legion guy but avoiding the Inquisitor (dark secret and all), whilst the Inquisitor is primarily after the Alpha guy.

As you can see this is a general setting and I haven't got on to any specific scenarios yet, or even the specific makeup of any characters. The general idea would be that the Space Marines would play a relatively minor role in any action, most of it being undertaken by their minions. If they were involved I would have them having specific objectives (almost side quests from the main action) using their minions as a distraction. I also think these side quests would not necessarily involve killing unless someone got in their way, with an emphasis on stealth. I would also have the space marines without power armour, as it seems fitting for those trying to maintain a low profile.

The questions I would like to ask are about the use of Space Marines in Inquisitor. I understand they are very powerful and probably not that fun to use being able to do seemingly anything. However, they are important for the overall setting I'm interested in. So..............

To what extent does the removal of armour weaken them?

Are they as good at the more stealthy stuff (ie remaining hidden, picking locks etc) as they are at the shooty/killy stuff or will this be more of a challenge for them?

Do you have any general advice on using space marines in inquisitor?

As I have said they will play a minor even peripheral role in most scenarios they make an appearance in but I'd like to avoid making them dull to use or game breaking if possible.

sagittar slaith
17-03-2008, 17:45
if you havent already, i recoment getting the space marine help from the specialist game site. other than that, try and limit the use of space marines. one can easily massacre an entire enemy warband even unarmed

17-03-2008, 18:25
yeah, space marines are crazy good in inquisitor. they actually fill their fluff in this game rahter then in 40k, where they are just subpar. for example, the basic SM has something around the score of 200 for stength. give him a combat knife (d6 damage) and he will be doing d6+13 points of damage per hit, against and unarmored human thats enough to blow arms off, even if the target is in flak armor, which is 4 points of protection if i remember correctly, alot of the damage is still gonna go through. all in all space marines are really powerful. i have a night lord raptor i use, jump pack and razor fists, and a boltgun, when iuse him its usually against entire warbands, and i still usually come out on top.

my normal warband is an inquisitor, a gun servitor, and arco flagellant and if i have space, either an eversor or the twins. in out group we skip alot of the narrative stuff, we just set up large death rings with some terrain and mangle each other for an hour. really fun.

18-03-2008, 19:55
Well I would suggest a look here for Imperial Marines (http://www.specialist-games.com/assets/MarineChat.pdf) and Chaos Marines (http://www.specialist-games.com/assets/FO94InqChaosMarine.pdf)

Fisrt thing first Space Marines in Inquisitor are very hard. Space Marines are the best of the best, equiped with the best weapons and armour in the imperium. Space marines are aproximatly 3-4 times stronger and tougher than most human's, top that off with armour 2-3 times thicker than most human's. Bearing in mind you "average" weapon [ie lasgun/autogun] will struggle to hurt marines.

Second up the space marines will replace the inquisitor within the warbands. [Assuming most warbands consist of an Inquisitor and his various followers on]. I would assume the Alpha Legion Marine to have various cultists/rogues/devients fighting for him. Where as the Dark Angel might have a small draft of Guardsmen/Enforcers or may have some serfs/knights or something like that from within the chapter with him.
The Inquisitor would have what warband he wishes really