View Full Version : 1500pt VC any suggestions

17-03-2008, 15:50
Manfred the Acolyte with the Skull Staff and barded nightmare 270

Vampire Dark Acolyte and lord of the Dead with Flayed Hauberk and the black
Pariapt 185

Wight King Battle Standard Bearer w/ Black axe of Krell 150

144 Skeletons w/spears x 11 FC and Battle Banner

119 Skeletons w/spears x 11 FC

88 Zombie Horde x 20 Standard

88 Zombie Horde x 20 Standard

152 Black Knights x 5 Standard and Champion

303 Grave Guard x 19 FC and Banner of the Barrows

Manfred walks with one unit of skeletons, the other vampire walks with the battle banner and the standard bearer walks with the wights... i simply form a tight block with zombies flank guarding and spend as much of the first turns using 4 power dice (2 pool and 2 from vampire) to buffer the skeletons up and 2 power dice (manfred) to get the zombies a bit above par.

Its worked out so far in a couple games... any suggestions?