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17-03-2008, 16:59
in my local gw we have just introduced some new rules to our shop (to our regulars) so we can have more fun games. the rule is 6 lvls of magic per army only. reason being funner games and the fact that we have a skaven player that uses a bell and 3 warplock engeneers, and a tzeentch player better known here as wolf+.
anaway i have 2 lists but which is better?
2k tzeentch

chaos lord,b steed,mot,sword of might,gaze of da gods,enchanted sheild

exalted c,mot,halberd,sheild

exalted c,mot,b steed,sheild,beserker sword

23 chosen warriors,mot,fc,gor banner

5 chosen knights,fc,warbanner,mot



2nd list (better in my opinion)

exalted,mot,enchanted sheild,beserker sword

exalted,mot,b steed,halberd,sheild

exalted,mot,b steed,sword of might,scroll


22 chosen warriors,fc,gor banner,mot

4 chosen knights,standard,musician,warbanner,mot

both 2000pts lists but both solid lists so which one do you think is better?
the 1st list doesnt obied by the 6lvs rule but it is still ok.

17-03-2008, 19:42
Are those really 2000 points lists? They look so awfully small.

the rule is 6 lvls of magic per army only.

You have eight levels in your first list. ;)

Oh just noticed the last line of your post. Sorry. :)

17-03-2008, 20:50
the 8 lvls isnt fine.

The rules actually 7 levels for players who want lvl 3 + 2 lvl 2s.

But no, 8 is not fine. I have to change my Tzeentch list so do you.

17-03-2008, 22:06
erm if its 2k then u need 3core in thee 2nd list only 2core :)

18-03-2008, 11:58
Actually, unless you really WANT Tzeentch Lore magic, you'd be better off w/ a Sorc Lord or a Grt Bray Shaman, w/ Undivided and several Tz units. IIRC, a Great Bray Shaman, even taking your Lord slot, doesn't have a high enough LD to be the general over an Exalted Warrior...

18-03-2008, 19:44
w0lf- yeh i know i still need to change that but this is one of the first lists.

lord_of_underneath-oh!! crap will have to drop the shaggoth to get another core:cries:

sareal- yeh thanks for the idea i might change the list completely. but i want to try to keep to mortals for the moment.

thanks for the feedback!