View Full Version : Gamesworkshop Chaose mutation sprue put to good use.

17-03-2008, 18:44
Thru all the great support GW has had for its worldwide campaigns there have been some great new models and special characters.

Medusa V had Vostroyans, Tau XV25's, Eldar rangers, the Nurgle daemon prince and those unforgiveably ugly possessed marines.. ect.

Armageddon had tons of stuff too numerous to mention. (A Codex, Steel Legion, Ghazghkull & Yarrick)
Along with the Eye of Terror (A codex, Abbadon) but I never noticed these awesome mutant guys!

These mutants absolutely rock because they give you so many different sprues in one box. (the box being OOP undoubtly)
Has anyone on Warseer ever purchased this exact box?
I know the Chaos mutation sprue is OOP (is it?) which in my opinion kinda sucks, considering all the awesome mutant conversions possible.

Lord Obsidianus
17-03-2008, 18:49
this box was actually made up of ork, guard and chaos mutation sprues(were there marauders in there too?).

It was a good box, dunno if they still sell it though.

17-03-2008, 18:57
it wasn't even a box actually it was a pack much like the templates packs they sell with enough models in there to do about 20 mutants (for 15 at the time), sadly they don't have them any more, but a box of Marauders, Catachans, and Orks should give you enough bits to be making some very interesting conversions

17-03-2008, 19:00
Boogle: What about the Chaos mutation sprue? Can't make mutants without that.

Captin Korea!
17-03-2008, 21:46
You could get the mutant bits off ebay.

17-03-2008, 22:44
I'm liking the new crypt ghouls for mutants. If i ever revist my LatD army, i'll probably use them too.

Titan Wolfe
19-03-2008, 18:33
The crypt ghoul models work pefectly for mutant conversions . Along with the new possesed marine sprues can come up with some fantastic conversions . LatD aries will never look so good.;)

Blue Orphen
19-03-2008, 18:49
Did the Chaos Mutation sprue go OOP with the release of the 4th edition Chaos codex? I know that it came in the old boxes, such as CSM, Berzerkers, etc. as well as a number of the WFB Chaos boxes. It might even come with the existing boxes of Marauders and Chaos Warriors.

When I started my LatD, I picked up a box of Zombies, a box of Marauders, and a box of Catachans. I really don't like the Catachans, and ended up minimizing use of those parts (I didn't want any of my mutants to have lasguns). Mutant hordes are also a great way to empty use all those odd bitz in your bitz box(es) - I ended up throwing all kinds of arms and heads.

19-03-2008, 19:19
Those conversions were pretty cool.

LATD have never really inspired me though.

I have a LOAD of the mutation sprues if anyones interested in trading, PM me if so.

Lieutenant Ranik
19-03-2008, 19:54
I got that set. And yes, it was in plastic bag, much like the jungle trees set. It had a Zombie, Ork, Catachan, and Chaos Mutation sprue. I managed to get 14 mutants out of it, one shy of half a unit. It was a great concept and excellent buy at $20.00, but you needed two sets just to meet unit requirements.