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17-03-2008, 19:01
okay the idea behind this list is for it to represent an army of the remnants of the strigoi vampire, i want the list to be competitve but i dont want to start breaking theme, so how does this sound
oh and one last thing, would you be okay with me using some of these "counts as"?

Grisvah the Strigany King
(vampire lord) lv 3
flying horror
infinite hatred
summon ghouls
supernatural horror
(flayed hauberk)-this is meant to represent not so much armour but instaed the hardness of his skin
(crown of the damned)-kind of meant to represent the old curse of the revanent power-the way i intend to describe it is that he has feasted so much that he has unparralleled regenerative powers, however he risks being overcome by this bloodlust and so need to keep it in check if signs begin to show on the battlefield (hence the stupidity)
Total 410

Gharlak emmissary of the Strigany King
(avatar of death)-using two hand weapons to represent his brutal fighting style, the heavy armour again representing battle hardened skin
Army battle standard bearer
(royal standard of strigos)-in my 1000pts list this guy leads (without the banner of course) and has infinite hatred, i intend to account for the loss of this by saying that his hatred literally powers the banner and that although this takes (some) of his fury away it causes those around him to act in even greater acts of brutality
Total 180

Gharuk the Ghoul Master
summon ghouls
(book of arkhan)-simpley to represent his fury being transferred
(talisman of lycni)-more to show that he actually is part wolf rather than a talisman of sorts
Total 185

20 ghouls w/ghast 168
20 ghouls w/ghast 168
15 ghouls w/ghast 128

direwolves 8
10 direwolves 80
10 direwolves 80

Varghulf 175

this bit of the list is simpley "out of the box" taking units that have affinity with the beastial vampires
however for the last part i tried to do something more abstract, what id like to know is if you would be happy facing some of these unit "counts as"
(also do you think ive used the right rules to represent these units or should they be something else)

Strigany (the human followers of the strigoi)
25 strigany w/ standard and musician 112
25 strigany w/ standard and musician 112

Strigany Caravan (under the old book it stated that the strigany were often accused of hiding the strigoi in their caravans, this is meant to be a caravan that actaually houses a sleeping vampire)
(black coach)
1 Caravan 200

Total 1998

so what do you think?

17-03-2008, 19:40
Its cool.

Id deff get 2 vargulfs thou, they just fit.

17-03-2008, 23:00
my first draft of this had two varghulfs however i went for the caravan idea as not only does it give the list some variation but also allows me to convert a nice centrepiece model

18-03-2008, 04:50
Nice armylist

18-03-2008, 17:09
why thank you :D
any suggestions on it though?

18-03-2008, 17:34
Seeing as how the king is going to be out and flying around I don't know it's worth giving him summon ghouls since he could spend a good part of the game away from your actual ghouls.

Other than that it looks interesting : )

18-03-2008, 18:07
that is a very good point but summon ghouls just feels right for him
do you have any ideas of what i could take instead?

18-03-2008, 18:43
Sword of battle, sword of striking, or sword of might are all the same amount of points as summon ghouls, and like your other fluff (flayed hauberk = tough skin) you could reason it as his increase strength/rage/overall killyness : )

18-03-2008, 19:05
I'd drop the zombies for an escort of bats for the flying circus.

18-03-2008, 20:00
Sword of battle, sword of striking, or sword of might are all the same amount of points as summon ghouls, and like your other fluff (flayed hauberk = tough skin) you could reason it as his increase strength/rage/overall killyness : )

good idea, i kind of overlooked the common magic weapon section and i didnt notice the mass points decrease there
i think im gonna go for the sword of might reasoned as the old iron sinews bloodline power (+1 strength)
it also does fit the vampire quite nicely for his role
thanks Malorian

i might drop one unit (i do want to keep one unit of strigany to go with their caravan) of zombies for a bat swarm but im not too sure on this form a more gaming point of veiw, ive never used the bats before and im unsure of their uses
does anyone have experience with the little critters who can give me some pointers?

Plastic Adi
19-03-2008, 00:08
i dont include standards in my zombie units, you make 100 point unit now worth 200 point to your enemy.

19-03-2008, 05:28
I meant Felbats, not swarms. The swarm can't keep up with the winged count.

Reason being, if he charges a unit of shooters, they shoot him if he's alone. If they declare their stand and shoot against the felbats, you've saved your general a painful charge reaction. Wolves work well here too, and for a cheaper minimum points investment.

I've been working on something similar but with a caster Count and a flying circus of vampires supported by wolves, felbats, and a varghulf.

24-03-2008, 21:06
theme issues aside do you think this is an effective list?