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17-03-2008, 20:05
Its time for yet another White Dwarf Feedback thread, this time for the April issue (US 339, UK 340 etc).

If any of you wish to make more general comments about WD, please will you make them in the General White Dwarf Feedback Thread (http://warseer.com/forums/showthread.php?t=23972).

I would like to make a couple of other requests. If you post the score you have given to the current WD on the thread, would you please explain why especially if you have voted 1 or 10. I think this is useful (and interesting) for other WarSeer members reading the thread, it also provides useful feedback for others who read the thread which may include GW Staffers.

The other request is related to the previous one. Do not criticise people for posting their score and views about WD, I believe we are all entitled to voice our opinions without the the fear of them being criticised.

As always, all off-topic posts and spam will be deleted without notice.

The WarSeer Inquisition

17-03-2008, 20:23
WD popped through my door this morning - to my amazement. Very early and very interesting.

Majoring very much on the Warhammer 25th Anniversary, so lots of Fantasy related items.

As already flagged in rumours large item on legendary battles - good ideas but, in places, just stating the obvious (ie taking force organisation to the nth degree). Good rehash of the Allies table - could this be the way DoW go forward? Comes across as Apocalypse for fantasy, even with a Fantasy Stompa in the Battle Report

Of course, being an anniversary issue there is the usual historic interview - not read yet but I don't expect to gain much from doing so.

Liber Apocalypse - Chaos based so not high on the list of reads, but interesting.

Top 25 Influential models, won't give anything away but interesting inclusions.

Good articles on painting and some great examples of Harry the Hammer, although he won't be at the top of my Top 30 Models in 5 years tiime.

LoTR - Mordor source book and look at different types of character types in the game.

Chaos players will be pleased - lots of pics of next months releases.

On the whole a good read (that's why I buy magazines) that I couldn't get through in a lunchtime (as I have with other WD in the past) so I score 8.

17-03-2008, 23:36
I voted 10,
I had a quick musing through the magazine (30 minutes or so).

It's chockful of stuff related with warhammer's 25th birthday, obviously.
I read standard bearer first (I always do & I always like it) it's about the daemon books.
I drooled on the Big Gork siege construct from the battle report (massive armies!).
kept on drooling all over the place, on Harry the Hammer painted by different guys/gals from the 'eavy metal crew.

I have plenty of reading/ drooling to do.

Enjoy a super issue.

Getifa Ubazza
18-03-2008, 08:50
I gave this one 9. I feel that WD is finally starting to look like its old self. Well not quite, But its getting there. Lots to read and although im not a huge Fantasy fan, i really did enjoy the history of the game article and the interview with some of the games developers.

18-03-2008, 09:00
Rumours of the death of White Dwarf have been greatly exaggerated.

A solid 8 from me, and reserving judgement to up it to a 9 when I finish reading all of it.

More material than I could read of an evening (which is a change), some really interesting and varied articles, and a fantastic example of the different ways the 'eavy metal team paint.

Loved it, and loved the fact that for the first time since the new Tau Codex I'm genuinely excited about the products and ideas coming from GW.

18-03-2008, 09:32
I voted a 7. Which is a good solid score for me. It arrived yesterday and I haven't finished reading it, which in itself is cause for joy after many issues over the last year or two!

It definitely looks like the WD editor (or his boss) has been reading these threads and has started giving us the kind of stuff the readers want, instead of the boring corporate schlock the senior management in the Marketing department would rather force down our necks.

I'm not going to pull apart individual articles for detail as that is rather subjective for me. However I am going to sigh a huge sigh of relief that last month's issue wasn't just a one-off and that the trend has continued.

Jervis' comments in the Apocalypse segment that WD will be used to distribute rules tweaks and suggestions is great. Imagine that eh? Regular "fun" rules suggestions in WD! Who'd a thunk it?

Just goes to prove that the readership knows what it wants better than the corporate tools in Marketing do, eh?

Just a couple of suggestions of how the 7 could be raised to an 8 for me:

1/ Lose the "Grombrindal" editorial. Please. Patronising crap! It worked for a one-off gig, but as an ongoing feature it is just irritating and stupid.

2/ Jervis should tone down the pimpage of the latest stuff and stick to the kind of "meta" topic that Rick handled better last month. Either that or let Rick write the column every month. There's enough pimpage of the concepts behind the design in the designers notes when they come out. It would be far more interesting to hear some of the overarching meta thought processes of the games. If they exist (:P) As it stands, the column just reads like more corporate hype, which is a shame as I know Jerv's a straight up guy.

18-03-2008, 11:09
A happy surprise to come back from work last night to find WD on my doormat - wonder why it is so early this month?

Anyhoo, I would like to 'second' the majority of comments already posted here and gave the issue a 9 as I read it for all of last night and still have plenty to read in my lunch break today at work. The battle report is excellent, the Harry the Hammer 'Eavy Metal Challenge is good, Legendary Battles/Chaos Apoc Datasheets is the answer to a lot of peoples criticism of WD's lack of 'proper' content and the top 25 characters is good fun.

Easily the best WD in months/possibly years - please keep it going!


PS Also free poster of Fantasy cover art through the ages...

18-03-2008, 14:19
Wow, could it be? A decent WD 2 months in a row?
I've only given it the traditional WD treatment so far, that is looking at the pictures, because previously that's all we got.

Chaos datasheeets? Yes please. Promise of more on the web? Yes please.
What's up with the Banelord though? Compared to a Warlord, it's guns are poop, with the possibility of going out of controll. I didn't read the rules in detail, but I hope they made it shoot the nearest enemy unit twice, not just unit. It's ok on a dread, but a Warlord shooting my own guys, twice? Not cool, even though it has poop guns in comparison to its non-spikey equivalent.

Another fantasy battle report? *sigh* :D
Oh wait, it's Apocalypse. They even made a titan...
If this kind of thing is popular (I don't know, fantasy is not my thing) GW should milk it with a new book. Warhammer Legends or something?

Harry the Hammer - I like the model, and I like the idea. I didn't look properly at the painting article but it has a whiff of ''omg buy the new model'' :eyebrows:

I didn't see any ''Citadel showase of models you've seen a million time spreviously''. I hope they actually left it out rather than me not looking properly, but I doubt it.

1/ Lose the "Grombrindal" editorial. Please. Patronising crap! It worked for a one-off gig, but as an ongoing feature it is just irritating and stupid.

On this, I must whole-heartedly agree. I reall ypisses me off to be spoken to like an idiot by a cartoon Dwarf every month. Seriously...
Who writes this bit anyway? :mad:

To conclude, I definitely think we have just gotten another decent issue of White Dwarf, and I for one am glad someone at GW is pulling their socks up.

19-03-2008, 17:58
And ofcourse there's that "Silver ticket" thing that GW is doing that they announced in this WD.
Where there's 25 "silver tickets" randomly places in 25 of the 25th anniversary dice tins, and if you're lucky enough to find one in your tin, you win a 25th anniversary dice tin, with dice made from pure silver.

21-03-2008, 11:10
7 this month.

Actual content this time, and I didn't finish it the day it arrived, so much better than the majority of WDs over the last couple of years.

Batrep was pretty good, as it gave a decent description of what was going on and why things were happening. The scenario rules were a good idea, it was written so that you wouldn't know the winner until the final roll of the dice, but this was heavily influenced by how much the Stompa was damaged during the game.

The WFB 25th anniversary stuff was a good read, even though I don't play.

Apoc data sheets, WFB ziggurat scenario, Harry the Hammer. WD with actual rules! Whatever next...?

And a nice intro to the daemon books coming out.

Mini painting was good, HtH comp amongst the studio painters, showing different takes on the same model was interesting.

All in all, a good issue. Hope they keep this up.

22-03-2008, 02:36
I gave the US 340 issue an 8

What really kept it from being a 9 was probably the level of fantasy-based content. I'm mainly a 40k player, and I'm trying to break into fantasy, but its been rough going so far.

The battle report was a good read, and the sheer number of models was damned impressive.

I'm glad that Jervis addressed in Standard Bearer why they did the Chaos codex and Chaos demons seperatly. Still, was definitly pimping the product, but hey, this is their business and I respect their right to sell it (Hell, I do my fair share of encouraging with my wallet too).

The Harry the Hammer rules are out of control and look really fun. The painting competition with Harry the Hammer was out of control! Those guys are simply amazing at what they do.

Really liked the Liber Apocalyptica. Can't wait to see what insanity creeps in for the demons in apocalypse.

I found myself strangely drawn out by the Mordor preview for Lord of the Rings.

Finn Sourscowl
22-03-2008, 16:02
Definate 8 from me. It has taken me quite a while to read and I still haven't finished it. That in itself is worth a couple of points since it means the issue has content. The 25th Anniversary stuff was excellent and the legendary battles (I fought my first yesterday!) make an excellent way of playing big games. The HtH bits were interesting and the painting competition an excellent idea to that shows lots of different takes on the same model, which I like.

All in all, an excellent issue. Two excellent issues in a row... I hope there's a third and a fourth...

brother malthius
22-03-2008, 21:30
I would have loved to have voted for this issue. But I went to buy it from the the store after calling to verify it was there before driving twenty minutes. I was told corporate said they couldn't be sold before the 29th. So looks like subscribers got it early, the rest of us have to wait.
Score: Big fat 0 for me.

22-03-2008, 21:34
i gave it a 7, it is getting better, nice short Lotr (always a bonus), the 40k bit was brief (im not really into apocalypse, but i like reading about it), and the WH articles were good.

The only bad bit which people have already said, is to get rid of the bleeding grombidal editorial, i mean, come on, what was wrong with a real person and their pic, bring back fat bloke:D

edit, i got mine out of WHsmith yesterday, off the stand, so it is out early this month, and not just for subscribers

23-03-2008, 01:16
8. Actual content. i.e scenarios and rules and alot to read. Might start a new subscription (after 2 years) if the content continues to improve like this (i hopr for some short stories and SG articles)..

I would have loved to have voted for this issue. But I went to buy it from the the store after calling to verify it was there before driving twenty minutes. I was told corporate said they couldn't be sold before the 29th. So looks like subscribers got it early, the rest of us have to wait.
Score: Big fat 0 for me.

Got mine in wh smiths on friday.

23-03-2008, 01:43
8. It had readable articles, lots of words, new rules, fun things, decent scenarios, and was overall an improvement except that it was lopsided. If they'd made it bigger and put in a bit more 40K and LOTR stuff I'd've given it a 9. The Independent Stockist Finder is also really helpful. :)

Sprue Rubbles
25-03-2008, 21:08
A 7 for me. I liked it but I wanted just tad more production/presentation of the 25th Anniversary. The interviews were good and the top 25 characters were interesting but I wish they had more nostalgia/trip down memory lane stuff instead of the huge battle report.

What I did like a lot is the 'Eavy Metal painting contest (also the photograph of what looks like GW's 'Eavy Metal studio - MORE OF THESE PLEASE). That must be one of the most fun jobs ever.

Also I hadn't seen photos of Gav and John Blanche in a few years... wow they've really changed. :O

I only started reading WD again with the last issue (VC - a solid 9/10) and I think they are doing a great job...

Is Mike Walker still writing for them? If not they should bring him back.

Sergeant Uriel Ventris
25-03-2008, 21:21
I also gave it an 8. I think it was a great step forward, a lot of interesting reading, some great gaming ideas, pretty solid all around. I also miss "A Word in Your Ear" and other "let's-discuss-warhammer-as-a-whole" articles/columns. Grombrindal should go, he's not real or interesting. We kow you're not really a dwarf, and your "those wascally goblins" comments are just getting boring.

I think it's odd that every comment is from someone who gave the mag a 7 or better, and all the low scores are not representing their views for the rest of us. I'm quick to point out when GW is putting out garbage, but at least I'll back it up with some reasons. I'm just interested as to why some people are giving it such low scores. It seems like a kneejerk "Oh, rate this GW product, eh? FAIL!!" reaction. I'd love to read some disaproving comments as to why it was so bad.

Finn Sourscowl
25-03-2008, 23:01
I think it's odd that every comment is from someone who gave the mag a 7 or better, and all the low scores are not representing their views for the rest of us. I'm quick to point out when GW is putting out garbage, but at least I'll back it up with some reasons. I'm just interested as to why some people are giving it such low scores. It seems like a kneejerk "Oh, rate this GW product, eh? FAIL!!" reaction. I'd love to read some disaproving comments as to why it was so bad.

I think you must be right. This month's WD is very good with lots to read etc. I'd really like anyone who voted 1 to justify it! If that's their opinion, then fine. But I suspect it's more as you suggested, Sgt. Ventris!

When WD is rubbish, the people who vote 10 don't justify their vote, when it's good, those who vote 1 don't justify it... :rolleyes:

26-03-2008, 04:42
I gave it a 5. For the simple reason that I don't play Warhammer Fantasy, and have never played LoTR. Also for the lack of painting/terrain articles like the "old days". I recently started playing 40k and have been a painter for over 10 years. I liked the old issues where they broke down 2 or 3 models with how they painted each area (back when Archeron? model came out). I was also hoping for some tactica for 40k or some battle reports, but seeing as it is the 25th for Warhammer and the release of VC (does anyone play this army?) I can understand the slant to that side in this issue. Can't WAIT for next month though! Should be cool!

26-03-2008, 07:00
6 from me.

A HUGE improvement over last months issue and it looked a lot more like white dwarf used to. However...
This is the 25th anniversary celebration of warhammer and all this special stuff just brings it up to what white dwarf used to be normally?????? :wtf:

For a more in depth review by me check out the general WD feed back thread. There's plenty i have to say

26-03-2008, 07:17
It had more "game", then "buy!buy!"....well maybe just alittle buy!buy!

26-03-2008, 07:54
I am a little late in posting this and several pages of feed back have already been posted. No I haven't read any of it so i apolgize if it's redundant

Editorial grade: -
Yeah, Grombrindal is still there. This gets a minus from me. Getting an open editorial from the white dwarf seems overly childish to me and I find it less than creative.

New releases grade: ++
This section receives two pluses over last months issue. One reason, Way fewer pages. It didn't feel like a major portion of the issue was devoted to the new stuff that's coming out. Much better.

News grade: +
Again, short, to the point, a plus

Legendary Battles artical grade: ++
A warhammer expansion? Hell yes! Two plusses! Something of this magnitude in an issue restores some hope for those of us feeling raped by WD's lacking content. Keep it up

Hammer of the Gods battle report grade: +
I am the kind of person that likes a very detailed report explaining exactly what happened everywhere but even I say there is no way that is even possible with a battle this size. The report would be thicker than the current rule book and it would have taken weeks of writing just to write down what happened in each turn. And the battle was nothing short of EPIC. I feel that is the exact kind of battle every warhammer player dreams of participating in. A plus is earned

Architects of war grade: -
A good artical, don't get me wrong, but for those of us that are new to the game (less than 5 years) the nastalga is lost on me. It was fun to learn a little about where the hobby came from, but the artical was really kinda written for those who lived through it all. Sadly, a minus

Words of Wisdom grade: --
Fun Fact: My buddy spacemonkey and I had an publication in high school with the same title. Which has about as much of the same relivance to the hobby as this artical. A painful double minus

Images of warhammer grade: +
Seeing how this artical was geared a little more towards how Mr. Blanche is almost singlehandedly responsible for the feel of warhammer today, i give it a plus

The Ziggurat of Doom grade: +
Scenarios are always appreciated. This scenario looks fun to play and has that touch of nastalga that again is lost on us younger players. Plus from me, but I think the dwarfs should survive. That's just me :angel:

Liber Apocalyptica grade: +
Not a fan of chaos. But I did try to keep an open mind and am trying to encourage the editor of WD to include articals of this nature. So dispite my dislike of the foul fiends, a plus

25 Most Influential Warhammer Characters grade: +
An entertaining artical and actually the first one that grabbed my eye when I openned this issue. Not happy with the placement of some of the characters, but it was done on a vote and I can't hold that against the artical. A plus. I did however feel some of the votes were rigged and especially enjoyed the disqualification of one character due to illegal voting. Nice touch

Standard Bearer grade: +
This artical will always recieve a plus from me. This artical is one of those things that belong in a hobby magazine over all articals. What is going on with the hobby right now. Look in any specialty magazine and you'll find an artical very similar to this one. If this artical ever goes, hope is lost for WD.

Citadel Toolbox grade: -
While in this issue it isn't the only 'workshop' oriented artical, it is in other issues. I have a particular bias for this artical and am not happy with trying to incorporate selling tools in a hobby artical. The only reason it doesn't receive a double minus this month is the technique explained in this particular edition is, infact, very useful

The Enemy of my Enemy grade: N/A
Didn't read it. Might get around to it later. Which might actually be considered a plus given that i read every artical in last months issue because there weren't very many. I can start skipping articals again and reading them later. But I didn't read it so I won't grade it.

Army Building grade: ++
While not the best workshop artical i have ever read, it does span all levels of the hobby. A big double plus on this artical in hopes more like it will follow. Anything more than the 'toolbox' will be welcomed with open arms. However the last page of the artical looks more like a copy and paste from last months issue. Ewww

Harry the Hammer grade: +
Again, classic doesn't mean much to me and neither does chaos. But character stats are appreciated and the scenario is simple and easily modified.
easy plus

Painting Challenge grade: +
Seven pages of pictures of the same model painted different ways. Eh. But, there was a little more to the artical than that. AND it was one of the few articals with more flashy pictures than words. Pictures are good, but too much of a good thing. . . Keep it to a minimum and you won't be getting complaints. A plus.

Front Line grade: --
A MONSTEROUS double negitve. I told myself that I wouldn't do more than two of any grade, but this section made me want to violate that. Thirteen pages of information that applies to probably less than 1% of the game population at any one time. AND this information can be looked up online. If someone's that serious about going to anything, they'll look it up. and the store directory, as mentioned before, can be cut to a few issues a year. Not every single one. Painful waste of space.

Direct grade: +
Simple, just a few pages, can't blame the WD editor's for putting the information in there. Plus

Overall appearance: +-
This issue really is on par with what a lot of the readers want. BUT, this is the 25th anniversary of warhammer issue. A lot of us feel that this issue was supposed to be special and that things will drop off again next month. So a plus minus with that considered.

Overall Grade: 8-, 17+, 68%
Although an improvement over last month's issue, this month's could still use a little improvement. Also keeping this level of content up will help future issues as less people will be so critical of each issue. Good issue, but 68% is still a failing grade where I come from.

Note** any critisism of this post will be reported. These are my opinions.

26-03-2008, 08:46
I enjoyed the issue and voted 8. I found the articles on the development of Warhammer very interesting, and it was nice to see Perry, Priestley, Merrett, Johnson and Morrison back in the pages of WD. It did seem to me that practically every article was written my Jervis himself, like he is this one man band of gaming!

I also felt that WD was pushing for people to write in (quite why its snail mail in the 21st century) with comments and suggestions in more than just Standard Bearer. I feel like GW are beginning to listen to its readers again.

It was great to get WD early. I am starting to get that excited feeling back at the end of the month, WD has been a part of my life for 20 years and for the last two issues the wait has been worth it and I have bought a magazine worth reading.

I'm hoping they can continue with the upwards trend, especially as next month sees the return of the DAEMONS!

Finn Sourscowl
26-03-2008, 10:23
Good issue, but 68% is still a failing grade where I come from.

68% is a failing grade???? Good grief, it's nearly a first class degree in the UK (70%)!! What do you have to get to pass in your neck of the woods then??

Nice balanced post though. Good to see some articulation of people's opinions!

26-03-2008, 14:12
I also felt that WD was pushing for people to write in (quite why its snail mail in the 21st century) with comments and suggestions in more than just Standard Bearer. I feel like GW are beginning to listen to its readers again.

Cos any pea-brain can bash out an email in seconds. We already know what happens when you let everyone electronically submit the first thing that enters their heads...the old GW forums.

Letters take significantly more time to constuct and submit, so will have more thought and care put into them. Hopefully the feedback will be more constructive and coherent.

Back OT, it seems that WD is starting to look further ahead. There were several Daemon pics in the previous issue, and a decent sized article this time around, but the models still won't be released for a couple of months. Can only be a good thing, GW might be regaining their confidence after the Mumak incident.

26-03-2008, 18:00
GW might be regaining their confidence after the Mumak incident.

Off topic I know, but what was the Mumak incident and what effect did it have on WD?

26-03-2008, 20:05
Off topic I know, but what was the Mumak incident and what effect did it have on WD?

last issue, how many times to we need to see the dam thing built:mad:

26-03-2008, 21:42
I will remind everybody that this poll is not secret. So we all can find out who voted "1" and didn't give a response. I'd name and shame them, but I think that would be a tad off topic!

I'll certainly look into grabbing this month's issue, looks like a cracker!

- Huw

27-03-2008, 01:45
an 8.

Loved this issue, however the White Dwarfs editorial still BUGS THE CRAP outta me so it got knocked 2 points cos I feel like being mean

27-03-2008, 13:41
Off topic I know, but what was the Mumak incident and what effect did it have on WD?

Pictures of the Mumak appeared on rumour sites (can't remember if it was Warseer or its predecessor Portent) long before it went on sale.

GW put a lot of work into this model and had high hopes for it; it was their largest ever work in plastic, and still is IIRC.

However, over the ensuing months people got used to the pics, and naturally the hype and excitement had dropped to "meh" levels by the time the Mumak was on sale.

Needless to say, GW were genuinely upset by this. A nice model with a lot of effort behind it was considered "passe" on release.

I gather this was the last straw, at which point GW drastically cut back the "window" period for rumours down to a month or two. WD would only show/discuss things within this window. Rumours (rather than wishlists) on this site dropped to almost nothing.

Anyway, WD of late, and April's WD in particular, seem to be more willing to showcase/discuss longer term plans and releases. Maybe GW are easing up a bit and feel confident enough to extend the rumour window.

Dr. Who
27-03-2008, 14:54
Gave it a 7. Best WD in long while!

- Dr.

27-03-2008, 15:52
68% is a failing grade???? Good grief, it's nearly a first class degree in the UK (70%)!!!

Ahem. In England, maybe. We're a bit fussier North of the Border, thankyou.

I'll give it a 7, because, although I'm not a WHFB player, I can still see that it was a good issue.

27-03-2008, 17:31
9. Really strong issue. The only thing that annoyed the hell outta me was the White Dwarf gettin the number 1 spot on the top 25 characters thing.

Enough people have already posted about the ridiculousness of the WD as the editor, bad enough that he justifies himself for coming ahead of Sigmar et al.


27-03-2008, 18:33
One thing about the 25 most influential charactars,

In the honourable mentions, those who didn't make it in, we see Settra. Guess who holds the 12th spot... Yes indeed, the first Priest King of Khemri himself.

Some guy (UK)
27-03-2008, 21:57
I'd like to say firstly I purchased this issue off what the positive reviews for this issue, after many months of simply avoiding it like the plague.

Taking in mind this is after a five minute flick through, I'm also quite happy that my 4 wasn't put to waste!
One of the first things I have noticed is a reduction in the wasted pages, such as the new releases and previews, and at the rear of the magazine, plus an increase in word count, which is very pleasing to see.

Despite the LOTR/40K sections not being up to much, there's plenty still to read otherwise.

There is one page in particular I absolutely want to be changed- the editorial. How I despise it...

Just don't let my fears this decent issue is a one off due to the Warhammer celebrations.

A 7 from me.

28-03-2008, 00:43
Gave it a ten, probably just cause i was so happy to see a realy good issue.
I thought it had a good sense of atmosphere about it, with the new rules offering nice alternatives to normal games, and the interviews with the GW celebrities showing the evolution of the ideas behind warhammer were a great incite. Kinda reminded me to use my imagination a bit more with this game rather then religiously sticking to the presented fluff and the typical gaming styles. Realy enjoyed it.

Lord Damocles
28-03-2008, 13:58
Comming to this a bit late but hey:p...

Editorial - That damned Dwarf is still there. Poor.

New stuff/News - Shorter than usual, but then not much has actually been released this month. OK.

Ledendary Battles - Whats this? Proper rules in White Dwarf? Good lord! While I have little interest in the content (don't play fantasy), I can see how 'Fantasy Apocalypse' would appeal to some people. We'll rate this as Good.

Battle report - Not bad when compared to other recent reports, although the Empire plan seemed doomed to failure from the start ('Lets march out and get flanked!') It's possible to follow whats going on, which is always a boon, so we'll rate this as Good as well.

25th Birthday articles - A nice 'Lets big up Warhammer' series of articles, followed by a new scenario. Something with more words than pictures. Good.

Liber Apocalyptica - A nice idea, but I'd far rather see the return of 'Chapter Approved' and some rules which could be used outside of Appocalypse. OK I guess.

25 Most Influential Characters - A fun little read, even if the results seem a little odd at times. Good.

Standard Bearer - As is often the case, there's a lot of waffle with no real point other than 'Buy Deamons - Do it now!' I'm gonna say Poor.

Toolbox - Showing you how to use a knife. I can see no reason to read it, but it might be useful for some who are new to all this I suppose. OK.

Lord of the Rings - Looks just like previous tactics articles, reads just like previous tactics articles, about as interesting as previous tactics articles. Poor.

Army Building - I must admit that this one has me stumped. Bits of it might be useful for some people, but why did anyone feel the need to combine three building/painting/basing articles into one? It would have been much better to have a 'how to collect undead' or 'how to collect space marines' article instead. 'How to build a single part corsair' wins the title of most useless bit of information in this issue. OK.

Harry the Hammer - Fluff? Another scenario? 'Eavy Metal painting challenge? I must be dreaming. Good.

Frontline - Pap. Utter pap.

Pretty pictures of deamons - Good. Shame that they're relegated to the inside back cover though.


Overall, most of the articles scored either 'OK' or 'Good' in my book, but I still only give the issue overall a 4.
- Far too Fantasy-centric. I know it's a special issue and all but come on...
- For anyone who doesn't play Chaos Marines, there's simply nothing of interest from the 40K content
- Still don't like Lord of the Rings
- Even if this is quite a good issue compared to those we've had recently, it's still poor compared to what White Dwarf was in it's glory days.

29-03-2008, 00:39
I have really panned white dwarf in the past but I have been cautiously impressed by the last 2 months WD's and actually bought my first WD for about year this month.


although not perfect it was a huge improvement on many of the WD's that i left on the shelves and if the trend continues i might even get my first subscription.

I was particularly impressed by the painting armies and the harry the hammer 'eavy metal slots.

I did think that Jervis dodged the question on daemons though i.e. will they be removed from mortal/beasts lists or will we all be strung along until autumn time onyl to find that the daemon models are no longer usable in mortal/beast armies - would be a shame as i would buy a few boxes but will not until this is confirmed one way or another.

29-03-2008, 00:42
Actually what impresses me most is on second thoughts the generally less patronising tone of the articles. I noticed that this even extended to the LOTR segment which has to my mind usually been the worst example of this past trend.

de Selby
30-03-2008, 17:47
A solid issue I thought. Lots of rules/scenario stuff which is always good, and most of the "25th anniversay" stuff was good too. It was interesting to read the designers' reminiscences about older iterations of warhammer, and what they remembered the flaws being. I vaguely remember 4th edition being released, but I didn't play it.

The Harry the Hammer model is a great sculpt and I really enjoyed the 'painting competition' article. A thousand times more interesting than the 'Eavy metal showcase' articles we sometimes get.

One thing I haven't seen mentionerd anywhere else: Jervis's apoc article says that datasheets for plague towers, silver towers of tzeentch etc will be on the website. I've checked but they're not there yet.

edit: they are now on the US site at least

Lord Velard
31-03-2008, 19:16
As a man who ready WD from 100+ i think my rate is bit harsh. There is same horor as we see some time now, but not horror-horror-horror-horror-horror as we see last 3 years. So my rate is 5 (for i think last 10 usues is 2, and i save 10 for last WD with Legion related Index Astartes in). Definely better that some of last WD-s but not as good as WD used to be 10 years ago.

01-04-2008, 18:21
Were it not for the continuing "Dwarf Editor" thing, and slightly more pages devoted to the battle report, the issue would have scored a 10 from me. It's nice to see WD take the turn that it has in the last couple of issues. I hope they continue like this.

Also, did anyone else notice the odd unite of Boar Boyz in the battle report? You can see them middle of the right side of the left page that shows the whole orc army laid out, riht before the battle report. They're deffinately not the old metal ones, though they might be converted from the warbose kit. Anyone else notice this>

02-04-2008, 01:20
I seem to be the only person who enjoys the Grombrindal bits.
Great issue this month. The battle report is astounding and I really enjoyed the Harry the Hammerer competition. I don't think the winner was necessarily the best but the techniques are pretty amazing.

02-04-2008, 01:56
Using my good old system of 1 point per interesting article and 2 points per article I'll refer to often in the future, it gets a massive 9.

And half a year ago I thought my system was unfair as no WD seemed capable of getting above 4 at the most. A welcome return to form.

02-04-2008, 03:26
8 very interesting magazine with a good battlereport and some interesting scenarioes, not nearly as much obvious "filler" in this issue either. I would have given it a 9 except for that obnoxious Grombodril.

02-04-2008, 09:11
Also, did anyone else notice the odd unite of Boar Boyz in the battle report? You can see them middle of the right side of the left page that shows the whole orc army laid out, riht before the battle report. They're deffinately not the old metal ones, though they might be converted from the warbose kit. Anyone else notice this>
They're all made from the warboss' boar.

I think they're from recently ex-WW staffer Nick Bayton's collection. Shows you what staff discount can achieve...

03-04-2008, 22:41
I reckon all this "Grombrindal" stuff is a simply because it takes up slightly more space on the page than "Editor".

That said, a 7 from me. Not quite back to the standards of ye olden days but a great improvement. I'll actually go back and read the articles instead of just skimming over them on the bus.

05-04-2008, 21:29
This issue continues with the improvement shown in last month's magazine, so I gave it a seven.

I enjoyed the battle report, and the article about the top twenty-five special characters, although it was no surprise who won.

Some of the scenarios are quite appealing too.

A solid effort overall.

06-04-2008, 01:57
Speaking of scenarios, what does anyone think in particular of the Ziggurat of Doom one?

I think it's pretty neat and I'd like to see more along these lines in WD. It looks like one that's just simple fun and doesn't have too many barriers in order to play.

06-04-2008, 03:01
Loved this issue. I like special rules for special characters and the Harry the Hammer article was just right.

I did notice that the Chaos apoc rules were reprints of the website sheets so:-) crocokyspe

06-04-2008, 03:33
I did notice that the Chaos apoc rules were reprints of the website sheets so:-) crocokyspe

Other way around. They printed the sheets in WD first, the nput them up on the website after it was released.

06-04-2008, 05:48
This WD is fantastic (compared to the recent offerings) though the magazine is really thin, the useful and interesting articles make up for that. If Games-Workshop continues to realise that people who buy White Dwarf don't really need GW products advertised to them in every freaking article then the magazine will continue to improve (recover?).

My favourite rticles were the Ziggurat of Doom, the Harry the Hammer stuff, Architects of War, Legendary Battles and the shiny new Datasheets for my Chaos forces. All in all, most of the magazine. 7, because it still could be improved.

Gazak Blacktoof
07-04-2008, 23:15
The Ziggurat and Legendary Battles articles are up on the website now, not sure about the other ones you mentioned I just happened upon these.

09-04-2008, 21:44
I picked up this issue based solely on the responses here. I used to subscribe, and recycled probably over 100 issues the last time I moved.

I gave it an eight.

I'm not into Fantasy anymore, and now I have a chart to point out exactly when (just at the change of the 'Dice Pool' school of magic.)

I'd have rated it higher if there were more 40K content. However, the Fantasy Mega Battle was entertaining enough to read, and I hope there are more articles like it in the future.

10-04-2008, 03:16
An 8.

This issue and the one that preceded it show a massive increase in the quality of White Dwarf. There are actually articles that are worth reading.

In fact I even got some inspiration from it!

Hopefully the trend will continue.