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17-03-2008, 21:21
Most vampire armies i've seen have gone for the magical approach. I was reading the background in the book and Konrads army, and this list is themed around Konrads army, which is also a quite a competitive list

Vampire Lord
Red Fury, Dread Knight, Infinite Hatred, Walauch's Bloody Haubark, Crown of The Damned

This is Walauch grandmaster of the knights of the blood keep

Konrad Von Carstein

For obvious reasons

Dread Knight, Infinite Hatred, Book of Arkhan

One of Konrads advisors

Wight Lord
BSB, Drakenhof Banner

The army standard of Konrad

10 Skeletons

10 Skeletons

10 Skeletons

There isn't much magic so Konrads army is slowly crumbling away

20 Grave Guard
Full Command, Banner of the Barrows

Konrads personal command

8 Blood Knights
Full Command

Walauchs personal command

The Vampire Lord and the Vampire go with the Blood Knights. The Wight King and Konrad go in the Grave Guard unit. The units of skellies can act as screens/ distractors

So wot does evry1 think

Modern Myth
18-03-2008, 00:27
Wdell this is actually one of the better one i've seen! tho why have you got the "Walauch's Bloody Haubark and the Crown of The Damned" if you want a 1+ and a 4+ ward just have the Crown of The Damned and an enchanted shield! cheaper and does exact same thing! see aren't i great! i save you many pointage! lol

Seems ok though! but if you fail any stupidy test you could be screwed! lol but seems ok! you might want some more magic tho! to raise more skeles and heal stuff!

18-03-2008, 02:05

Well, it certainly is competitive, and most inexperienced players will get completely eaten by it. However, you have invested a vast proportion of your army (just over 1000pts) into a single unit. While this unit is very tough, very dangerous and very fast, it also has frenzy. Vs any army with two or three throwaway skirmishers/flyers, this unit will do next to nothing for you all game, potentially caught up in chasing/killing the fodder, while the vast proportion of the enemy focus on demolishing your Grave Guard unit and 3 skeleton units with shooting and flank/rear charges.

It's a really cool theme though, especially with Konrad. I think that if you made the knight unit slightly smaller and added some fell bats, put the hero vampire on foot and expanded your skeleton regiments, you would have a more numerous, balanced force capable of handling a variety of battlefield situations.

Good luck! :)

18-03-2008, 02:06
I see the army being led like sheep, most enemies will take lore of fire and screw the greave guard, even if they don't all they need to do is lure your blood knights with something fast and flank them.

You lost over 1000 points, he will take your 3 skelly standards and its gg.

Sorry to be pessimistic but you have no magic defence, and lots of armies can choose lore of fire.

Even if they ignore the GG, then the blood knights will be led round and round, because you have no decent magic to keep them moving (vanhells) or healing them. Sorry but i dont see it working. Not enough support.

18-03-2008, 14:51
overkill on the blood knights, adding hero vamps dosent actually add anything to that unit, as you wont get any more attacks (1 less in fact from the horse)

8 is too much to start with and 2 characters in there, well its just begging to be diverted the whole game, or blasted with the lore of metal (i would use this over fire against this list)

if you are going to run blood knights with a character, then just run 4. and use a lord, much more efficent use of points, probably drop the champion as well.

18-03-2008, 18:47
Blood Knights don't need characters for support, neither do Grave Guard. The only melee armies I've seen perform well use big blocks of skeletons or ghouls for static combat res, and a melee vampire to kill off the enemy. Infantry is not a screen for cavalry. Not using your skeletons correctly means that you are wasting the points on them, or the points for the Blood Knights' speed. In a similar vein, Blood Knights are so expensive that every one of them should be in combat, not sitting in the back.

Another problem you're going to run into is their Frenzy. As previously stated, they can be led around, but even worse than being led around all game is for them to be led into an ambush of being double flanked by ranked units. If they lose 2 on each flank (4 total, so no counterattack), -2 for being double flanked, -4 for ranks +std, they lose combat by 10, which is a net loss of 14 wounds, in a unit with how many wounds exactly? Yeah... And in a unit which already is worth over half of your points, with your general, you can see where this is going.

I don't have a problem with Blood Knights, just how you're using them. Take 2 units of 5 w/ no command (they don't need them). Drop the grave guard for Black Knights so the Blood Knights are supported. Add some wolves if you have any points left or don't have enough points to squeeze in another unit of Blacks. Let your skeletons protect you from flyers getting into your back, and run over top of your opponent. Set the Blood Knights up in the center of your lines, so they're less easily kited, or screen them with the wolves to protect them from skirmishers and shooting.

18-03-2008, 18:54
Oh, and another thing. Crown of the Stupid on a melee vamp is bad news. He'll eventually go stupid on you when you're about to charge, which will in turn cause you to get charged, and snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. It won't happen very often, depending on how often you play, but it will eventually happen.

Plastic Adi
19-03-2008, 00:10
fluff wise, Konrad leads his own army, and uses pet necromancers to keep his army from crumbling. they way i was thinking of doing this is by making super casty vampires and call them pet necros.

19-03-2008, 00:44
That would be a good idea, vampires all geared towards casting could easily count as necromancers.