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17-03-2008, 23:00
Orcs vs Chaos, here are the army lists

Black orc Warboss - Krugg Necksplitta
Orc Big Boss - BSB - Rokk Fundajaw
Orc Shaman - Borfug da Mad
Gobbo Shaman - Pakkit Frogstompa

25 Boyz,
20 Big unz,
20 Black Orcs,
30 Goblins,
2 x 5 Wolf riders,
9 Squig hoppers,
4 trolls

Chaos - All Nurgle

Chaos Lord - Olla Blackmaul
Asp Champ - BSB - Ulfror Nurghelm
Sorceror - The Witch

25 Warriors of Nurgle
25 Marauders
25 Marauders
2 Chariots
2 x 6 hounds
6 Marauder horsemen


“My lord” spoke the robed figure, one of the tribe’s priests, his voice soft yet powerful, “A large band of the greenskins have crawled from their mountain holes and make their way towards great Onogal’s Spire. Our scouts tell us their shamans have sensed the awakening and seek to interrupt the momentous event” The figure atop the carved wooden throne listened, his flowing and plaited beard spilling over his hand as he rubbed his chin. His powerfully muscled body tensed in anticipation and anger. “The awakening is inevitable” his voice rumbled “but the green ones will be suitable sport for the celebration. Give the order to muster, we will send their souls to Onogal this day”


Turn 1

The two battle lines formed up, jeering greenskins against the savage northmen. Seizing the initiative all of the bloodthirsty orcs and goblins surged forwards. On the west flank the goblins atop their wolves argued over which way around the forest to go and ended up stationary, bickering. The squigs on the east flank bounded noisily into the trees there. Calling on the power of Gork, Borfug sent a wave of Waaagh energy crashing into the mind of Ulfror Nurghelm, the enemy battle standard bearer, causing the huge man to reel in agony. Not wanting to be outdone, Pakkit Frogtstompa pointed his gnarled little finger at the man, the ring on his finger glowing with green light, but Gork’s booming laughter could be heard echoing around the battlefield as the power of the ring forced itself into the goblins brain, causing him to jerk around uncontrollably

On the west flank the hounds and ogre-drawn chariot moved forward, the hounds on the east followed suit. The centre of the chaos army shuffled forward disciplined, ready to meet the green tide, a second chariot, pulled by another mutilated slave ogre, rumbling between the units slightly ahead. To the rear of the army, a unit of mounted marauders hung back, ready to react to any flanking units the greenskins may send forward. From the Chaos Warrior unit, the Nurgle witch called upon her foul patron to lay his blessing upon the metal-clad Black orcs but her magical energy was sucked into the leering orc face which grinned menacingly from the standard of a spear-armed mob of orc warriors, larger than their comrades.

Turn 2

Bellowing orders, Krugg Necksplitta led his army forwards, his boyz uncharacteristically well behaved and the trolls listening to his voice. The Black orcs forced the goblins in front of them to march quicker with stern glares and the occasional axe swing. The squig hoppers in the trees, out of sight of their fearsome general began bouncing around uncontrollably, snapping at small animals, trees and each other. The wolves on the west flank, smelling their canine cousins charged forwards howling with slavering jaws, the goblins atop barely able to hold on. Calling upon Gork once more, the old orc sent three marauders to their deaths, while Pakkit (still reeling from his headache) blew five of the lurking horsemen from their saddles. Borfug glared at the smirking goblin, who hurriedly turned his gaze away. The savagery of the Wolves outmatched the warhounds and five were ripped apart by the teeth and claws of the wolves, the remaining warhound turning and fleeing with its tail between its legs. Full of Waaagh energy the goblins drove their blood-flecked mounts onwards into the ogre-drawn chariot.

In response on the east flank, the remaining horseman began to sing his deathsong, swearing his life to Nurgle and charged the goblin wolf riders, whipping the warhounds on the way past and encouraging them to follow suit. The goblins turned to flee but their warboss bellowed for them to stay and they gulped, preparing to fight. Cackling, and weaving arcane symbols in the air, the Witch called down Nurgles blessing upon the Black orcs, weakening their limbs. The huge mob of goblins in the middle of the battle line had wandered too far forwards, as planned by Krugg and the Black Orcs and drew the attention of Olla Blackmaul, the Lord of the Chaos horde. With a mighty warcry he led his marauders in a charge, accompanied by the chariot. Yelling for the goblins to move out of the way, the Black orcs roared in celebration as the puny goblins fled through their ranks. Following the goblins, the chariot ploughed into the Black orc ranks, crushing four beneath its bulk. In turn, Nok Facesmasher, the units boss swung his great axe at the ogre pulling it, carving a great chunk from its stomach. The chariot wheeled around, blood pouring from the ogre and made its way back to its own lines, followed by the jeering orcs. The wolf riders fighting the warhounds and crazed marauder suffered, losing four of their number, only Stabby the boss remained. Under the stern gaze of Krugg he remained in combat, fearful of the angry warboss. On the other side of the battlefield, the wolf riders there snapped at the chariot but caused no damage, suffering none in return.

Turn 3

With a might “WAAAAAAAGH” Krugg’s army, full of energy, surged forwards. Da Skullcrusha Black Orcs smashed into Lord Olla’s marauders, while the squigs leapt from the trees onto the unsuspecting horseman. Krugg himself led his boyz into Ulfror Nurghelm’s unit of marauders. Safely behind the lines, the goblins rallied and looked at the fight, glad to not be in it.
“Oi, Tunk, get me dat flag” Krugg bellowed to the biggest of the orcs. The hulking green form charged into Ulfror, who swiftly dispatched his unskilled assailant with contempt. ‘Good’ said Krugg, “I wanted dat flag to wipe me armour aftaz we win” he laughed, careening into the marauders and scything through them like wheat with his twin choppas, decapitating five in sprays of blood. In answer, the marauders champion, Ulfror’s son, brought his axe down into the face of an orc. Both units stayed locked in the brutal combat.
Drained by the witch’s magic, the Black orcs only managed to kill a pair of the savage northmen, while Lord Olla struck back with his great mace, crushing four black orcs skulls to powder. Meanwhile the chariot crew slew two wolves, but the yelping creatures stayed, while on the east flank the warhounds brought down the last wolf, as the horseman was eaten alive by ravenous squigs. Both surviving units crashing into each other with animal fury.

Seeing the enemy general engaged, the Chaos Warriors smashed into the flank of the howling unit as they fought, sending two orcs to their deaths immediately and leding my needed weight to the combat. Again Krugg barrelled through the northmen, sending another four headless bodies spinning onto the floor but suddenly became confused as he was carried sideways by a push of green bodies. Under the press of the humans and orcs Krugg was pushed to the floor under a pile of dying and dead orc bodies. Victorious, the Warriors continued into the flank of the Black Orcs engaged with Lord Olla and his retinue. The squigs fed hastily on the warhounds, reducing them to piles of gore and fur, bouncing gleefully into the flank of Lord Olla’s men, causing a huge pile of fighting in the centre of the field. Angered by the presence of such creatures who had troubled his flank, Olla Blackmaul turned and smashed four into paste while his warriors brought down three orcs. In anger, Nok swung his axes, killing two of the northmen but seeing they were outnumbered he ordered a panicked retreat. The Squig hoppers gladly agreed and bounced off into the distance, never to be seen again while the Orcs sprinted to safety, away from the roaring Chaos Lord.

Turn 4

With the tide of battle clearly against them, the Orc army prepared to sell their lives dearly with a good ruck. Rokk Fundajaw, the army’s banner bearer, bellowed orders to those still around which numbered but a few. The goblins marched forwards, more scared of him than the enemy. However, the lumbering trolls, not used to his voice, ambled forwards randomly, picking up stones on the way and sniffing the air until thet walked into a wall of steel in the form of Ulfror’s unit. Still the Black orcs fled, but just a few steps. Turning to face the oncoming chaos army the Big’uns turned, digging their spears in and banging their shields. Borfug called upon the great green, cackling immensely he called a wave on energy down upon the chariot now running on the west flank freely. It began to crumble but held, just. The goblin turned his gaze to Lord Olla, sending blast after blast of Waaagh magic into the unit and killing six men. Gesturing rudely to the back of the old Orc he looked around, wondering where to hide now that it was all going wrong for the Bosses. The trolls, still confused as to where the men had come from, were easily overcome by the unit, and turned in panic, tripping over one another clumsily and were hacked down. Seeing the opportunity, Ulfror led his warriors into the flank of the Big’unz.

Roaring, Lord Olla charged the black orcs fleeing, who continued to escape him. A chariot lurked behind, ready to charge them if they moved out of safety of the treeline. The towering chaos warriors charged the cowardly goblins, who held under the orders of Rokk, hiding behind their shields. The warriors trampled four of the creatures underfoot but one was overwhelmed by a mass of them, and sent screaming in shame to the realm of his patron. Still close enough to hear Rokk’s threats, the goblins held. However, Rokk hadn’t seen the warriors to his flank, and after four of his lads died they fled, out of range of the jeering norscans.

Turn 5

Deciding they were safe, and not to be outdone by goblins, the remaining six Black orcs and the Big’unz rallied to face their enemy. With a combined blast of Waaagh magic, the two shaman; Borfug and Pakkit blew no less than seven marauders to pieces, causing Ulfror’s men to flee to their battle line, accompanied by the jeers of the two shamen. Again, the Chaos warriors slew four goblins, and in return suffered no deaths, but still the goblins held, cowled by the shouting of Rokk on their left, and the Black orcs on their right.

Seeing the Bigunz flank, the Chariot on the west ordered it’s slave ogre to charge them. The Chaos Lord, angered by the goblins turned and moved to deal with them while the other chariot still lurked, to protect their movement. The Big’unz lost two to the chariots bulk, which in turn fled from the spears of the orcs. Angered the unit pursued, Rokk taking his eye from the puny goblins. Suddenly, feeling the gaze of Lord Olla upon them, and realising that Rokk wasn’t looking, the goblins fled, but were cut down by the Chaos Warriors as they did so. Seeing this, Pakkit fled screaming, but Borfug just laughed, he loved seeing gobos get what they deserved.

Turn 6

A green light bathed the Black Orcs in a halo of power, visible only to them (or maybe in their minds) Suddenly inspired, Nok led a charge against the rear of the Chaos Lords unit who had turned their backs in contempt on the orcs, considering the few survivors no threat. The Big unz turned to face the warriors, laughing as the armour clad men smashed the goblins into the ground and preparing to fight and die. Pakkit recoverd from his fear as he realised Borfug, the old git, was laughing at him. Both wizards tried to blast the intimidating unit of warriors with Waaagh magic but were stopped by the magic of the Witch. Over on the east, the Black Orcs cleaved through the backs of the Marauders, full of waaaagh energy. The unit fled from such savagery and the last thing Lord Olla saw before he fell unconscious was the leering, tusk filled grin of Nok Facebuster, followed by a mailed fist in the face. “Tell em Gork sent ya” the orc sneered as he led his boyz into the flank of the chaos warriors.

Unable to reach the Black orcs in time, the Chariot and Ulfror’s unit could only watch in horror as the Waaagh fuelled creatures hacked a handful of chaos warriors to the ground in a heartbeat, even wounding the Witch, who screamed an unearthly howl as she bled. Fleeing from such a bad omen, the warriors were caught between the axes of the Black Orcs and the spears of the Bigs, and slain to a man.

With two broken chariots, and a handful of injured warriors, Ulfror ordered the retreat. The chariot on the east flank swept past the mass of corpses and dying bodies, scooping up their lord as they did so before ordering the ogre into a sprint away from the area. They had been so close to crushing the greenskins but the battlefield belonged to the orcs.

The Phat Dorf
18-03-2008, 10:52
nice report, a deployment description in the beginning would be nice though