View Full Version : 2k Lizzies

08-10-2005, 21:23
Slann, 4th gen, 2+ ward, Diadem

Lvl 2, 2* Scroll

Lvl 2, Cube of Darkness, Mark of old ones

Jaguar Sauras: CotJW, +1 d.d, Enchanted Shield,
Great wep, light armour

10 Skinks, Scout,

10 skinks,

10 skinks

10 Skinks

3 Kroxigors

3 Slamanders

1 Stegadon

3 Teradons, Brave

3 Teradons, Brave

5-9 d.d, 8-12 p.d

Should be stong vs convention style armies and
Undead, Weak vs Tzeench Deamons, Pegknights and Scroll heavy Skaven or

What do you think, can lizzards realy work without Saurus!!!???!!!

09-10-2005, 13:31
Drop the braves off the terradons, they make the unit less effective at mage hunting.

I'd like a 4th Krox in there too.

Dont like the 2+ ward on the slann, never found he needed it. And why oh why does he not have the extra spell plaque?