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18-03-2008, 02:07
I was thinking that every one complains about gunlines and is a little unsure of strolling so I thought I would take a trick from our blessed 40k and try both ;)

Hero. (Kazrik Braybak).
Thane with a runic axe (master rune of swiftness, rune of might), a runic shield (rune of stone) and a runic horn (master rune of challenge) = 142. (goes with the hammerers)

Hero. (Thurgin Stormjard).
Thane BSB with a runic standard (stollaz rune) = 145. (goes with the hammerers)

Core Units.
3*10 quarrellers with shields = 360.

Special Units.
*18 hammerers with shields, a gate keeper and a standard bearer with a runic standard (master rune of grungni) = 308.

2*20 hammerers with shields and a standard bearer = 544.

= 1499.

PD 0 DD 4

Deployment - Quarrellers Hammerers Hammerers Hammerers Quarrellers Quarrellers

Basically I will march the hammerer blocks up under covering fire from the quarrellers... Will it work?

19-03-2008, 19:38
Any one think this is a good list?

19-03-2008, 21:57
I suspect your primary problem will be protecting your flanks. 30 crossbows is hardly enough shooting to force the enemy to come to you so you may be in for a long hike across the table and 3 small (trust me they're small) blocks of fighty infantry will have a hard time not exposing the flanks of the outer units as you advance.

It's certainly not a "Geez, I've seen that army 8 times this month" list, but I suspect without war machines and serious punch the hammerer units will often be outmaneuvered and that this will be their undoing.

20-03-2008, 00:04
Id say you have enouf shooting. It will work pretty well, exept that you will surrer intensly agains troops with the ability to kill lots of thing on any round of combat, not just the first. You may be able to shoot thoes things down earlier, though.

20-03-2008, 13:13
i would say if you want lots of hammerers take a unit of 27
then take two units of 10 dwarfs with GW and no command to protect its flanks
then any remaining points go for a few warmachines

20-03-2008, 22:57
I could see your melee blocks getting in the way of LOS with your strollaz rune unless you were lucky enough to get a huge hill in your deployment zone. If any experienced player sees you move 3 blocks of dwarves forward and leave the quarrelers behind they will probably immediately attempt to flank you with cavalry & chariots sending any flyers and tunnelers after the quarrelers as you have created a large "pocket" in your deployment in which they can easily get into your back lines. And because you probably will get flanked you might want to invest in an oathstone for your heroes.

If you want avoid to avoid "gunline" (let's face it you have 30 quarrelers...) you might want to drop the quarrelers just get a single organ gun to shoot at skirmishers and bait type units and a single bolt thrower to help drop monsters. Then use the rest of the points saved in getting another dwarf unit that will offer you some other tactical flexibility such as 10 man unit of miners or slayers. Use a regular unit of warriors and longbeards to fill your core reqs.

Another consideration is you only have 4 dispel dice for antimagic. A typical VC, TK, HE, Tzeentch or Skaven player is going to have a "field day" with you (even at 1500 points) in the magic phase. I would invest in at least one runesmith with 1 or 2 dispel runes. So you can survive the 2 magic phases you're going to weather in order to get across the table....