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Grand Warlord
08-10-2005, 22:06
Since Slazton is back and the traffic through here is bound to pick up ... let's give it another go.

+][+ Chronicles Of the Inquisition +][+
...The tail of the Three Toed Theif...

Character Guildlines:

No God Characters.
No Adeptus Astartes.
No Temple Assassins.
Eldar/Tau/Ogryn/Kroot/Squat Races also available upon discussion ... But please mind the 'No God Characters' rule.
Low Level Imperial Sanction Psyker are acceptable.
1 Inquisitor.

Beyond the above rules I am open to ideas.

Basics for the mission:

A very inable commander on a shrine world has lost an artifact sword of Saint Anna, one of the Sororitas Heros of the Gothic Wars of long ago. The commander has asked for help from the Inquisition in order to save his career but is promplty executing by raving mobs, insane at the loss of their patrians weapon. Upon the arrival of the Inquisition (whoever takes the +][+ slot) has opened investigations and ordered a mass bounty for whoever can return the sword intact and unharmed. The thief is also wanted ... dead or alive.

08-10-2005, 22:36
Name: Kard
Age: 130
Class: Inquistor
ordor: Xenos

Equipment: Force Axe and a simple brown robe that covers his body.

Pysker Powers: Enfeeble, Puppet Master, Burning Fist, Firestorm, Banishment, Interogation (same as Andrews)

Background: A young Inquistor by Inquistor standeres. Fiery Red hair that is slightly below his shouldars and the way it rolls off his head it looks like he is on fire. Pale white skin covers his body weather he was born like this or bleached his skin to unease the People he tourters for infomation. He is know to be a powerful psyker some even wonder if he is to powerful to be intrusted with the rank of inquistor. Even some rumors have spread that he has used Daemonhosts but all mental propeing done proves the anwser to be no.

Requested by Inquistor lord Andrew to lead the team onto the planets surface to retive the artifact and to find the theif as well

Tanith Ghost
08-10-2005, 23:30
Name: Rankab 'Owl' Knight
Rank: Corporal, Night ops speacialist
Age: 27

Appearance: Slender build, alabaster skin, stone grey eyes.
Wears jet black flak armor, short sleves and a black beret.
Weapons- silenced lasgun, blackbladed triangular knife

A consumate night ops man, Owl, as people call him, was part of one of the 'Afriel' programs. Bred to be the best, Owl excelled at stelathy killing. The aura of fear surrounding him makes him shunned by others and feared by his foes.
Highly disiplined and motivated, Owl never needs to be told an order twice.
He would stab, shoot, or otherwise terminate his own mother if ordered to do so.
Seconded to Inquisitor Kard's retinue for the artifact mission.

09-10-2005, 00:48
Any chance of a Sororitas character?

And I mean as with a Hospitaller, Famulous or Dialogous rather than Militant

Grand Warlord
09-10-2005, 03:01
Of course post it up

Colonel Walker
09-10-2005, 04:10
Name: Richin Hefflugner
Rank: Sergeant, Inquistors personal bodyguard

Richin was a Stormtrooper, bathed in blood of hundreds of battles, he was inducted into the Inqusitoral Stormtroopers, for the Reich. He is the personal and trusted bodyguard of Kard.

Carprace armour. Hellgun w/ grenade launcher 'Vinidcator' ' Pistol, 'Vinidcator' Autogun
refractor field various bombs and pwer sabre with a vibro-blade as a backup.

09-10-2005, 13:10
any chance of an ork slave- warrior?

Grand Warlord
09-10-2005, 13:55
Send me a rough draft of a character and I am sure we can get something to agree with :)

09-10-2005, 22:54
A specific one would be nice for me to develop a character.

Commander X
10-10-2005, 12:47
Ok then, as the first try didn't succeed, lets try this again:

Vaulgen - The Hotheaded
Faction: None

Stats: WS:43 BS:41 S:43 T:55 I:48 Wp:100 Sg:108 Nv:95 Ld:32

Speical Abilites: Daemonic, Fearsome, Wyrd

Psychic Powers: Molten Man[M], Float[m], Fearful Aura[m]

Armoury: 2 Chains - hanging from his arms, Leather Cloathing(anything else would just burn away)

Background: Vaulgen has been a Wyrd since he was born, although his powers only started really developing around his puberty. The first time he used them was in a barfight deep in the Underhive. It's unknown why he went there in the first place, but after that he was never the same. He became more and more violent over time, and had several clashes with the Enforcers. This couldn't end well, and after almost a year, he was 'aquired' by the Inquisition for their studies...

Appearance: Normally - so, when he isn't enraged by something - Vaulgen is looking almost normal, apart from his eyes, which instead of a 'normal' colour are both a fiery red. When he gets angry however, this will quickly change. Flames engulf his then white-hot body, and anything that gets too close will be badly burned or catch fire. He then looks just like that, a bright white man floating in flames - not something you'd want to be anywhere close to, that's for sure -.

10-10-2005, 14:06
I am confused as to what is being asked here. A Daemonic character? Isn't that a little over the top? Just voicing my opinions of course.

As to creating my own character, I'll hold fire as I am not really clear on some aspects being asked.

Commander X
10-10-2005, 15:25
Psst, it's a Wyrd from Necromunda with the Molten Man power, just explaining ofcourse ;)

10-10-2005, 18:42
name: Grubnatz
age: ???
sex: ???
race: ORK slave
equipment: Nural collar (if he does anything wrong he gets a zap, choppa (a huge axe)
history: Grubnat'z entire tribe was destroyed by the ordo: xenos. In an ewxperement he was captured and implanted with a nural collar. He hates his inquisition masters but has grown a grudgng respect for them over the years. He knows he will never be accepted back into ork culture so he fights for the ordo xenos untill he finds a worthy death.

11-10-2005, 00:02
Name: Ashley (Ash) Tavarious
Age: 32
Sex: Female
Rank: Adepta Sororitas
Orders: Hospitaller
Order: Order of Serenity

Equipment: White and gold Power armour, med kit and specialised medicial tools for battle field medicine, and bolt pistol and combat knife. Chaplet Ecclesiasticus

Apprence: Short blonde hair, dark blue eyes, fine, almost noble features with a kind smile. She also has a small white rose tattooed under left eye
5'6 with bionic hips that give her a slight limp when she walks but don't hinder her too much when given cause to fight.

Personality: Ash is an extremly kind and compassionate woman with a quiet and kindly demeanour. She has a quiet voice that instill peace in all that she talks to, helping calm her patiences in times of difficulty. With just a little touch of paranoia.
Though in times of trouble, she is blessed with the firey temper of her Sisters in the Order Militant, especially while protecting her charges.

Background: Grown up in the Schola with no real knowledge of her parents other than they were alive and wanted only the best for her, Ash's kindness and compassion, along with her natural ability for the healing arts singled her out for the ranks of the Hospitaller.
After rigourous training, bother physically, mentaly, spiritually and academically she was induced into the Order of Serenity as a fully fledged Sister. Her best friend was also induced into the Sisterhood, but in the Orders Miliant and never saw her again, much to Ash's dismay.
She travelled closely with the Missionaria Galaxia, helping them set up clinics and hospitals for the poor of the Imperium.
Though her speciality was more towards battle field medicine and treatement. So she was gifted the use of power armour and has accompanied may armies into battle as their trained medic. Working and sometimes fighting along side all manner of armies of the Imperium.
Although she usually restrains from fighting, Ash is just as deadly as her Sisters of the Orders Militant as she risks her life for the Emperor just as much as the others. But one incident made her a touch paranoid and now always carries a weapon with her.
She was attacked once while treating a patient in a warzone and found herself without a weapon and so was forced to fight for her life by strangling her assiliant with her Chaplet Ecclesiasticus. However, she was injured during the fight, having both her hips destroyed. And for her loyality to her patiences and serves, she was gifted a good set of bionics to aid her in continuing on as a servent of the Emperor.
She has served her Order well and enjoys her lot in life, even though it is very difficult.

Grand Warlord
11-10-2005, 00:05
Commander X, could you explain your psychic abilties a bit more? thats where i get confused lol i ve never gotten into necromunda.

Beyond are their any other questions comments or concerns?

Grand Warlord
11-10-2005, 00:22
Ok here are the characters I deem ok and fit for playing:

Kard, Inquisitor ((Overall Leader of the Group))
Richin, Inq. Bodyguard
Rankab, Night Ops Specialist
Grubnatz, Ork Slave
Ashley, Sister

Characters Pending:

Commander X (Barring more explanation lol)

I am more than willing to start this midweek granted all characaters are ok with the players. I shouldn't take a big group on my first real attempt in such a long time.

11-10-2005, 00:26
Im ready for this just one thing I need to know. The Ork slave and Richin are under/in my Retuine is there any one else or are the rest of you people that I recurtied form the Hive world?

Grand Warlord
11-10-2005, 00:31
Yes the bodyguard is a giveway but i doubt you would leave a perfectly good ork slave (aka meatshield) at home lol

11-10-2005, 00:31
I have no preference with where you recruit Ash from.

11-10-2005, 00:38
Would make sense for Kard to have have Medic with him. if thats okay with Grand warlord Ash will be on Kard's staff

Commander X
11-10-2005, 11:57
Speical Abilites:
Wyrd: Well, that's what he is, nothing special in here.
Daemonic: According to your Inquisitor Rulebook(I've been cross-refering Necromunda and Inquisitor all that time;) )any Wyrds are automatically Deamonic - although I don't exactly see why as they're perfectly human in body.
Fearsome: He can look scary, sounds obvious enough to me.

Psychic Powers:
Molten Man[M]
Pyromaniac Primary Power Table (roll a D6)
1 Molten Man
The Pyro can make his body white hot so that anything that comes near him is quickly burnt to a crisp.

The Wyrd may attempt to cause this to happen at any time during one of his turns and the effects will last for all of the rest of his turn and all of the opponent’s turn too. While the Pyro’s body is white hot he becomes completely immune to attacks made by any type of flamer, or by melta-guns, multi-meltas and Melta bombs. He also receives an unmodified 4+ save against any other form of attack. Any opponent fighting a white hot Pyro in hand-to-hand combat suffers an automatic Strength 8 hit with a -4 save modifier at the start of each and every round of combat. In addition, any close combat weapons that hit the Pyro are destroyed if he makes his special 4+ saving throw.

22 Float
The Wyrd is allowed to attempt to use this power at any time during his movement phase. If the power works either the Wyrd can move as if they had a grav-chute (see page 52 of the Necromunda: Underhive rulebook).
Note: For RPing purposes, he still moves as fast as walking, but without touching the ground.

Fearful Aura[m]
24 Fearful Aura
The Wyrd causes fear as described in the Necromunda: Underhive rulebook. This power always works – the Wyrd does not have to take a Leadership test to create the aura.

I think that's about all there is to explain about it.

11-10-2005, 22:25
Name: Ira 'Hard Rock' Calculus
Race: Human
Class: Criminal convicted of murder, extortion, and GBH (grevious bodily harm)
Weapons: Two bolt carbines, a sword and a power knife. Also a collection of grenades.
Armour: Flak fatigues, steel toe boats and a skin tight vest.
Aperance: Ira is a big hulking man akin to an Ogryn. His skin is tanned and he always has ammo belts around his chest in a criss-cross a scar down his right eye and a scar along his chest. His eyes are a cold grey and appear souless.
Background: He is the bastard son of a Catachan who freed his homeworld during a battle against Orks.
Ira grew up fatherless and became unruly and quickly joined a gang. He fought his way to the top and became a cold blooded killer for his boss. He was soon arrested after fifteen years of terror under his own rule as he brutally murdered his boss for the job.
Ira was nearly put to death when he was requested by Inquisitor Andrew for a job. He knew it was his end, but he was given twin bolt carbines and was told to use them against the enemy. He did as he was told and soon after that he was permantly in Inquisitor Andrew's entourage.

He is a killer and a hulk of a man. He does not care who gets in his way and will even kill anyone to reach his target, he cares not. His Master's wishes shall always be carried out as the Emperor has given him a chance to regain his Soul in Inquisitor Andrew's entourage.

Sound good?

Grand Warlord
11-10-2005, 23:05
Yes indeed it does ... we begin tomorrow.

11-10-2005, 23:41
If you guys dont mind I would like to play an Eldar Ranger

Grand Warlord
12-10-2005, 04:55
Post ASAP and were still starting tmw so you got til i start to post... lol

Grand Warlord
13-10-2005, 01:32
Times Up All Future Charcters Pleae Pm Me. Starting Post Inbound.

Grand Warlord
13-10-2005, 01:58
<<Slips into GM Mode ... Dark Green Text lol>>

Welcome to the RPG, please enjoy yourself and as I am not the best GM please PM me and comments concerns or Ideas to make this run smoothly.

Aboard the ship , The Left Hand of the Emperor, Inquisitor Lord Andrew waited for his team to showup. He would not be leading this mission personally but he would supervise it from orbit .. incase this Kard failed in his duties. He sat at the head of a long table his personal guards and some of his staff (Dragon and Ashe).

"This is Inquisitor Lord Andrew. Please report to the breifing room so we can get underway."

GM: pretty easy so far eh??

13-10-2005, 02:22
Kard entered the room with his Retuine which consited of the Ork slave, Richin his personal body guard, and Ash his medic. They entered the room sliently stood back and let Kard enter the room.

He had his hood up and his force axe in one hand nothing in the other the way his hair fell out of the hood it allmost appared that he was on fire if you didn'y know Kard you would have thought he was wearing white gloves but these were his hands the occasianal spark would leap form his hand to the axe. this was not onpurpose kard raidate Pyshic enegery the way a ships engeine raidated heat. he walked to the in front of Inq lord andrew it was procudhuer to bow before such a high ranking Inq but Kard did not he was not a Normal Inq

"Well Andrew it seems to be quite a predictament were in aint' it" Kard chuckled and removed his hood for anyone that hadn't seen Kard no knew that he was not normal his skin was pure white and his hair a deep firey red his eys macthing his hair.


Kard sat next Andrew with his retunie aslo allready in the chair with his ork "pet" in the back of the room

Colonel Walker
13-10-2005, 04:41
Richin Sat down next to Kurd. HE looked at the ork slave the only real threat so far. Other than that, his mind was free to wander.

Commander X
13-10-2005, 12:33
Vaulgen walked through the halls of the ship, receiving strange looks from the other persons around, mainly because his clothing appeared relatively 'uncivilised' to them. He didn't care, they didn't know what he could do to them.

When he got to the briefing room, he noticed he was one of the first to be there. This wasn't how it was supposed to be, so he turned around and started walking away. Unless he had to he'd return only after it was busier in there.

Tanith Ghost
13-10-2005, 14:50
Rankab checked his wepons once more, running the cloth over the lasgun parts one at a time as he asselbled the weapon, taking extra care on the silencer. "With this sacred instrument of death, I become one with the darkness. With it, I deal death unseen by those I hunt. It is both my sword and sheild. I venerate the weapon spirit as such." He muttered, anointing the silencer with a shine damper, ensuring no light would reflect off the barrel. Satisfied his weapon had been adequately maintained both mechanicly and spiritualy, Rankab entered the brifing room. He ignored any reaction from those already present. Clad in his black field uniform and wearing a black beret, he was the very picture of a professional soldier.
The only thing that marked him out was his alabaster skin and white hair.
He took his place without a word and waited for the briefing to begin.

13-10-2005, 17:09
A side door opened and two menacing servitors strugled in, pull in a hulking green ork. The ork roared and sweared but the servitors emotionlessly darghed him towards what looked liek a cage in teh breifing room and pushed him in it. As he resisted a loud buzz zipped around teh room and teh ork fell to the floor clawing the collar around his neck.

13-10-2005, 23:08
Ash bowed her head as she entered the presence of the Inquisitor Lord. She didn't not speak a word nor look at him as she took her place at the table.

It was strange for her to be here. Her place was in the medi bay of this place, not here at the conference room. In truth, in her mind it made little sense for her to be here. She was merely a medic.

Ash sat down with her head bowed, taking in the surroundings through her peripheral vision. She didn't have to sit like this, her position afforded her a more comfotable seating position. But years of respect for the members of the Inquisition had been ingrained into her and so she showed that respect until she was told other wise. True it might seem strange but still.

As usual there was a distinct mix of unsavoury characters around the table. Ash didn't care much for the Inquisitor's choice of retinue, but it was not her place to say anything. She served the Emeperor in which ever way He saw fit and it seemed her destiny at that time was to accompany this Inquisitor and whatever rag-bag crew he chose to employ.

Ash gave a small sigh at the thought of them, no doubt she'd have to treat these misfits, malcontents and aliens throughout the course of this mission. After all that was what she was trained for.

14-10-2005, 01:33
Kard sat reading the surface thoughts of everyone in the room. interesting he thought he was only reading what the blunts had been broadcasting he would have to work not to hear it. though there was nothing said in the room Andrew and Kard were in deep conversation.

Kard put his elbows on the table and held is hands togther infront of him. he looked at Andrew this surpised on how small a team he was given Kard was upset that he wasnlt able to select the team that he was to lead but he niether had the time he hoped Andrew did not let him down.

he looked over at ash she was new to his Retuine he could tell that she was not comfortable
"You have nothing to worry about Ash Relax while you still can"

14-10-2005, 01:59
ASh looked up for the first time to look at the Inquisitor, trying hard to keep a look of revulsion from her almost noble face. Being one of the Sororitas, the Sisiterhood had instilled the hatred for witches into her, amongst other things. And even though the Inquisitor worked for the Emeperor as a loyal subject, psykers still could not be trusted in her opinion.

'As you wish my Lord.' Ash said in her quiet calming voice. She took a few calming breathes and recited a few litanies under her breath to calm herself but keep her focuses. She was a member of the Hospitaller, though she had been trained in combat. And circumstances had made her a tad edgy and her hips twinged in sympathy with her thoughts.

Yet despite all of her training, Ash felt very much out of her depth. True she was very much a field medic and so had to be aware of any and all action she would be facing, but she was still rather new to the post. Having to replace her hips had taken time and knocked her confidence quite a bit. Yet her unweavering faith had steered her right.

Unconsciously, Ash's fingers found her Chaplet Ecclesiasticus that she always wore around her waist and she began to roll the adamantuim beads between her fingers. It was so much more than a icon of the Ecclesarchy and her faith and penance, it was an instrument of His Mercy and her life-saver. It brought her some measure of comfort in difficult times. It was also her chain as every bead on it represented an act of penance she had undertaken. And being one of the Hospitaller, she had completed a vast amount of those.

Once again she looked around the room and gripped the beads tighter. Het stomach was churning, something was very wrong here. That much was clear, but Ash had a very nasty feeling that whatever it was that had brought them here would hit very close to home for her. She swallowed, that could only mean dead Sisters.

Tanith Ghost
14-10-2005, 12:31
Rankab observed the proceedings without reaction or emotion. The Inquisitors appeared to be talking with eachother at the expense of the briefing. Unprofessional to be sure, but it's not my place to say so.
A bound ork had been brought in as well. Filthy xeno creature. I can only hope Kard will see sense and have me terminate it. The hospitaler seemed decidedly uncomfortable, fidgeting with the beads around her waist.
Rankab was ambushed by a moment uncharacteristic compassion for her.
She's stuck in a room with a psyker, an alien, and me, an afriel. She has every right to look rattled. His expresion softened for a second when he glanced over at her. Then his training cut in and all emotion was extinguished again. The mission comes first. Prudent as it is to keep the medic alive, the mission must come fist and foremost. The inquisitors went right on yapping. No harm in offering, he supposed. "When things get hairy, stay with me. I'll look after you." He said to the medic.

Commander X
14-10-2005, 13:51
'This is more like it. Vaulgen thought when seeing the room had more people in it. He preferred a lot of people around, then it would be easier to 'disappear' unnoticed if he thought this Inquisitor's mission was going to become too unhealthy.

"Oh look, the Inquisitor didn't save any effort and even arranged some amusement." he spoke while gesturing at the Hospitaler. He didn't think high of woman - which isn't strange considering they're either barmaids or slaves in the underhive - and to him this one wasn't anything different.

Vaulgen sat down opposite to the Hospitaler and looked at her.

"So, when do you start?" he asked.

14-10-2005, 14:04
Calculus entered the room, his weapons slung round his back and in full battle atire. Looking round, his eyes took in the people sititng around the briefing table and he grunted.

The only thing that seemed interesting was the Ork and inside Calculus wanted to let the beast free just to challenge it. He could feel its animal instincts and wanted so dearly to fight. He too was also an animal, but a trained one in the eyes of the Emperor.

Calculus sat down at the table and immediately took out his switch blade in which he duely tended to the grime under his fingernails.

'Its always difficult to get blood and dirt out from the nails,' Calculus said to himself.

14-10-2005, 14:42
Ash turned to look at the man that had spoken to her. He was a strange sort of person and an odd feeling turned Ash's stomach.
'Do not worry about my own safety, I can take care of myself.' she replied in her calming voice. 'And I fear that I shall be seeing more of you on my table than would be healthy for most people.'

Being the medical officer of the group, Ash had access to the medical files of those who were to accompany the Inquisitor, which she had memoriesed down to a rune.

Knight, Rankab....seemed either foolhardly or just plain stupid as his record of injuries was almost as long as her arm.

The next thing to arrive made Ash almost bare to teeth in rage, so strong were the feelings this 'thing' caused on her. It was a psyker, an arrogant one at that as it dared speak to her in general, let alone in an almost familiar tone.

She fixed it with her dark blue eyes, looking right through it as though it hadn't taken a seat opposite her.
'Hopefully any injury you gain will kill out outright.' she said plainly in her calm voice, though it was taking every inch of her restraint from killing this psyker like she had done with the last.

Underneath the table, Ash was gripping her Chaplet Ecclesiasticus in a grip so tight that she felt the skin on her palms tear. What she wouldn't give to wrap it around this fiends neck, just like the one that had destroyed her hips.

Thankfully a distraction was offorded her by the newest member to enter the room. A prisoner if her eyes didn't deceive her. Not much of a distraction, but enough to allow her to calm herself from the disgusting tenacity of that psyker.

Commander X
14-10-2005, 14:59
"Oh so you can talk?" Vaulgen asked taunting, not knowing of the woman's record. "It might be best for you just to stay in your role and obey. That would be more 'comfortable' for everyone."

He stared back at her, thinking that she couldn't possibly be anybody important, nor someone that was equal to, if not above him. He sat back in the chair, keeping his eyes fixed on her and ignoring the man that just entered.

"Although it seems someone got you before, a shame..." he continued while pointing at her hips.

14-10-2005, 15:12
Ash just smiled enigmatically at the psyker before her and scratched the small rose underneath her left eye. Blood slowly dripping from her hand.

'I would happily lay down my own life for that of my charges.' she replied simply.

Commander X
14-10-2005, 16:08
"Trying it the hard way, eh? Well you just listen slave, next time you're walking around in an alley, small hallway or whereever, I'll be there waiting on you. And I think you'll be a lot more 'coöperating' then..."

Vaulgen stood up and bend over to the woman, putting his fists at the table while doing so.

"So, what will it be now?" he asked once more.

14-10-2005, 16:16
'I am no slave, scum. I am merely a devout servent of the Emepror, and gifted with His divine protection.' With a sweet smile, she revealed the icon on the Adepta Sororitas on the end of her Chaplet Ecclesiasticus that even the psyker would recognise and understand.

'Sister Ashley Tavarius of the Order of Serenity of the Adepta Sororitas.' she said. 'I am a member of the Sisters Hospitaller and I will be the one risking my own life to save your wortheless hide as the good Inquisitors' she inclinded her head in respect towards the two members of the Inquisition present 'Have deemed you of some interest and possibly useful in this mission.'

Commander X
14-10-2005, 16:25
"Err, alright..." Vaulgen hesitated at the sight of the symbol. He fell(not literaly!) back in his chair, shocked by the fact this woman was in fact, as important as he was. That was a first, and he hoped immediatly the last too. This wasn't what he was used to, and he didn't like it a single bit.

To not become a complete fool, he thought a moment, then spoke again.

"Well then, why didn't you bother with saying that then? It's still a shame though, you don't look bad..." he asked her.

14-10-2005, 16:32
Grubnatz roared with laughter. Everyone looked bothe hatefull and ferarfull at the caged ork. "u stoopid umies argue ova oose diz an ooz dat, on ov deze dayz da boyz iz gonna sneak up on u wile uze arguin an clobba ya" Grubnatz voice was deep and his simple logic impecible.

14-10-2005, 16:34
Ash just smiled and shook her head at the pskyers reaction. 'I am under no obligation to inform you of who I am or what I do in this retinue. All would have become clear in time.' she replied plainly.

the pskyer shuold have just been amazed that she had recognised his existance. Throughout her time in the Sisterhood, she had seem many things and it was the psykers that had always proved the worst. They were the worst patients, which had made her carry a vast array of psychic nullifying agents. But worst of all, she had witness the damage they unleashed upon the poor and innocent.

Too many times her duty had been twarted by the powers of the Warp and it made her both sad and annoyed that such things could happen and be allowed to happen.

Tanith Ghost
14-10-2005, 16:53
"It would be better for you to show her the respect she deserves, whelp." Owl said flatly. "She is a far better servant of the Emperor than you could ever hope to be." The afriel flexed a fist, knuckles cracking like corks popping.
So, make it more comfortable for us all. Mind YOUR place, psyker."
The look on Owl's face gave nothing away, but the hand edging toward a sidearm was very clear in meaning.

14-10-2005, 16:57
'You shouldn't do that you know,' she spoke to the afriel 'It's bad for your joints.'

Commander X
14-10-2005, 17:03
"My place? It certainly isn't anywhere near yours. Your kind needs to have the largest possible weaponry to stand a chance, I don't need any of that stuff."

Vaulgen was slowly getting annoyed, and it was noticable by his eyes appearing to become redder with the second. This wasn't going to end well if it continued.

"And you woman, or should I say 'Sister', you might not be my slave, but you're not above me and can't order me around. The same goes for our hero here." He spoke while looking between the two of them.

14-10-2005, 17:06
Ash smiled widely. 'Oh but I can! If I deem you medically unfit, you will be transported back to that rat-hole you called a home.....and that's only if you're lucky.'

Commander X
14-10-2005, 17:09
"Well, looking at you and me, you seem to have more physical problems than I do." Vaulgen shot back.

"And besides, why do you think I'll let you examine me?"

The red in his eyes was still growing, the red iris had almost fully replaced the white of the eye by now. A few more moments and this would end up fatally wrong...

14-10-2005, 17:14
'I'm a medic, I'm not going charging into battle, screaming at the top of my lungs like a maniac. I'm here to stitch idiots like you back together so you can go off and not learn your lesson.'

Ash lent back in her chair and crossed her arms. 'Then a visual examination would suffice and needless to say, you would not pass it. And such things are one of the requirements to be accepted into an Inquisitorial retinue.....after all we can't have you infecting us all with some plauge or something like that from that pit of a Hive you crawled out of.'

She raised her eyebrows. 'Though i can't say I'll enjoy poking around your nether regions, but such is the Will of the Emperor and in His wisdom, he has gifted me with the knowledge of healing.'

Tanith Ghost
14-10-2005, 17:18
"Because refusal will result in your execution for disobediance against an agent of the Imperial faith." Owl said. "Regulation 59/7b regarding
the witch. If she says you are irrevoccably tainted, it is her power to order you executed, and if she does, only Inquisitor Kard can rescind it. Now then, be silent, lest we miss something important. Inquisitor, pardon my interuption, but the briefing sir? May we begin?"

Commander X
14-10-2005, 17:32
Vaulgen had had it with these persons around him. First he was just about dragged aboard this vessel without knowing what was going on. Then he had to answer some 'tricky' questions from an Inquisitorial weirdo, and now this woman thought she had power over him.

His eyes were now a full red, and his hair was changing colour too. On his skin red patches started growing, and the smell of something starting to burn could be smelled.

"Neither of you will have anybody executed, you will be the ones to die at best." he growled, and reached out for the Sister. He was going to pass the medical test, how he did it didn't really matter...

14-10-2005, 17:35
Ash was quicker and fell backwards from her seat, executing a prefect backwards roll as the back of her chair hit the floor. She was on her feet in a moment and her bolt pistol was drawn and read to use.

'You will not touch me witch!' she hissed

Tanith Ghost
14-10-2005, 17:39
Owl was on his feet in a flash, weapon trained. "Inquisitors, I reccomend arresting this witch at once." he said, covering the psyker. "At the very least, he should be restrained."

Commander X
14-10-2005, 17:55
'Hmm, she's pretty fast...'

Vaulgen wasn't too impressed though, most tried to flee when he got angry - he couldn't blame them for that... - and fear always gives uncanny amounts of new skills. The intervention of the trooper would only make things worse, as the skin that wasn't red was becoming that too, and the red slowly became white.

"I'm telling you to stay out of this only once, otherwise this will end bad for you..."

Ignoring both guns pointed at him, Vaulgen walked around the table and the empty chairs, and towards the Sister. The room wasn't too big and soon there would be nowhere to run anymore. He reached out again, thinking this would be relatively easy...

14-10-2005, 19:15
Calculus was up like a light, weapons instantly drawn and placed on the Sister and the non-psyker.

'Aright boys and girls! If we are going to party then let me tell you one thing, don't plan on living,' Calculus said with a spit. 'Now if you don't want to party then I suggest all weapons get lowered. NOW!'

Calculus fingers were on the triggers and he was not kidding. His massive Catachan style frame and atire showing he was little more intelligent than an Ogryn, but the predator nature of a killer.

He cared not if they died. Such would be their folly for having weapons drawn in front of an Inquisitor. He was Security and security never allowed people with drawn weapons the chance to live.


14-10-2005, 19:15
Kard knew what Vaulgen was about to do he was sick of this little worm. he sent a painful mind spear directly into his mind

"Stop this or I will show you what real fire is like"

Just to make sure he knew Kard was't fooling around......

Kard stoped him in his tracks all Vaulgen knew was that kard appered in fornt of him but to every one else He stoped in his tracks kard grabbed Vaulgen with his mind holding him fast in mid air

"I have no issues with forceing to to kill your self but you could be usefull to me and do not push me. You ever you hear me EVER offend or harrse my Rutine you have no idea how painfull i will make the end for you"

Kard let the man drop to the floor and kard walked back to his seat his forcful tone gone he now spoke to andrew

"Please Andrew let us begin"

Grand Warlord
14-10-2005, 21:46
((I go to work for 4 hours and GOOD LORD YOU POST WHORES lol))

"Everyone please be seated."

Unsure whether his nice nature of the arrival of his black guard to quell the fighting Andrew simply smiled and waited for the commotion to trail off before continuing.

A hologram opened up on the table replaying the last moments of the chamber room of the Sword of Saint Anna.

"Now you all know that you are here to capture a thief and to bring about justice. But few of you may realize the complications this theft has brought upon the Imperium. Some Xenos filth infiltrates one of our shirne worlds but then escapes to live and spread his xenos lies!"

Punching the table he stopped and caught his breath... another video of battles sisters defending the artifact from shadows with multibarried energy weapons appeared and repeated itself, the battle sister trying her best to keep her anger in check ...

"Your mission is simple ... assuming the info i have gathered is correct. You are to go planet side and find the artifact and bring those accountable to justice. Reports so Tau class vessels inbound, we assume to retrive the weapon and their theves... you will not let that happen. Under pain of death you will not let that happen."

His signet ring showing the mark of the Ordo Hereticus shone brightly in the darkness. A image of the planet and the location of the artifacts last known location, the shrines vault, blinked on the screen.

"Kard is in command while on the ground overall command goes through me. If you fail your deaths will be forgotten in history."

Forming the acquila over his chest...

"Load up ... you leave in 1 hour."

14-10-2005, 22:35
Calculus had lowered his weapons for the Inquisitor and listened intently. He had no idea who or what these 'Tau' things were, but if the Inquisitor said to kill them, then so be it. It was all he needed to know.

'Inquisitor Lord Andrew, I would like to speak mano on mano,' Calculus said as him and Andrew slipped out of hearing distance.

'What is it Calculus?' Andrew asked calm as usual and more than likely had already skimmed Calculus's easy to read mind.

'My Lord, this new entourage and the other Inquisitor, they unnerve me,' Calculus stated. 'They are not the usual muscle you require. They may get in my way. You know I am loyal and will follow this Kard, but if he crosses any lines or disobeys you, I will shoot to kill. Need not worry of the success, it will be done. By the Emperor's Will. However, I am worried as to not having you on the battlefield. As I said, I do not trust any of them.'

Calculus awaited his Master's reply.

14-10-2005, 23:44
Ash lowered her weapon, pushing the hammer of her pistol back to it's idle position.

'As you wish My Lord.' she said, bowing her head and takeing her seat once again. She listened and watched intently to what the Inquisitor Lord had to say and watched in both pride and horror at seeing her Sisters fight and die. But it was the last Sister to fall that caught Ash's attention.

'Cam!' she whispered. Her face fell as she recognised the figure on the pict screen. But she said nothing. Once the Inquisitor Lord had finished and more or less dismissed them, Ash made her excuses and made to leave, heading for the chapel.

Tanith Ghost
15-10-2005, 00:03
"Inquisitors, I will meet you at the apointed time." Knight said, bowing to Kard. He headed for the chapel, at a brisk walk. No telling what taint that witch had given him. Bad enough to be less than human, but to be so tainted... He shook his head to clear it. He entered the chapel. The soft candle light sothed the soul, putting his mind at ease. He found Ash was already there. Knight bowed slightly to her. "If I may speak with you, sister,
I would know how I may repent in the eyes of the Emperor. As an Afriel soldier, I am less than human." He didn't met her eyes, but kept themdown and to the righ of her.

15-10-2005, 00:14
Ash looked up at the man who had broken her concentration on what she had seen.

'In truth the only way you can properly repent in the eyes of the Emepror' she made the symbol of the aquilla as she spoke His name 'is for you to die in His name. Only in death can we hope to gain absolution.'

Ash looked over the stranger beside her. He looked quite human, yet not at the same time. A thought that made her skin crawl. But such beings had their uses...though she didn't have to like them.

'But I cannot tell you how to repent, for the ways that I practise are that of the Sororitas. But the preacher will her your confessions and give you the right penance that will be needed for your transgrestions.'

Her dark eyes soften a little for a moment. 'Though prayer is always a good place to start.' She cleared her throught slightly and began to sing quietly an Imperial plainsong prayer.

Tanith Ghost
15-10-2005, 00:27
Knight listened for a second, til he recalled the song Ash was singing. He took a breath, and joined in. Quietly at first, but he let his voice rise, low and strong. An unexplained warmth touched him, a peace he'd not felt before. When they finished, he turned to her. "I came here to renew my oaths of loyalty the Emperor. I'd be honored if you would say the oaths with me."

15-10-2005, 00:33
Ash stopped for a moment and looked at him. It seemed to mean a lot to him, though the oaths would not be her own, it would do him well for her to do that with him. After all, she was responsible for his health and a renewed sense of faith worked wondered. Plus she was sure renewing her own oaths and vows wouldn't do her any damage either.

She nodded. 'Yes, I will.' she replied with a smile.

Grand Warlord
15-10-2005, 03:27
"Well before I authorize such acts I would need proof. I will be here for the duration of the mission, unless your members fail and my hand is forced. But if that is to happen bring me proof and we will discuss such matters more in depth."

Nodding to the soldier he turned and made his way to his chambers where he left the door open should anyone else need to speak with him.

GM: More in the morning.

Commander X
15-10-2005, 18:05
"The point still stands..." was all Vaulgen said before leaving. All this was still bad for his mood, and he needed to do something - drink, smash stuff, whatever, just do something - to calm down.

In the end he cooled his anger(:p) on a table, reducing it to a molten wreck before he calmed down. Vaulgen didn't leave his quarters during the rest of the hour, there wasn't anything of interest to him outside. He'd probably be a bit late after that hour, but he didn't care...

Colonel Walker
15-10-2005, 18:10
Richin just sat theren he had watched with the most uninterested look at the exchange when they drew their guns. He knew Kard was never in danger. He now made double sure his gear was prepared, nodded at Kard, snd closed his eyes, waiting for the mission to begin.

15-10-2005, 18:30
'I must go now, there is much to be prepared.' Ash said finally. She didn't have long to check her things and don her armour. Everything was kept in check anyway, but she knew that one more check would not hurt.

She bid her farewall and left quickly to her chambers. She sifted through her med-pack, it was in it's usual state of utter order, which everything she might need.

Next Ash took her armour, offering up the correct prayers to the armour's war spirit as the servitor clad her in ceramite. Her white and gold armour gleamed, a representation of the purity and faith that she embodied. She nodded her thanks to the sevitor, a silly gesture she knew but it felt right to thank those that had helped her.

Once again she knelt in prayer, praying to the Emperor to guide her hand in protect and watch over all on this mission. Whispering acient litanties, Ash gathered her things, her med kit, her combat knife and finally the symbol of the Emepror's justice....her bolt pistol. She had rarely used the pistol, but it's weight felt reassuring against her hip. And it was better to have one and not need it, than need it and not have one.

Finally satisfied that everything was in perfect and working order, Ash made the sign of the Aquilla over her heart at the double-headed eagle in her room, bowed her head and left, closing her door behind her.

Tanith Ghost
15-10-2005, 19:02
Knight was happy to renew his oaths of loyalty, enjoying the feeling of purpose they gave him. When they finished, Knight thanked Ash as she left, and went to prepare his own wargear for the mission at hand. The lasgun, ever reliable. The silencer, sword and sheild of the dark. Black feild beret with
black skull pin, the mark of a consumate night ops soldier. Only one thing remained for mission preparation. He drew his combat knife, and put the tip of the blade into a candle flame. when it was hot, he pulled it out, and carefully traced it across the exposed skin on his shoulder. After ten painful minutes, an aquilla took shape, above the word 'repent'. Satisfied all was ready, Knight went to the assembly area, set for combat.

16-10-2005, 16:40
Kard was in the bay he had his axe by his side he walked he looked around he hoped the crew would be sufficent to find the theif and the artifact. He knew his retuine would suffice even if the others would not.

but he was worried about Ash though she was not a sister of battle she still had a strong kin ship to them, as long as it did not get in the way or her abilty to preform as needed he didn't care.

he was surpised that andrew was not leading the misson him self but Kard knew that he needed to prove him self in the eyes of the Inq Lord

16-10-2005, 17:15
Ash nodded to the Inquistor as he past in a form of salute. Though there was a strange look in his eyes when he looked at her. She swallowed, hopeing dearly that he didn't think her lacking.

She stood up straighter, she was Adepta Sorortias and she was not lacking in anyway. Though the mission did have her worried. Some theif had stolen a sacrite artifact of her Sisterhood and murdered the Sisters who protected it, including, or so it seemed her friend from the Schola. She dearly hoped that the pict recording had been wrong, and that her eyes had been mistaken. Though in her gut, Ash knew her friend had taken her place with the Emepror.

They group seemed to be coming together and Ash spoke out
'My Lord, who will be leading us in prayer before we depart?'

16-10-2005, 17:45
"I will please every one join hands for this might be the last time any of use see each other"

he motioned every one in the room to join the circle he grabed Ash's hand

"Empeor we come before you as you humber servants to extract vengernace on those that would seek to defile your most holy name. Guide us and let each of us be a insturment of you, for the ends justfiy the means it is better to doom a world then to let one xenos live"

Kard sent a small mental singal to ash for her to contuine the prayer

17-10-2005, 00:17
OOC/ REally the message wouldn't have gotten through due to the Sisters 'Shield of Faith' but I'll let thhis slip/OOC

Ash nodded, closed her eyes and began to chant a prayer she had been taught by the Sisterhood. Though it was in High Gothic, and although not all present knew what she was actually saying, the ppower of the prayer was evident enough. Or at least Ash felt herself at ease as she spoke the words in her quiet and calming voice.

'Our Emperor deliever us.' she added at the end of the chant in Low gothic for everyone and opened her eyes and waited for their reply.

Grand Warlord
17-10-2005, 00:23
Waiting for the prayers to finish he handed Kard a copy of the evidence of what was shown during the breifing saluting each member as they boarded onto the 2 transport ships. As each transport ship became full the doors would close and wait for departure clearance.

"Be safe and good hunting."

As Andrew left his 2 prime agents, Dragon the Ex-Assassin and Ashe the unusual psyker appeard at the dock as if waiting for something to go amiss. Andrew and the 2 watched with Aquilias formed over their chests as the ships pulled out of the ship and headed for the planet with Valkerie fight support.

"Follow them from a distance. If they fail clean up the mess and return to me."

"Yes master."

Both Dragon and Ashe enterd a much smaller, sleeker ship and a coupel hours later they too would make planetfall but no one would know.

The planet of Tarsonis IV was a medium grade hive/shrine world with 1 major city ... Clatarus. The single hive city was home to about 500,000 people aimlessly devoted to the Imperium breaking their backs to survive in such a harsh world. There was an Arbites precinct here but that was about it for enforcement and it was easy to see they were hard pressed ... the arrival of an Inquisitor did little to help their problem, since the theft had become known the world was on a blood riot to find those who had been held responsible for the crime ... many innocents had been lost, at last count 4,502. As they came down most of the view was covered in the citys smog but they could see what appeared to be a cathedral spire piercing out of the smog, a beacon in the hell of life. From the port the Inquisitor and team could see all sorts of Shops. There was a well equipped Adeptus Mechanicus Manufactorium in production. Various food and drinks even the -exotic almost illegal- kind. The target for now was the Precinct of the Arbites where the failure of a commander was being held.

Tanith Ghost
17-10-2005, 00:27
"From the curse of the heretic, our Emperor deliver us." Knight said, without missing a beat. "From the scourge of the alien, our Emperor deliver us."
The afriel trooper's heavy voice carried a solemn tone to it, the tone of a man seeking redemption.

17-10-2005, 00:33
Ash shot the trooper a strange look....how could he possibly know the battle prayer of the Sisters.

She took her place on the shuttle, strapping herself in and reciting the correct prayers and litanies for a safe flight then settled herself back in her seat.

Grand Warlord
17-10-2005, 00:37
GM: Were on the ship now... just to let you know lol

17-10-2005, 00:53
OoC/well i was touching you so i could have done something else :) i won;t make that mistake again/OoC

Kard broke the circle first and strode into the transport he put his hood up

Kard got planet side he immdeatily got to work giveing orders out he kept his hood up he didn;t need anyone to think he was a mutant

he had a large cloak over his ork he hoped that it would let him get to the abrite station before anyone noticed that he was a ork

ever thing was going good but then some one steped on the orks cloak and it ripped off

"Xenos!" some one yelled the gig was up some one was about to stab his ork that would not stand

Kard reached out with his hand and bursted the man into Flames

Kard pulled out his Axe and begun to swing at anyone that came to close. he wreathed his axe in blue elrticy that turned any one it touched into a hollowed burned out husk

"Warroirs of the Empoeror to me!"

Colonel Walker
17-10-2005, 04:25
Richin ran to his Master. He knew that ork was more trouble than good. He put his bulk in front of Kard, and pulled out his Power Sabre and started slicing and thrusting into the oncoming horde of frantic people.

Tanith Ghost
17-10-2005, 05:34
Knight needed no orders. He took up a defensive position next to Ash, scanning for hostiles. "Inquisitor, from where I'm standing, the precinct is only marginaly safer. I recomend a contigency plan." A shout of 'abhuman' rang out, followed by a shot from an autogun. "For throne sake, keep order-"
Knight grunted in pain as a stuber shot punched into his shoulder, dark crimson blood contrasting sharply with his white skin. A single lasgun shot, inaudible in the rukus, felled the shooter. He scanned his weapon left to right and back. "Sister, we must move now. We are severely outnumbered, and I cannot guarentee-" A second shot, from a crude pistol, hit Knight in the arm.
Knight's return shot removed the shooter's hand. The rifle grew a little heavier in his hands, as his wounds leaked blood. "Inquisitor, be aware we're about to be ovverrun!"

17-10-2005, 05:39
As the first shots rang out, Ash ducked for cover but didn't draw her weapon....that was a last resort. And she was unhappy to say that she had given more poor souls the Emeperor's Peace with it rather than the Emepror's Justice.

She saw the first shot hit Knight and she was by him as quick as she could, trying to treat his wound.

'Get down and let me look at that.' she hissed at him. Seconds later the next shot hit and Ash had to physically grab the trooper and drag him down into cover.

Tanith Ghost
17-10-2005, 05:48
Knight obeyed, keeping down. It didn't look severe, but he was untrained in medicine. He reached for a frag from his belt. "Live golf-hotel-echol!" He said into the comm. "That ought to keep em back for a bit." He said to Ash.
"So how bad is it?"

17-10-2005, 05:56
Ash looked over the wound with a trained eye.

'I've seen worse...but then again I've seen better.' she replied with a smile.

Reaching into her med kit, she pulled out a syringe and some synthi-flesh. 'This might sting a bit.' She reached out her left hand in case he wanted to grab it and squeeze. 'On three. One.....two...three.'

Ash plunged the syringe into Knights skin near the wound. It injected its contense immediately. Just a coagulating agent to stem his bleeding, which was fairly minimal, pain killers and sterilising agents to clean the wound and stop it getting infected. A quick squirt of saline and she was almost finished.

Ash then too a quick look at the las round...they always made her job easier by cauterising the wound so there was little blood lose. Once again she cleaned the wound and shook the can of synthi-flesh and sprayed it on the wounds.

'There good as new, but I want you to come to the medi-bay when we get back. I'll stitch up up properly. And can I have my hand back please?'

All this had only taken a minute at most and another solider of the Emeperor was back on his feet.

Tanith Ghost
17-10-2005, 06:10
Knight was surprised. He let go of the ceramite glove. "Didn't notice I took it in the first place. On the other hand, this is the first time I got medical attention for a wound right away like this." He took aim and incapacitated another would be killer. "I'll follow your lead." He added. A shot pinged off her armor. "Heretic! You dare shoot at a hospitaler! Die you vermin!" Knight roared, outraged. The target was felled with a headshot. "Die mutant!" A screaming fanatic dived at Knight. Knight shot him in the torso twice, killing his asailant but still taking a knife to the leg. He grunted in pain as he pulled it out of his calf. He staggered slightly but kept his feet. Then a las shot hit him in the same leg, and he lost his balance.

Colonel Walker
17-10-2005, 15:48
Richin saw knight get hit again, still worried about Kard, but knowing he needed to help Knight, he drew his Autopistol and started firing at heretics who dared attacked knight. He kept his Power Sabre in front of him slicing down the mob, while auto and las rounds countinued to slam into his armour. He saw a sniper taking aim at Knight, and Richin felled him with a round to the head. A autoround found a open spot in his armour, and blood started flowing.
'Damn, im hit in the artery Battle Sister I need your aid

17-10-2005, 18:25
Grubnatz roared and bashed into the crowd of humans. He swung his choppa in two arcs, cleaving two humas, bloodspyaing across teh ground. A man fired a las bolt that grazed his elbow, seaing the flesh. Grubnatz roared and grabbed the mans face, he lifted him and squeesed hard on his skull until it gave way and slipped from his grasp, the mans corpse crumpled to the floor. Some of the crowd ran but more mobbed up on him.

He swung his choppa-axe again, cleaving a mans arm and then butchering his remaining flash. He felt a blad dig into his back, a man had jumped up and sunk a blade in. Another ran and clubed him with a rifle but. Grubnatz bared his teeth and headbutted the man infront of him, smashing the nnose bone into the brain. He pulled the other from his back and slung him into a wall, he landed with a sickening crunch. HHe dived at another man, crushing him with his emence wright as they hit the floor. A slash backward took off a head.

He swung his blade at several more of teh mob, they kept back. More las shots cracked around him but he wasnt afraid, he simpily ran the corowd down, swinging his choppa, cleaving them everywere. He was suddenly bombarded with bodies, he felt the wight building and he was forced to teh floor as the mob piled on top of him.He jolted up and he felt some fall from him. He scrambled up and began hurling the mob from him. He grasped a mans head and smashed it agains the concreted, kicked a women to the floor and stomped on her skull cracking ot open. He swung his choppa angain finding his way back to the others, hacking open the small people.

[sorry if this seems a little overpowered but i am going on the fluff discription of orks no the stats version, I am also assuming these are just civilians.]

18-10-2005, 00:14
'Holy Emperor!' Ash cursed silently under her breath as she quickly finished patching up Knight...his injuries weren't have bad. But Richin's looked bad.

Keeping low, Ash made her way over to him and took a look. It was quite bad, but as always she'd seen worse. Once again she pulled out the syringe, muttered a prayer as she changed the needle and container tube and looked at Richin. 'This is going to hurt.' she said calmly and pushed the needle in.

She had to work quick to stop the bleeding, though what she had time for was at most a quick patch job, she'd have to repair the tear properly later on. She worked fast, though too fast for the painkillers to start working properly as she pushed her fingers into the wound to find the hole.

The shot was clean and the tear easy to temperally repair. A few stitches closed the hole up and a few more in the wound to drew the edges together. All the while she muttered litanies and prayers as she worked. To reduce infection, aid healing and asking for the Emeperor's benevolence upon her patient.

The last stitch in, Ash cleaned the wound and sprayed on synthi-flesh to feel it as clean as she could. 'You'll need to come to the medi-bay straight away. You'll be fine for now, but be very careful.' She knew it was a stupid thing to say in this situation, but there was always a chance they might obey her once in a while.

To make sure, she pulled out some bandages and dressed the wound in a field dressing. 'You're good to go.'

Ash tapped her vox link. 'My Lord, we have to injured, but still able to fight.'

Colonel Walker
18-10-2005, 00:48
Richin grimaced as Ash went about her work, it hurt like hell.
'Thanks Ash, yes I will be as careful as possible.'
He had to walk slowly now.
But kept Slicing in front of Kard to protect him, sand he was still using the Autopistol to Defend Ash and Knight.
He clicked his micro-bead to the Fleet.
' This is ground reasource to Fleetcom.
'Roger we read you, over'
'Roger, Fleetcom, we got a mob, we are wounded, and heavily outgunned and outnumbred, requesting help'
'Roger, Ground, A local PDF Company is coming ETA in five.
Richin Cursed, five whole mintutes!
He prayed to the Emperor and countinued killing the Mob

18-10-2005, 01:42
"Roger that Ash keep moveing"

Kard fought along side of the Ork and Richin he had picked good warroirs.

Kard slashed a man across his face before his body hit the ground it had allready turned to ash. Kard was in a full pyshic assult on the men in front of him

he saw that though they were strong there were to many bodies to kill to get to the precient or at least with the rest of his men

"ON THE GROUND NOW" he yelled and pyshicly sent to the his team that could hear it. 'COVER YOU HEAD"

at his command they did so he sent out a wall of fire at the crowd the men close to him turned into ash but the rest burned on the ground

Kard looked back at his team and patted out the fire that had started to burn on his robe

"shall we? kill any Stragglers" Kard said his weave his way through the burnt and burning bodies anyone that had survied the wall of fire stayed far away form kard which was good he didn't have much more engery for another attack like that

the people that were still alive he gave them a causal glance and crushed there thoarts. the ends justife the means he though to him self

Tanith Ghost
18-10-2005, 01:52
"Holy throne!" Knight exclaimed. He silently thanked the Emperor he didn't have to deal with the consequenses of torching a crowd. Not much to do now. He got to his feet, and surveyed the carnage. "A shame it went this far." He said solemly. "Kard, Knight here, with your permission I'll head for the precinct and learn the situation there."

18-10-2005, 01:56
"I shall come with you Knight I'll meet you infront of the Precient the rest of you keep the entrace sercure" he begun to walk towards the door and forgot one thing "and keep the ork there with you mabye you all kind find some common ground" Kard laughed over the vox which sounded more like a deamon then a human

Kard waited for Richin at the Percient arch way

Colonel Walker
18-10-2005, 02:53
Richin ran to his Master.
'thanks, Kard, i alreday called off the Company'
'We ready to go?'

18-10-2005, 17:39
Claculus heard the gunshots and casaully lit his cigar. He was wearing a large leatehr coat and smoked the cigar slowly.

Hearing the one called Knight go down was like a message of beauty. This was no ordinary ramble, this was a fight.

Drawing both bolt carbines in each massive paw, Calculus cracked his neck slowly. He caught the Inquisitor Kard making plans of getting to the entrance. Easier said then done, but to Calculus, this was his particular style. Brute force.

Hammering down the triggers of the carbines, Calculus quickly mowed down civilians cutting a bloody path. His twin carbines blasting a frequent rate of fire creating a fire spray. Anything caught in his immediate spray was either wounded or killed.

Sudenly a kmife was jammed into his leg. Bellowing in pain, Calculus shot the man twice in the head with the carbine, but already momentuem was lost. Cal brought his weapons forwards and fired, hoping to stem the tide, but it was too late.

Cursing he slung his carbines round his back, removed his axe and charged into the fray.

'I'll keep these bastards busy! Get to where you want to go!' roared Calculus as he hacked off a limb. He was enjoying himself, the adrenaline and the satisfication of each enemy bleeding their prescious life blood. To him, this was a party.


18-10-2005, 18:23
Grubnatz turned to this new threat and roared a bellowing "WAAAGH!" as he joined the second mob of civilians. He moved his arms wide and smashed amny civilians to the floor. He punched a man in the head, he went striaght doown, before drawing his huge axe and hacking another man apart. He hopped backwards and simoultaniously arced his balde, chopping several torsos open. He smashed several civilians backa s they tryed to overwhelm him.

18-10-2005, 18:25
Cal's eyes saw the Ork thrashing near him and Calculus moved towards the Ork and fought alongside it.

'I BETTER!' roared Cal as he rammed his axe into the belly of a woman and then his right fist into the face of a man with a spiked club. Calculus was fighting ahrder than the Ork. 'No damned Xenos gonna show me up!'

18-10-2005, 18:35
Grubnatz roared "umie u iz gud but not gud az grubnatz WAAAGH!", with thei he slammed into teh crowd, they were suprised by this and barreled straight over. He swung round his axe clearing a small space around him. People dived at him, he kicked one away, then caught another mid air and slammed them into the ground shattering his back.

His choppa found a womes neck cleaving the head leaving only the body. He pushed people to teh ground and stomped on their heads. Shots cracjked around him but he was in to thick for anyone to hit him, cuts gashed his skin but it was too tough for the weak nives used by the mob. He roared, loving the combat, the exhilaratin and the adrenaline.

18-10-2005, 18:42
Cal just laughed at the Ork. He was just warming up.

Replacing his axe, he placed his spiked knuckle dusters onto his left fist and grabbed his long catachan knife. Grinning like a maniac, Calculus ran forward, smashed his left fist into a man's face shattering skull as his dagger ran deep into one's chest, gashing him as Cal passed the man.

Cal spun round, kicked forward with his steel toe boots, ramming a guy in the knee, breaking it easily as his left fist went a woman's throat, brekaing the wind pipe.

He was taken wounds, but nothing could stop him as the knife slashes and tearing into his flesh was plainly ignored as he thrashed around like a beast, murdering anyone who got too close.

'Pick it up Grubby, you gonna lose!' roared Cal breaking a man's jaw with the hilt of his knife as his fist went into the man's chest, breaking ribs. This was the life.

18-10-2005, 18:47
Grubnatz smashed the base of his hand into a mans face. He roared and grabbed a metal bar from teh floor. He Slashed his choppa, killing oe man and cripling another. He started moving bothe arms, smashing and hacking, blood and gore splashing the flor and staning his balck tunic. He picked up pace, moving quickly smashing civilians to the floor and chopping away their body parts, anyone who got to him was quickly smashed to the ground.

He jumped up and slammed into a man bradishing a dangerous shotgun, he smashed it away just as it cracked, blowing a chunk out of his right shoulder. He roared in raged and hit him to the floor smashing his body until it was a bloody pulp. As he moved back up a neck was cracked as it connected with his pole.

18-10-2005, 18:57
Cal heard the Ork go down and paused as a sledge hammer connected with his right side. Calculus was thrown against a wall and grunted in pain as he smashed through the wall.

Cal attempted to get up, his body proving tired and aching. The job must be finished.

He got up, feeling his body cry out in pain. He ignored it and quickly took the pills given to him. Suddenly his body was no longer in pain as he ran towards the Ork and defended it from the oncoming enemies.

'Speak of this to no-one, accursed Xenos!' roared Cal as he slammed his left fist into a civilian. What was going on? Was this a horde? A mob?

18-10-2005, 19:05
Grubnatz barred his teeth and growled before turning and fighting again. He roared a bloodthirsty cry and slamed into the mob again. He swept his axe in a wide an ark his arms would alow and then hacked and slashed the mass of bodies. Screams and pleas rose from teh crowd as theywere torn apart by the combined effort of Grubnatz and Cal, bothe monsters in their own right...

18-10-2005, 23:46
Ash hit the ground at the Inquisitor's cry. When everything was clear again she sounded off, letting them know she was ok. She did the same to everyone else, checking they were alive.

This was getting deadly and quick. With a sigh, she felt it necessary to draw her weapon. She slid the bolt pistol from it's hostler and held it ready.

'My Lord, where do you want me?'

Grand Warlord
19-10-2005, 00:06
As the fighting outside raged on the Arbites were trying to keep it contained and slowly the fight would end and all would be held accountable bar the Inquisitor's Team members. Order would be restored even if for only a few hours. Fresh barricades were set up and heavier equipped squads were sent on extended patrols.

The arbites were more than welcoming to the Inquisitor and his associates. Although more than a few were visibly scared at the sudden arrival of the Holy Order of the Inquisition. Most had secrets to keep hidden but right now ... there were more important heretics to burn.

"Welcome honored guests, sorry about the riots but it's been like this ever since the theft. So what can I help you with?"

The arbite in command, Tyrus, was only being formal he knew what they wanted and the spare Arbites were already motioning for the Inquisitor in the cell where there was screaming filtering through the bodies of the Arbites. He appeared he was trying to break out but was failing miserably ... he seemed to be pointing out the window.

"They set me up!! God-Emperor they set me up!! Their getting away with the sword!"

It was hard to figure out if he was serious or just crazed.

Outside all was peaceful the foot traffic going about their business and the vehicles being detoured for the time being. A small group of cloaked figures began to walk away from the crowds bumping and pushing their ways away from the team small foot prints left in their wake...

19-10-2005, 00:13
Ash nodded to the Arbites as they greeted them all. After the formalities Ash managed to ask her question.

'Do you need any medical assistance?'

19-10-2005, 00:24
Calculus sat down, scores of wounds all over him, possiable internal bleeding and he was just smoking a cigar.

'Hey she-medic, get your **** over here and do something,' called Cal. 'Don't worry about any pain inhabitors, just patch me up and don't even think of telling me bed time.'

Calculus sat there on a table. He looked like crap and spat some ash on the floor.

'Hey got a vet for the collared dog?' cackled Cal at the Inquisitor as the Ork was bleeding.

Grand Warlord
19-10-2005, 00:25
The arbites nodded at her and motioned her in more worried about the next riots than the more capable sororitas.

19-10-2005, 00:30
ASh looked at Cal and shook her head.
'I'll get to you in a moment. I have to triage these people first. You're not dying so you'll live long enough for me to treat the more needy first.'

She sighed, there was always a downside to this job. But she knew that the Emeperor put such problems in her way to test her resolve and faith and she would not be found lacking.

'Come with me!' she said finally to Cal. 'I'll get to you quicker if I don't have to come back out here.'

She followed the arbite. The wounded were many, though they did have a fair few medics themselves. Ash assessed the surrounding and spoke to the head medic, who seemed overly glad to see her there.

'I'm am Sister Ashley Tarvius, Order of Sernity of the Sisters Hospitaller. I've come to aid you were I can.'

After a couple of moments of discussion, Ash was more or less put in charge and she set about directing the medics as she saw fit. Treating the more badly wounded people herself.

19-10-2005, 00:32
'Yes boss!' roared Cal as he grabbed his weapons. 'Need some muscle eh missy?'

Cal was grinning like a fool.

He always liked being active. Staying in one spot was time wasted in the Emperor's Enternal service.

19-10-2005, 00:39
Ash raised an amused eyebrow at Cal. He was massive and medicine was a delicate art. She laughed.

'No thank you. But your offer is kind and it's the thought that counts.' She motioned to one of the chief medics. 'Could you take care of this man's wounds please?'

She looked at Cal again. 'I would treat you myself but...' she nodded to her hands that were stuck inside an Arbite. One of his arteries had retracted up into his leg from a shot to the mid leg and she had to find it again to repair the damage. Thankfully, she had more powerful sediatives and painkillers than the Arbites themselves had, so her patient was out of it.

19-10-2005, 00:56
"The Ork will be fine he heals quite fast"
Kard looked out side of the Percient it seemed like order had been restored or at least momentarly

with out turning around he spoke to Ash

"when your done pacthing up these fools please see what Information you can find out about the man in the cell, he may know something or may not Vox in when you find out"

"CAL! your comeing with me were gonna follow some people" Kard sent Cal a mental picture of the men in the dark robes as his walked out of the preceint and put his hood up

"ash your in charge till i get back do not move form this postion"

Colonel Walker
19-10-2005, 01:14
'Boss where do you want me, i can help Ash heal, or i can follow you'

19-10-2005, 01:24
kard looked back he knew his bodyguard was a good shot but he had been a medic he saw all the bodies and thought of the man in the cell

"help Ash and think of some "creative" ways to get our man in the cell to tell us what he knows"

Colonel Walker
19-10-2005, 02:04
Aye Aye sir

Colonel Walker
19-10-2005, 02:06
Richin started to work on a third-degree burn victim, and then called a orderily over.
'I want you to go and talk to Commisar Vovle and tell him a require a shot of his 'potion'

Tanith Ghost
19-10-2005, 06:43
"Arbite house secure. Kardard, I have the commander of arbite troops here.
He has full reports of what led up to the riot." Knight reported. Not a hostile to be found for a dozen klicks. Imediate area of arbite house reports secure."
He added, almost as an afterthought.

19-10-2005, 13:02
'Yes Inquisitor,' Cal said snapping to attention. He was primed and ready, adrenaline still flowing in his system.

'Don't worry about me darling,' Cal said to Ash, 'I've suffered worse than this without medical aide, I think I can do it again.'

Cal searched out the man, seeking out the man imprinted onto his memory. He spotted the man, surrounded by other robed men and took both carbines off his back and loaded them.

'Waiting on further orders,' Cal said to the Inquisitor via the comm bead.

19-10-2005, 14:20
"let us just follow them see where they go stay back I don't want them to notice there being followed"

Kard walked on one side of the street Cal on the other there was something about the men ahead he couldn't figure it out he would have tried to read there minds but something told him they would have noticed him

19-10-2005, 14:41
Calculus heard the reply and snarled.

Shadow games eh? He hated the quiet approach. Training his carbines forward, he walked through the crowd and then slung them round his back. He sure did stand out, but if anything he stood out like a gangster. One of the bad boys out to find some poor victim.

Cal snarled at a person and they fell to their knees in tears. He laughed to himself. He still had it.

19-10-2005, 15:20
'I don't care...you will be treated!' she called back after Cal.

'Go and see to him, please?' she asked the medic that she had asked to treat Cal 'And don't take no for an answer!'

With some hesitation, the medic followed Cal and approached him slowly.
'Sir......I....I have come to....treat you sir. The.....the Sister has told me...I must care for your....wounds. And....I can't take.......' he gulped looking at the huge man in front of him. 'No for.....an....answer.'

19-10-2005, 16:56
Grubnatz' wounds were already clotting, the blood had stopped bleeding and he was puffing on a huge cigar, to big for any man to smoke probably of ork origin. He looked around at the humans, running around doing their buisiness, he had no time for this, he was here to fight.

Tanith Ghost
19-10-2005, 22:11
"Cut the nonsense Calculus. Let the medic work. It's for your own good, and it's free of charge." Knight said, in a somewhat exasperated tone over the comm. "And sonebody rein in that damn alien!"

19-10-2005, 23:02
'What crap, sir?' asked Calculus as he gave Knight a grin. 'I can handle the pain of war and fighting. These wounds can heal on their own. Unlike you and your weak frail body which must always aquire attention for when you slip in a puddle, mine is hard and built to last.'

Cal spat at the floor at Knight.

'Now if you don't mind, the Inquisitor has a job for me,' Cal said with a grunt.

19-10-2005, 23:06
The medic looked nervously about and then followed Cal once again.

'Please sir...I much treat you. The Sister ordered me to.'

19-10-2005, 23:08
'Well consider this. You are hampering my attempts to do Inquisitorial orders. If you proceed, I might have to get nasty,' Cal warned with an evil smile crossing his face.

'Now then, which do you want?'

19-10-2005, 23:11
The medic looked over Cal's wounds. 'Just stand still, I should be able to fix this up here and in no time.'

After about five minutes work, the medics work was done and Cal was suitably treat and bandaged. 'Though I'd suggest seeing Sister Tavarius in a day or so to check your wounds. She is Hospitaller and should see you right.'

The medic put his things back in his pack, saluted and turned on his heel and scuttled away.

19-10-2005, 23:15
Damn whelp, swore Cal. If only he did not get jabbed in the ribs all would have been fine, but no. Accursed wounds.

Cal swore once more and did as he was asked, he began to shadow the robed men. Following them, hoping he could find out where they were going. His ganger apperance once more keeping him from being suspicious as the territory he was in, this was the dress of the so called 'Guards'.

He fitted in just fine.

19-10-2005, 23:33
Ash gave a sign and wiped her forehead on her arm. This would be easier without her armour...but such was the world that she had to make do.

It had been busy in the medi-bay. So many wounded. But she had a job to do. Grabbing a quick mouth full of water, Ash went back out. Though she was sure things would have been worse without her.

She checked on the man with the retracted artery. Her skills had undoubtely saved his life, let alone his leg. He was sleeping still and Ash smiled as she checked the mecial servitors read-outs.

This was what made it all worth while.

Tanith Ghost
19-10-2005, 23:36
Knight made his way into the precinct, the combination of whit skin with black combat kit stunting any naysaying. "Who's in charge here? An Inquisitor in here to see the comander of the precint." An arbite in ornate armor approached. "I'm in charge for now. You said an inquisitor was here?" Knight nodded, and keyed the comm. "Knight here, I'm inside the precinct house. I've got the acting commander here, boss. He can see you as soon as you want."

20-10-2005, 01:55
Kard got Knights message "keep him there untill i get back I have more thena few questions for him"

Kard and Cal contuined to follow the men but he had a feeling that who ever the men where working for they worn;t here Kard was about to leave until he saw the men walk underground

"come Cal I know where to go next but for now back to the precient"

He could tell cal was upset but ahd it gotten hairy we would have been glad to have Cal on his back

Kard steped threw he was glad it seemed that Ash had gotten alot of work done and saved many lives. he saw where knight was and walked up to him and took of his hood

he could tell the other man was quite put off by his albino complexion

"Knight is this the Arbiter in charge?"

Tanith Ghost
20-10-2005, 02:09
"Yes sir. This man assumed command after the riot broke out." Knight said.
"The arbites are mopping up the lask of the riots now. With your permission sir, I want to talk to some of the injured. See if I can ascertain what happened during the riot."

Grand Warlord
20-10-2005, 03:34
The cloaked figures seem to not notice that they were being followed as they kept on walking out of the city into a more secluded and forested area. Some of the more trained members could vaugely hear what sounded like vectored engines as the cloaked figures kept on walking seeming to look around occaisionally ... scanning the tree line as if looking for something.

Then suddenly they began to talk in an unknown dialect ((Kard might understand some of it but theyre speaking very fluently for a new Inquisitor to get it all)) and suddenly all hell broke loose...


"Sir reports of an ambush on the Inquisitor!!"

The Arbite in command ran to the vox caster and listened in with a sense of fear spreading on his features... in the background it was clear to all who had any real combat experience they were hearing what sounded like high grade pulse type weapons being fired ... and at a high rate of speed. Even before the order was given the arbites that could be spared were heading for a chimera another one awaiting those of the Inquisitors Team.


It did not appear that the hidden gunmen who occaisionally seem to materialize before faded back into the shadows of the lowering sun with their multi barreled guns firing off and hitting everything but the Inquisitor and Guard.

20-10-2005, 12:39
ooc/scracth that i never went back to th precient me and cal are still out there/ooc

Kard heard the men speaking in some strange lanuge he didn;t know what it was until it was to late Tau

just when the fireing begun he closed his eyes this wasn't the frist time he used psyhic sight to see a foe but it would be much harder because it was tau he opened his eyes they were fully red and his hair was starting to wave like a strong brezze was blowing towards him. He quickly looked around he could see his men and the other humans they shown out in a yellow light some brighter some duller. he saw the men in robes they were a yellow to considerably bright.

but behind them he saw faint blue glows tau they were close to haveing no warp presence. damit this would be harder then he thought.

kard pulled out his force axe he the humans would be easiy for the others to take care off but not the tau unless some one could get a lucky shoot they would be impossabile to hit.

kard ran with his axe in one hand he saw one of them coming to the side of him. then on a dime he turned and lunged towards the tau he swong with his axe this tau was fast he was about to cleave the xenos head off but instead on nipped the tau's back pack. kard rolled to the ground and with out looking tried to grab the tau, if it was anything like power armour with or a power soucre evena mightym space marine couldnt move it he hoped it was the same with the tau. his figures missed. but the tau seemed to circle around him in the air kard knew some tau but not muc

"what want do you" was all he could get out at the moment he knew the tau at any second could let lose with the gun on his arm and ripp him to shreds he doubt even ash could heal him then

kard saw Knight and sent him a small message

"tau above circleing pinned shoot it"

20-10-2005, 16:14
'Oh no!' Ash breathed as the vox went out about the ambush of the Inquisitor.

'You, you and you...arm yourself, grab what equipment you need and and come with me.' Ash picked out three spare medics to accompany her. She wasn't even sure if they were battle trained. But there would be casualties out there, and if they were even half as dedicated as she was, they'd hold their own.

Once the medics were suited up and ready and Ash had given instruction for the care of her patience in her absence, they made for the Chimera that was waiting for them.

'My Lord, I am on my way with a medical team. Please stand by.'

20-10-2005, 16:30
Grubnatz let out a deep roar as pule blasts hit the people around him. A gorup of tau were emerging fro a smouldering building, pule rifles balring. A waal of arbie made a firing possition and the two line fire at each other. Grubnatz ran at the taus left flank, "DIE FISHIES" he screamed, pule blasts bounced around him. He felt heat burn his right shoulder and he stumbled to the ground. The tau turned back to firing on the arbites.

Grubnatz stubled up and charged again, the tau who shot him turned, suprised to see an axe slamming into his head. Grubnatz dived behind rubble as a hail of fire bounced aginst were he just stod, he roared.

Tanith Ghost
20-10-2005, 20:54
"Afirmitive boss. One kill shot coming up." The afriel declared. Exhale. Let the crosshairs move to thetarget on their own. Take a breath. Exhale. Fire. The crosshairs of the lasgun drifted onto a chink in the massive suit. The lasgun snapped almost inaudibly. The shot was true, and a smattering of blue blood leaked out the chest. A three more shots followed, all to the same chink. More blood splattered out the slit on the suit's chest. "Got it sir." Knight said, as the battlesuit, now without a pilot, flew in a sideways arc onto the ground.

20-10-2005, 21:14
OoC/um Grand warlord are these stealth suits or ciris or some thing else would be handy to know/OoC

Kard didn't have time to give knight thanks but he made sure he would when this whole mess was done

Kard saw that it would be harder then he though to take down the Tau in the suits he concetrated on the humans he he begun to tear threw them there weren;t many and none of them could stop his force axe. but when he got to the last one he stoped about a inch form the mans head

"i could use you" Kard then stuck out and grabed the mans head white smoke begun to come form where his hand held the mans face. The man started to Scream but Kard did not care he had betrayed his brother man to these Xenos he would make sure the bastard paid for his crimes. The man dropped to the ground kard would get him later but for now he was just a vegtable. one that kard would enjoy.

20-10-2005, 22:00
The Chimera slid to a holt and Ash was the first out. She hit the ground running, her bolt pistol at the ready. Things weren't looking good. She had to get to the Inquisitor to check that he was alright.

She signalled to the other's to spread themselves amongst their comrades. And with a cry of 'For the Emepror' on her lips, Ash barged her way froward through the enemy.

One of her bolts whistled past the Inquisitor's left arm, and hit the assailent behind him, giving Ash enough of a chance to get close to the Inquisitor.

'My Lord, are you unharmed?'

Grand Warlord
20-10-2005, 23:31
GM: They are steakth suits, about 4, in the trees covering for the escaping figures. No one will kill any of them (meaning the Cloaked figures ... Auxilaries are fair game) but keep this going for a bit longer i will post again tonight.

Colonel Walker
20-10-2005, 23:36
Richin ran, and dived in front of Kard, blocking a pulse laser that would have killed him. The Pluseround entered his stomach, blowing the guts apart, his eyesight was soon fogged and dull. Using his last strength, he took his Autopitsol, blowing a tau to hell. Then, he said the prayer for forgiveness, and let the dark take him to oblivion.
It seemed as if he coould see his own body as he was rising, his guts were blown. He knew it was bad, and he would soon be dead.In this state.

21-10-2005, 03:48
"wacth your aim next time"

Kard said then Richin dove in front of him ****

"ASH HELP THIS MAN" Kard didn't have time to worry about the man he knew that ash would take care of him

"GRUBNATZ, CAL TO ME!" Kard followed in pursit of the cloaked figures

Grand Warlord
21-10-2005, 04:17
GM: I will be away until Sunday Afternoon I wont leave until tomorrow evening but I can't garantee another post. Just a heads up.

Tanith Ghost
21-10-2005, 05:34
Knight got to his feet. The suit was down and Ash was on the scene. He made a dash toward the chimera. A spread of pulse fire lanced out from cover. The albino trooper was punched from his feet as one of the shots impacted his shoulder and a second caught him in the chest. He writhed on the ground for a second, face contorted in agony. Then he lay very still, clutching the impact on his shoulder. His arm lay uselessly at his side, as he fought the urge to lay flat on his back. The lasgun was still held in the now inert left had. Knight was using all his strength to keep his head and shoulders somewhat raised, and couldn't summon the stamina to call for aid, let alone to raise his weapon. "Ash....I'm hit...." He grated, praying the comm stimm worked. weapon fire flew overhead in both directions. He regreted it right away. Sweet Emperor no! Knight, don't you let her run out into this ********* going back and forth! If you want to live, CRAWL you abhuman maggot! He did his level best to move using his good arm to help drag himself toward the chimera. He managed to get nearly four feet closer before colapsing flat, holding his wounded shoulder.

21-10-2005, 15:03
'Yes sir!' Ash replied, hurrying to her new charge. This may take a little time. Grabbing him, she pulled him to safety, leaving herself open to attack, but thatnkfully the Emperor was with her at that time and her presence went mostly unnoitced.

Offering up a quick prayer of thanks, Ash set to work. Though she didn't get far before her vox kicked in. It was Knight and his shouts in her ear, but her hand didn't faulter at the surprise.

'I'm a tab busy right now, but one of the other medics will be with you ASAP. I have faith in their skills.'

It was at times like this that Ash wished that she was more than one person. That way she'd be able to treat everyone. But she did trust the medics to do their jobs.

21-10-2005, 17:30
OoC/Tanith, Warlord said suits could not be killed. So I suggest a bit of editing./OoC

Cal was already blasting at the humans who had sided with the strange Xenos. He had seen the odd suits the enemy were wearing and he could no longer see them.

The carbines raging loudly, Cal blasted into the enemy, his carbines spitting death.

Calculus just kept shooting into the packed unit, and saw Kard joining in hand to hand, axing his way through the enemy. The rest of the team pulled up in a Chimera and hopped out, guns ablazing as the medic saw to the wounded.

Damn Sister is going to get us all killed! Cal thought to himself as he got to a vantage point and voxed her.

'Do what you do, I got your back,' voxed Cal to Ash as he blasted a human that came near her.

21-10-2005, 17:34
Ash didn't have time to look in the direction of Cal as he sent her the vox.

'I can look after myself, thank you very much. But my patient comes first.'

Ash put the last staple in and smiled at her patient. You'll be ok, but we should get you out of the way.'

'If you really want to help me, you could give me a hand and get this patient over to the Chimera......if you're not too busy.'

21-10-2005, 18:39
'Do I look free?' snarled Cal as he shot five men, leaving the middle free for his steel-toed boots to target. His kick went straight into the man's chest, knocking him backwards as three shots pierced his chest, throwing the body backwards.

Cal was loving this, as his carbines screamed death, suddenly the guns stopped and Cal cursed.

'Out of ammo and out of luck,' cursed Cal as he threw his weapons around his back and readied his knuckle dusters and his dagger. 'Time to get personal!'

Cal slammed his fist into a man's jaw, the glorious sounds of the jaw breaking as his dagger bore deep into a man's pelvis. Suddenly a lasgun was butted against his head and Cal was knocked back, as mulitple knives and close combat weapons were hit against his flesh.

He fell to his knees and roared in pain. He would not die here! Not while the Emperor's work was to be done!

Cal propelled himself upwards, landing onto his feet as he sent people flying off of him. Quickly, Cal rammed a knife into one of them men's ribs, his dusters connecting with a nose as his right leg snapped another man in the testicles.

It was one hell of a fight!

21-10-2005, 18:41
'Then be quiet and let me do my job then.' Ash scolded him.

Ad with that Ash started to pull her patient over to the Chimera.

21-10-2005, 18:58
Cal turned and saw the Sister dragging a body over to the Chimera.

'Ash, wait!' mouthed Cal as a man was about to shoot a lasgun into her back. Cal reacted as quick as he could as he threw his dagger. The man took his target and was about to fire when the dagger rammed deep into the back of his skull. He still fired and hit the chimera, scarring the Sister.

Cal ran towards the dagger, ripped it out of the skull, taking the head with it. Looking at the head, he took off a grenade, rammed it into the dead guy's mouth and threw it into the crowd.

'Your mate has a dying request!' laughed Cal as the head exploded. The grenade did its job and the group was dispersing, hopefully leaving them the frak alone.

'This is Cal, need orders!' roared Cal as he reloaded his weapons and looked over at Ash. 'You best stick with me till we find some one who really needs your aide.'

21-10-2005, 19:03
Ash narrowed her eyes at Cal. 'You are being rather presumptuous.' She continued to pull her charge into the Chimera and checked that he was still alright. She pushed some more drugs into his system and made her final checks on him.

Ash reappeared with her bolt pistol at the ready. 'I can fight just as well as my Sisters of the Orders Militant.' To prove her point, Ash shot one of the fleeing heretics, killing him cleanly.

She grinned rather smugly at Cal.

21-10-2005, 19:06
'So it would appear,' Cal said with a grunt. He held back, unsure of what was really going on. His guns were raking into the horde, but what was their mission?

What did the Inquisitor want and who in the right frag where those aliens?

'I need a mission, an objective. Slaughtering is useless!' roared Cal.

21-10-2005, 19:10
'Slaughtering the heretics i useless?' Ash with a look of horror on her face. 'They much not be allowed to live......how dare you think something else.'

In a fit of rage, Ash gave Cal a smack with her Chaplet Ecclessiarctius and started to shot those that had turned their backs on the Emepror, chanting prayers and litanies as she went.

She was a tad unsure of where her rage was coming from, though if she had have thought about it she would have pinned it down to Callista. Her friend. She was dead at the hands of scum, and so they needed to be punished. Her death, and the death of her Sisters needed to be avenged. As did the desercation of a place holy to her Sisterhood.

21-10-2005, 19:23
Cal took the slap and saw the Sister return back to killing.

'Sorry babe, I don't feel this is what the Emperor intends for us to do,' Cal said with a snarl. 'These frag heads are nothing but scum and scum is not worth my time. I want the big dog, got it?'

Cal continued on shooting, his shots piercing their armour. Strange armour they were wearing. At times he would have to shoot them three or four times as the armour was thick enough to stop the shots from his carbine.

Cal was getting bored and was beginning to hate this.

'Like I said no fun in just sitting here shooting,' sighed Cal.

21-10-2005, 19:27
Ash just snarled at him. There would be a time and a place to have him repremanded, but now wasn't the time.

21-10-2005, 19:28
A tau fell, head flying away. Grubnatz hit the ground breaking the pavement with his metal capped boots. "GRUBNATAZ, CAL TO ME" Grubantz didnt take orders from many but he knew not to mess with Kard orhe would activate the collar. He sprinted to him, egnoring the tau straglers, "wot you want bozz"

21-10-2005, 20:27
"were gonna follow dem blue humie looking thins Grubnatz" he puased waiting for Cal


21-10-2005, 20:50
"What in the Emperor's Name do you want?' barked Cal as he caught up with Kard. He was confused and did not like it. He usually was given orders to prevent this kind of thing.

21-10-2005, 21:29
"wez gonna chaze da fishiez" Grubnatz explained "letz gettem" he shouted as he bagan running after the cloaked figures.

Tanith Ghost
22-10-2005, 01:03
Knight lay where he fell. After a moment, he began to drag himself toward the APC again. He'd be damned if was going to have anyone risk their neck over him. Agony playing into every fiber of his body, he made it into the shadow of the Chimera. "Get someone who's worse off..." He muttered to the medic. "I can wait..."

22-10-2005, 02:20
Out of the corner of her eye, Ash saw someone crumple to the ground from a head shot and then something crawling towards her position and she almost blow itself head off. Thankfully she noticed the pale face just in time and the shot went wide.

Keeping low she skidding to where Knight was crawling and helped pull him into the cover of the Chimera.

'Where....' but she didn't get her sentence finished. The body that fell must have been that of the medic. She sighed mournfully and offered a quick prayer for the fallen medic. Then she turned her attention back on Knight.

'You have to be more careful' she said soothingly as she smeared a cooling paste onto Knights burns. 'Though you're lucky enough not to be dead. The Emeperor protects.'

A roll of fresh banages later and Knight was done. But as she tied the last knot, Ash was hit. Just a glancing kiss from a las bolt to her cheek, but nothing bad. She let out a slight hiss of pain.

Tanith Ghost
22-10-2005, 03:04
Knight snarled despite himself whe he saw Ash hit. A superlative effort on his part brought the lasgun up to fire at the heretic. The man fell with a hole in his throat. "To hell with him....what a scuzzer, firing in on a medic..." Knight was clinging to conciousness. "Help me up...I can still fight...." He said, the act of speaking an effort in itself.

22-10-2005, 03:08
Ash opened her eyesand looked at Knight. The closeness of the flash had made her eyes a little blurry with an intense after image but it would die down ina while...though her hand was still clutched to her face.

'No...you've had your figthing for today. Now please stay donw..don't make me sedate you.' She pulled out a syringe and squirted a little of the fluid out in front of Knight.

She sighed, 'If you want, you can still help me. I need you to take a look at my face.'

Tanith Ghost
22-10-2005, 03:35
"Move your hand." The albino trooper commanded, moving the hospitaler's hand anyway. "Minor burn." He said. "Neither incapcitating nor permanantly marring." He gave a faint smile. "It'd take a lot more than a light laser hit
to ruin that angelic face." He added as an afterthought. "Now help me up.
I can still fight." Enemy fire still flashed nearby. "I'll stay put if you want, but I want to fight..." He felt his strength slipping away again.

22-10-2005, 03:38
Ash smiled, in spite of herself. Her face stung badly but she knew what to do. She quickle cleased the burn, rubbed in some cooling cream and that was it.

'Personally, I'd rather you stayed here. You can't get up on your own, so you're hardly able to fight. Now as I said, you will stay here or shall sedate you....is that clear?'

Tanith Ghost
22-10-2005, 03:49
The afriel was trained to follow orders. This was an order. "Yes, sister. Clear."
He nodded. Darkness was on the edge of his sight anyway. He lay against the hull of the APC. "I toasted a hostile before I was hit. Alien of some kind. Big hulking thing, a mockery of the astartes. The alien scum..." He started to swear but caught himself. "Sorry sister."

22-10-2005, 03:53
Ash just shrugged. As a Hospitaller, she'd worked with the Imperial Guard and had heard and unfortunately picked up a lot worse.

'All should die.' she stated plainly.

22-10-2005, 18:03
"shhhh follow me" Kard quickly followed the path that the men that fled the battle ran away form the battle. Kard could tell when there was a diversion if the Tau really wanted them dead they would have just blasted them form a broadside or something they could have easily haved them marklighted if they wanted. to many questions to many werid things that he didn;t know

23-10-2005, 13:36
Grubnatz followed kard and kept quiet. he didnt liek it thogh, it was like the wimpy kommandoes snaking up on their enemies instead of facing them like real 'ard orks.

Grand Warlord
23-10-2005, 19:44
GM: I am back ... let's continue.

The stealth suits had seem to mock them with their shots as they withdrew from the area leaving a dreadful silence where only moments before it had been filled with the sounds of massed firings and the sounds of the dying. A few of the tau had taken hits but nothing was to show for it ... no dead bodies of tau origin.

Luckily they hadn't lost track of all of the cloaked figures, they had seperated going in various directions and with the covering fire of the Stealth Suits most of them had escaped except for the 2 cloaked figures that had taken glancing wounds and were currently on the ground screaming out in what seemed to be human-ish like voices.

"They will leave without us ... we have failed them ... oh Shav'o please forgive us!!?"

They were ranting mostly in the Tau Language. They were quickly contained and sent back to the arbite precinct. Once the Inquisitor was ready the Interrogation could begin.

Back at the base the team were given medical support and resupplied. 12 Arbites had died in the skirmish with nothing to show for the Tau. Kard was very upset about this ... how could a commander allow such failure in the ranks?

GM: Rest up and we ll start interrgating when I get a chance to speak to BMax.

23-10-2005, 22:29
Ash shuffled along the ward, checking the charts and her patients. It could have been a lot worse, but as always there was a lot of wounded.

She stretched, feeling rather stiff. Her hips were a bit sore and it was making her slight limp a little more prononunced.

It was quiet on the ward, the rustle of her robes causing the loudest noise. She had changed out of her armour. As much as she loved her own suit of power armour, she found that she worked better without it. Ash never had felt right dressed in armour. She wasn't a fighter, she was a protector.

Tanith Ghost
24-10-2005, 01:08
Knight still winched when he moved his arm too far in an arc. The tau weapons hadn't caused too much damage at all, but they burned.
He walked through the base, to the medical ward. The dressings could finaly be removed. He did it himself, with a spare scalpel. The burns were healing, though his white flesh was still doscolored where the pulse shots had impacted. He donned his uniform vest again, enjoying the quiet of the ward.
The only sound to be heard was the light footsteps of a nurse checking patients.

24-10-2005, 01:17
'You should have waited and I would have done that for you...and checked the wound properly.' Ash's voice cut throught he silence easily, though her calming voice we still just a whisper.

She turned and looked at Knight. The side of her face was still quite burnt and she looked tired. It had been very busy and there was still much to do.

'Give me a minute and then let me check that wound...if all is fine, you are free to go.' Ash shuffled off to the small office where she pulled up her medical files on the team she was with. She pulled up Knights and had a quick look at it and made a new entry about the fight.

She reappeared a few moments later with a new chart and stylus behind her ear.

'If you could follow me please.' she indicated to an empty bed and started writing on the chart.

Tanith Ghost
24-10-2005, 01:33
The afriel trooper nodded, and did as he was told. "I've endured worse. I'll live." He stated simply, sitting on the empty bed. "We afriels are bred to endure the worst."

24-10-2005, 01:43
'Are you trained in medicine?' she scolded him as she checked him over. People often had an over-inflated view of their abilities to endure wounds.

She pushed the stylus back behind her ear and started to check over his wounds. One thing to their favour was that pulse weapons didn't create as much damage as projectile weapons did when they had glancing hits.

'You can go now.' Ash said finally as she scribbled down a last few things on the chart. 'Be careful, keep the wound clean but dry and it should heal well enough. If you have any problems, come back. You know where to find me.'

Across the ward someone cried out. 'Excuse me.' Ash said hurriedly but she was gone before the last syllable had left her mouth.

24-10-2005, 02:30
Kard walked threw the Preceint he was highly upset that these to incobante fools were the ones he was able to cacth but no space craft or air craft was seen leaving the planet that night which either meant that the Tau were still here or that they had found some way to sneak off.

He prepared him self for the interagation he allways liked them.

Tanith Ghost
24-10-2005, 03:13
Knight stayed in the medical ward. He lay on the empty bed, contemplating
the fight. In his old unit he'd have been left where he fell. Ash bothered to rescue him. She healed him. She cared. This was new. A new house rule even. She hated the unclean foe as any other soldier he'd known. But she was also compasionate to the wounded. He decided then he would guard her life. He would see to it she survived this, until death claimed him.

25-10-2005, 12:01
Cal entered the medicare room and sat down. From the recent scrap after being patched up, he now had a nice blade cut through his thigh, a knife wound in the chest and a gash under his eye.

Yet Cal just sat down, lit a cigar and puffed.

'Hey Ash, when you get a minute would be nice,' Cal said with a laugh. 'Take your time though. The Inqusitor is going to be a long time with those blueies we took in.'

26-10-2005, 02:56
Kard had taken off his robe he was compeltely pale paper white all over his body besides the hair on his head he had no other hair he walked into the Interagation room with just a simple pair of pants on. the Humans were chained to the wall and were hanging by the wrist.

Kard had saw that they neeeded medical attattion he allready had started to see infection on all of there wounds un like kard these men were striped bare by his request. He liked to make them feel like the scum they were.

He waved the guards that had followed him in out of the room with only one order

"no matter what happens do not enter untill I leave, if you enter before i leave i will kill you where you stand" Kard said this with a causal but firm voice.

time to get to work

"what were you doing with the Xenos?" Kard stayed in the shadow so that they could't see him.

"they showed us the true path the way of light" said the one. than the other one begun to speak
"They are true progress not liek the failing weak Imperuim of man. They offered us true peace not the lies you and your comrades tell you slaves!"

Kard needed to show these fools he wasn;t messing around

he undid the shackles holding the one man in place and let him drop to the ground he the man tried to stand push him self off of the floor but he had no strenght

Kard steped into the light

"they showed you peace? Mercy I guess you would say as well?" Kard picked up the man Usally kard used his mind but it was sometimes good to show that he was strong as well.
"Im Glad you had peace, working for the Xenos no doubt? in some small job right? you took a tau's job good for you but that tau is no free to hunt and kill your fellow man"

"but we did not" said the one in kard's hand

"shhhhhh. it does not matter what you meant to do but what you did do" I do understand why you folks did what you did life or death right. I hope the empoer understands"

Kard picked the man up and then seemed to put his hand in the mans chest he begun to scream then with no exit wound Kard pulled out the mans heart

"so this is what the heart of a traitor looks like?" Kard begun to walk towards the man still chained up with the still beating heart in his hand

"are you scared?" kard said as he pulled the man closer to him with his mind the chains beging to bend form the force.

"just kill me now don't make me suffer you slave"

"oh i'll kill you allright" Kard pulled the chains free form the wall by the man he heard his shouldar dislocate pain was a good tool. he smeared the heart all over the man and forced it into the mans mouth kard held the mans nose shut and his mouth he was gonna make him eat his freinds heart.

"chew it CHEW IT! thats what your doing to your fellow man every time you help the xenos carry a box for them press a button pull the trigger your eating the heart of man. I hope you like the taste"

kard waited for the man to start to chew it then he held the mans eyes open and Kard begun to chant this was the last moment the Tratior was not in pain


the Guards out side started to hear screams form inside they had heard rough interragations before this was nothing knew then voices begun to become grabbled blue and red light begun to shine form inside the cell the guards waited this contuined for four more hours. when Kard Emaged he was covered in blood and inside there was blood and gore all along the walls besides the one body which was untouched and seeming fine besides the fact it was not breathing

"they were tough i'll give them that. Summon every one to the breifing room I'll meet them there"

27-10-2005, 00:19
'Put that out this minute. You're in a hospital!' Ash shouted over sternly at Cal. 'How can you be so stupid as to contaminate a clean area where there is wounded!'

Ash sighed and went back to what she was doing, though she felt she was starting to fight a loosing battle with her patient.

'Come on!' she hissed under her breath as she began to work harder on the Arbite.

Half an hour late, the patient was stable yet could drop into a critical state at any moment. Ash had done what she could, but it was very much in the Emepror's hands now. Finally she made it over to see Cal.

'What on Terra's name have you been doing?' she asked, more with concern than anything else. She took out sterilised wipes and started to clean him up. As she did this, she noticed Knight was still there, lying on an empty bed.

'You're fine and free to go you know...you don't have to stay here if you don't want to.'

Tanith Ghost
27-10-2005, 00:37
"I have nothing better to do with my time." Knight said simply. "We afriels have a reputation for two things- excelance on the battlefeild, and terrible luck. While we are good soldeirs, and eqipped to the hghest standards, we also very frequently suffer appaling casualties within a few years of regimental founding. This is the safest place for me now."

27-10-2005, 00:46
Ash sighed and shook her head as she finished cleaning Cal's wounds and started to stitch them up.

'Bad luck? I don't believe in it. You've either got the grace of the Emperor looking over you, or you haven't. And if you haven't it's because you're a filthy heretic. And I'm sure you're not a heretic.'

She considered something. He wasn't quite as human as she or Cal was. Maybe that was the reason why he and his people seemed to suffer from 'bad luck'. Maybe the Emperor really didn't like abhumans. Though she knew better than to say it out loud.....after all a vast portion of the healing process was psychological.

'Well since we have space....i think it might be acceptable for you to stay. Though I'm sure that there should be something else, something more productive to do around here.'

27-10-2005, 03:19
Kard took a towl and whiped all the blood off him if what they had told him was true there was not much time Kar slipped on his robe and walked into a make shift breifing room and waited for every one to get in

OoC/every one shoudld report even ash other medics will finish up on the guards kar doesn't care what your reason is you NEED to be in the Breifing/OoC

27-10-2005, 03:21
The small vox unit in the cheif medics office chirpped to say that there was a message. Ash had been given the use of the office and so had been filling out paper work when it came through.

'I'll be right there.' she replied.

'Come on....follow me, we have a briefing to go to.' Ash said to Knight has she scuttled past. Her hips were still sore and her limping was much more pronounced, but Ash was sure it was just due to fatigue more than anything.

Tanith Ghost
27-10-2005, 03:33
Knight stood and followed the hospitaler. He said nothing for a bit. Then he finaly spoke. "Thank you. For saving my life twice today. I know you disaprove of my origins, and dislike my less than human nature. But you saved me anyway." He said. "That's the first time in my short life such a thing was ever done for me."

27-10-2005, 04:06
Ash turned and smiled. 'I was placed here to protect and heal, so that it what I do first and foremost. Everything else....including my own protection comes in second to the life of those in my charge......whoever or whatever they are.'

Her voice trailed off as she remembered the few times she had accompanied other Inquisitors. They had asked her to keep people and beings alive for torture when they should have died. But Ash had done as she was ordered. And for once she was allowed some vindication for everything in her work.

A hospitaller had to be kind and compassionate to all, but if ordered, she could be as cold and hard and anyone on of her Battle Sisters.

Ash carried on limping forward.

27-10-2005, 09:27
From out of no where a tiny craft appeared in space. The webway spitting the shuttle out like a seed. The pilot let his position be known to th imperial forces and requested permision to dock on the comanding ship in the area. The Eldar used high gothic so that the mon-kiegh would be able to understand him.

27-10-2005, 12:28
Cal had mostly ignored Knight and Ash's conversation while he was being stitched up.

Something was bothering him and he could not place his finger on it. Cursing under his breathe he went to the Armourary first. Frag the Inquisitor's instructions, he wanted to have his cannons locked and loaded, even if it was a simple briefing. They always had a tendacy to go wrong and by wrong, then his cannons would be the solution needed to correct them.

As he entered the briefing, both of his weapons fully loaded and a combat maul now by his side. Cal had no idea why he took it, just that for some reason, the combat maul appealed to him and in combomination with his knuckle braces, could create a serious pain factor in close combat.

Calculus looked at Kard and nodded.

'Inquisitor Kard,' Calculus said as he sat down. Looking at the Afriel strain, Cal tried to hide his smile. If he was considered unlucky, then how long before his unlucky nature affected the whole team. Maybe this Knight was a threat, maybe not. Cal figured he could best the man, but it wouldn't be a fair fight. Escpecially if he had his way about it.

'Hey Knight, as an Afriel, when does your luck start affecting us?' Cal asked.

27-10-2005, 15:29
"there is not much time so I will make this breif there is a Tau base about 300 miles north of our present location." Kard paused as he heard the gasps of the crowd

"It was at one time a old Inqusitor fortress that used in secret and for some reason was abonded. The base is underground and the staff is half Tau half Human."

"We are going to attempt to use the old Teleaportation room of the base to go directly in. You have 20 minutes meet me out in front of the Preceint. Be Prepared for this is risky and you might not survive the teleaportaion process."

Kard walked out of the room and went infront of the Preceint and told Andrew that soon they woud be ready

27-10-2005, 15:33
Cal stepped after Kard and stopped by his side looking out into the streets.

'Inquisitor Kard, an abomination will not be allowed to live. I swear I will kill this half creature with my bare hands if neccassary,' Cal said with a dangerous tone.

'As for you and this teleportation idea, the Emperor Protects, but personally, I hope he has forgiven us all for our sins. If he hasn't then those unfaithful shall die,' Cal said with a snarl. He hated this Kard.

27-10-2005, 15:56
grubnatz did'nt show any change at this news what so ever. "Letz go smash da fishiez den" he suggested before lighting andother cigar.

Tanith Ghost
27-10-2005, 17:08
"It won't." Knight said simply. "I am the only man here more likely than not to get an early grave." He didn't look Cal in the eye, but stood profesionaly at attention until Kard left. When Cal followed, he turned to Ash. "Most afriels die within a few years in the feild. Only when someone is actively preserving
their lives do they live longer."

27-10-2005, 17:32
Cal looked at Knight and growled.

'Knight, I hope you do come back alive as it would prove me wrong,' Cal said staring at the man. 'Plus I want to spar with you. You almost look like a challenge.'

Cal laughed suddenly. He then saw the Ork smoking a cigar and walked over to it.

'Oi, xenos!' roared Cal as he proceded to headbutt the ork. Cal nearly fell to the floor from the impact, but the Ork merely grunted. 'Now that I got your attention, got a spare cigar?'

Grand Warlord
27-10-2005, 17:58
"Welcome aboard my ship. Your mission is planet side here ..."

Marking a point on the map where Kard was currently located.

"... the man in charge will further explain what is going on ... be safe and good hunting."

The team assembled at dawn, as bad weather had put the teleporting off until it was safe ... Andrew had overrode Kard on this matter. Everyone was safely teleported to within 25 miles of the facility. Reinforcements would come in a few hours ((At GMs approval no one bring in these lol)) First contact was about 10 miles from the facility a small unit of 10 or so Tau Human Auxiliaries with a 2 sets of rifles ... the Lasgun of the Imperial Guard and the Pulse Carbine of the Tau. So far no one had been seen ... even the ork was as quiet as he could be ... but the auxilairy troops were headed in their general directions it appeared to be a patrol of some kind.

GM: Ok I will give a chance for the new member to get into this before pushing on later tonight.

27-10-2005, 18:24
OoC/Slaz you meant Knight right?/OoC
Before the teleaportation
"Ah that is true Cal but for without "certain" abomanations Were would mankind be? Do not worry I am not worried for are intetions are pure and we are servants of the empoer we can not fail him."

Kard moved into the area the rest of the group followed in the circle he had skecthed out in chalk. He told andrew they were ready and he felt a gut wreching feeling in his stomach and he closed his eye's. when he opened them again he looked out and saw the forest Kard didn't waste any time they begun to move threw the woods to the lights that were up ahead

27-10-2005, 21:09
Lothendril nodded and returned to his small craft. He made his landing and hid his ship from view. He checked his gear before making way to where he had been told. He would aid these humans but his true goal was to find any old artifacts of his people before and after the fall. he found the group on the move and had no trouble getting ahead of them undetected. He was the first to see the patrol as he climbed up a tree without making a sound. He took a sniper position from there as he drew a bead on one of the mens forhead that was holding a tau carbine. if they moved to close to this inquisitors party he would take care of them quickly

27-10-2005, 23:09
OOC/ I'll be away for the weekend...so I'll catch up when I get back/OOC

29-10-2005, 23:42
Kard contuined to move sliently amongts the tree's and bush's.

He was surpised that there had been nothing besides him and his team. he had checked a few times to see if there might have been something or someone cloaked but nothing. If they were luckly they didn't know they were comeing. But if Knights bad luck rubbed off on them. they could be in a world a hurt

Tanith Ghost
30-10-2005, 00:07
Knight advanced silently through the under growth, keeping pace with the hospitaler. Alert for any possible danger, he was in the rearguard. The threat of ambush was ever present, and it the enemy encircled them, he would be leading the breakout.

30-10-2005, 16:00
Grubnatz moved behind kard now, he understood the need to stay incogneto but didnt like it one bit. he looked from side to side, holding his choppa with two large hands.

31-10-2005, 15:30
Ash sneaked forwards as quietly as she could. It was hard in her robes, as they had a tendency to russle....but she did her best, her gun drawn.....just in case.

31-10-2005, 20:48
The party had not seen the patrol yet and they where getting to close to each other. Lothendril smiled from behind the face plate of his helm as his target cross hairs turned green. He pulled the trigger. there was no sound other then one of the carbine weilding patrolman htting the ground with a hole in his forhead. He looked for another carbine weilder to get rid of.

31-10-2005, 22:04
Grubnatz jumped at the flash, then realised it came from his own. 'stuupid ummies, 'why do dey want a gun dat dont make no noize, wotz da point in avin a gun if it doeznt make a noize wen i goez shhoty', grubnatz coulnt comprehend why someone would have a silent gun so decided not to worry about it and focus on being sneaky.

Grand Warlord
31-10-2005, 23:29
OOC: Many apologies to you all ... I had a sinus infection that spread into my lungs and have been unable to post due to my medications until now. Please forgive me.

None of the auxiliaries had seen the gunshot that had killed one of thier carbine weilders but one was lucky enough to see a massive green resembling an ork momentarily jump up ... it was all that was needed and soon the alarm was out the auxiliaries charged at the team but were quyickly cut down ... the ork was barely able to keep his calm.

"Shas'o intruders at the south defense area!"

A tau in thick crisis suit armor stood and seem to think for a few moments.

"Send out the Cadre ... only kill what is necessary."

"Yes sir ... for the greater good."

The battle had only taken a mere moments but all hell seem to be gunning for them ... luckliy they had come across some what appeared to be long forgotten tunnels used in the claiming of this world ... occasionally there was a skeleton of long dead guardsmen. It was then they heard the engines of the hammerheads as they started landing ... they werent sure but they heard atleast 3 sets of 'thumps'

"Their located that way ..."

Pointing to the tunnel that lead away from the town. Dust filitered into the air slowly.

"... lets get going."

Each member checked their weapons and the ork lead the way with Kard closely behind.

GM: Since I have been sick for the last 5 days this scene is not yet complete ill finish it up tommorow but please enjoy until then.

01-11-2005, 14:18
Kard ran He didn't plan on a full military outpost. this was not going good the second time they had been ambushed. but as long as they stayed in the tunells they would have a slight advantage they woudln;t be able to get there battle suits in and they could take care of normal Tau and the Renagagde humans.

Kard followed Grunbmnatz the ork could see better in the dark then he could and he knew he would need to save his stregth

01-11-2005, 16:20
Grubnatz ran towards the tunnel "why dont wez kill da panzy fishize" he almost pleaded to be able to fight but Kard forced him towards the tunnels, if he didnt obey kard he would get shocked by the collar.

Tanith Ghost
01-11-2005, 20:15
Knight shook his head. "Because they confused now. Not know wehre we go.
Wez sneak up on em and clobber em good." He explained, exasperated.
True, an unholy xenos couldn't be expected to know the art of covert warefare, but Knight still got an inkling of annoyance when people didn't know quiet killing as well as he.

01-11-2005, 21:11
"uggh, thatz da way for dem komandoz, sneakin up wen wez boyz ave to go an clobba dem da proppa way" Grubnatz moaned, not caring or respecting what night thought, as long as he didnt upset his master.

01-11-2005, 21:34
Kard ran until they came to a large open area in the tunnel

"Everyone hide!"

Kard was setting a trap it was time to return the favour

"grubnatz stay in the center!" every one esle hide in what ever nook or cranny that they could find kard jumped to the top of a arch ready to jump down on the frist thing to pass under it

01-11-2005, 22:02
Grubnatz obediently stood in the center of teh dark tunnel, his small, squat eyes alowing him to see well. he held his choppa and roared "Waaagh, come on you panzee blue fishezz" he roared, he he had no fear of the oncoming tau.

01-11-2005, 22:04
Cal ducked behind a massive rock and grabbed his two bolt carbines, holding them upwards.

'Fragging Xenos won't know what hit them. I am the Emperor's Hammer, I am His Weapon that smites the foul Xenos. I am the Bringer of His Mighty Wrath and I shall deliver only you death,' Cal chanted. 'Pray foul Xenos! For you will not have another chance.'

Cal readied his weapons and spat. He checked his ammo clips to make sure they were at the appropiate place to grab them and reload. Grenades were set to ready and Cal was ready.

He could literally feel the tension and he revealed in it, because this was the calm before the storm, the moment before all became a killing zone.

01-11-2005, 22:13
Ash did has be was told and hid. As always, she was not a fighter and rather superfluous into the worst happened and someone got hurt.

05-11-2005, 01:40
Cal was itchy. He wanted action and this waiting around was getting to him.

He saw Ash and Knight in position, even the damned Ork was ready. It was crazy, this waiting.

'Damned bastards best hurry up or I might kill one of you,' growled Calculus.

05-11-2005, 03:22
Kard knew that the Tau would take some time but the Tau finally did come.

Kard waited until he saw 3 of them in sight he then Jumped down cutting one of the xenos head clean off with his axe the rest he pushed back. then he turned around and saw something he did not see comeing. A Great Kranloc (Mispelling) along with 3 kroot and what appeared to be a shaper. Kard dove out of the way barley missing the huge bite the monsterous creature tired to take out of him

Grand Warlord
05-11-2005, 23:07
GM: Sorry had a uber nerfed schedule and well .. im off now so lets get started.

Roughly 10 tau fire warriors and one leader (Shav'o?) began to slip down the narrow passageway. The read spots of the tau laser sights pierced the darkness as they scanned over the outer layer of protection that the bunker seem to offer.

"Fire team alpha secure this area and move on."

Without hearing a response the area lit up at multiple flashes from their flash grenades.

The light from the hallway suddenly went out as a crisis suit appeared. You all could hear its weapons begin to power up.

GM: enjoy for now.

05-11-2005, 23:30
Ash's eyes grew round with shock when she saw what was coming. She cursed quietly under her breath. There was a fair chance that they wouldn't need her help at all. After all, she couldn't bring people back from the death.

She sighed and offered up a quick prayer to the Emperor, checked her kit and made herself ready. She'd have to move fast when the time came.

06-11-2005, 14:18
Grubnatz dived at teh tau, before they could react he was on them. He swung an arc and dark blood sprayed across teh ground and walls, teh tau screamed and wailed as they fell to the floor cluching their wounds. Grubnatz hurled himself, taking another fire warrior and disapearing into the darkness...

Tanith Ghost
06-11-2005, 20:54
Knight took a bead on the enemy. A fire warrior dropped, head popped like a mellon. He went to move forward and was hit by a smattering of return fire.
He fell like a tipped statue. I wonder why they always gun for me? Even the damn xeno catches less fire than I do.

06-11-2005, 21:02
Ash spotted Knight on the ground and sighed. He really didn't have any luck at all.

Keeping low and in as much cover as she could, Ash scuttled forward to her patient.

'You have to be more careful!' she hissed at him as she pulled out her kit and set to work.

06-11-2005, 23:41
Cal instantly sprung to life, both carbiens blazing as he literally walked towards the Tau. A huge cigar in his lips as his leather coat flung out behind him.

Cal laughed at the Tau as they tried to shoot him, the covering fire from his own carbines and other weapons had kept them at bay. Cal suddenly noticed movement and saw something like an Astartes Dreadnought, but only slimmer and sleak looking, as if organic rather than machine.

Cal roared as he dove to the ground, tracer rounds eating up the earth beneath him as he landed and crashed his head into a rock.

Cursing a thousand and one oaths to the Emperor, Cal turned his body around, blood streaming down his face and saw the Crisis Suit coming his way.

'If I'm gonna die, I'm gonna do it in stlye,' Calculus said with a feral grin. He brought both carbines to bare and spat on the ground. 'Come and get me you bastard!'

The carbines roared as the Crisis Suit took the hits, it paused and then began to seek him out. Calculus just kept firing.

OoC/Hmm, bit of a tough spot there. Head wound and can barely move...might need a hand or two :D/OoC

07-11-2005, 01:47
Kard dove out of the way of the fire of the tau he saw that Cal had fallen had it been a simple guardsmen he wouldn;t have cared but psychos like cal were hard to find. Kard grabed him by his shirt and threw him out of the hail off bullets.

"Don't execpt that next time Cal" Kard looked over the sewer pipe he had no weapon.

"Cal give me your carbine!" not waiting for a response he pulled it out of Cals off hand with his mind and a new clip as well. Kard reloaded it he was't a master with guns but he cold use them he cocked the gun unlike Cal he needed 2 hands to use the gun. he peered out of the corner if he could get rid of the fir warroirs he could he could close in on the ciris suit and do some real damge


the ork dove into battle for once he was glad that thing was 2 dumb to feel pain

07-11-2005, 05:09
OOC: Sorry for takin so long I am workin 2 jobs right now but will post as much as I can

IC: Lothendril used his steal skills and eldar camoline cloak to stay hidden and take shots here and there to protect the group. He saw one man take a hit and a women go to his aid. One fire warrior wa about to shot at her when his face was blasted through the front of his helm as Lothendril shot him in the back of the head. he moved to another position and repeated this ever time he made a kill

07-11-2005, 19:49
Grubnatz eerged from teh darkness, bloodstained. he swung his giant axe, smashing open one of the weak taus heads. He slammed another into the wall, dazing it.

Gunfire and grenade were launched at him, he pushed all his power into a mighty dive, narowly escaping the fatal blast.

Tanith Ghost
07-11-2005, 20:52
Thoughts flowed freely as Knight clung to conciousness, unsure of the extent of his wounds. He did recall two definite impacts, both to the chest. The fact they hurt was good- he was alive. Something cool and soothing touched him.
A woman's voice scolded him for being reckless. It was true- at this point of his life, with two years feild service behind him, the afriel curse had set in.
Only the attentions of the hospitaler were keeping him alive now, and she was fighting fate in preserving his life. Death had staked a claim, and would not be easily denied it's prize. The shouts of his comrades and the sound of weapon fire seemed to grow louder as he struggled out of the fog he was in.

08-11-2005, 00:34
Calculus cursed the Inquisitor for taking one of his twins away, but he cared not in truth. Grasping the bolt carbine two handed, Cal charged into a Firewarrior. The bolt rounds tearing through its armour as the carbine smashed through its helmet knocking it backwards.

Cal swung out with his knuckle dusters, slamming into a Tau's side. The Tau grunted as it rammed its gun at his chest. Cal slammed his carbine into the Tau's head and it fell.

Quickly grabbing their weapon, Cal rolled to the side and took up a firing position, out of sight.

His head was hurting and he felt like he had been hit by a freight train, but he would fight to the death. Squeezing the fire stud, the pusle rifle opened up and blasted into the Tau.

08-11-2005, 03:15
Kard contuined to shoot at the Tau, they had cleared enough Tau.


Kard slid the carbine he would have to thank Cal later for letting him "borrow" it

Kard pulled out his Force Axe and it light up the entire Tunnel with Hard Blue light. Kard charged at a Tau use's the bulk of the axe as a shield he swun up words spilling the Xenos guts. Kard grabed the tau and threw it at another one kard then jumped ontop of the dead one and stabed the still alive tau head off.

"GRUBNATZ RIP BIG THING TO BIG SHREDS! I WANT BLUIEE NOT DEAD!" Kard hoped that the Ork would understand him haveing a Tau commander alive would Help Kard figure out where the Sword was. or at least point him in the right direction

08-11-2005, 22:00
Grubnatz turned to the big metal construct and dropped a fire-warrir from his grip. "WAAAAAAAAAGH" he screamed as he charged at the construct. The crisis ssuit turned from laying down a heavy ammount of fire to beig smashed by an axe. The machine swung at the smaller ork but he rolled under its arm and slashed at the leg, sparks flying.

The suit stumbled a little befre firing its carbine, Grubnatz easily hopped away at the close range and slammed his axe into the gun, rupruting the tank. He recoiled as his arm wass burnt by teh plasma inside. The machine kicked him with teh good leg, sending him to teh floor. It began to stumble and toppled, its weak leg unable to suport it.

Grubnatz was on it, slamming his axe into the head, it fized and popped,, he slammed the chest, remembering that dreds had orks in teh middle. As the front opened it revealed a terrified pilot. Grubnatz torehim out and threw him, the xenos landing at Kards feet.

Grand Warlord
09-11-2005, 19:08
The dead crisis suit had managed to get a order through before finally bleeding out its unclean ichor and stealth suits opened fire from the opposite direction ... dropping the ork with various wounds to his chest and abdomen,

GM: enjoy these for a bit ... no one hit kills lol

09-11-2005, 19:58
Grubnatz was smashing down the tau but his enthusiasm got the better of him. as he swung for another fire warrior it hopped from his sweep and he toppled to the floor, his head smashing against the concrete wall. He slowly hauled himself up, using teh wall as suport, blood matted against his already cotted blood wound. Were the firewarrior had been 3 now stood, his vission blured...

09-11-2005, 23:29
Calculus grabbed his other Carbine and fired at one of the new xenos suits.

Suddenly it blurred out of existence and suddenly a faint glimmer would flicker across Cal's vision as he tried to track the suit. Suddenly enemy fire erupted all around him as he leapt forward, rolling.

As he got behind a rock, the enemy fire stopping. Cal stuck his head out, looking for the beast. He could not see it and that presented a problem as it could sure as hell see him, as he pulled his head back in after tracer fire drove into the wall near him.

Cal swore loudly, and was about to reload his right carbine when suddenly his hands grasped around a frag grenade. Grinning to himself, he stood up and dove to his left, the suit becoming faintly visiable as the weapon fired. Cal threw the grenade and suddenly the suit became a pale green.

Multiple wounds could be seen on the Stealth Suit, as Cal brought his two carbines to bare. The stealth suit brought its massive gatling style weapon to bare.

Both of them fired as Calculus's bolter shots ripped through the Xenos within, blood and guts exploding outwards as the bolters hit flesh. Cal then fell backwards as five shots hit his chest.

Calculus roared in pain and was surprised he was down again. Growling, he attempted to move, but then he blacked out as rumble fell on his head from the dying tau's weapon fire.

10-11-2005, 02:48
Kard ducked his team was getting slaughtered he needed to do something fast.

Kard swun his axe over his back and put his hands infront of him he begun to chant words under his breath he begun to pull energey form the warp a ball begun to form in his hands he then grabed it with one hand and pulled out his axe he let it go and smashed it with his axe and the ball broke and wraped it self around the axe and seemed to give it a life of its own. Kard threw ran at a Sleath suit he jumped and let the axe fly out of his hand into the Tau's chest. He pulled his hand back while holding on to his axe in the tau's chest, he summoned the warp into his hand and forced it into the tau's armour and he pulled his axe out of the suit and fliped to the ground with his axe held ready for the next attack Kard pulled out the small telaporter homer in his pocket and turned it on this was getting out of control his team was getting slaughte. Kard did not admit failure, it was time to regroup and reorganaize.

"andrew you better get us out of here before im forced to do something I'd rather not" Kard said under his breaht he turned to face all of the tau waiting for them to begin to blast him to the warp suddenly a portal opened up in front of him Kard could see Andrew threw it but it was weak there was not much time

"quickly everyone!" Kard Grabed Cal and the ork and begun to pull them to the Portal he Pushed both of them threw.


10-11-2005, 17:23
Ruben swung his axe chopping teh tau's arm off. It howled in agony and he swung again chopping its legs to stumps. He grbbed its head-knot and tore the head from the body. He wrapped it round his belt and reluctantly headed for th portal, the 'swirly thing' looked exciting anyway.

11-11-2005, 10:36
OOC/Off for the weekend...will catch up on Sunday/OOC

12-11-2005, 12:11
Lothendril revealed his position for the first time as he made his way to the portal and still provided cover fire for the wounded man and the medic. "It is time to leave now!"

12-11-2005, 14:44
Kard ran and grabed Ash and Kinght Kard picked up Knight and threw him into the portal Kard made sure Ash was in Before he jumped threw

Kard allmost felt like he was gonna throw up but he didn't Andrew was standing there.

"Andrew I NEED to speak with you" kard said as he walked out of the room He was pissed He didn not like not makeing any head way.

12-11-2005, 14:53
Grubnatz felt dizzy after the 'swirly tunell' "umm... bozz wer iz we now" he stammered.

12-11-2005, 15:30
"on Board Boss Andrews space hulk Grubnatz" Kard said as he walked out of the room he needed to clear his head before he talked to andrew

12-11-2005, 15:48
Grubnatz thought about this and decided it was were he started, Boss Andrew and boss kard wereteh only people he would obey. He sat on bench thinking about hwat the swirling thing was...

Grand Warlord
13-11-2005, 08:25
"Kard meet me in my office as soon as you can. Bring your team with you."

Andrew left for his quarters. He signalled for the head of bomber operations to his office as well and waited for everyone to arrive. He was currently reviewing the tape footage of the mission and what had taken place so far...

13-11-2005, 18:29
Grubnatz was ofrcedinto the bomber room by two servitors, he struggled and cursed as tehy manhandled hima nd he felt shocks though his collar. he collapsed through teh entrance until he saw Andrew and quickly jumped up straight, behaving around 1 of 2 masters.

14-11-2005, 01:10
"clam down Grubnatz" Kard said as he walked into the room.

"I hope you have a plan Andrew because so far We have no idea if the blade is even still on planet, and what about the Tau ships you had on your scanners before we came planet side? there is a huge tau presnce on this world and what are they doing out here?" Kard was in rage it took all he had not to jump over and pry the anwsers form andrew him self

"and why are you not with us? Is the Mighty Lord Andrew to old for his own good?"

Grand Warlord
14-11-2005, 01:56
"Your insolence will not be tolerated Inquisitor now sit down!"

As if backhanded by a titan, Kard sat down quickly and seem to be afraid. He stood and eldritch bolts of psyker power arched away from him but as of yet hadn't attacked anything or anyone. Pressing a button on the table a hologram of the planet formed and panned out to show roughly 8 Red triangles heading towards the planet ... panning out more 10 Green Triangles formed coming towards the planet also.

"The Tau Fleet has the advantage of arriving here a full 2 days before the Battlefleet out of Bakka can arrive. Your going to have to do your best until then. My fleet will do what it can in the meantime ..."

12 Black halos appeared on the screen in groups throughout the sector.

"... hoepfully they will fall for an ambush or 2 but if I know the Tau then I doubt it."

The image of the barracks commander appeard and sent a coded message to the Lord Inquisitor who nodded and looked back to Kard.

"Tell me what you have discovered so far in detail. My forces are preparing for a planetside drop and I need to know where their defenses start and ours end."

14-11-2005, 02:08
Kard was a boiling pot of rage but he was able to keep him self contained

"The tau seem to have a cult set up in the world either that or they brought a extremly large amount of traitorus humans which is unlikely. I do not know how deep it goes but they are not afaird to show them selves in puplic, The main Tau outpost that I have seen is deep with the wilderness here" Kard pointed out on the map

"it is a old Inquistorail fortress and has many weapons what is still usable i do not know, but prepare for the worst. Form with in that fortress tunnels lead out in all directions Which i would imagine that they go though out the nerby city. These Tau will be extremly moblie. But if we can confine them to the tunnels we will not have to worry about there Vechiles the tunnels are large enough for Ciris suits and i would imagine Broad sides but i am unsure."

Kard sat down. He was some what Clamer. He wasn't the one that was usally ambushed. and for being put into 2 traps so far he highly upset

Grand Warlord
14-11-2005, 02:20
"Thank you for the information Sir Kard."

As info was point out spots appeard on the hologram and whatver info had been given was abbreviated and appeared next to the location. Andrew nodded and dismissed them to prepare for their next drop which would be tommorrow when the planet was in its lunar cycle. Everyone would receive medical treatment and supplies for a week on the planet.

Andrew headed for the Hangar bay telling to look for him there if he was needed for any reason. He spent the next few hours mobalizing his Black Guard of Cadia for deployment, handpicking the spots for each regiment and in particular his artillary.

14-11-2005, 16:36
Grubnatz sat obidently, like a huge buldog. he looked thoughtfuly, almosast ethodicaly at teh Inquisitors discussing plans, almost looking like contributing. realy he didnt have a clue but was being quiet and trying to concentrate. His mind began to drift to other things... smashing tau, then he went on to food...

15-11-2005, 22:06
Lothendril came into the room intime to see the inqusitors argue. he grined a bit but then his face became emotionless as he found a place in the room and leaned agenst the wall. He still dint know how these humans had managed to more or less tame an ork. it was somewhat suprising to him but he paid no mind to it as he listened for what they planed to do next.

16-11-2005, 12:07
Kard Went back to his room with Grubnatz in tow. He would not be caught off guard like he was last time.

Kard walked in and smelled the incesen burning he went to a large chest. and he begun to semmily press random spots on the crate. thne suddenlly the crate begun to fold it self out and open. In side was two large metal Gaulents. that glowed with a cold blue and red light Kard smiled. there power could be felt after years of hibernation