View Full Version : Gobbo's Bait and Switch

18-03-2008, 12:08
I'm looking for suggestions here. I know how to do bait and switches but the goblin army doesn't exactly have a lot of things to do it with. I know I can easily run spiders or wolves out ahead of the rest of my army to set up flank charges and such, but it seems awfully poor to sacrifice such a unit for that type of thing. Chariots don't get to move faster than their base unless they charge otherwise they'd be a good option at only 6 points. Wasting a character on a mount seems like... well a waste. So I need to have some other ideas on how to misdirect peoples stuff.

18-03-2008, 13:18
Wolf riders are dirt cheap aren't they?

Just give them a musician and prepare to flee lots!

Also, i would love it if chariots were 6 points, but somehow, i doubt it...

Chicago Slim
18-03-2008, 16:20
Wolf riders aren't DIRT cheap (about 100 points for a unit of 6 with some command), but aren't too expensive. The biggest problem is that even with a musician, they're pretty likely to fail their rally test... (41% fail).

18-03-2008, 16:54
Yeah my bad... Chariots are 60 points. And Chicago is right, I usually run 10 man units of Spider riders in my armies and they I think are 150ish with a champion and musician. I don't put banners in because they flee to often to make it worth the points, especially if they flee from combat.

I was just seeing if anyone else had come up with options that they'd used successfully.

Gobbo Lord
18-03-2008, 16:58
For 71 points you can get 5 wolf riders with shortbows OR spears and a musician. these are a great bait unit and not many points to boot. Yes it is possible to load them up with command models, but a standard and boss really arnt worth it for such a small weak unit. There is another brilliant unit greenskins have for baiting/redirecting which is often overlooked. Snotlings! 40 points for two bases which gives you, no animosity (they do as their told), immune to psychology (they wont run from dragons, deamons and such) and if (when) they are destroyed the rest of the army doesnt care. I have 2 lots of 2 bases in my 1000 point gobbo horde and they do a fine job of redirecting the enemy away from my war machines and letting my one unit of gobbo infantry get the charge rather than crumble before one. 10 spider riders? why so many? they get no rank bonus and with the boss you are paying 12 points for the unit to have one extra ws 2 attack. whilst for 13 points (an extra normal rider) you get an extra wound aswell

18-03-2008, 18:04
I always do wolfs in units of 5, with spears & bows and musician & champ. Makes them versatile. When needed, they can bait, but they can also kill warmachine crew, shoot the odd thing... whatever situation comes up. Only 88 points! Buy now! Uuh...