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18-03-2008, 13:36
This is my first own threads so sorry if i made some misstakes. I searcheds forums for a similars but didnt find and if i posteds it on the wrong place, please moves it or so to the right ones cause i thought this would be best.

(i dont spells so well and dont talk english as natives but i starteds runnings the text, most of it, in word to do a spellchecks and i try to wriet simplers)

i wants to talk about house roules, and if anyone else makes up their owns.
if so, i dont means normal house roules liek "ok teh roulebook is silly so we fix it", i mean more special ones, like roules thats some might find funny.

like.. some new guy comes to teh house and goes liek "lol wtf what a silly house roule but ok it is fun so lets uses it".

i thoughts we share them and makes a fun thread. as starters of teh threads i go first and list some of ours. we play at my friend jeffs house so he makes most of teh house roules (because its his dads house lol) but we all add them and decides if we use them or not in a tornaments and so on... we do not always uses them cause some of them are liek uber silly and gets borings after a whiles.

heres is a examples of a house roule we use some battles. i gots a bit limiteds time and i guess i add more of them laters.

1: uber scarey gravvity

teh fights is on a plannet that is small and weirds so there is alots of gravvity on it and everythings is heavy and i is not really a good place to fights at. (but it has some importent rescource so peoples go theres anyways and there is a conflict)

*moddels on foots (all but marine treminators and monsters) only move 3 insteads of 6
*anti gravvity liek jetbieks and skimmrers and landspedders dont works (you can take thems but they do not leaves the ground and go liek "wtf look at the gravvitys! we cant anti-gravvity it with teh skimmers... we gets to sit here and drinks a coffies")
*close combats is difficults and inititive is lowereds with 2 and attacks with 1 if yuo dont have a power armors or are a monsters (you always gets one attacks no matters)
*its trickys to shoots cause teh gravvity pulls teh bullets to the ground and you haves to aim higher so bs is lowereds with 1 (2 with flammers and we uses a special shorts flammer templates cause teh liquids is behavings wierd)
*jumps packs works liek normals movements (6) and it is assumeds that teh guy wearings it has thick shoes cause it pushes him alongs teh road, not in teh air
*bikes and tanks has a hard times controllings cause teh gravvity pushes on teh arms and leggs of teh crews and every turn you wants to move, roll a dice and on a 6 they move the same ways as last turn and go liek "i cant get my hand off teh booster thingie lol helps"
if they rolls 1 they gets stuck in teh mud cause they are very very heavys in this gravvity
*games are oftens 8 or 10 turns longs cause everythings goes slow in space and it can takes liek half game for teh tropps to get in ranges
*drop pods lands hard and gets burried under grounds on a rolls of 6 when landings
*mortars weapons and ordinance and tank cannons fiers half range onlys

that was abouts it i think.. its a house roule for tournamments we use some of the times! i did not have teh pappers in front of me so i might haves forgot somethings but i mostly remembers the things about marines cause i plays them.

thenk you for readins and i hope to get to reads about other pepoples silly rules aserll.

18-03-2008, 13:58
I rans it in wuord and everythings =( bleh i hate this why cant i spells, i can speaks just as good as anyones in my ages or even betters =(

18-03-2008, 14:09
Off topic I know but, have you checked someone has not added anything to your' spell checker dictionary? It could be that some one's screwed with it's defintions.

On-topic has anyone tried taking the maximum range limit off all weapons to make the game more realistic? I keep thinking it could make the much more tactical.

18-03-2008, 14:12
Interesting idea there Andrew I quite like it! We don't tend to bend the core rules to much but we've suggested alternate weather conditions, battlefield conditions and similar as part of special scenarios.

Things like this -

Lightning - d6 s8 hits per turn striking largest objects (models or terrain) first then going down through to smallest. Terrain hit by the lightning will count as being on fire (use flamer stats) for one turn and is then destroyed...

Fog - visibility has been reduced to less than 12". To spot someone it's 2d6... No search lights as they just reflect back off the fog.

Rain - heavy torrentual rain has made the battlefield a quagmire and makes it extremely difficult to move and shoot. Movement counts as difficult terrain for everyone.

Gale force winds - it's extremely diffcult to keep a steady aim whilst being buffeted by high winds. All shooting suffers a -1 to hit and barrage weapons of all types scatter an extra d6"

Quicksand - no model can stand still, if a model is still for a turn then they have to test on their initiative to see if they can escape the quicksand before they are swallowed up..

Desert sun - the sun is relentless and saps even the most prolific strength after time. -1S to all combatants that are organic.

It all adds to the flavour of the game!

18-03-2008, 14:39
The last watchman ran with a set of house rules we use on occasion to spice up our games of warhammer. In 40k, we've had many house rules over the years depending on the game.

Samples that were fun included:

1) During a Tau boarding action to retrieve an ethereal from the Inquisition, one of the ships crew ran round the corner with his welding torch (read melta gun) only to find that he had brought the grease gun (roll to hit, hit, but failed to wound!). Next turn all the Tau warriors made an initiative check or fell over in the grease. This was match by cries of "A grease Gun?!? Who the hell brings a grease gun to a firefight!"

2) Canoness battling a Chaos Sorceror (Horima) at the top of a ruined building, decided that with here last strength to throw them both off. We made an opposed strength test and weee my sorceror went smack into the ground below.

3) Apocalypse has provided a lot recently. The aforementioned Horima and an Inquisitor (Webber) were subject to two special rules just for the game. First was both counted as an objective, the second was a Vortex Grenade started in the center of the battle. Each turn, we had opposed pyschic tests with modifiers for being shot at to control its direction. On a draw it span out of control. Also, to represent the cataclysmic nature of the game, each pysker could command one special action per game assuming the opponent didn't think it was too abusive. Webber threw the remains of a baneblade through the air at a defiler, smashing it to pieces and Horima tore open a gash in reality to cause all daemons on the table to pour forth using without number with that as there exit point.

It does heavily depend on the opponent. I am very fortunate that I have three old buddies who are relaxed about these sort of games and we can go for true cinematic and epic feeling games (or just play epic :p )

18-03-2008, 15:05
On-topic has anyone tried taking the maximum range limit off all weapons to make the game more realistic? I keep thinking it could make the much more tactical.

Try playing 40k using Epic models. Scale is correct and it's a big change.

18-03-2008, 15:10
to the OP:

i've seen your posts in other forums. please stop. typing like an "lol cat" leetspeak spam isn't funny, it's just annoying and difficult to read. you don't have a real problem spelling, you aren't dislexic, you don't have a language barrier issue.

everyone on this site has read postings by non-native english speakers, and their issues are easy to identify and work with.

don't say you need a spell checker, everyone knows that isn't the problem.

please just stop.

18-03-2008, 15:22
Dicing off, if two players are unable to reach an agreement over a quirk of the rules and nobody is available to arbitrate, then the Shameless Goddess of Dice calls it.

That and anybody convicted by a jury of peers (okay, random mob of who ever's there at the time) of acting like a nerk, doesn't get invited back without a grovelling appology. Unsportsman like behaviour, generous interpretations of the rules (breaking them basically), anybody being stupid with RAW or bad vibes like that (you get the idea), we all know somebody. They're usually 13 and used to getting their own way all the time.

Also, a Space Wolf Veteran Sergant in Terminator Armour, doesn't get to infiltrate. We just couldn't quite picture it working, "
Sssssssh, be very, very quiet."
"Did you hear something?"
"Yes I did, but it's stopped now, so I'm going to assume they've gone away."

I'm also proposing one for Fantasy (off thread I know, but still valid), that since none of the character choices in the new army book use more than a single charcter slot (some of the big ones used to use up multiple choices), disregard any mention in of this in the old books, they now only occupy the slot where they are listed. So a 2nd Generation Slann, instead of taking up a Lord, Hero and Rare choice, would now only be Lord.

18-03-2008, 15:30
Only real "wacky" house rule I remember is the time I had a big concrete gargoyle lawn ornament I had painted. I set it in the middle of my gaming table and told everyone who played there that whoever beat me could remove it from the table. Until then, it stayed. (it was my "chaos temple".
I am 6'11" and my table qwas built to MY specifications so it was much higher then a reguler table and lifting that heavy thing off ofit was a pain. I had said it originally as a joke but it became a running joke and when beat, some of the kids just couldnt reach and lift it off and others who beat me thought it was funny and puposely left it.

18-03-2008, 16:29
One of my friends played adeptus mechanicus and he played with all his guns getting one more shot. and in my ork army all the orks were plus one strength because they just got back from a campaign.

19-03-2008, 12:04
lols at the garguyole! that must be funny. i wont copy the idea but i wish i was theres to see it, do yuo perhaps has any pics of it that yuo can upload? i woulds love to see it.

I love the quicksands rule and i wonders how it wuold be combines with uber scarey gravvity rules.
(liek make a terrains piece and its quicksands but you gets sucked into it)

not just teh quicksand, the whole posts by enredel was very nice! thank yuo for the ideas there and i hope you dont minds if i borrows some of them for a set of house roules for a planets. rainings and thunderings and teh planet is made of mud and yuo slip arounds and get hits by lightnieng lol

just wanteds to add that we of cource do not use crazy house roules all the time but mostlys for spicings things up if it gets borings to play or when we feels like it.
normallys we just play by the normals rule and maybes some small house roules.
(we like to make house roules to mess with elrads so they get grumpys)

thank yuo for all imputs this far! made teh day here to read it and its fun to knows that there is others makeing silly rules aswells!

19-03-2008, 12:21
Maybe we should talk about silly spelling. My head hurts.

I completely agree, Andrew, do you play Runescape, I used to play that for a year, by looks youve been playing for about 2-3 years.

19-03-2008, 12:48
I completely agree, Andrew, do you play Runescape, I used to play that for a year, by looks youve been playing for about 2-3 years.

i have been playings warhammers from hmm... 11 years cause my fathers was playings and showed me the roules. (he dont plays now cause he works to much but he did the first years and toughts me how to plays and teh bassics of paintings... then i practiseds on old modals and then i started gettings my own and i am pretty good at paintings by now cause i spend lots of times and are carefuls)

i am soon 14 so that maeks 3 years! how could yuo guess? i dont knows what runescaep is but i goggleds it and seems like some kinds of mmo? (like wow but more made home by someone with lots of times)
i guess it is off topics, so i woulds be glad if u answereds in a private messages so the bosses dont gets mad at you lol

(they gots mad at me so i am just tryings to help out and set a good examples now)

oh and back to the topics of house roules, do anyone knows if there is a websites that collects atlernarive roules and house roules that you can try out withouts havings to make all up yuorselfs?

like useing the warhammar rules and modles but addings so much new things in roules so it is almost like a new games, or just a collections of peoples thinkings like here. i would be glad to knows and it woulds be fun to try it out sometimes if there was.

have a good days, Andrew

19-03-2008, 13:18
Sorry to say but...pardon?

Some words I have had to find out what you have meant so you are talking about house rules and the scary gravity does things to certain units.
Any way one of my rules (addons) is mounted weapons.

You deploy them when you place the terrain (one of mine is a heavy bolter), so you use the same stats as the heavy bolter but the unit that is firing the weapon uses its own BS but the unit cannot charge and that one model cannot fire any other weapons. It uses the sight of a fixed gun and can be very useful at times. Some races will lose BS when shooting with it because they are not used to Imperial weapons or what ever you use. My friends and I came up with it :D

EDIT:Enderels are very good. GW would never come up with those for campaigns

19-03-2008, 13:29
Maybe we should talk about silly spelling. My head hurts.

Especially when the spelling mistakes are not consistant! :D

19-03-2008, 14:22
To be honest, it does not seem to be an honest mistake to me.

19-03-2008, 14:36
On-topic has anyone tried taking the maximum range limit off all weapons to make the game more realistic? I keep thinking it could make the much more tactical.

I've considered it but my group is rather conservative.

Silly House Rule: SOB rhinos must make a Difficult Terrain test every time they wish to move to see if the driver stalls the rhino.

19-03-2008, 14:40
I've considered it but my group is rather conservative.

Silly House Rule: SOB rhinos must make a Difficult Terrain test every time they wish to move to see if the driver stalls the rhino.

lol :evilgrin:

19-03-2008, 14:44
LOL, but wouldnt the imperium know about this "shortcoming" and issue them automatics? Or do they actually have male ecclesiarchy drivers who still have to make the roll as they have to constantly reach back to backhand the back seat drivers?
(Please Note, Just playing along with the joke, I actually have nothing against "Wimmin Drivers" or women in general).

19-03-2008, 22:21
Kill da Wabbit scenario.

Wabbit is equidistant from both forces, and moves 2d6" x scatter dice, with a 'hit' giving no movement. Has 2+ invul save, and can not be held in hth.

First side to Kill da Wabbit wins.

Or you could play Catch da Wabbit with the kids, first hth wound captures.

19-03-2008, 22:24
I've considered it but my group is rather conservative.

Silly House Rule: SOB rhinos must make a Difficult Terrain test every time they wish to move to see if the driver stalls the rhino.

That's sexist and ridiculous. They have male adepts to drive and maintain the vehicles, and to hold their purses and tell them they look pretty and thin while they fight.

19-03-2008, 23:02
Most Armoured vehicles are automatics, you really don't want to stall in a fire fight.

20-03-2008, 00:03
Andrew, I believe your problem is not so much spelling but to check what you have written after you have finished writing. It like you sometimes get your as "yuor" which is a common mistake when typing, so double check what you are writing.

If you need to do spell checking do your writing first in word or any other word processor with spell check or even better, if you use the Firefox web browser you can download a spellcheck program for it so you can spell check in the forum text box. I use it all the time and comes in very handy. ;)

20-03-2008, 00:40
I love special rules for scenarios, but I often find myself on the bad side of them. I played in a couple tournament games that had special scenarios. One Each army rolled for a disadvantage, to simulate that they had been fighting in a long campaign. My tau army had an ammo shortage against tyranids. I lost badly. The other one, there was an earthquake, which did strength 4 hits against groundbased units. I lost more models to the earthquake than to the enemy.

20-03-2008, 12:10
Thanks Enderel - very interesting stuff :) I have adapted your list for my campaign:-

D6 Roll Result
1 Lightning. A calamitous storm is brewing above, strengthened by the roiling turmoil of the planetary field. Lightning strikes hit the table at the beginning of each Turn, before any movement takes place. Place a marker at the centre of every terrain piece of height 2 or greater (ie. pretty much anything except long grass). Each strike scatters the sum of 2D6" (it always scatters, so re-roll any "Hit" results). Place the small blast template at the final hit location(s). Roll for partials as normal. Each template represents a S8 Ap4 hit to any model or vehicle directly under the hole and a S6 Ap4 hit to any other models covered by the template. All the usual saves apply, but cover saves in forest or jungle cannot be taken, as these are very dangerous places to be in a lightning storm!

2 Fog. A dense, impenetrable fog of possibly artificial origin rolls in, lasting the whole battle. Treat as Night Fight, but roll D6 x 3 for visibility. Searchlights are ineffective as they reflect back off the fog. Night vision wargear is useless.

3 Monsoon. Torrential rain has made the battlefield a quagmire and makes it extremely difficult to move and shoot. Movement through open terrain counts as difficult terrain for everyone except skimmers and jetbikes, and Dangerous Terrain tests must be made as appropriate.

4 Hurricane. It's extremely difficult to keep a steady aim whilst being buffeted by ferocious winds. All non-vehicle shooting suffers a -1 to BS, all skimmers and jetbikes have their movement reduced by -D6" (roll each time they move) and barrage weapons of all types always scatter (re-roll "Hits") and do so by +D6".

Note: skimmers and jetbikes count as moving as if their movement had not been reduced. For example: a Tau Piranha can move up to 24". The player rolls a 4, and moves the Piranha 10". That counts as a 14" move, meaning that the Piranha has moved >12" and may not fire its weapons according to the table on page 63 of the Rulebook (to represent the struggle against the winds).

5 Tornados. Deadly whirlwinds stalk the battlefield. The players alternate placing D3+2 tornado markers on the table, before deployment and before sides are chosen. The player who challenged places the first marker. Roll the scatter dice for each marker at the beginning of each Turn (a "Hit" means the marker stays where it is) and move the marker 2D6". All units directly under the path of the tornado (ie. draw an imaginary line from where it was to where it ended up) take D3 hits at S4 AP-. All normal saves may be taken. Units inside intact bunkers and units inside transports that are not open-topped (but not the transports themselves) will not take any hits. Vehicles take hits to their side armour. If a model takes a wound it suffers Instant Death (it is whipped up into the sky and dropped back down in a broken mess), although all the usual immunities to Instant Death apply.

If you roll doubles for a tornado's movement, that Tornado is removed at the end of the Turn.

6 Ice Storm. Vehicles seize up as arctic temperatures descend and rain turns into ice as it lands. At the start of every Turn, each vehicle on the field takes a single hit at S4 AP- to the rear armour. Apply a -1 to the roll on the glancing hit table. No wargear or special abilities will affect the roll or the result, unless it is plausible from the wargear or ability description – eg. Tau Decoy Launchers will not affect an Immobilised result as decoys are useless against ice, but rules that allow Primary Weapons to re-roll weapon destroyed results will still apply since this represents the considerable over-engineering that goes into strengthening Primary Weapons.

Crew Shaken or Crew Stunned means that the ice damage has temporarily locked up the weapons systems or the guidance systems. Weapon Destroyed and Immobilised represent much more significant ice damage.

The crew of the vehicle can attempt to repair a Weapon Destroyed or Immobilised result caused by ice damage. To do so the vehicle cannot do anything at all for the entire Turn (no moving, shooting, smoke launchers, disembarking passengers etc). At the beginning of the next Turn roll a D6. All previous ice damage (and ice damage only!) is repaired on a 4+.

Note that if ice Immobilises a skimmer vehicle so that it crashes and is destroyed, the crash and destruction are not ice damage, and cannot be repaired in this manner!


20-03-2008, 18:37
A friend of mine used to use a melon as a stand in for a carnifex.

Ever tried keeping a melon balanced on a hill? He claimed any extra models crushed was the woundex 'fex thrashing about. Remarkably, despite the Indiana Jones sequence that always resulted, no models were hurt.