View Full Version : 1500 newbie high elves list

18-03-2008, 19:36
need a bit of help. i'm a bit of a newbie when it comes to high elves(only started after the new book came out)

mage- level 2, loremasters cloak 175
(goes in the white lions)
mage- level 2, seer staff, dispel scroll 185
10 archers 110
20 spearmen- full command 205
2x 6 shadow warriors 2x 96 192
5 reavers- bows, musician 112
15 white lions- full command, banner of sorcery, champ- gem of courage 315
2 repeaters 200

first mage(high) is general, stays in the white lions, giving them his wardsave
other mage(killy spells ie,death or fire) goes in either shadow warriors or archers

any advice will be gratefully taken (needed):angel:. i'm used to using my empire and this is a completely different ball game.